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  1. Gazehounds & Coursing - The History, Art and Sport of Hunting With Sighthounds by M.H. Salmon, 1999-11-01
  2. The Greyhound: Breeding, Coursing, Racing, etc. (a Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic) by James Matheson, 2005-10-01
  3. Lure Coursing: Field Trialing for Sighthounds and How to Take Part by Arthur S. Beaman, 1993-12
  4. The dog in your life: A complete guide to choosing, raising, feeding, training, and caring for your dog : plus sections on show dogs, hunting dogs, coursing ... and a discussion of common canine illnesses by Matthew Margolis, 1979
  5. The Greyhound And Coursing by Adair Dighton, 2008-10-27
  6. The Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East
  7. The Modern Fisher: Or, Driffield Angler; Containing Descriptions of the Different Kinds of Fresh Water Fish, and the Best Methods of Taking Them in Rivers, ... for Shooting and Coursing, with Rules for by Alexander Mackintosh, 2010-01-01
  8. British field sports: embracing practical instructions in shooting, hunting, coursing, racing, cocking, fishing, &c. With observations on the breaking ... pieces, and all other sporting implemen by John Lawrence, 2010-05-13
  9. The Coursing Calendar for the Autumn Season 1879 by Stonebenge, 2010-03-05
  10. The Sporting Repository: Containing Horse-Racing, Hunting, Coursing, Shooting, Archery, Trotting and Tandem, Matches, Cocking, Pedestrianism, and a Pugilism, ... Tales, and a Great Variety of Miscellan by Anonymous, 2010-03-05
  11. Manual of British Rural Sports: Comprising Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Fishing, Hawking, Racing, Boating, Pedestrianism, and the Various Rural Games and Amusements of Great Britain by John Henry Walsh, 2010-06-04
  12. A Year of Sport and Natural History; Shooting, Hunting, Coursing, Falconry and Fishing With Chapters on Birds of Prey, the Nidification of by Oswald Crawfurd, 2010-04-01
  13. Wolf-Coursing by Theodore Roosevelt, 2010-05-22
  14. A year of sport and natural history: shooting, hunting, coursing, falconry and fishing with chapters on birds of prey, the nidification of birds and the habits of British wild birds and animals by Oswald Crawfurd, 2010-08-20

1. Lure Coursing
, injury risk, importance of health and conditioning of the dog, your first trial.......
HOW TO GET STARTED IN LURE COURSING by John Parker Lure coursing is a humane sport which re-creates the chase of the hare by the pursuing hound. The "bunny" consists of strips of white plastic attached to a continuous loop line that runs through a series of pulleys to simulate the zigzag path of a rabbit on the run. No wagering is involved; the dogs run for fun and the occasional ribbon or trophy. Coursing is not merely a race. Greyhounds and the other participating sighthound breeds are judged not only on speed, but also on enthusiasm during the course, agility in making turns, how accurately they follow the path of the lure, and their endurance in completing the course. This article is intended to provide step-by-step suggestions for getting your Greyhound started in lure coursing in a way that will help you avoid some of the pitfalls common to coursing newcomers who "leap right in" without adequate preparation. It is not intended to be an exhaustive treatise on lure coursing, nor does it describe the only way to get started in the sport. It is based on my own experience in lure coursing, numerous discussions with coursing veterans whose experience goes back many more years than my own, and the experiences of a number of Greyhound owners whom I have had the pleasure of mentoring in their "rookie year." About Injury First, a word about injury potential is in order. As with any athletic activity, lure coursing does hold some risk of injury to your Greyhound. To put that risk in perspective, however, a Greyhound free running in your back yard also runs the risk of injury, and if your yard has trees, rocks, holes, stumps, etc., the injury potential there may be greater than on the more controlled environment of a flat or gently rolling pasture that has been converted to a coursing field. Although you can't completely eliminate all risk of injury (in coursing or any other sporting endeavor), following the suggestions below can certainly help reduce that risk.

2. Country Pursuits Today - Coursing
This page describes the field sport of coursing the testing of the speed and agility of the greyhound with the hare as quarry. coursing. coursing is one of the world's oldest field sports, dating back to the time of the Pharaohs.

Coursing is one of the world's oldest field sports, dating back to the time of the Pharaohs. The object of coursing under National Coursing Club rules is to test coursing hounds, which chase exclusively by sight. Coursing rules are designed specifically to mark the speed, stamina and agility of the coursing hound. It is not the object to kill hares and, if a dog kills a hare, it does not necessarily win the course. Unlike Park Coursing, which is popular in Ireland, all coursing under National Coursing Club rules takes place in open country, allowing the hare to escape. Some grounds have special refuges called "soughs" installed to assist the hare's escape. In an average season, seven out of eight hares that are coursed escape.
The Hare
Lepus europaeus, or the common brown hare, is a larger, more athletic cousin of the rabbit and weighs between 7–9 lbs. The hare is designed for speed and its uphill acceleration is phenomenal. It has many predators, especially when young, including foxes, stoats, cats, raptors, and owls, but its deep chest, well-muscled body, strong back legs and clawed feet enable the hunted hare to be a master of evasion. The hare's sight, hearing and sense of smell are excellent, as one would expect of a prey species in the wild.
The Course
Beaters drive the hares one by one onto the running ground, in the same way as for game shooting. Alternatively, as in rough shooting, the participants and their dogs put up the hares as they walk across the fields to be coursed.

3. Welcome
Lure coursing equipment is that which is used to create an artificial or mechanical lure (often referred to as "the
Lure coursing equipment is that which is used to create an artificial or mechanical lure (often referred to as "the bunny") which can travel at speeds in excess of 50 mph. The artificial lure is pursued by any animal or bird that possesses a strong prey instinct.
The modern day version of this type of equipment was conceived (in the US around 1971) and developed by various sighthound enthusiasts for the purpose of testing their dogs instinct and physical abilities in a competitive event. This equipment is now used by sighthound people in various competitive lure coursing field trials and racing events. The equipment is also used by other dog owners for various reasons such as physical conditioning and for just the sheer enjoyment of watching a dog have fun. Lure coursing is "funnnnn" for the dogs...they do it because they want to run fast and chase an artificial lure...they cannot be forced to chase a lure.
The equipment is now used by several zoos to exercise and condition cheetahs and African wild dogs. Falconers utilize lure coursing equipment to both train and condition their short wing hawks (those raptors that hunt game on the ground) and to perform educational demonstrations of a hawks hunting techniques and flight abilities without sacrificing live game.
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Contact Information:
Telephone: (802) 425-3691
FAX: (802) 425-4468
Postal address: P.O. Box 21, Charlotte, VT 05445-0021

4. National Coursing Club
Brief guide, history, dogs, hares, 10 lies, news, fixtures list, results and links.Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting coursing......NATIONAL coursing CLUB Established 1858. Return to this page by clicking on the logoat the top of each page. coursing is one of the world's oldest field sports.
Established 1858 Please use the links at the bottom of the page or the image-map above to navigate this site.
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Coursing is one of the world's oldest field sports. Since the days of the Pharaohs "gazehounds", dogs which hunt exclusively by sight, have been tested in competition. Arrian, a Roman writing in AD116 laid down: "The true sportsman does not take out his dog to destroy the hares, but for the sake of the course and the contest between the dogs and the hares, and is glad if the hare escapes." His words are just as relevant today. The Dogs Past Present The Hares ... Links 16 Clocktower Mews, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 8LL
tel: 01638 667381 fax: 01638 669224

5. American Sighthound Field Association
Organization promotes and regulates lure coursing trials. Learn the rules and about events, find official registration forms and read a FAQ. The Sport of. Lure coursing Explained. Mission Statement
Eligible Breeds Events
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The Sport of

Lure Coursing Explained
Mission Statement ... Top 20 Hounds
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6. Lure Coursing
Lure coursing. Author. Copyright 1995 by Bonnie Dalzell, Dalzell About the Lure coursing FAQ. The first
Lure Coursing
Bonnie Dalzell Bonnie Dalzell is an all breed ASFA and AKC Lure Coursing Judge and a long time activist in Lure Coursing.
Table of Contents
About the Lure Coursing FAQ
The first version of this FAQ, a 74 line (page and a half) document, originally prepared by Marcia Cavan with additional info from Carol Mount was posted as part of the AKC FAQ. Since its scope was broadened from AKC only details, it was moved out of the AKC FAQ into an independent FAQ. However, the document quickly ballooned to 2000+ lines, making it difficult to read as a single document. This version returns to its "roots" as a FAQ for those who know little about the Lurecoursing. The Lurecoursing Homepage, with extensive and detailed information on this sport, is available at Bonnie Dalzells site under
What Is Lure Coursing?
Lure Coursing is a humane sport which attempts to imitate the coursing of the rabbit or hare by sighthounds but without the hare. The sighthounds chase an artificial lure, usually a white kitchen garbage bag, sometimes tanned rabbit skins, or fake fur strips. To set up the "lure" coursing course a line composed of braided fishing line (usually 100 pound test 'trolling' line) is passed around a series of pulleys staked to the ground within a large field (at least 5 acres).

7. National Coursing Association
NSW Australia's premier greyhound racing club. Racing at Wentworth Park and Singleton.

Wentworth Park Singleton The Gardens ...

20th March 2003
The month of April is going to see champagne racing at Wyong with the NSW National Coursing Association recently releasing details for a host of feature race events. Promising Youngsters to Clash at Singleton
19th March 2003
The NCA Singleton Club has attracted a strong ten-event program to be run on Friday afternoon with the clash of some promising youngsters highlighting the meeting.

8. New Page 1
tvaru, nebo v pirozeném terénu takový typ dostihu se nazývá coursing, který více pipomíná pvodní lov.
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9. TCC The Coursing Conservancy
Provides a venue where sighthounds may be tested fairly against the standard of their breed, the game, and each other.
The Coursing Conservancy 2002-2004 TCC Officers: President: Dan Bunn V-President: Valerie Kaeppler Treasurer: Susan Schroder Secretary: Cindy Brown , 19 White Oaks Road, P.O. Drawer 29, Mesquite, NM 88048 Registrar: Terry Smith, 10444 Andora Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311 Superintendent: Chris Mason CA Superintendent: Anne Vigneri Board Member: Dave Burt Schedule Registration Online Entry Forms Entry Forms ... Mail TCC is open to all people interested in the sport of coursing. You do not need to be a member to enter TCC hunts.
Mission Statement

Code of Ethics

2002-2003 Schedule

Rules of Conduct

10. Introduction To Lure Coursing
Read a summary of the sport and tips for getting stated. Covers pretrial tests and trials, training tips, and scoring.

11. Lure Coursing And The Retired Racing Greyhound (A Breed Apart, Greyhound Adoptio
Cautions against coursing a retired dog due to prior unknown injuries.Category Recreation Pets Dogs Activities Lure coursing and Racing......A Breed Apart ©. Visit Our Sponsor. Lure coursing and The Retired Racing Greyhound. Lurecoursing requires properly conditioned, injuryfree animals.
Lure Coursing and The Retired Racing Greyhound
by judy kody paulsen
founder, greyhound companions of new mexico

ure coursing is a competition designed to test the speed and agility of greyhounds and other "sight hound" breeds as they chase a plastic bag attached to a pulley system on the ground. The course is comprised of numerous sharp turns and is usually laid out in a large open field. High speed tumbles and entanglements with other dogs or even the cable to which the lure is attached are not infrequent. This competition can be wonderful exercise for a fit greyhound, however it can also be disastrous, especially to the retired racing greyhound. Many retired racers had injuries which were responsible for their retirement. Some had injuries that went undetected by trainers, as the only symptom noted in the greyhound was a slowing in their performance rather than a visible limp or injury. Unfortunately, getting an accurate history on each dog's injury record is often impossible due to the number of trainers they may have been with during their racing career. Retired racing greyhounds need exercise, but great care should be taken to not expose them to rigorous workouts that can re-inflame old injuries. Lure coursing requires properly conditioned, injury-free animals. Greyhounds that were bred for show or pet purposes (as opposed to those bred for pari-mutuel racing) are often sounder as they have not been exposed to the strenuous, demanding schedules of training and racing at tracks. Frequent injuries are common at greyhound racetracks and often the dogs are rehabilitated and raced again, until the next injury occurs. These injuries, coupled with the shock of repeated jumps into and out of upper level crates and transport trucks can produce a dog that is hypersensitive to further insult to muscles or bones.

12. Lure Coursing - A Newcomer's Perspective
Important considerations when starting coursing, fitness, supplies, and health of your dog.Category Recreation Pets Dogs Activities Lure coursing and Racing...... Lure coursing A Newcomer's Perspective. y introduction to lure coursing occurredat a Southern California greyhound rescue picnic in October of 1994.
Lure Coursing - A Newcomer's Perspective
by lynda adame y introduction to lure coursing occurred at a Southern California greyhound rescue picnic in October of 1994. It was at this same event that I first met my lure coursing partner-in-crime (Shirley Kimball) and her greyhound Remi. Both of our dogs had been retired from the track a few months previous to this picnic and believe me, they knew exactly what lure coursing was all about and refused to leave the area until they had their turn on the course. Lure coursing is an international sport in which sighthounds compete against each other and gain points towards different championship titles. The fastest dog is not necessarily the winner as the dogs are judged on five factors: speed, agility, enthusiasm, endurance and follow. The sighthounds chase a lure which is usually a grouping of three white (or multi-colored) plastic bags attached to a line. The line is then pulled along a system of pulleys. A lure course contains many twists and turns which greyhounds will run at full speed. It is exhilarating to watch a lure coursing event, but a bit difficult to find information about this sport. Where are these events held? What do I need to do to have my dog run in one? What should I bring to a lure coursing event? As a newcomer to lure coursing, I had these as well as many other burning questions. My first breakthrough was discovering a woman named Bonnie Dalzell on the Internet. Bonnie is a long time sighthound breeder and lure courser and disperses information on national lure coursing events to anyone who would like a copy. She also maintains a

13. A Brief Guide To Coursing
return to homepage. NATIONAL coursing CLUB Established 1858. A BriefGuide to coursing. Glossary of Terms. NCC, The National coursing
Established 1858 A Brief Guide to Coursing Glossary of Terms NCC The National Coursing Club, the governing body of greyhound coursing, is responsible for drawing up the rules under which affiliated meetings are conducted. THE MEET The place where everyone gathers before going to the actual field where the coursing takes place. RUNNING GROUND The field where the coursing takes place. THE BEAT The area from which hares will be driven on to the running ground by beaters holding flags. "The Beat" also describes the "beaters" as a whole. DRIVEN COURSING At most meetings all the hares are driven by beaters. The running ground is often walked-over before coursing to clear any hares sitting on the field. WALKED UP COURSE The crowd walks across a field with a slipper in the middle, putting up hares to be coursed as it goes. Some meetings are completely or partially "walked-up". SLIPPER The official in a red coat responsible for releasing (slipping) the dogs in pairs simultaneously. SHY A hide for the slipper.

14. Ontario Lure Coursing Association
Club history, officers, membership application.Category Recreation Pets Lure coursing and Racing Clubs......Home Page of the Ontario Lure coursing Association (OLCA), a dog club that holdsfield trials for sighthounds. 1979 2003. THE ONTARIO LURE coursing ASSOCATION
All Breed Fun Weekend
All Breed Practice
Canine First Aid Seminar
All Breed Fun Run
When: Where: Country Road Dalmations, Puslinch, ON Why: If your dog likes to run and chase balls, squirrels, rabbits, etc. then this is a perfect opportunity to let him participate in Lure Coursing. We use a white plastic lure on a line, then run it through a pulley system to simulate how a rabbit would run. This way the dog has fun, enjoys a good run, and the neighborhood squirrels get a rest!
    Canine First Aid Seminar
    Dr. Steven Ball, DVM, Brookville Veterinary Hospital When: April 6, 2003 Time: 9 am ~ 12 noon Where: Mountsberg Hall Cost: $20.00 pre-registration (before April 3rd)
    $25.00 at the door
Click the links to download the flyers: Fun Weekend Canine First Aid Seminar or contact: Heather J. Dansereau , 1733 Centre Road, RR #2, Hamilton, ON, L8N 2Z7, 905-659-1188
Premium Lists will be loaded as they become available. All Breed Fun Weekend - Featuring . On Sunday we have a Canine First Aid Seminar . This is a new venue for our fun weekend, so please review the enclosed flyers for directions.

15. Coursing Email List
ListServ's list for sighthound field trial events. How to join, contact list owner.

16. Sighthounds And Lure Coursing
History of coursing, description of a trial.Category Recreation Pets Dogs Activities Lure coursing and Racing......SIGHTHOUNDS AND LURE coursing!!! Most coursing clubs hold practices after their trialsand welcome newcomers who would like to see how their hounds might do.
SIGHTHOUNDS AND LURE COURSING!!! Member of the "Site" Hounds WebRing Back To Evenstar's Page One

17. The Official Lurcher & Staghound Web-Site
General information, directory of owners, hare and loure coursing, and history.
greyhound saluki whippet hunting coursing deerhound staghound shooting rabbit coyote fox deer greyhound saluki whippet hunting coursing deerhound staghound shooting rabbit coyote fox deer greyhound saluki whippet hunting coursing deerhound staghound shooting rabbit coyote fox deer
greyhound saluki whippet hunting coursing deerhound staghound shooting rabbit coyote fox deer
greyhound saluki whippet hunting coursing deerhound staghound shooting rabbit coyote fox deer greyhound saluki whippet hunting coursing deerhound staghound shooting rabbit coyote fox deer
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Lurchers are dignified
and gentle - they are
at home by fell,
field or fireside

There are many types
of lurcher Explore the cross that suits you for work, show or as
a companion.
by Gary Hosker email

18. NOFCA - National Open Field Coursing Association
Organizes competitions among purebred sighthounds in the natural environment of the game being coursed.Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting coursing......National Open Field coursing Association. ~ established 1964 ~. Qualifiers (sofar) for the 2003 Grand Course. About NOFCA, Contacts. Forms. Links of interest.
National Open Field Coursing Association
~ established 1964 ~
Qualifiers (so far) for the 2003 Grand Course
About NOFCA Contacts Forms ... Links of interest Look up hound numbers Rules Schedule Standings

19. Coursing
Übersicht coursing in Deutschland. coursing. Rietberg 02.07.00

20. Utah Sighthound Racing & Coursing Club
and club concerns. To act as an online bulletin board for national regional coursing events and related activities. To promote
Welcome to the USRCC website!
LAST UPDATED: 8/16/02 (events calendar) This site has several purposes:
  • To serve as an online resource for USRCC members and club concerns. To promote and endorse the great canine sport of Lure Coursing To provide a place for club members to brag shamelessly about their fabulous hounds!!
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