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         Cave Diving:     more books (77)
  1. Darkness Beckons: The History and Development of Cave Diving by Martyn Farr, 2009-10-29
  2. The Essentials of Cave Diving: Jill Heinerth's Guide to Cave Diving (Volume 1) by Jill Heinerth, 2010-03-01
  3. The Cave Divers by Robert F. Burgess, 1999-06-29
  4. Basic Cave Diving: A Blueprint for Survival by S. Exley, 1986-06
  5. Caves: Exploring Hidden Realms (Imax) by Michael Ray Taylor, Ronal C. Kerbo, 2001-03-01
  6. Cave Diving: The Cave Diving Group Manual
  7. Cave Diving Communications by Joe Prosser, H.V. Grey, 1990
  8. N. S. S. Cave Diving Manual [Cave Diving Section]
  9. The Art of Safe Cave Diving
  10. Caves and cave diving by Guy de Lavaur, 1958
  11. Caves and Cave Diving by Guy de Lavaur, 1958-01-01
  12. NSS Cave Diving Manual, an Overview by Joe Prosser, 1992
  13. Caving: Cave Diving
  14. Safe cave diving. by Tom, and National Association for Cave Diving Mount, 1973

1. National Association For Cave Diving
National Association For cave diving based in Florida, USA.Category Recreation Outdoors Speleology cave diving...... Divers. The NACD was established in 1969 for the purpose of achievingsafer cave diving through training and education. The NACD
"If I can save but one life, then it has all been worth it ......." Judy Bauer, Former NACD General Manager Home Upcoming Events Contact Us News ... Links
Deadline for next journal April 15, 2003!
Telford Cleanup to Be Rescheduled
History - 1968
Brand New!
North Central Florida Flooding!
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National Association for Cave Diving
P.O. Box 14492
Gainesville, FL 32604
1-888-565-NACD (6223) The NACD was established in 1968 for the purpose of achieving safer cave diving through training and education (Read more about the creation of the NACD). As a pioneer in cave training, education, exploration and research, the NACD has the following goals:
  • To establish and maintain current guidelines in the form of physical and psychological standards, as well as equipment and techniques necessary for safe cave diving. To encourage education and distribution of safe cave diving information throughout the facilities of the organization and to provide a program of education and advanced training essential for safe cave diving. To achieve closer cooperation and understanding among members of the cave and recreational diving communities (and the general public) so they may work together toward the common goal of increasing safety in cavern and cave diving.

2. National Speleological Society - Cave Diving Section
If you are an openwater diver and you are interested in cave diving, then please read this. cave diving Safety Notice
National Speleological Society
Cave Diving Section
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3. The Cave Diving Website
Diver training and guiding from Harry Averill.Category Recreation Outdoors Speleology Tours and Training...... What is it? cave diving's Most Important Safety Rules. Find out more. Where Can IGo cave diving? ONCE you are certified, there is no end to the possibilities.
WHAT WHERE WHEN HOW ... LEARN TO CAVE DIVE YOU ARE HERE: Home W ELCOME to the Cave Diving Website. I maintain this site so that divers interested in underwater cave exploration can learn more about this exciting activity and the training needed to do it as safely as possible. If you are interested in becoming a certified Cave Diver, check out my North Florida Cave and Nitrox Divers website (opens in a new window). If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at
No Comparison
T HE THING that immediately distinguishes recreational divers from cave divers is their equipment. Bear in mind, it takes a lot more than just highly specialized equipment to be a cave diver. Nevertheless, equipment is a significant part of what cave divers do. Find out more The prettiest cave almost no one has ever seen . Breathtakingly beautiful, yet completely overlooked by the majority of cave divers. What is it?
Cave Diving's
Most Important
Safety Rules
WHEN DIVERS use common sense and follow important safety rules, diving in overhead environments can be nearly as safe as diving in open water. However, when divers fail to follow these rules, the results are often tragic. Find out more
Where Can I
Go Cave Diving?

4. Cave Diving Group
The official web site for the CDG of Great Britain.
This is the official Web Site of the Cave Diving Group of Great Britain From the Gallery Russell Carter, Malham Cove Flood Entrance - John Cordingley See the Photo Gallery for images by CDG members at home and abroad
About the CDG
For CDG Members
(Visitors also welcome to browse)
Reminder: Subs are due!
Executive Summary
Photo Galleries ...
Jack Sheppard
Publications ... Gallery If you can't find the information you expect, or have any comments or suggestions about the site, please contact Rob Murgatroyd , the site maintainer. Thanks. Page Updated Friday, 30th November, 2001

5. Florida Cave Diving
Index and descriptions of cave diving sites in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Mike Emanuel's cave diving Page. This cave diving Page Focuses On The Springs And Sinks
Welcome to Mike Emanuels Cave Diving Page. Locations, pictures, descriptions and maps of springs and sinkholes in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.
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6. Sidemount Passage
This website is brought to you by Bill Rennaker and Cave Excursions. We are dedicated to providing you the best resources available for safe and enjoyable cave diving. The information presented on this web site is intended to inspire and supplement
This website is brought to you by Bill Rennaker and Cave Excursions. We are dedicated to providing you the best resources available for safe and enjoyable Cave Diving. The information presented on this web site is intended to inspire and supplement safe and supported cave diving techniques. Please feel free to provide your input on the content of our site, and contact Cave Excursions for all of your Cave Diving needs. Cave Excursions offers cave training, SCUBA equipment sales and services, air fills, accommodations and personalized cave tours. Contact Cave Excursions for the best cave diving experience in North Central Florida. Find out WhatÂ’s New at Cave Excursions! s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) Contact Cave Excursions,
20338-180th Trace Live Oak, Fl. 32060 - 386-776-2299

7. Florida Cave Diving
Photos and current information on the cave and cavern systems and the springs of Florida. Separate listings for caverns and caves.
Select cavern or cave dive plan by clicking
the appropriate zone button.
Florida Cave Country
Within you will find individual webpages for most of the north central Florida spring cave systems. The year 2000 brought a drought that significantly lowered the Florida aquifer. Many of the cave systems have a cavern area for cavern certified divers. Divers MUST have cavern certification to dive the cavern areas and cave certification to dive the cave systems.
The main training agencies for cave certification are the NSS/CDS, NACD and GUE. Their links are below. I have included 2 avi clips from dives in Devil's Ear, one is video exiting past Junction Rock, Cornflakes and through Keyhole and the Lips. The second video clip is a jump from the Beetle tunnel out the the main line and then jumping back onto the upstream entrance of Roller Coaster. The video pages take a few minutes to load but are worth the wait!
Many springs have cave systems with upstream and downstream passages. The Florida limestone has given way and collapsed to cause sink holes which often open to the aquifer itself. Early April 2001 brought enough rain to blow out most of the caves except Devil's Ear, Manatee and Jackson Blue. However, the Florida aquifer is still below its normal level. For the latest updates on the Spring's conditions, check out J. Hurley's Extended Range website.

8. Cenotes - [home]
Underwater photographs of the cenotes in the Riviera Mayan region of Mexico.
Hooked on Cave diving home page



I have enjoyed diving the Riviera Mayan since 1996. I thought that I would put some pictures out that I have taken during this time in an effort for others to see the magnificent geological structures that can be found in the many cenotes that abound in this area of Mexico. Last updated on July 8, 2002
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9. National Association For Cave Diving
We have moved to
We have moved to:

10. DIR Mexico - Cave Diving Instruction, Training And Guiding In Mexico
DIR Mexico provides quality cave diving instruction, training and guiding in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula .Category Recreation Outdoors Speleology cave diving......Quality cave diving instruction and guiding in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula

11. New Page 1
Cave and technical diving, Phuket.
Welcome to "Cave Diving Thailand" at Thailand's Cave Diving Project WHAT'S NEWS This site is constantly updated! Add FULLCAVE to your Favorites quick links: NACD NSS-CDS WKPP, BSTD ... TDI, I ANTD OCEANIC HIGHLAND BANDS GATES DRYSUITS ... DIVE-RITE

12. Exploration Design Studio-Xds - Cave Diving - Scuba Diving And Ocean Life Fine G
A company providing a range of cave diving pendants and jewelry.

13. Cave Diving In Greece
The exploration of Drakos and Polidrosso together with team, equipment and contact information.Category Recreation Outdoors Speleology cave diving......

14. - Cave Diving, Scuba Diving, Cavern, Technical, Nitrox, - About U
Courses for the cave, cavern or scuba diver with lodging, guided tours, a picture gallery, diving Category Recreation Outdoors United States Florida......
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A seven night tour offered by Golden Arrow Technical Diving Center, Dominican Republic.Category Recreation Outdoors Speleology Tours and Training......SPECIAL cave diving. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 8 DAYS 7 NIGHTS. 10 CAVE DIVES. FORONLY $ 1,000.00. INCLUDED Transfer airport. 7 nights accommodation. Breakfast.
SPECIAL CAVE DIVING DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 8 DAYS 7 NIGHTS 10 CAVE DIVES FOR ONLY $ 1,000.00 INCLUDED: Transfer airport 7 nights accommodation Breakfast Cave dives Transport to the dive sites Minimum 2 Pax Maximum 4 Pax (per guide) E-mail: Denis Bourret 66 calle de la Libertad Gaspar Hernandez Espaillat Republica Dominicana

cave diving information including color maps, jungle stories, photos and adventures in the recently discovered underwater cave system of El Jacinto Pat in the Yucatan Peninsula region of Mexico.

17. National Association For Cave Diving Cave Links Cavern and cave diving Training with Steve Gerrard. Connie LoRe'sGuided Yucatan cave diving Tours. (c)2003 National Association for cave diving.
Interesting Links Home Upcoming Events Contact Us News ... Yucatech Expeditions
Contact the webmaster (c)2003 National Association for Cave Diving

18. Cave Diving Safety NoticeDo You Need To Read This?
Safety information from the San Marcos Area Recovery Team, National Speleological Society, USA.Category Recreation Outdoors Speleology cave diving......San Marcos Area Recovery Team SMART cave diving Policy Photo Gallery Home Send us Email LINKS Membership Operations . policy.htm
S an M arcos A rea R ecovery T eam
SMART Cave Diving Policy
Photo Gallery
Home Send us E-mail LINKS ... Operations
This message could save your life! ! ! ! Please Read... PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION
Are you planning a CAVE DIVE but you are . . .
1. Neither formally trained nor certified in Cavern or Cave Diving?
2. Making one of your initial dives into a spring, cave, or blue hole?
3. Not using at least two dependable underwater lights, a guideline on a reel, a submersible pressure gauge, and an additional second stage?
4. Are you diving with a single tank?
IF your answer was "YES" to any of these questions, then you are typical of most cave-diving fatalities. Since 1960, more than divers fitting the above description that is, untrained, inexperienced, and improperly equipped have died in cave diving accidents in Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean alone!
This message has been prepared as a public service by the Cave Diving Section of the National Speleological Society (NSS-CDS) and SMART Divers to help you avoid those mistakes that have frequently contributed to the cave diving deaths of others.

19. LocoGringo Underground. Cave Diving Course Descriptions.
Various courses available on Mexico's Caribbean coastline.
Course Descriptions- for informational purposes only Full Cave Course Introduction to Cave Diving Cavern Course Full Cave Diver
NACD [National Association for Cave Diving]
IANTD [International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers]
NSS-CDS [National Speleological Society - Cave Diving Section] This is an in depth course spanning six to seven days with 12 hours of lecture and a minimum of 15 cave dives using double tanks. The student will dive a wide variety of cave systems featuring different passageway configurations, variable flow, silt and visibility. Proper techniques for these more complex diving scenarios will be taught in a progressive and safe way. Topics covered will include: emergency procedures, off shoot passageways, circuits and traverses, restrictions and decompression procedures. The use of oxygen, Nitrox and computers will also be discussed. There is no open water program available that can prepare divers for the cave environment. The skills learned in this course can be applied to all aspects of sport and technical diving and are a absolute must for the cave environment. In addition, an attitude of continual learning, self evaluation and mature judgment will be instilled in the student. Purpose: To develop minimum skills needed for safe cave diving with twin backmounted tanks.

20. Cave Diving
cave diving. The Art of Safe cave diving OUT OF PRINT UNTIL 2003. A 1995 update tothe National Association of Cave Divers (NACD) 1973 book Safe cave diving.
Cave Diving
Caverns Measureless to Man
Some human beings live and die by convictions so strong that most people cannot even comprehend them. Sheck Exley was one of those who loved and enjoyed life at the knife-edge limit. This book may terrify you, but it will unquestionably fascinate you, and in the end, Sheck Exley will convince you that his death came to him in the midst of the incredibly intense joy he took in diving into the depths of the earth.
Qty: Price: $31.00

Qty: Price: $21.00
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The Art of Safe Cave Diving
OUT OF PRINT UNTIL 2003. A 1995 update to the National Association of Cave Divers (NACD) 1973 book Safe Cave Diving. Cave Diving is a risky business. The contributors to the Art of Safe Cave Diving as well as the NACD, its officers and directors make no claim that anything about cave diving is safe. Considering this and the number of individuals who die scuba diving in caves as well as those few who die cave diving, you might be wondering why anyone would ever do it. Its a question frequently asked and "Either you're one of us and you understamd it or you aren't and you don't" Whichever group you fit into, you'll find this is an interesting and informative book well worth your time. By the end of the book you should know whether you are one of us or not. Covers all aspects of cave diving and written by some of the leading cave divers. Paperback.
Qty: Price: $30.00

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