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         Dog Racing:     more books (100)
  1. The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel by Garth Stein, 2009-06-01
  2. The Dogs: A Personal History of Greyhound Racing by Laura Thompson, 2003-10
  3. Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cynthia A. Branigan, 2003-08-01
  4. Honest Dogs: A Story of Triumph and Regret from the World's Toughest Sled Dog Race by Brian Patrick O'Donoghue, 1999-09-01
  5. Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies by Lee Livingood, 2000-09-27
  6. Adventures of the Iditarod Air Force: True Stories About the Pilots Who Fly for Alaska's Famous Sled Dog Race by Ted Mattson, 1997-02
  7. Man Buys Dog: A Loser's Guide to the World of Greyhound Racing by David Matthews, 2005-05-02
  8. The Speed Mushing Manual: How to Train Racing Sled Dogs by Jim Welch, 1989-10
  9. Mush: A Beginner's Manual of Sled Dog Training by Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers Inc, 1997-04
  10. The World of Sled Dogs: From Siberia to Sport Racing by Lorna Coppinger, 1977-02
  11. Attla Training and Racing Sled Dogs by George Attla, Bella Levorsen, 1974-06
  12. Greyhound Racing And Breeding (A Vintage Dog Books Breed Classic) by A. Croxton-Smith, 2005-12-01
  13. Snow Dogs! Racers of the North (DK READERS) by Ian Whitelaw, 2008-08-18
  14. Introduction to Dog Agility by Margaret H. Bonham, 2009-06-01

1. ISDRA Sled Dog Racing
Official site of the International Sled dog racing AssociationCategory Sports Winter Sports Sledding Sled dog racing......
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2. Stephen R. Lee's Home Page
A multitude of information and links, ranging from Lee's own experiences sledding in New Mexico to Category Sports Winter Sports Sledding Sled dog racing......Stephen Lee's Home page, a resource for mushers worldwide.
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3. Jason Nickle Sled Dog Racing
Ranked in the Top 10 in the World, Jason Nickle has racing dogs and puppies for sale. He also makes fast, quality sleds.

Take a Ride or You Can Drive Your Own Team!

Racing to make your dreams come true!
Owned and Operated by Jason Nickle World Class Professional Sled Dog Musher P.O. Box 54 ... Doyle, California 96106
Quick Step Racing also offers Harnesses Gang-lines Drop chains Racing dog boxes ... Lead and team dog training
New from Quick Step Mushing camps Mushing lessons Sled racks Box mats ... Misters
Would you like to learn to ride your sled better with more confidence? Or would you like to learn how to run your dogs better, or get some tips on how to run your dogs? Quick Step can help you. Starting in September, Quick Step will offer private lessons from how to harness the dog, to how to ride the sled better. The lessons will be customized to what experience the student has. Quick Step can provide reliable dogs, or you can bring your own.
Quick Step Racing Harnesses Our harnesses were designed and tested by Quick Step racing team. Our newest feature is what we call the “walking strap”. It is a strap that goes from the neck of the harness to the x on the harness and makes it easier to walk the dogs , because you are

4. Free Greyhound Dog Racing Handicapping Software ( Sofware ) - Your Own Tipsheet
Free download and subscription to one of the latest dog handicapping programs available via the internet.
QuickDog Greyhound Dog Racing Software - Your Own Tipsheet Builder
(You are Visitor var site="sm4jaidogs" Now Celebrating our FOURTH Year of Providing QuickDog to Greyhound Fans! Other Horse and Dog Racing Handicapping Products and Services by JONSOG associates, Inc., Click Here!
Get Tipsheets for your favorite track - First 10 Tipsheets are FREE- CLICK HERE Can you create a handicapping method and test it by seeing if it has worked on historical races? THAT'S what QuickDog allows you to do!
QuickDog greyhound handicapping software (dog racing software):
1) Imports free race data automatically - both history and today's races
2) Converts and stores that data into a database
3) Allows you to uniquely customize any one of 5 methods of handicapping with information like number of PP lines to use, whether or not to use schooling, troubled, or lines from another track, and other items. This makes your method unique!
4) Automatically TUNES UP your method by testing it and tweaking it to produce the highest returns using historical data. QuickDog creates a method that would have worked best in prior races at any track! For example, you tell Quickdog the type of wagers you make, and the software will TUNE your method so that it would have produced the best results for the historical period you specify. The idea being, if the method worked in the past, then it can work in the future. Isn't this what handicapping is about? It even tells you if your current method WON'T WORK before you spend your money at the window.

5. Greyhound Dog Racing Rules, How To Bet
Greyhound dog racing rules, how to bet, types of bets. Greyhound dog racing rules. The noble greyhound a brief history.
Greyhound Dog Racing rules The noble greyhound - a brief history. Greyhounds were first introduced to America in the 18th century to help farmers control the jackrabbit population. As time went by, the farmers started to conduct some form of competitive greyhound racing which evolved into the greyhound track racing as we know it today. The origin of the greyhound is quite old, possibly dating back thousands of years. The Pharaohs rated them first among all animals as both pets and hunters. Images of the early greyhound can be seen etched on walls of ancient Egyptian tombs. In Arabian culture at that time, the birth of a greyhound ranked nearly as high as the birth of a son. In Persia, Rome and Greece, the greyhound enjoyed similar standing. Greyhound racing in England was first established for the English nobility and could not be enjoyed by other citizens. In 1014 King Canute of England enacted the Forest Laws, which stated that only noblemen could own and hunt with greyhounds. The elegance and beauty of this most noble animal is a sight to behold. Additionally, at the end of their racing career the greyhounds easily adapt to the life of a loving pet and have become the pet of choice among an increasing number of pet lovers.

6. Mikrotime Sport Systems - Husky Rally Events 1996 To 2003
Results for British sled dog events since 1991.

Sled Dog Racing and
Husky Dog Event Results 1991/2003
SHCGB Events 1994/2003 The Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain
BSHRA Championship Events 1996/2000
The British Siberian Husky Racing Association
British Sled-Dog Racing Champs 1998/1999
Sled-Dog 2000 Events
BSDRA Championship Events 1995/1996
The British Sled Dog Racing Association
Hurtwood Events 1992/1995
Affiliated British Sled Dog Activities
Additions from our Archive:
The Longleat Quest 1991
Eskimo Sled Dog Rally
Brandon-Thetford Husky Rally 1990

Labatt's Sled-Dog Championships 1993
The British Sled Dog Racing Association Phone: +44 1895 625838 FAX: +44 1895 625848 Last revised: 16th November 2002

7. Homepage
Contains a history of the sport, adoption information, related links, basic information and pictures of the author's dogs.
Welcome to: This site is dedicated to the great sport of GREYHOUND racing ENTER

8. ESDRA Index
WELCOME to the websites of the European Sled dog racing us! If You want to be informed on updates automatically
to the websites of the
European Sled Dog Racing Association e-mail us! If You want to be informed on updates automatically
send an email subject:
"subscribe <your email address>"
to You are visitor number
since March 23 rd Mush with P.R.I.D.E. Board of Directors Member Federations Driver ID: A-C D-F G-I J-L ... W-Z News page - Highlights from the Board Event Calendar 2000 / 2001 EUROPA Cup 2001 - the races the most complete Race Calendar we could do for you ***** Take a look at the Europa Cup classes for 2001 ***** Provided by -WVNET GmbH

9. - All The Adventure, None Of The Frostbite
An Alaska based company focused on the coverage of dog sledding events such as the Iditarod, skijouring, Category Sports Winter Sports Sledding Sled dog racing...... Fairbanks on Ice Artist display life size ice sculpture of dog teamfor Iditarod restart. Listen to their interview Play audio .
We welcome you
to fly with us! Visit our site
DudeDog Check out some great dog mushing cartoons created by our friend Theresa Daily! Click Here! Hosting provided
by GCI Top Stories
Ground Storms
on the trail
Listen to APRN
Daily Updates Mar 3rd Mar 4th Mar 5th Mar 6th ... Mar 14th
2003 Iditarod Champion
Iditarod Start
4th Avenue Take a walk down 4th avenue and feel the excitement and energy on Iditarod race day! Play video can find in the crowd Interactive Iditarod Trail Map Be sure to visit Anchorage Daily New's great interactive trail map of the 2003 Iditarod. View the map Iditarod Re-Start Reporter David Straub Interviews Aliy Zirkle Play audio Fairbanks on Ice Artist display life size ice sculpture of dog team for Iditarod re-start.

Colorado Division of Racing Events Who we are! Naturally, with horse racing, dog racing, casino gambling, lottery, and bingo all lawful in Colorado, there will be
Colorado Division of Racing Events
Who we are!
The Colorado Division of Racing Events is a Division within the Colorado Department of Revenue , The Division is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of Pari-mutuel wagering in connection with Greyhound and Horse Racing in Colorado. The Division maintains Six Office Locations
Announcements and Current News of Interest
NOTICE: In the future, the Division will make Commission meeting agendas available electronically or via E-mail. If you wish to receive an agenda via E-mail, please forward your E-mail address to Agendas will also be accessible on the Division’s WebPages. The website is­­_dir/coracing.html Check out this section for the most Current News and Information available from the Division concerning matters of interest to licensees, customers and animal caregivers. The agenda for the next meeting of the Colorado Racing Commission may be found on the Commission page, or by following this agenda link directly.

11. Yellow Dog Racing
Home of the YDR Moskito and The Deztaz. Welcome to Yellow dog racing.Why Yellow Dog? Who knows? It started when I painted a picture
Home of the YDR Moskito
The Deztaz
Welcome to Yellow Dog Racing.
Why Yellow Dog? Who knows? It started when I painted a picture of a dog on a trailer (at right) and the name just grew from there. It sounded good, so, on it went. The majority of this site is dedicated to off road racing and playing. You will find a Stadium Race Car, a Desert Racing Car, Motocross Stuff and who knows what else. Have fun looking around by clicking on the links, pictures or the dates. Feel free to send comments or make suggestions about this site in the Guest Book also. My Places in Cyber Space: Secret Squirrel Speed Werkz
The Werkz is at it again. After three years of living with the Moskito, lots of hours of fabrication training and much learning, I'm tackling the project of producing a NEW Stadium Lite. This one will be a bit bigger, a LOT faster and work much better than the Moskito does (which isn't too bad!). Team Spode Strikes Again!
Ever wonder what happens if you take a group of grown men (I use this wording very loosely) and stick them in a shop with a slick concrete floor and three 50 cc motorcycles? The DezTaz
The New Desert Racer
My First Desert Race
Point to Point Mexico Race

12. Greyhound Racing
off tips and basics of greyhoound dog racing, wager tips, free handicapping,greyhound history and racing basics. dog racing Home. Greyhound History. ... Online Casinos Greyhound Racing Free Signup : Free Email Signup For free email.
Navigation Dog Racing : Home Greyhound History How to Wager Wager Strategies ... Links Most Popular Sites
Top 10 Sports Betting
1. Online Poker - Live Online P
2. :: Play POKER Online at TheP
4. Play Poker @ The American
6. BlackJack Ballroom Casino -
7. Platinum Sports Internationa 8. Bet on Sports at Intertops O 9. Bet on college and pro baske 10. 50% Sign Up Bonus. BML Sport Top Online Racing Game Greyhound Racing
Mention the words ‘Greyhound Racing’ and, for many, it conjures up thoughts of men in flat caps or shady characters in sharp suits with a sly cigarette dangling from the corner of their mouths. A nod here, a wink there and all kinds of underhanded dealing. In days gone by, the sport may well have been just like that but modern day greyhound racing has shaken off its dusty old image and, ‘a night at the dogs’ now provides a most enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

13. Racing Siberian And Alaskan Husky Kennel Amaroc Of Too-Cha-Tes
Sled dog racing in middle Europe and Scandinavia and offers Siberian Husky and Alaskan Husky breeding. Site is in English and German.

14. About Sled Dogs And Sled Dog Racing
About Sled Dogs and Sled dog racing Stephen R. Lee. Sled dog racing beganas a formal sport with the first AllAlaska Sweepstakes race in 1908.
About Sled Dogs and Sled Dog Racing Stephen R. Lee
This is a section from one of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Lists for rec.pets.dogs. This section, on sled dogs, was authored by Stephen R. Lee. Any modifications, comments, or questions should be sent to him.
Dog Types
Mushing Terms
Mushing Equipment ...
Where to Order Equipment
1. History
2. Types of Sled Dogs
Naturally, most northern breeds were used as sled dogs. Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Eskimo Dogs, Greenlands, Samoyeds, Norrbottenspets, and Hokkaidokens are all sled dogs. However, lots of different breeds of dogs have been and are used to drive sleds and carts. People use Irish Setters, Dalmations, Golden Retrievers, etc., to enjoy mushing sports. In fact, most modern day speed and endurance mushers use mixed breeds (often Siberian crossed with Greyhound). So, if you do not have a "sled dog," but still want to enjoy the sport, fear not, for most any type of dog can be used. Mushing is fun, both to take part in and simply to watch.
3. Mushing Terms

15. Welcome To The British Mushers Association
Information on UK and worldwide sled dog racing, with race results.
Mushing Resources On Line Sleddog Chat Trail UK ezine Our Kennel Mushing Resources On Line Sleddog Chat Trail UK ezine Our Kennel ... Return Home

16. Lycos Sports Channel
Sports. » Football » Latest sports news » Formula 1 » Motorsports» Horse Racing » dog racing » Sports Auctions. Games. » Sunday
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IF Brian Clemenson wins the Olympic next year, make sure that you are first in the queue to back that runner to follow up in the William Hill Cesarewitch at Oxford, JIM AUSTIN writes. More... Powered by Headlines Cuba follows Magic adding Cesarewitch to Olympic crown Savings simply sensational in Sussex but draws sizzling semi Take a Flyer with Belfast, then snap up 3-1 Mosel in finale Offers flood in for retired Zita, but Lanfranchi has own ideas ... Value mating Results Meetings on Tuesday 23 July 2002 Belle Vue (Manchester) Brighton and Hove Brough Park (Newcastle) Catford ... Wimbledon (London) Partners Headlines What's on Lycos Win a Honda scooter Lycos radio Red magazine online Free domain name Product Search Categories Books Cds Cars Clothing Computer Games Computers DVD and Video Flowers and Chocs Food and Drink Gadget Health and Beauty Home and Garden Home Electrical Mobile Phones Parenting Photography Sport and Leisure Toys and Games Search (Keyword) Max £.

17. Greyhound Racing -, Betting, Form, Results, Stadia, Tips
UK dog racing news, formguide and results service featuring retired greyhound information and stadia guide.
Today's Form Guides Hove - Sat 22-03-03
Romford - Sat 22-03-03

Yesterday's Results Romford - Fri 21-03-03
Romford - Sat 22-03-03

Welcome to Trap6
Betting on a race? Each week, we select the performer of the week over each trip based upon the biggest improvement over their previous best winning time. It's not just the stars from each track that win. Any greyhound that makes a genuine effort can be our 'top dog'. You can email any comments and feedback to

18. Sled Dog Racing At Dog Scouts Of America. Dog Camp, Clicker Training, And Dog Tr
Sled dog racing. (for all breeds). Here's a picture of a race. A PersonalLook at Amateur Sled dog racing. by Lonnie Olson, Here is
501 (c) (3) non-profit HOME you are here Fun Training Activities Calendar of Events
Dog Camp
Our Secure Server

(store, donations...) Store Logo Items
DSA Back Pack

Flyball Racing Book
All Items...
Sled Dog Racing
(for all breeds) Here's a picture of my lead dog, "Koda," a red merle Border Collie, getting psyched up before a race. A Personal Look at Amateur Sled Dog Racing by Lonnie Olson Here is my team of Border Collies bursting out of the starting chute. Amateur Sled Dog Races The sprint races consist of a very short run. It is usually about three or more miles for the 3dog class, five or more miles for the 5-dog class, and seven or more miles for the 7-dog class. The race planners try to get the mileage to be the same as the number of dogs in the class, but there will be an occasional longer trail. The mileage is not usually more than twice the same number of dogs that you have. Depending on the hosting organization in your area, the numbers of dogs in each class could be different. There might be four, six, and eight dog classes. They may also offer 1 0-dog and unlimited classes. There are rules which govern all of these races. There is a minimum number of dogs which can be raced in each class. For instance, you could run in the 7-dog class with as few as five dogs. You must have a basket in your sled with a dog bag large enough to hold your biggest dog. You may or may not be allowed to carry a passenger in your sled (remember, many amateurs are not out to win the racethey are only out to have fun). You must have a snow hook and a brake. You are not allowed to use a whip, or have any line attaching the sled to any part of yourself., In addition, there are quite a few rules of "trail etiquette" with which you will need to become familiar before you enter a race.

19. Get Along Little Doggies! Sled Dog Racing - History
Sled dog racing Before sled dog racing became a formal sport, sled dogs werebred and used by native people of the polar regions of the world.
Please Visit our Advertisers Animals/Pets Sled Dog Racing Before sled dog racing became a formal sport, sled dogs were bred and used by native people of the polar regions of the world. They were used in their everyday lives for survival in harsh climates, particularly for transportation and work. Sled dog racing began as a formal sport with the first All-Alaska Sweepstakes race in 1908. Rules for the races were established, and they provided a good diversion to the difficult living conditions of the area. In the 1920's, airplanes began to replace sled dog teams for transportation, freight hauling, and mail delivery. In 1925, sled dogs proved that they were invaluable during the "Great Race of Mercy to Nome." Nome, Alaska was experiencing an outbreak of diphtheria that threatened to become a fatal epidemic. The antitoxin serum needed to be relayed from Nenana, Alaska to Nome, Alaska. Twenty drivers and more than 100 dogs were recruited for a sled dog run to deliver the serum. Planes could not be used due to extreme cold and fearing if the plane crashed, the serum would be lost. The sled dog drive was a success, the serum was delivered and lives were saved. The drive covered 674 miles in less than five and a half days.

20. Dog Racing Links
dog racing links dog racing links page 1 1 . 2 . Next page. Greyhounds forsale. QuickDog Greyhound Handicapping Software dog racing software.
Dog Racing links Dog racing links page 1: Next page Charter Kennel Inc.
Greyhound owners who make up Team Charter.
Experience the thrills of greyhound racing. First time owners, and those with limited resources. DogBase
Greyhound racing handicapping software. Greg's Punting Page
Greyhound racing daily ratings and staking methods. Greyhound Star
Greyhound racing from breeding to veterinary advice. Live Greyhound Webcam
Watch our greyhounds via live webcam. Learn about greyhounds. Premier Racing
Greyhound racing. Greyhounds for sale. QuickDog Greyhound Handicapping Software
Dog racing software. Racing Services
Simulcast racing and wagering systems.
Services and activities of dog racing team and sledding photos and Husky resources. Sport betting and online gambling Sport betting and online gambling allows players to bet on a variety of sports including football, boxing, cricket and horse racing and many many more! Sure Bet Sports Handicapping Software Gambling and sports handicapping software for baseball, football, basketball, hockey and greyhounds. Next page You may find websites with Dog Racing contents in the category.

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