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         Science And Technology Studies:     more books (100)
  1. New Frontiers in Science and Technology Studies by Steve Fuller, 2007-10-08
  2. Handbook of Science and Technology Studies
  3. The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, Third Edition
  4. Research in Science and Technology Studies: Knowledge Systems, Volume 11 (Knowledge & Society)
  5. An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies by Sergio Sismondo, 2009-10-20
  6. Philosophy, Rhetoric, and the End of Knowledge: A New Beginning for Science and Technology Studies by Steve Fuller, James H. Collier, 2003-11-01
  7. An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies by Sergio Sismondo, 2003-08-22
  8. The Philosophy of Science and Technology Studies by Steve Fuller, 2005-12-16
  9. Philosophy of Science (Science and Technology Studies) (Volume 1) by Mario Bunge, 1998-06-30
  10. Philosophy of Science (Science and Technology Studies) (Volume 2) by Mario Bunge, 1998-06-30
  11. Complexity (Science and Technology Studies) by Nicholas Rescher, 1998-06-01
  12. Learning by Doing: Science and Technology in the Developing World (Westview Special Studies in Science, Technology, and Public Policy)
  13. Science and Technology in Catalysis, Volume 172: 5th Tokyo Conference on Advanced Catalytic Science and Technology (Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis)
  14. Computer Simulations in Science and Technology Studies

1. Science And Technology Studies At RPI
science and technology studies.Category Science Science in Society Academic Departments......
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2. Science, Technology & Society
science and technology studies.Category Science Science in Society Academic Departments......Science, Technology and Society (STS). STS studies in depth the origins,nature and social impacts of science, medicine and technology. 10.
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Faculty of Arts
University of Wollongong
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NSW 2522 Australia
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Information Studies

both Majors administered by STS Science, Technology and Society (STS)
STS studies in depth the origins,
nature and social impacts of science, medicine and technology
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3. STS At Virginia Tech
The homepage of the Virginia Tech science and technology studies (STS) graduate degree program, an interdisciplinary program which unites philosophy, sociology, history, and political science. The program grants Master's and PhD degrees.

4. Department Of Science & Technology Studies
Department of science and technology studies.Category Science Science in Society Academic Departments...... Connecting S TS The Academy, the Polity and the World Workshop Information Observing,Investigating, Reporting Science Studies and Local Ethnographies.
Workshop Information

Observing, Investigating, Reporting: Science Studies and Local Ethnographies
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5. Science And Technology Studies
Every social problem that we face today involves science and technology, either as cause or cure .Category Reference Education Social Sciences......

RAE 2001 results. science and technology studies was rated 5 overall, with all staff receiving either 5 or 5* rating.
Program on
Home Page

will take you to 171 science, technology, and society information sources
at NC State

Description, requirements, and courses. STS COURSE PACK

An archive of STS-related materials for inclusion in course packs STS WEBSITES COURSE MATERIALS
Course syllabi, readings, assignments, projects, etc., at WWW sites. UNIVERSITY STS PROGRAMS
Programs of study in STS at other universities
Lectures, conferences, meetings Membership, meeting schedule, projects SCIENCE SHOPS HOME PAGE Information about organizing and operating Community Research Centers ("Science Shops") OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS Calls for Papers, Funding Opportunities, etc. Visit the Division of Multidisciplinary Studies and the North Carolina State University Home Pages The page is maintained by Patrick Hamlett Comments? Last modified: 4/10/00

7. School Of Humanities And Social Sciences: Science And Technology Studies
science and technology studies Chair Product Design and InnovationDirector Jeff Hannigan, science and technology studies. The
Other Catalog Links... Degrees Offered Academic Calendar Information Directory Rensselaer in Brief Educational Programs and Resources Research Resources and Centers Student Life Admissions Financial Aid Tuition and Fees Academic Information and Regulations Interdisciplinary Studies Reserve Officer Training Corps Administration Named Professorships The Faculty Site Index Science and Technology Studies Chair David J. Hess
Undergraduate Adviser David Nichols
Director of Graduate Programs Linda L. Layne
Department Home Page The Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) conducts interdisciplinary teaching and research on the social aspects of science and technology. The department is also responsible for undergraduate teaching in anthropology, history, political science, and sociology. Faculty in the department is drawn from these disciplines as well as from philosophy and psychology.
Wherever they work and live, individuals must understand the ways in which all aspects of society influence, and are influenced by, science and technology. In place of a divided view of science and technology vs. human values and society, STS recognizes both the human dimensions of science and technology, and the scientific and technological dimensions of human existence. Areas of Advanced Research and Study Teaching and research concentrate on topics such as the following:
  • science, technology, and the environment;

8. Science And Technology Studies, University College London: March 2002
RAE 2001 results science and technology studies was rated 5 overall,with all staff receiving either 5 or 5* rating. Well done! . .
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Department services, notes for guidance, degree requirements, documents, personal tutor notes
For current PhD students 2003 HPSC course information and syllabi
Term lists, timetables, course syllabi, course information
For prospective students
Admissions information for undergraduate and graduate programmes, JYA and overseas students STS Student Society - Lunar Soc

Academic and administrative staff, duties, staff Web pages and projects, fellows and visitors
students graduate student pages and projects RAE 2001 results Science and Technology Studies was rated 5 overall, with all staff receiving either 5 or 5* rating. Well done! Alumni information and news from former STS students Contact details Where are we? Maps, directions, telephone, fax and delivery details Department of Science and Technology Studies, University College London

9. What's On In Science And Technology Studies
What's on? . Upcoming in our Seminar Series Recent Department News Addyour details to our publicity list This page provides information
What's on?
Upcoming in our Seminar Series
Recent Department News
Add your details to our publicity list
This page provides information about events
and upcoming activities in the Department.
For more information, contact us directly
For immediate enquiries: Ms. Rebecca Hurst 020 7679 1328
Last update: January 2002
STS Speakers Series for 2002-03
Announcement for January to March 2003 All talks begin at 5:00pm Room G3, 22 Gordon Square map Enquiries to 020 7679 1328 or e-mail Advice to our speakers Launch of UCL Centre for BioScience and Society (CBS)

10. Science And Technology Studies
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. science and technology studies. and and technology studies at Atkinson is unique in Canada.
Science and Technology Studies STS ) is a full degree program and research unit located within the interdisciplinary School of Analytic Studies and Information Technology . STS is dedicated to analyzing science and technology, their development, and their impact on society. What is science? How does it affect society? How does society affect the development of science, the concepts, and metaphors it deploys, and the kinds of knowledge it produces? How do theories change in science? How are scientific controversies opened, sustained, closed? What distinguishes science from non-science? What are the relations between science and technology? In addressing such questions, STS adopts a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches and insights drawn from scholarly work in the history, philosophy, and social studies of science and technology. Interdisciplinary studies of science and technology represent one of the fastest growing academic fields, with major centres in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Science and Technology Studies at Atkinson is unique in Canada. Focusing primarily on science and technology in the 19th and 20th centuries, it offers two degree streams: B.A. (including Honors) in Science, Technology and Society

11. Science And Technology Studies Links
Campus Maps Abstracts Other Events Links SASIT Home. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYSTUDIES. 100 Distinguished European Chemists (FECS) 1000
100 Distinguished European Chemists (FECS)
150 Years of Anesthesia: 1846-1996 (Harvard)

18th-century Thought

1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition
Isaac Newton Virtual Museum

ISEE: International Society for Ecological Economics

ISIS Canada

Islamic and Arabic Arts and Architecture

Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts (NIH)
Philadelphia Historical Digital Image Library
PhiloBiblon (Berkeley) PhiloScience Philosophers' Magazine Philosophical Dictionary Philosophical Explorations (Utrecht) ... Zulu Culture and Traditions Last Modification Date: 07 February 2003 Last Link Verification: 27 January 2002

12. NSF - SBE - SES - Science And Technology Studies
The Science Technology Studies (STS) program supports research and related activitiesthat contribute to systematic understanding of the character and
NSF.GOV SBE HOME BCS HOME SES HOME ... FASTLANE Science and Technology Studies
Target Dates
Points of Contact Grant/Award Information and Administration Program Information ... History Resources
SES Staff Directory
SES Target Dates Search Award Abstracts FastLane ... SES Presentations Except for doctoral dissertation research, STS studies of medicine, public health and society are not normally supported by the NSF. Researchers should contact the National Institutes of Health and/or the National Endowment for the Humanities for support of research in these fields. STS Program Announcement. Target Dates February 1 Regular proposals August 1 Regular proposals Points of Contact Program Director: Keith Benson, email:

13. NSF Program Announcement/Solicitation: Science And Technology Studies
science and technology studies (STS). Program Announcement NSF01-159. GENERALINFORMATION. Program Title science and technology studies (STS).
Science and Technology Studies (STS)
FULL PROPOSAL TARGET DATE(S): February 1 of each year, August 1 of each year

T he National Science Foundation promotes and advances scientific progress in the United States by competitively awarding grants and cooperative agreements for research and education in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering. To get the latest information about program deadlines, to download copies of NSF publications, and to access abstracts of awards, visit the NSF Web Site at:
  • Location:
4201 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22230
  • For General Information (NSF Information Center):
  • TDD (for the hearing-impaired):
  • To Order Publications or Forms:
Send an e-mail to: or telephone:
  • To Locate NSF Employees:
Program Title: Science and Technology Studies (STS) Synopsis of Program: The STS Program supports research and related activities that contribute to systematic understanding of the character and development of science and technology, including their cultural, intellectual, material,and social dimensions. The program supports research on the nature and development of technology and science, both in the past and present; on differences in the nature of theory and evidence in various fields of science and engineering; and on the interactions among science, technology and society. Proposals are welcomed from various disciplinary perspectives, including history of science, history of technology, philosophy of science, and various social sciences, including sociology, anthropology, and political science.

14. - Science Studies
Interdisciplinary Journal for science and technology studies. Peerreviewed, bi-annual. Tables of content available on-line.
Go to the Magazine page if your browser doesn't support frames. It's about the same as the frame-version, just without the logo of Science Studies.

15. CWTS - Centre For Science And Technology Studies
The Centre for science and technology studies (CWTS) of the Leiden Universityspecializes in advanced quantitative analysis of science and technology
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16. STS@Ed: Science And Technology Studies At Edinburgh
Similar pages Background Postgraduate Degrees in Science and Technology Information about postgraduate degrees in science and technology studies at the Universityof Edinburgh. Postgraduate Degrees in science and technology studies.
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17. Product Details
Theory, Practice, and Policy. This textbook reformulates the issues raised by science and technology studies (STS) within the context of technical communication.

18. Cold War Connection
Cold War Connection the web site of the Carnegie Mellon Cold Warscience and technology studies Program, directed by Prof. David
Studies Program
Directed by
David A. Hounshell
Department of History
Carnegie Mellon University
Text only/site map furthering research in the field of Cold War science and technology by supporting several graduate students and a postdoctoral fellow
contributing to curriculum development at the secondary and college levels
serving as a clearinghouse for anyone doing research in Cold War related topics on the web
maintaining an annotated bibliography and filmography, as well as several syllabi from university courses on the Cold War.
The booklet, Science, Technology, and Democracy in the Cold War and After , more fully explains the scholarly questions that guide our research efforts.
Department of History
at Carnegie Mellon University This website, the Cold War Connection , is the Program's web site. It is maintained by Dr. Anthony A. McIntire, the program's coordinator.
Participants Programs Guestbook ...
Hot News

Cold War Science and Technology Study Program
history, Joel Tarr, cold war history, cold war science and technology, NSF, Hounshell, history department, history courses, Ed Constant, history offerings, Carnegie Mellon University History Department, David Hounshell, RAND, Bibliographies, Filmography, Web Links, Dan Resnik, cold war history, Kiron Skinner, John Modell.

19. Institute For Science And Technology Studies (ISTECS)
Memuat berita sains Indonesia dan dunia.Category World Indonesia Sains......ISTECS. ISTECS Profile. ISTECS Journal. Science Policy Journal. Dimensi.Popular Scientific Magazine. Berita Iptek Online. Online Scientific News.
ISTECS Profile Science Policy Journal Popular Scientific Magazine Online Scientific News Scientific Publications of Indonesia Headquarter Chapter Japan Chapter Europe Publications ... Antara 'Mafia' dan RUU Sumber Daya Air
Update 2002.10.22. Local copy is available here ISTECS JOURNAL Vol.2 December 2001
Update: 2002.10.18 Call for Paper of The 2nd Edition of ISTECS JOURNAL
Update: 2002.08.06 , PDF version is also available. DuPont 2000 Tahun
Local copy is available here Seminar "Mengenal Kebijakan Ipteknas Indonesia di Awal Milenium Baru"
Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo, 17 Nopember 2001
More news and events ...
Please sign our guestbook View our guestbook Questions,Comments

20. Institute For Science And Technology Studies (ISTECS)
Institute for science and technology studies (ISTECS). Science andTechnology Policy. ISTECS JOURNAL. FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS. Institute
Institute for Science and Technology Studies (ISTECS) Science and Technology Policy ISTECS JOURNAL FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS Institute for Science and Technology Studies (ISTECS) announces a forthcoming second edition of ISTECS JOURNAL (ISSN: 1345-8981) to be published in October 2002. ISTECS JOURNAL is an International Journal on Science and Technology Policy published twice a year and devoted to all aspects of science and technology policy studies. The scope covers the policy studies of life science, information technology, energy, material, and social science, including industrial and economic aspects related to these studies. The journal welcomes original research papers, reviews, case studies, letters, state-of-the-art reports, and short communications describing studies on strategy, planning and policy of science and technology. The Submitted papers will be reviewed by referees according to the normal rules of editorial committee. Prospective authors are requested to submit the manuscript and authors profile directly by e-mail. Address for Submission: Eniya Listiani Dewi, M.Eng

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