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         American Football:     more books (100)
  1. Official 1995 National Football League Record & Fact Book (Official National Football League Record and Fact Book) by National Football League, 1995-07
  2. Football's Eagle and Stack Defenses by Ronald Vanderlinden, 2008-06-11
  3. Where Dreams Die Hard: A Small American Town and Its Six-Man Football Team by Carlton Stowers, 2006-08-07
  4. Coaching Kids Flag Football by Danford Chamness, 2002-05-10
  5. Who's #1?: 100-Plus Years of Controversial National Champions in College Football by Christopher J. Walsh, 2007-10-25
  6. Walter Payton: Football's "Sweetest" Superstar (Great American Sports Legends) by Mike Towle, 2005-08-30
  7. Football Scouting Methods by Steve Belichick, 2008-09-10
  8. Football Weekends at Notre Dame: Snapshots and Traditions by Bill Schmitt, 2008-04-01
  9. Arnsparger's Coaching Defensive Football by Bill Arnsparger, 1998-07-24
  10. Heart Stoppers and Hail Marys: 100 of the Greatest College Football Finishes, 1970-1999 by Ted Mandell, 2000-12-07
  11. Football Made Simple: A Spectator's Guide (4th Edition) (Spectator Guide Series) by Dave Ominsky, P.J. Harari, 2002-09-01
  12. Pigskin: The Early Years of Pro Football by Robert W. Peterson, 1997-10-30
  13. Collecting Football Cards for Fun and Profit: How to Buy, Store, and Trade Them- And Keep Track of Their Value As Investments by Chuck Bennett, Don Butler, 1991-09
  14. Fantasy Football Guidebook: Your Comprehensive Guide to Playing Fantasy Football (2nd Edition) by Sam Hendricks, 2010-03-20

61. American Football! Die Seiten Der Football-Links In Deutschland
Inhalt Willkommen auf Footballhome Newsletter Über diese Seite Zur Zeit sind etwa 300 Footballseiten verlinkt.
Dazu kommen ca. 40 Verweise auf Cheerleadingteams.
Wenn Ihr Links kennt und sie sind hier noch nicht aufgelistet,
wäre ich für eine kurze E-Mail dankbar! Datenbanksuche
Wenn Ihr bestimmte Links sucht, empfehle ich die Datenbank
Dort könnt Ihr verschiedene Suchkriterien eingeben und fündig werden.
Ab sofort könnt Ihr Eure Veranstaltungen für jeden sichtbar in eine Datenbank eingeben! Wichtiger Hinweis
Bitte diesen Hinweis lesen! Er dient der rechtlichen Seite! Danke! Seitenempfehlung
Sie bei Gefallen diese Seite an Bekannte weiter! Kleinanzeigenmarkt
Hier könnt Ihr Anzeigen aufgeben oder auch lesen. Sportbereich! Greetingcard Hier könnt Ihr E-Cards mit Footballmotiv versenden! Webseite der Woche! Diesmal könnt Ihr Euch in einem neuen Online-Shop umsehen AFE-Shop Archiv Abonnieren Sie unseren Newsletter! Tackle-Football Flag-Football Allgemein Cheerleading ... Schiedsrichter Links aus aller Welt Monday Football Barnett Sports Football in Irland Alle Links zum Downloaden (zip) Sportseiten im Internet RTL-Sport

62. BFL - Belgian American Football League - Official Site
The BFL (Belgian american football League) is a national structure, composed by it'smember teams, the coaches association (BFCA) and the officials association
There are users online Hometown Cougars seeking first win!
Nice matchups in Charleroi this Sunday.
In the first game, Flémalle will try to stay unbeaten while West-Vlaanderen is desperate to erase the loss at Diamonds and get their first win. A Tribes team in full force may be just a little too strong for a rebuilding Flames side, but the game has yet to be played off course.
In the second game, a matchup of teams with a loss record, the hometown Cougars are ready to take their first win as well. A narrow loss to the Flames in week one has them convinced they are ready to beat the Red Roosters, who took a pounding from Black Angels and Diamonds in their first two.
For more info mail us
Diamonds make it two in a row.

Baudart next to pass level1

Lombart and Tshiani succeed!!
contact us

POLL The 2003 Champion will be... Black Angels Cougars Diamonds Flames ... Tribes N° of votes: 1910 GUESTBOOK Sign it ! ... or just view it BFL FORUMS Read or post messages s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

Official site of the Kievan american football team.
macarena quark macarena quark

64. Muli Trieste - Official Website
News, storia, foto, risultati, squadra e link.
Le regole del gioco Links Visita il guestbook! Muli in pasta al sale
by Campioni d'Austria 2001 di II Lega! Austrian International Football League
Vienna, 21 luglio - Finale II Lega Thunderbolts Amstetten - Muli Trieste - 6 - 42 Muli Mailing List Nome Email Iscriviti Cancellati 20 Anni dei MULI!
Welcome Coach Doherty! BRANDON DOHERTY
Il nuovo Head Coach dei Muli
Proviene da Platteville University, Wisconsin, dove ha allenato la Offensive Line.
Precedentemente ha allenato sia Running Backs che Wide Receivers e Quarterbacks
Inoltre ha seguito alcuni Special Teams: FG/PAT. Non e' sposato, ha 27 anni ed e' laureato in storia.
Un benvenuto a Coach Doherty e un augurio di buon lavoro. ATTIVITA' Ecco il programma degli allenamenti 2003:
Campo Ferrini - Ponziana
Puntuali, mi raccomando.

65. Insurance For American Football Association: General Liability
Adult and Semipro Football General Liability Insurance for member teams of the United States Amateur Football Federation and the american football Association.
Save Up To 38% With Our Instant Online Sports Insurance Quote PRINT APPLICATIONS 97% of clients grade our performance as "A" Free answers to your sports legal questions Links ... Contact
General Liability Program Designed Exclusively For Adult Tackle Football Teams and Leagues that play outdoors. If you have any questions email us at . Or, you can call us at 1-800-622-7370 and ask for our sports department. See How Much Money You Can Save!
$1,000,000 General Liability Limit
$479 Per Team
Click Here For A Detailed Coverage Description For All Of The Above Policies FREE REPORTS Get the following FREE reports

Sample Waiver Form

Letter Describing Coverage Needs
For "Semi Pro" Football Teams PRINT APPLICATIONS to Fax
or mail with your check
Service for Current Clients
  • Add a property owner as additional insured
    P.O. Box 5866
    Columbia, SC 29250-5866
    Phone (800)622-7370 Fax: (803)256-4017
    var code = " "; document.write(code);
  • 66. :: Berlin Adler - American Football ::
    Informationen rund um den american football Verein.
    :: hier klicken :: Willkommen auf der Seite der Berlin Adler - American Football.
    Resolution: 800x600

    67. [e]ssential Links To NFL Football Sports Resources
    NFL Football Link Lists. NFL Info Web; WWW Virtual Library american football links;Portals NFL Links - many links segregated by team. NFL Football Newsgroups.

    [e]ssential Links
    Online resources to professional football information of the National Football League. [e]ssential Links
    [e]ssential Links

    College Football
    NFL Football
    Major Directories
  • Yahoo!
  • Webcrawler
  • Magellan
  • Galaxy ...
  • Virtual Library
    "NFL Football" via
  • Yahoo
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  • AltaVista
  • Google ...
  • DejaNews
    Major NFL Football Sites
    NFL Football News and Information
  • 68. Uniforms & Protective Equipment For Umpires And Referees.
    offering Referee Umpire uniforms, and accessories for baseball, softball, basketball, american football, soccer, and wrestling.
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    Home Page


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    69. Welcome To (Austrian American Football Officials)
    Infos über den AFSÖ, die Organisation der Schiedsrichter für american football in Österreich.Category World Deutsch Sport Ballsport american, american football, officials, download, american football officials,any given sunday,. Der Banner Exchange
    Menu Home


    Beginner Clinics

    Last update: 17.03.2003 ( League Main
    Superbowl XXXVII Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominate over Oakland Raiders with 48:21 (20:3) in front of 67,603 football fans.
    Buccaneers safety Dexter Jackson was named the game's MVP.
    The best officials crew in universum:
    Referee: Bill Carollo
    Umpire: Ed Coukart Head Linesman: Dale Williams Line Judge: Mark Steinkerchner Field Judge: Tom Sifferman Side Judge: Rick Patterson Back Judge: Don Carey Replay Official: Rex Stuart Video Operator: Mike Wimmer Austrian Bowl XIX Countdown (approx.): 111 days 20 hours 46 minutes and 8 seconds

    70. Pioneers Homepage
    american football, Flagfootball und Cheerleading. Spielpl¤ne, Wegbeschreibungen, Spiel und Trainingsorte und Neuigkeiten.
    Saison 2003 - wer ist mit dabei? Was geht ab ?
    Willkommen auf der Homepage der SV Polizei Hamburg Pioneers
    Gleich auf Seite 1. -WIR SUCHEN WEITERE TRAINER- unter anderem:
    Einen Defensive Koordinator für die Herrenmanschaft
    Wer hat die fachliche Kompetenz und traut es sich zu!
    Join a winning team!
    Die Trainingszeiten 2002 findet ihr unter dem Button: Wir über uns / Training
    Nur 5 Knöpfe - zeigen Euch alles "Inside" der Hamburg Pioneers.
    - "News" Hier gibt es regelmäßig Neues von uns und aus der Footballszene zu berichten.
    - "Wir über uns" Hier findet ihr Infos über die Coaches, Trainingzeiten u. Orte, unser Homefield im Stadtpark oder eine kurze History.
    - Den dritten Knopf Teams brauchen wir wohl nicht erklären - Oder. - "Fotos" Enthält ein kleines Bildarchiv über unsere Teams - "Dies und das" enthält Informationen für Sponsoren, diveres Links oder auch ein Kontaktknopf für die ganz schnellen. Nehmt euch ein wenig Zeit und schaut öfter einmal rein! Noch weitere Bandenpartner für unser SV Polizei Homefield im Hamburger Stadtpark gesucht! 12 Meter lang - 1,60 Meter hoch - Eine ganzjährige Präsenz mitten im Herzen unserer Stadt

    71. A.F.O.N. Home Page
    Levert de scheidsrechters aan zowel de senioren als de jeugd wedstrijden.Category World Nederlands Sport american football......american football Officials Nederland. Opgericht 1 Mei 1986. De AFON isopgericht in de begin jaren van het american football in Nederland.
    American Football Officials Nederland
    Doel van de A.F.O.N.

    De Competitie met uitslagen

    Het bestuur

    De leden van de A.F.O.N.
    Vier duizendste bezoeker
    Opgericht 1 Mei 1986 De A.F.O.N. is opgericht in de begin jaren van het american football in Nederland. Net als bij elke sport zijn er mensen nodig die onpartijdig de zaken in de gaten houden en het spel leiden.
    Bij american football zijn dat officieel 7 mannen die deze taak op zich nemen. Een flink aantal terwijl de voetballers met even veel spelers op het veld staan maar genoeg hebben aan één man die de wedstrijd leid. In de begin jaren van deze sport waren er natuurlijk nog geen Nederlandse scheidsrechters opgeleid die de wedstrijden konden fluiten, er werd toen ook gebruikgemaakt van de in Nederland gestationeerde Amerikanen op de bases die door het land verspreid waren. Deze Amerikanen waren het ook die de eerste Nederlandse scheidsrechters op hebben geleid, begeleid en in het diepe gegooid. Als je teams en een bond hebt dan heb je ook georganiseerde scheidsrechters nodig dus toen werd de A.F.O.N. opgericht en werden de scheidsrechters "officieel" We hebben in Nederland een groot gebrek aan officials, heeft u zin on te fluiten ?

    72. Kage Interactive PBM/PBeM Play By Mail Gameplan American Football & Top Sports S
    The home of Gameplan american football, the award winning play by mail/email game other top quality mail games.

    73. Cologne Crocodiles Jugend
    Die Jugendabteilung des american footballTeams.

    74. Game Of Inches Football Tracking Software 2001
    Provides statistical information for american football teams and players.
    Note: This website uses frames, but your current browser does not support them. Please download and install Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, or or higher (both are FREE) and then return to this website to see and try the power of Game Of Inches (sample screens below).

    75. Welcome To South City
    An american football team based in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. Team news, events, scores, statistics, merchandise, links, and photos.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    76. American Football Verband Bayern E. V.

    77. AFE American Football Equipment
    Der Spezialist f¼r Beratung, Service und Verkauf von american football Equipment. Mit aktuellen Sonderangeboten und Kontaktadresse.
    Verkauf von American Football Equipment
    Diese Seite wurde erstellt von
    Fehler, Hinweise etc. bitte an

    78. History Of Football
    Summary of the history of football.Category Sports Football American NFL History...... of spectators annually. The forerunner of american football may havebeen a game played by the ancient Greeks, called harpaston.
    Football History
    The Playing Field and the Ball
    Playing Time

    A game of football is divided into four periods, known as quarters, each consisting of 15 minutes of playing time. The first two periods constitute the first half; the second two comprise the second half. Between the halves, a rest period, usually lasting about 15 minutes, is permitted the players, who may leave the field. The teams change halves of the field at the end of each quarter. The clocks stop at the end of each quarter and at certain other times, when particular events occur or when designated by the officials.
    The Players
    Protective Equipment

    To protect themselves from the often violent bodily contact that characterizes football, players wear elaborate equipment, including lightweight plasticized padding covering the thighs, hips, shoulders, knees, and often the forearms and hands. Players also wear plastic helmets with guards that cover most of the face.
    The Officials
    Game Procedure
    Methods of Scoring
    Modern Football
    College Bowl Games and National Champions Beginnings of Professional Football Development of Offensive Strategies Development of Defensive Strategies Professional Football Today Super Bowl
    The Super Bowl is the final contest of the professional season and determines the league's annual champion. Currently the Super Bowl routinely finishes among the all-time top 50 programs in television ratings, and the 1994 game reached an estimated 750 million viewers around the world. Now probably the most important single-day sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl had more modest beginnings. In 1967 the champions of the American Football League (which merged with the NFL in 1970) and the NFL met in what was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. The name was later shortened to Super Bowl, named after a child's toy, the Super Ball. In this first game, the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10. The Los Angeles Coliseum, site of the game, fell far short of a sellout, although tickets were only $10 each. In comparison, the highest ticket price at the 1994 Super Bowl reached $250, with scalpers illegally charging more than twice that much.

    79. Teddie's Try Out - 29.03.03 - Fitness Factory Baden - 14.30-17.00 Uhr
    Infos ¼ber den american football Club Badener Bruins, 2. Bundesliga.
    zur Bruins Homepage zur Bruins Homepage

    80. Hot Iron/Scottish American Football Webzine-Gridiron Fan Mag
    Webzine presents news and articles on domestic gridiron leagues and the pros in NFL Europe.Category Sports Football American Around the World......american football Webzine bringing you all aspects of the game Scottish style,from the Domestic gridiron leagues right through to the pros in NFL, NFL
    NFL Training Camp 2003
    A familiar face returns to check out the 2003 Claymores squad.
    East Kilbride Pirates get ready for 2003 Scots recapture NFL Sunday Trophy
    College Page
    Stirling Clansmen are College Bowl Bound WENDY - SHE IS A CHEEKY GIRL!!!!! Plus Flag Football, Scottish College League, News, Features, Reviews and much more Published by Irn Wurks Media Services

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