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         Religious Studies:     more books (99)
  1. Preaching Politics: The Religious Rhetoric of George Whitefield and the Founding of a New Nation (Studies in Rhetoric and Religion) (Studies in Rhetoric & Religion) by Jerome Dean Mahaffey, 2007-09-01
  2. Introduction to the Study of Religion by Hillary Rodrigues, John S. Harding, 2008-10-13
  3. Conceptions of the Afterlife in Early Civilizations: Universalism, Constructivism and Near-Death Experience (Continuum Advances in Religious Studies) by Gregory Shushan, Gavin Flood, 2009-07-10
  4. Jesus and the Spirit: A Study of the Religious and Charismatic Experience of Jesus and the First Christians as Reflected in the New Testament by James D. G. Dunn, 1997-02-01
  5. Religious Therapeutics: Body and Health in Yoga, Ayurveda, and Tantra (SUNY Series in Religious Studies) (S U N Y Series in Religious Studies) by Gregory P. Fields, 2001-03-29
  6. Nibley on the timely and the timeless: Classic essays of Hugh W. Nibley (Religious studies monograph series) by Hugh Nibley, 1978
  7. Teaching New Religious Movements (Aar Teaching Religious Studies Series) by David G. Bromley, 2007-05-25
  8. Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence, 3rd Edition (Comparative Studies in Religion and Society, Vol. 13) by Mark Juergensmeyer, 2003-09-01
  9. The South Asian Religious Diaspora in Britain, Canada, and the United States (S U N Y Series in Religious Studies)
  10. Between Dancing and Writing: The Practice of Religious Studies by Kimerer LaMothe, 2004-11-01
  11. The Varieties of Religious Experience; A Study in Human Nature by William James, 2010-10-14
  12. Teaching Islam (Aar Teaching Religious Studies Series)
  13. The Soul Of The Bantu: A Sympathetic Study Of The Magico-Religious Practices And Beliefs Of The Bantu Tribes Of Africa by William Charles Willoughby, 2007-07-25
  14. Religious Mythology and the Art of War: Comparative Religious Symbolisms of Military Violence (Contributions to the Study of Religion) by James A. Aho, 1981-08-27

41. Africa: Religious Studies
Africa religious studies. Africa Missions Resource Center (ACU)Africa Missions Information on the World Wide Web. This server is
Africa: Religious Studies
  • Africa Missions Resource Center (ACU)
      Africa Missions Information on the World Wide Web. This server is provided as a service of the Department of Missions at Abilene Christian University. Includes information on Africa, African missions and networking.
  • African Traditional Religion (Chidi Denis Isizoh)
      Resources on African traditional religion: Bibliography, Web links, and Maps.
  • African Orthodox Christianity
      Lists of religious resources that includes information on churches, music, pictures, etc..
  • The Anglican Africa Home Page
      The Anglican Africa home page serves as a directory of information about Anglican provinces, dioceses, parishes, theological colleges and other institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt
      This page is dedicated to information about the creed of the Coptic church as well as its history, and other internet-related links.
  • Christian Network Links for Africa
      The purpose of this page is to provide links to, or information about, electronic communications networks for Christians in Africa, and especially Southern Africa. Most of the links are to Web pages, but information about other means of communication, such as bulletin board networks, is also included.
  • Coptologia Publications
      Archive for Coptologia Journal (Coptic Church) and Spiritual Publications.

42. Department Of Theology, Religious Studies & Islamic Studies, Lampeter
The Department of Theology, religious studies Religion and Spirituality Academic Departments......Department of Theology, religious studies IslamicStudies, University of Wales, Lampeter.
TRIS Text Only version of this page
THEOLOGY * RELIGIOUS STUDIES * ISLAMIC STUDIES * RELIGION, ETHICS AND SOCIETY * JEWISH STUDIES CHURCH HISTORY THEOLOGY FOR MINISTRY *DIVINITY * CELTIC CHRISTIANITY WORLD RELIGIONS POSTGRADUATE STUDY Undergraduate Admissions, Tel: 01570 422351, Fax: 01570 423530, E-mail: ... , or visit the Recruitment website Postgraduate Admissions, Tel: 01570 424748, Fax: 01570 423530, E-mail: , or visit the Postgraduate Admissions website.
TRIS Site Guide

Welcome to the Department of Theology, Religious Studies, and Islamic Studies - University of Wales, Lampeter (TRIS). This website contains details on the broad range of academic study choices available in the department, at undergraduate and postgraduate level (including taught and research degrees). You'll also find information about our staff, their contact details, and the latest news from the department. The site is searchable. All our e-mail addresses are listed on the site, together with general university contact details. The complete listing of different areas within this website is contained in the Site Guide.

43. University Of Waterloo | Faculty Of Arts | Religious Studies
Welcome to religious studies! NEWS! The Proposed LaurierWaterlooJoint PhD in RS. religious studies introduces you to concerns as
Welcome to Religious Studies NEWS! The Proposed Laurier-Waterloo Joint PhD in RS Religious Studies introduces you to concerns as old as humanity, as broad as the world, as profound and mysterious as life itself. In studying religion in all its diversity, you encounter challenging systems of thought, exemplary lives, rituals both familiar and unfamiliar, and patterns of social life that have played central roles in the history of humankind. Why Study Religion? Why at Waterloo? Search:
Keyword(s) People Directory Google/Arts
contact information
positions available administration rs awards ... links

44. GCSE Religious Studies - Learn And Revise For GCSE Exams
Learn topics in GCSE religious studies (RS RE) as well as how to answer examquestions from two chief examiners who have set exams for many years and who
And get a top grade in your exam? Read on . . . Discover how to learn lastingly and revise reliably Learn topics in GCSE religious studies ( RS RE ) as well as how to answer exam questions from two chief examiners who have set exams for many years and who write informatively about christianity in a book that has over a hundred concise chapters, some of which teach you to answer questions such as does G od exist? and can we describe him? G od, J esus and creation, how they worship, and why they say some actions are right and others are wrong in areas ranging from sex, marriage and abortion to wealth, poverty and liberation. A top grade requires the advice of expert examiners . . . and expert advice comes in this top grade site. Interested in learning more?
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45. Department Of Religious Studies
The Department of religious studies offers comprehensive programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts Category Society Religion and Spirituality Academic Departments......

46. Department Of Religious Studies, University Of Missouri-Columbia
religious studies seeks to understand the role of religion in human life and culture. more . Find out what you can do with a degree in religious studies .
Religious Studies seeks to understand the role of religion in human life and culture. The department's field of study includes religious expression from all cultures and in every period of history.
Come; join us! New courses
Islamic Civilizations; American Civil Religion; more Congratulations to our Scholarship and Award winners more Find out what you can do with a degree in religious studies Moving Boundaries, an interdisciplinary conference, will examine the religious history of the Louisiana Purchase, February 19 - 21, 2004.
Call for Proposals Available

Department of Religious Studies
University of Missouri-Columbia

221 Arts and Science Building
Columbia, MO 65211-7090
phone: 573-882-4769 fax: 573-882-4495 About the Department Faculty Undergraduate Degrees Master's Program ... Contact Us last update: spring 2003 web credits

47. LSU Libraries -- Religious Studies Subject Guide
religious studies Resources at LSU Libraries. LSU Libraries religious studiesCollection Development Policy Statement; LSU religious studies home page;
Religious Studies Resources at LSU Libraries
Keyword Search
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All Religions

Electronic Journals
Local Resources Online Books ... Web Sites
This page is maintained by Sigrid Kelsey (
Louisiana State University Libraries

48. The Department Of Religious Studies
Department of religious studies. Presented from within the Catholic tradition, a major in Religious Category Society Religion and Spirituality Academic Departments...... Other religious studies Links and Resources. Page maintained by The Departmentof religious studies. Please email us if you find broken links.
LINK TO UPDATED INFORMATION ON SUMMER M.A. PROGRAMS: Two-Week Courses and 50% Tuition Reduction LINKS TO CURRENT COURSE INFORMATION: Undergraduate M.A. Ph.D. Other Religious Studies Links and Resources This page last updated on: Thursday, January 23, 2003 11:06 AM Page maintained by The Department of Religious Studies Please email us if you find broken links. No material on these pages can be copied without the owner's permission. Write for permission.

49. DePaul University
religious studies FAQ. How do I get into a class that is closed? Howdo I declare myself a religious studies major? New Faculty Member.

50. Religious Studies At UW - Madison
religious studies PROGRAM AN INTEGRATED ACADEMIC STUDY OF THE WORLD'S FAITHS. 1, Early Christian Literature The Gospels religious studies 400, lec.
Director: Charles L. Cohen
4115 Humanities
455 North Park Street
Madison, WI 53706-1483
Phone: (608) 263-1956; Fax: (608) 263-5302
Office hours, spring: M, 9:45-10:45, W 12-1 Program Administrator: Sandy Stefaniak
1A Ingraham
1155 Observatory Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1397
Phone: (608) 265-1854; Fax: (608) 265-1856 Office Hours: M-Th, 1-5; F, 8-12 Undergraduate Advisor: Ronald Troxel 1348 Van Hise 1220 Linden Drive Madison, WI 53706-1558 Phone: (608) 262-3204; Fax: (608) 262-9417 Office hours, spring: M 1-2; W 11-12 Academic Program Course Information and Program Forms Upcoming Events Faculty ... Program Administration Academic Program The Religious Studies Program, which is located in the College of Letters and Science , offers a multi-disciplinary curriculum covering religious traditions throughout the world. For a full description of Undergraduate Courses , check the Undergraduate Catalog For brief descriptions of Graduate Courses , check the Graduate Catalog
Baccalaureate Degree
Religious Studies awards a Bachelor of Arts/Science Degree to students who Declare the Major upon fulfillment of the Major Requirements . Students may earn Honors in the Major by completing additional work.

51. Department Of Religious Studies
Welcome. Welcome to the Department of religious studies home page. ReligiousStudies is a fascinating discipline in the humanities.
Current Courses

About Religious Studies

Syllabi on the Web
Links to Religion Sites

Welcome Welcome to the Department of Religious Studies home page. We hope that many people will find it interesting, and invite you to browse. But we particularly hope to draw the interest of Vanderbilt students who are interested in the field or are considering Religious Studies as a major or minor.
Religious Studies is a fascinating discipline in the humanities. Religion has been an important part of culture for millennia, and touches on many aspects of human life: psychology, anthropology, sociology, history, and, of course, the spiritual. Religious Studies courses will give any student a wide-ranging education and cultivate the ability to think critically.
No student in Religious Studies is ever asked to make a statement of faith, although we welcome those whose interest is sparked by a particular faith tradition. We present varied opportunities for a student to study his or her own tradition or to learn about one that is very different.
We especially invite you to consider Religious Studies as a major or minor. A liberal arts education will provide you with a solid foundation for many kinds of work in the future, and a major or minor from Vanderbilt will also serve you well if you plan either professional or graduate schooling in religion.

Includes several library guides to resources in JudeoChristian religious studies as well as access to the library catalog.
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53. Religious Studies - Arts & Cultures - University Of Newcastle
religious studies. The need to understand religion has never been morepressing than it is today, and at Newcastle we are concerned
University of Newcastle About Religious Studies About ... Printable version
Religious Studies
The need to understand religion has never been more pressing than it is today, and at Newcastle we are concerned with studying all aspects of religion in contemporary society. Our undergraduate degree programme looks at both mainstream religious traditions and newer religious movements, and examines the interplay between these and modern secular culture. The degree allows you to explore the religious aspects of cinema and literature, and the significance of the body, sex and gender in religious cultures. It also introduces you to some of the major theories, themes and approaches in the study of religion. Such study provides not only valuable insights into the world in which we live, but also the skills of critical analysis, conceptual thought and imaginative empathy that will allow you to pursue a rewarding career after university. All full-time members of staff are actively engaged in research in their own disciplines, and supervise postgraduate students in Biblical studies and Christian theology, in Buddhist and Hindu studies, and in anthropology of religion. We currently offer

54. ASU - Department Of Religious Studies
The Department of religious studies brings together perspectives and approaches from history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, and literature to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the individuals and traditions that constitute religions and cultures. When students major or minor in religious studies they can tailor their program to suit their individual interests, such as focusing on a particular region of the world, or a particular religious tradition.
ASU Campus: Main West East Extended
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W elcome to the Department of Religious Studies at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. Religious Studies is part of the C OLLEGE O F ... CIENCES . We're dedicated to the academic and comparative study of religion. Please feel free to explore the site and contact us for more information.
The department is pleased to be associated with the new Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict . Please follow the link below for more information.
Other News
Islamic Studies Certificate! Sun Angel Award Winners! September 11th Writing Contest Winners Announced ... Contact Us
Web site comments to: Dr. David W. Damrel Site designed by Anish Bhatia ASU Privacy Statement

55. UVa Library: Subject Guide: Religious Studies
religious studies Resources. religious studies Department. Departmentof religious studies at the University of Virginia. RS Faculty.
Purchase Requests Religious Studies Department User Education Uncover ... Faculty Services
Religious Studies Resources
Co-Librarian for Religious Studies
(Western traditions including materials for Christianity and Judaism Co-Librarian for Religious Studies
(Eastern traditions including materials for Tibetan Buddhism and Islam George Crafts
Office: 509 Alderman Library
Phone: 924-4984
Send suggestions
Phil McEldowney
Office: 507 Alderman Library
Phone: 924-4987
Send suggestions
Spring 2003: Religion and Technology Fall 2002: Instruction Resources CD-ROMs Religious Studies Department ... Judaism
General Resources
Guide to Internet Resources From Wabash - a selective, annotated guide to a wide variety of electronic resources, including electronic texts, electronic journals, websites, bibliographies, and listserv discussion groups. Virtual Religion Index . From Rutgers University. Lots of annotated links; topics related to Religion also.

56. RelS 363: Judaism In The Modern Age: Index Of Notes
An online sourcebook of documents and notes for the Univerity of Calgary course religious studies 363 Judaism in the Modern Age
Religious Studies 363: Judaism in the Modern Age:
Index of Class Notes

57. Yale > Religious Studies > Introduction
The Yale Department of religious studies, established in its present form in 1963,provides opportunities for the scholarly study of a number of religious
(Image from the sixth century mosaic of Jerusalem in Madaba,Jordan) The Yale Department of Religious Studies , established in its present form in 1963, provides opportunities for the scholarly study of a number of religious traditions and disciplines. At the undergraduate level, the Department offers a wide array of courses that cover the major religions of the world, with a strong emphasis on their history and their intellectual traditions. At the graduate level, the Department is organized into ten fields:
American Religious History

New Testament

Ancient Christianity

Buddhist Studies
Courses are offered in both Yale College and the Yale Graduate School, with a strong interdisciplinary bent. Religious Studies courses at the undergraduate level in Yale College lead to the Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.); courses at the graduate level lead to the Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.). The Department of Religious Studies maintains strong ties to a number of other departments in Yale College and the Yale Graduate School, including History, Philosophy, American Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and East Asian Languages and Civilizations. A number of faculty members in Religious Studies hold joint appointments in other departments.

58. Religious Studies -- Marshall University
Department of religious studies. Course information, web resources, faculty info, insights and stories section, departmental journal, description of religious studies, links to articles by faculty, links to course syllabi, message from the Chair.
"The farther you enter into the truth, the deeper it is." - Bankei eligious Studies is an academic discipline associated with the Humanities Program that is inherently interdisciplinary, intercultural, intellectually critical and creative while offering breadth and depth of perspectives that is unique. The non-sectarian academic study of religion generates intellectual and spiritual excitement for learning and for understanding the meaning of being human in individual, cultural and universal contexts. Existing for over 75 years at Marshall , a public university, the department continues to explore ways to encourage reflection and discussion through such vehicles as inter-religious dialogue, the sponsoring of a listserv, merton-l , on the meaning and practices of contemplation, spirituality and religious thought in contemporary culture among world-wide subscribers, and a Web Bulletin Board, Religious-Talk , for the discussion of religious ideas and ideas about religion.

59. Department Of Religious Studies, Open University
Details of current and planned courses available and postgraduate research opportunities.Category Reference Education Departments and Programs......Department of religious studies. If you are interested in following an undergraduatecourse in religious studies, contact your nearest Regional Centre.
Department of Religious Studies
Faculty of Arts
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes MK7 6AA
UK Further contact details Last updated March 2003
Department of Religious Studies
The Religious Studies department of the Open University is committed to the scholarly and objective study of religion, through both teaching and research. If you are interested in following an undergraduate course in Religious Studies, contact your nearest Regional Centre . If you are interested in post-graduate study in the department, you should contact the Research School and ask for a copy of the Research Degree Prospectus and application forms. Departmental Staff Staff and their research interests. Courses in Religious Studies Find out about our current and planned undergraduate courses and link to course websites and ROUTES internet resources. Research in the Department Staff publications, postgraduate research, projects etc. Belief Beyond Boundaries Research Group website. Conferences Forthcoming conferences organised by members of the department.
Problems or comments?

60. Divinity And Religious Studies - University Of Aberdeen
Information about undergraduate and postgraduate study, with a guide to the school and its staff.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Academic Departments......This is the University of Aberdeen's School of Divinity and ReligiousStudies website. What are Divinity and religious studies?

What are Divinity and Religious Studies?

King's College University of Aberdeen Aberdeen AB24 3UB
Tel: +44 (0) 1224-272380 Fax: +44 (0) 1224-273750 Rated 5 in the latest Research Assessment Exercise Awarded the top teaching quality rank by the QAA 3rd in The Guardian University Guide's UK-wide survey
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University Home Prospective students ... Maps

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