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         Bull Riding:     more books (75)
  1. Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies and Bull Riders : a year Inside the Professional bull Riders Tour by Josh Peter, 2007
  2. Como ver una corrida de rejones / How to see a bullfight on horseback: Un Manual Imprescindible Para Los Amantes Del Toro Y El Caballo / an Essential Manual ... Love the Bull and Horse (Spanish Edition) by Jose Luis Prieto Garrido, 2010-05-30
  3. Rodeo by Luke Jackson, 2008-08-18
  4. The Wasatch Savage by Lee Nelson, 2001-06
  5. The Last Ride by Glen 'Pee Wee' Mercer, Patrick D. Smith, 2000-09
  6. The Pregnant Proposition (Silhouette Special Edition) by Sandra Paul, 2010-02-01
  7. Cody (Harlequin Blaze) by Kimberly Raye, 2009-10-01
  8. Bachelor Cowboy (Harlequin American Romance) by Roxann Delaney, 2010-01-12
  9. This Ain't No Rodeo by Carol Hightshoe, 2008-11-13
  10. King of the Cowboys by Ty Murray, 2003-05-06
  11. The Broncho Rider Boys - Frank Fowler by Frank Fowler, 2010-02-18
  12. A Circuit Rider's Wife by Corra Harris, 2009-07-27
  13. Amnesia by Sean Michael, 2009-07-24
  14. English Bulls ... Song [begins: " Tom Walker was riding " ] by James Hook, 1810

81. Sierra Stampede Rodeo - Bull Riding
bull riding Want to learn more about rodeo events? lways a favorite of spectators,bull riding adds danger and excitement to the sport of rodeo!
Home Festival Schedule Stampede Rodeo! Photo Gallery Tickets Free Stuff! Host Hotel Contestants Vendors Directions Volunteers Festival Contacts Join the Club! Introduction Page
Want to learn more about rodeo events? Just click on an event for a description.
Bull Riding
Bareback Bronc

Steer Riding

Chute Dogging

Calf Roping on Foot
Goat Dressing

lways a favorite of spectators, bull riding adds danger and excitement to the sport of rodeo! With erratic bucking and violent twists and leaps, these bulls challenge the toughest contestants to stay on until the six-second whistle. At the completion of the ride, the contestant must escape and attempt to avoid an unpredictable bull that may decide to come looking for its rider. As in steer riding , the contestant must ride with only one hand. Touching the bull with the free hand is a disqualification, as is a "buck-off". In this event, the contestant maintains position by hanging on with a leather-gloved hand to a heavy rope that encircles the bull like a belt. Points awarded are the same as in all roughstock events: 50 to the bull for bucking pattern and power, and 50 to the rider for agility, control and spurring action. 100 total points are the maximum possible for a qualified ride, and two rodeo judges determine the final score.

82. Bull Riding And Bull Riders - Professional Youth Bull Riders
bull riding association dedicated to advancing the sport of professional Bullriding. This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

83. Bull Riding
videos. bull riding. Awesome Bullrides $ 19.95 Order Checkout, GeorgePaul Superstar Bullriding $ 9.95 Order Checkout. Bullbusters
Bull Riding
Awesome Bullrides

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George Paul Superstar Bullriding
Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge Bullriding 1993

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Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge Bullriding Dec. '93

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84. Randy Queen Bull Riding School
Includes services offered, event listings, schedule, and links to rodeo related sites.Category Sports Rodeo Schools......Official website for Randy Queen bull riding School 1984 NFR Qualifierand 1992 Prairie Circuit Qualifier. RANDY QUEEN bull riding SCHOOL.
1984 National Finals Rodeo Qualifier
1992 Prairie Circuit Qualifier
Randy Queen (right) And His Son Garrett
At A Rodeo In Wynnewood, Okla. LEARN FROM A PROFESSIONAL! Randy's bull riding profession started at the early age of 5 years old and flourished into an impressive career. In 1984, Queen (from Harrah, Okla.) qualified for the National Finals Rodeo with rides like Fort Worth, Texas, where he won a whopping $6,153.00. Queen placed at 64 of the 92 rodeos he entered in '84 to secure a spot at the NFR in Oklahoma City. He also had a huge win that year in Reno, Nev., of $5,747.00. In 1987, Queen came back to win one of the PRCA's most prestigious rodeos (Houston's Livestock Show and Rodeo) and in 1992, he qualified for the Prairie Circuit Finals. Randy now resides in Jacktown, Okla., with his wife Pam of 17 years and their 7 year old son Garrett. NEXT SCHOOLS
April 5-6, 2003
1485 Highway 40 Phil Campbell, AL 35581

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86. ViewCalgary - Calgary Stampede Bull Riding Photographs
Pictures of the bull riding event at the Calgary Stampede Rodeoand Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta, Canada July 2002.
ViewCalgary Peter Reath Galleries Contact Home ... Viewer Calgary Stampede and Rodeo Pictures - Bull Riding - Normal Enlargements
These pictures of the Bull Riding event at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo were taken in July 2002 at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This is one of several galleries of photographs taken at the Stampede. Click here for gallery index
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The cowboy must ride bareback for eight seconds with one hand gripping a braided rope wrapped around the bull. The rider's free hand must not touch the bull, but foot movement is optional and is rewarded with higher points. At the end of the ride, a mandatory cow bell hanging on the rope causes it to fall free. However, occasionally a rider will be thrown off with his arm tangled in the rope, causing a serious risk of trampling. Rodeo clowns are in close attendance and often risk injury to help a rider in difficulties. Peter Reath Home No responsibility is accepted for any damages resulting from using this site.

87. Australian Rodeo Bull Riding And Country Music PBR World
Australian Rodeo and bull riding events Country Music and bull riding Video. PBRWorld brings you details of coming events, Rodeo Videos and Music CD's.
Professional Bull and Rodeo Riders PBR World brings you the latest on Bull and Rodeo Riding events around Australia in what is the world's most dangerous sport. A schedule of Professional Bull and Rodeo Riding Events throughout the year. Thrills and spills guaranteed to spectators who can make the Professional Bull and Rodeo Riding events to witness what is a major sport in the USA and Australia! Profiles on the Rodeo Riders, the Clowns, the Bulls and the Horses. Streaming Video and Country Music are all available for download. Check Out the latest Country CD's - great music! With PBR World it's ............
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88. Bull Riding Fans Get The Action On Their Mobile Phones
bull riding Fans Get the Action on Their Mobile Phones Thanks to NMSHearSay, Email this Page. A new way for telecom operators to
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Bull Riding Fans Get the Action on Their Mobile Phones Thanks to NMS HearSay platform. To activate the PBR service, fans can call +1 800 PBR 6947 to make a voice request for text updates and entertainment. Fans then get PBR highlights as text messages on their mobile phones. They are also prompted to call and choose from a menu of options including listening to audio streamed rider interviews and commentary, as well as information on bull and rider results and upcoming events. Fans can also call the number to participate in interactive polls and trivia games. In just one month, the PBR was able to take the service from concept to execution, thanks to the openness, flexibility, and easy integration of the NMS HearSay carrier services delivery platform. View this brief video to get a feel for the PBR services in action.

89. Züri Oberland Mäss
Translate this page Attraktionen. Salto-Trampolino. Bull-Riding. Cevi-Turm. Kapo Zürich.Welcome Tour. bull riding Wer zeigt dem Bullen den Meister?
En Guete!
Kapo Zürich Wald - Natur - Jagd Feng Shui ... Musikschule Zürcher Oberland
Bull-Riding Cevi-Turm Kapo Zürich Welcome Tour
Bull Riding
Wer zeigt dem Bullen den Meister?
Die spannende und unterhaltsame Herausforderung erwartet Sie in der Sportarena.

90. Injury Update: Central Nervous System Injuries Associated With Bull Riding, Okla
Central Nervous System Injuries Associated With bull riding, Oklahoma, 19921995.bull riding is a mainstay event in American competition rodeo.
August 5, 1997 Contents
Central Nervous System Injuries Associated With Bull Riding, Oklahoma, 1992-1995
Bull riding is a mainstay event in American competition rodeo. This sporting event has been implicated in up to 37% of all rodeo injuries and is one of the most dangerous sporting activities in the modern era . From 1992-1995 in Oklahoma, bull riding accounted for 5% of all sports-related central nervous system (CNS) injuries (i.e., traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries). However, few safety regulations regarding the use of protective body gear by bull riders are required during competition. More importance is given to the traditional western attire, such as a western hat, than to injury prevention measures, such as protective head gear. In the U.S., great progress has been made toward the prevention of injuries, especially among children. Organized sports such as bicycling, skateboarding, rock climbing, motocross, horseback riding and football have strict requirements for the use of protective head gear. In the rule book of the National High School Rodeo Association, which is followed by the Oklahoma High School Rodeo Association, a mouthpiece and sternal vest used to protect the mouth and chest from injury, is mandated for each bull riding participant. It is mentioned that "helmets may be worn in lieu of western hat," but no requirements have been established for this practice. This

91. Rules -Bull Riding
SPBR bull riding RULES. 7. Only five (5) point plain or notched spurrowels (one rowel per shank) may be used in the bull riding.
Welcome to the S P B R
SOUTH CAROLINA TENNESSEE SPBR BULL RIDING RULES (FROM SOUTHERN PRO BULL RIDERS ASSOCIATION RULE BOOK) NOTE: FOR COMPLETE LIST OF RULES VIEW: SPBR BUSINESS / RULE BOOK. 1. Bull must be ridden eight (8) seconds, time to start when animal's front feet touch the ground, the first time out of the chute. 2. Riding to be done with one hand and loose rope, with or without handholds. No knots or hitches to prevent rope from coming off of bull when rider leaves bull will be permitted. Rope must have a bell when bull leaves chutes. No bell, no marking. Bell must be under belly of bull. Only the bull rider and one other person may pull the rider's rope. The gateman or the flankman may assist in pulling the rope. 3. All bull ropes are to be made out of no larger than nine sixteenths (9/16) inch rope. 4. Ropes cannot be used that have any knots, wires or other aids for the purpose of placing spurs therein.

92. East Of Mesquite Bull Riding
About East of Mesquite bull riding. Our events are great entertainment for familiesand anyone else interested in the entertainment bull riding provides.
About East of Mesquite Bull Riding East of Mesquite Rodeo, Inc. was established in 1996 by the Jones family. Prior to that time, Don and Toby Jones worked as stock contractors furnishing bulls for bullridings up and down the East coast. In our opinion, some of these bullridings were not suitable for family entertainment. As a result, East of Mesquite Rodeo, Inc. came into being. The Jones family has always felt that rodeos and bullridings should be a family event. With our focus remaining foremost on family, East of Mesquite has grown at present to 27 bullridings per year. These bullridings are held primarily in North Carolina and Virginia. During the winter months, most Saturday nights we can be found in King, North Carolina, at the American Legion Fairgrounds. With a bullrider base of over 150 riders and an excellent working relationship with some of the top stock contractors on the East coast, our bullridings have become known as some of the best shows on the East coast. For more information about our events, please contact Don Jones at (336) 580-5538 or

93. East Of Mesquite Rodeo, Bull Riding In North Carolina
East of Mesquite coordinates bull riding events in North Carolina andthe Southeast. East of Mesquite bull riding. sanctioning bull
East of Mesquite Bull Riding Sanctioning Bull Riding Competitions in King, North Carolina, as well as other North Carolina and Virginia cities For more information: East of Mesquite Rodeo, Inc.
4500 Wild Oak Lane
Greensboro, NC 27406 Web Design by Mitch Arnold Web and Technical Communications

94. 2002 IPRA Bull Riding World Champion - International Professional Rodeo Associat
IPRA bull riding World Champions. Ben Jordan won the IPRA allaround, barebackriding, and bull riding world championships in both 1961 and '62.
Cord McCoy from Tupelo, Okla., had a dream season in 2002 as he won three world championships and became the first IPRA cowboy in history to win over $100,000 in a single year. It will be hard (if not impossible) for anyone to equal what the 22-year-old McCoy IPRA Bull Riding World Champions Blaine Whipp
Blaine Whipp

1999 Robby Shriver
1998 Toby Turner
1997 Ty Hickerson
1996 Clinton Cessna
1995 Danell Tipton
1994 Dennis Morris
1993 Dennis Morris
1992 Dennis Morris
1991 Terry Don West 1990 Dennis Morris 1989 Mika John Calico 1988 Mika John Calico 1987 David Bailey, Jr. 1986 Ronnie Allen 1985 Terry Don West 1984 Bobby Gillis 1983 Bobby Gillis 1982 Wally Terry 1981 BobbyGillis 1980 Jimmy Myers 1979 Jimmy Myers 1978 Joe Gaskin 1977 Rob McDonald 1976 W. Ratchford

95. IFR 33 Bull Riding Preview - International Professional Rodeo Association
IFR 33 bull riding PREVIEW Cord McCoy Hooks Horns With Destiny InPursuit Of 2002 World Championship by Todd Newville. Cord McCoy
Cord McCoy Hooks Horns With Destiny
In Pursuit Of 2002 World Championship
by Todd Newville
Cord McCoy of Tupelo, Okla., is in the driver's seat for the 2002 IPRA bull riding world championship. When the doors swing open at the Ford Center and the chute gates pop loose for IFR 33 on Jan. 16-19, 2003, in Oklahoma City, the gold buckle among IPRA toro busters is McCoy's to lose. Sure, there's an outside chance for someone to catch and surpass McCoy at IFR 33, considering the total payoff will be a record $500,000. But, the chances of that happening are slim to none. After all, McCoy has been head and shoulders above everybody else this year in pursuit of his gold buckle dreams. Going into IFR 33, McCoy leads IPRA bull riders with $40,249.01. The next closest bull rider is rookie Luke Skrabis from Kent City, Mich., with $27,210.45. McCoy (who makes IFR 33 for the fourth straight season in bull riding) also leads the IPRA all-around world standings prior to the Finals with a monstrous sum of $78,105.04. Ever since his debut at the Finals at IFR 28 (when he won all-around cowboy honors), McCoy has been one of the IPRA's brightest stars. However, up until now, he had no world titles to show for his efforts. Another McCoy was busy collecting gold buckles for the family's trophy case during that time period.

96. - Hamilton, AL - Championship Bull Riding Garners Television Con
Championship bull riding Garners Television Contract. Championship BullRiding (CBR) may be a new name, but the players are well known.

Championship Bull Riding
Garners Television Contract
From Humps -N- Horns magazine. It's official. Some of the finest bull riding action to be seen this fall will have viewers tuning in to the Outdoor Channel.
Championship Bull Riding (CBR) may be a new name, but the players are well known. Joel Logan, stock contractor and event promoter, has teamed up with 5-time PBR stock contractor of the year, Terry Williams, to kick off the series with their event in Jackson, MS, this August. Hosting the televised show will be fan favorites Don Gay, Dan Miller and Pam Minick. Terry Williams will be bringing his top string of bulls, and the riders will be those very familiar to television viewers.
The buzz is that these CBR events won't be ordinary bull rides. For starters, the series is invitation-only with every rider having an opportunity to ride twice in one night. Each winner is guaranteed at least $10,000 in prize money.
There will also be a Fan Fair for ticket holders in each city where CBR has a scheduled stop. Fans will be able to meet the riders, enjoy good food and play games with their children. "We want to present an experience of total entertainment through our shows," say Logan.

97. Linn County Fair

98. Thomas Teague Puts His Passion For Action Into Bull-riding Tour
But he has every interest in most other aspects of professional bullriding. In certain respects, bull riding is a hobby for Teague.

99. Bull Riding-Related Brain And Spinal Cord Injuries -- LA, 94-95
bull ridingRelated Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries Louisiana, 1994-1995. Bull-ridingschools for experienced riders exist but are not widely used.
CDC WONDER CDC WONDER Home Utilities Help Contact Us
Bull Riding-Related Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries Louisiana, 1994-1995
MMWR 45(37);796-798
Publication date: 09/20/1996
Table of Contents
Editorial Note


Rodeos are popular sporting events in the southern and western United States, and bull riders sustain 37% of all rodeo-related injuries more than participants in any other rodeo event (1,2). During 1994-1995 in Louisiana, five cases of central nervous system trauma associated with riding bulls in rodeo events were identified through the Louisiana Central Nervous System Injury Registry, a statewide, population-based surveillance system addressing brain and spinal cord injury incidence, etiology, and outcome. To further characterize these injury events, the Office of Public Health, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, conducted chart reviews and follow-up telephone interviews with the five injured persons or their parents and interviewed rodeo organizations about rules, regulations, and membership. This report summarizes the investigations of these five cases and recommends use of protective equipment to reduce the risk for such injuries. In November 1995, the Louisiana division of the National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) listed 67 high school students who were registered to compete as bull riders in Louisiana (F. Hinton, Louisiana division, NHSRA, personal communication, November 1995). Because other rodeo associations exist and riders frequently have membership in multiple associations, the number of bull riders cannot be accurately estimated.

100. Canadian Professional Bullriders - Bull Riding Events Schedule For 2002.
The leading organization in professional bull riding in Canada. 2002 CPB bull ridingSeason Schedule. Are you interested in hosting a CPB event in your area?
w w w. c p b . c a
Canadian Professional Bullriders 2002 CPB Bull Riding Season Schedule
Are you interested
in hosting a CPB event
in your area?
For more information,
Canadian Pro Bullriders
P.O. Box 454
Nanton, Alberta
Telephone: 403-652-5926
Fax:403-652-5937 ENTRIES OPEN 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (MDT) Updated OCTOBER 2002 EVENT TIER ADDED EVENT DATES ENTRIES START TIME Prince George, BC Tier I Mar 16-17 Feb 28 RESULTS Trail, BC Tier I Apr 6 March 21 RESULTS Dawson Creek, BC Tier I Apr 13 March 28 RESULTS Thorhild, AB Tier I Apr 20 March 28 RESULTS Salmon Arm, BC Tier I May 3-4 April 18 RESULTS Oyen, AB

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