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         Dog Racing:     more books (100)
  1. The Intermediate's Guide to Dog Agility: Take Your Game to the Next Level! by Laurie Leach, 2010-02
  2. Agility Training for You and Your Dog: From Backyard Fun to High-Performance Training by Ali Canova, Joe Canova, et all 2008-09-16
  3. Racing in the Rain: My Life as a Dog by Garth Stein, 2011-05-01
  4. Three Dog Winter by Elizabeth Van Steenwyk, 1999-01-12
  5. Wiggle-Waggle Woof: Counting Sled Dogs in Alaska by Cherie B. Stihler, 2009-04-07
  6. Lessons My Sled Dog Taught Me: Humor and Heartwarming Tails from Alaska's Mushers
  7. Everything I Know About Training and Racing Sled Dogs by George Attla, Bella Levorsen, 1972
  8. The Whippet or Race Dog: Its Breeding, Rearing, and Training for Races and for Exhibition. (With Illustrations of Typical Dogs and Diagrams of Tracks) by Freeman Lloyd, 2006-06-01
  9. Dog-Sled Dreams.(Oregon girl trains sled dogs for racing): An article from: Jack & Jill by Susann Keys, Eric Hansen, 1999-12-01
  10. Horse and Dog Racing in Australia - Industry Market Research Report by IBISWorld, 2010-08-05
  11. Horse and Dog Racing in Australia - Industry Risk Rating Report by IBISWorld, 2010-08-23
  12. Racing Sled Dogs by Michael L. Cooper, 1988-10
  13. Dog Sledder!: Racing with Dogs in Alaska by Robyn Brode, 2002-06-30
  14. Racer Dogs by Bob Kolar, 2003-03-10

21. Dirty Dog Racing
Online parts and accessories retailer.Category Shopping Vehicles Parts and Accessories OffRoad......

22. Black Dog Racing, Richland, WA
Darren Curtis is the Pure Stock Owner/Driver based in Richland, Washington.Category Sports Motorsports Stock Cars Drivers and Teams......You really need frames to view the contents of the Black dog racing web site.
You really need frames to view the contents of the Black Dog Racing web site.

23. New Jersey Sled Dog Club
Information on the sport of sled dog racing, club events schedule, and links to other sled dog pages.
Click the logo to enter!
Last updated 1/19/03

The Highpoint Race was a terrific success. The trails were very fast but no complaints. Results posted. See the picture section for race coverage. Come back soon for some online video as well.

24. Iditarod
Official site for the world's foremost sled race, the Iditarod Great Sled Race, with regular updates Category Sports Winter Sports Sledding Sled dog racing Iditarod...... met earlier today and voted unanimously on the recommendation of its staff to movethe restart of the 31 st running of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race to
Sign up now for Iditarod’s E-mail Newsletter. 2003 Champion Tee (front) Robert Sorlie shows off the Golden Harness
the award given to his lead dog "Tip". (back) 2003 Winner’s
Tee Shirt
Eyes to the Future
Front Design
Previous Winners List
on Back
Sm.-3 XL Black only
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Clay Pollock (L) of Chevron awards the Most Inspirational Award to Dee Dee Jonrowe. This years' award was given to 2 mushers, including Charlie Boulding. Unfortunately Charlie scratched from the race and was not available in Nome. Mail Order
IDITAROD Today and get a 10% discount on your order Nome Nugget Web Cam
Past Iditarod musher Jerry Austin (L) presents the Rookie of The Year award to 20-year old, Jessica Hendricks. Iditarod Video Clips Most Improved Musher Clinton Warnke receives his award check from John Handeland. A Complete List of the Special Awards can be found in the General Information Section.

25. About -News & Issues
Links to antigreyhound racing sites. From
About Search in this channel in About in the Web Web Hosting
Birthday Customs

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26. GREY2K USA The Cruelty Of Dog Racing
The Cruelty of dog racing Photograph courtesy of the Greyhound ProtectionLeague. dog racing is inherently cruel and inhumane. On
Home Contact GREY2K USA The Cruelty of Dog Racing Meet the Board! An Industry in Decline Press Special Events ... Other Ways to Contribute The Cruelty of Dog Racing
Photograph courtesy of the Greyhound Protection League
Dog racing is inherently cruel and inhumane. On the following pages, you will find information about the killing and cruelty that is so often associated with the American Greyhound Racing industry. The photos on some of these pages are graphic and disturbing, but they are the ugly reality of dog racing. Please view at your own disrection. The single largest problem with the dog racing industry is the overwhelming number of dogs that are bred and subsequently disposed of in order for the industry to operate. This phenomenon was cited by Idaho Governor Phil Batt in 1996 when he said, "Dog racing depends upon selecting a few highly competitive dogs out of a large group. It hardly seems worth it to me to go through that process of breeding and killing the ones that can't compete, just to have the sport." According to estimates by the Greyhound Protection League , as many as 20,000 racing greyhounds are killed each year nationwide when they are no longer fast enough to turn a profit. This includes thousands of puppies that simply disappear each year from official records before ever reaching a racetrack.

27. GREY2K USA The Killing And Cruelty Of Dog Racing
The Killing and Cruelty of dog racing. The photos property. This isthe bloody and shameful history of dog racing in America. Web
Home Contact GREY2K USA Meet the Board! The Cruelty of Dog Racing ... Other Ways to Contribute The Killing and Cruelty of Dog Racing The photos on this page are graphic and disturbing, but they are the ugly reality of dog racing. Please view at your own discretion. Dogs in cages; showing how the dogs are tatooed in the ears Behind the public facade of dog racing is a dark and ugly reality involving tremendous cruelty and killing. It is a world in which thousands of dogs are a mass produced, interstate business commodity in a constant quest for profit. When they cease to be useful as money-making machines, most become the waste product of this business venture. A pile of dead greyhounds at a shelter in western Massachusetts More on the Killing of Greyhounds Is This Any Way to Treat a Dog? A Non-Objective Financial Partner Many citizens are unaware that states who allow dog racing both regulate the tracks, to try to maintain betting integrity, and receive a percent of the money bet at the tracks. There is always a built in interest in hiding the killing and cruelty of dog racing from the public because such revelations might adversely impact state revenues and the jobs of those employed by the racing industry. Dog track owners and their associates historically are major campaign donors to state politics.They spend and lobby intensely and influence state policy in great disproportion to their economic benefit to the state. The end result: racing commission officials and legislators often move far beyond the regulatory role and become ardent defenders of track owners, especially when attempts are made to question the use of dogs in this business.

28. Dog Racing
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Saturday, March 22, 2003
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29. KRGC Dog Racing
Road PO Box 12036 Kansas City, Kansas 661122036 1-800-695-RACE The Woodlands isa dual racetrack facility consisting of both greyhound and mixed horse racing.
If you cannot access the links within the image map above,
please see the text links included at the bottom of this page.
The Woodlands
P.O. Box 12036
Kansas City, Kansas 66112-2036
1-800-695-RACE The Woodlands is a dual racetrack facility consisting of both greyhound and mixed horse racing. The greyhounds run year round and a 30-day horse meet is scheduled to run Tuesdays through Saturdays, September 23 through November 1, 2003.
Wichita Greyhound Park
1500 East 77th Street North
P.O. Box 277
Valley Center, Kansas 67157-0277
Wichita Greyhound Park
is a greyhound racing facility that runs year round. In addition, the commission receives applications for two county fair meets. Information on the fair meet is as follows:
Anthony Fair Association Anthony Downs P.O. Box 444 Anthony, Kansas 67003 Anthony Downs typically operates a 6-day greyhound and mixed horse race meet in July. KANSAS RACING AND GAMING COMMISSION 3400 SW Van Buren Topeka, KS 66611-2228 * Phone: (785) 296-5800 * Fax: (785) 296-0900 website:

30. Greyhound Sport - Dogracing In Denmark
Information about greyhounds and dog racing in general as well as tracks and race results in Denmark. Senda-postcard, fun downloads plus links. Henrik Kristiansen.

31. Welcome To Rude Dog Racing
Rude dog racing. Address 7051 Cerritos Ave. 1 Stanton, CA 90680 USA.Business Phone 714995-2952. Fax E-mail
Rude Dog Racing
7051 Cerritos Ave. #1
Stanton, CA 90680
Business Phone:
Fax: E-mail:
Products and Services:
We have moved. We are now proud to be hosted by Off-Road.Com! Come visit us and check out our host at:
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32. The North American Dog Racing Association
NADRA The North American dog racing Association. The North American dog racingAssociation (NADRA) is an international organization of dog trainers.
Free Web site hosting -
The North American Dog Racing Association
The North American Dog Racing Association (N.A.D.R.A.) is an international organization of dog trainers. There are thousands of members throughout the USA and Canada. We produce the Classic K-9 Show. Filled with numerous dog sport events, the show is a medium for you to show off your dog's talent and training.
N.A.D.R.A. assigns points and titles throughout each year, for predetermined levels of acheivement. We govern Good Sportsmanship through a set of Rules and Regulations and the cooperation of thousands of great people from all over North America.
There are no breed restrictions for joining N.A.D.R.A. Purebred and mixed breed dogs compete equally. Introduction The North American Dog Racing Association is the world's largest international organization of dog trainers. Members of N.A.D.R.A. participate in numerous dog sports while entertaining audiences of major cities across North America. Events like Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Frisbee and Canine High Jumping are only a few examples of the dog sports that we use to create the Classic K-9 Show. Any talent is welcome within the N.A.D.R.A. Organization! We produce more than 30 Classic K-9 Shows throughout each year. While these shows contain fun events that entertain the public, they are also

33. Winners Online Casinos - Dog Racing
Other Online Gambling. Sports Betting Horse Racing dog racing Tips PredictionServices. Miscellaneous. Sports Betting (dog racing) Sponsored Links
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Casino Portals
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Coral Eurobet provides fixed odds sports betting on every major sporting event. William Hill
UK based dog-racing betting company and one of the world's leading bookmakers. Features own live radio coverage. Also see: Sports Betting Horse Racing Dog Racing
winners online casinos - your window to the world of online casinos

34. Clever Dog Racing
Describes the design and construction of a 70cc Honda race bike.
Clever Dog Racing
Since 1/03 When you see this Icon: it will return you to this page. Current News
Chronological Update List

Building a Small Honda Racer

CD-2 175cc Racer
USCRA 50cc Racing Gallery
NEW!! 9/6/02
Small Bore Racing Around the World


02 Race Season

01 Race Season
Saratoga at a Glance (Home)

35. Black Dog Racing, Richland, WA
Darren Curtis is the Pure Stock Owner/Driver based in Richland, Washington.
You really need frames to view the contents of the Black Dog Racing web site.

36. Dog Racing At The Sports Ink!
dog racing at The Sports Ink Your dog racing scouting center at dog racing scores! dog racing transactions Other dog racing links
Welcome to, The Sports Ink - It's like . [Center - NSW] [Fun] [Sports] [Shop] ... [Cars] Google Ask Jeeves AlltheWeb Looksmart Altavista Excite HotBot Lycos MSN Yahoo! Infospace Inktomi Freshblue Teoma Iwon Open Directory Newsgroup - Google Image-Google Image-Yahoo! Image-Excite Image-AlltheWeb Video-AlltheWeb Music-AlltheWeb Music-Yahoo! FTP Files-AlltheWeb Shopping-Yahoo! Auction-Yahoo! Auction-eBay News-Yahoo! News Photo-Yahoo! Documents-Yahoo! Thesaurus-Yahoo! Dictionary-Yahoo! Yahoo! (Stock) Yahoo! (Movies) Archery


... [ 8 starters, 5 starting spots ]
TSN College Basketball Scores [Your user browser does not support iframes or is currently configured not to display iframes.] At the Sports Ink! The Sports Ink leads you to millions of links to scouting reports and player evaluations as well as other sports-related sites. If you want to write a scouting report yourself, check out the Scouting Reports! section of eSpInk.
Search for a keyword or an athlete:
Latest Athletes Pages Cori Engheusen - Basketball
Jennifer Harvey
- Volleyball ... - Volleyball
Excite Sports Scores!

37. Beginning Sled Dog Racing
GETTING STARTED IN SLED dog racing WITH SAMOYEDS. With two or threeSamoyeds, it is easy to start dreaming about zipping silently
With two or three Samoyeds, it is easy to start dreaming about zipping silently through the snow on the runners of a sled, the dogs navigating deftly through windswept trails. Perhaps you are an aspiring Iditarod distance racer. The differences between a team of long distance Alaskan Husky athletes and a Samoyed sprint racing team are considerable, however.
Samoyed Heritage
Before you begin building your "dream team", consider the heritage of the Samoyed. The Samoyed breed has a versatile history in herding, sledding and weight pulling, yet it is not considered a top performer in any one area. Depending on your fondness for the breed, the Samoyed is either a "renaissance dog", or a "jack of all trades and master of none". Many other mushers point out that the typical Samoyed racing performance is slower than other breeds specifically bred for running (Siberian Husky). Most experienced Samoyed team drivers acknowledge the breed’s limitations for racing, especially compared to cross-breeds developed specifically for racing, such as the Alaskan Husky. However, in sprint racing over shorter distances, many Samoyeds make up in attitude what they may lack in ideal racing conformation. Furthermore, our breed often performs relatively well in races where conditions are less than ideal because of the Samoyed’s superior intelligence and perserverence.
Building the Team
It takes several elements to build a successful racing team. Set your goals in keeping with your own athletic ability, your dog’s abilities and aptitude, your ability to train, and your access to key resources (dogs, training partners, equipment, training trails, races).

38. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
Games Horse and dog racing There are 329 books in this aisle. Browse aisle.Featured Titles in GamesHorse and dog racing Page 1 of 7 next.
Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks more search options ...


Gay and Lesbian Studies

Gemstar eBook Editions

Gender Studies
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Horse and Dog Racing
There are 334 books in this aisle.
Browse the aisle by Title by Author by Price See recently arrived used books in this aisle. Featured Titles in Games -Horse and Dog Racing: Page 1 of 7 next Used Trade Paper List Price $15.95 Seabiscuit: An American Legend by Laura Hillenbrand From Occasionally a sporting hero comes along and takes a nation by storm, breaking records and physically achieving the seemingly impossible. Olympic athletes winning gold medals can bring out feverish national pride, a sporting representation of Us... read more about this title check for other copies Sale Hardcover List Price $24.95 Seabiscuit: An American Legend by Laura Hillenbrand Publisher Comments Seabiscuit: An American Legend is the ultimate underdog story. Seabiscuit was an unlikely champion; his legs were crooked; he had a sad little tail; and he was precisely the color of mud. For two years, he floundered at the lowest level of racing...


40. Selecting Winning Dogs With BrainMaker Neural Networks
Because the dog racing information is not available in computer format,Derek spent a lot of time doing data entry. When it's time
California Scientific Software BrainMaker Neural Network Software Home Applications What Are Neural Networks Products ...
Sequence Prediction
Selecting Winning Dogs with BrainMaker Neural Networks
Mr. Derek Anderson (Lakewood, CO) has trained neural networks that assist him in picking winning dogs at the racetrack. He trained the neural networks with two months of race results found in the daily racing booklets. Once trained, he runs the current day's race information through seven neural networks. He adds up the dogs' "scores" from his neural networks and places them in predicted finish order. Whenever the first place dog is ahead by at least ten neural network points over the second place dog, he bets on the winner. He claims 94% accuracy with this method, but he can bet on only a third of the races. Mr. Anderson input information for approximately 300 races for the training file. The neural network looks at the statistics for three dogs at a time and outputs which of the three dogs did best. If there are eight dogs in a race, he must group the dogs in all possible combinations of three: dogs A, B and C; dogs A, B and D; dogs A, B and E; etc. For each race, there are 56 combinations, or sets of input data. The data Mr. Anderson uses include the winning time of the race, the time that each dog took to finish the race, the time that dog reached each of four positions in the race (out of box, first corner, backstretch, outside corner) as well as comments about the dog's behavior. The behavior was classified as one of fifteen types such as ran wide, bumped, hit, and ran inside. He presented these pieces of information for each dog for each of the last eight races the dog ran. His networks have 504 inputs (21 statistics * 3 dogs * 8 races = 504).

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