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         Dogfighting:     more books (29)
  1. Unusual methods: being a little off center can score big dollars.(FUNDRAISING): An article from: The Non-profit Times by Mark Hrywna, Marla E. Nobles, 2007-10-15
  2. A possible pit precedent?: An article from: Dog Watch by Unavailable, 2008-02-01
  3. Michael Vick pleads guilty, offers 'deepest apologies to everyone'.(SPORTS): An article from: Jet by Melody K. Hoffman, 2007-09-10
  4. The churning sector: no storms, at least from a weather perspective.(YEAR IN REVIEW): An article from: The Non-profit Times by Mark Hrywna, Marla E. Nobles, 2007-12-01
  5. The History of Fighting Dogs by Dieter Fleig, 1996-12
  6. The Dog Who Bit a Policeman (Inspector Rostnikov Mysteries) by Stuart M. Kaminsky, 1998-07-01
  7. Blazer: The Story of a Fighting Dog by Nicholas Forster, Nicholas Foster, 1986-08
  8. The Staffordshire Terror by Patricia Beatty, 1979-12
  9. Dog Eat Dog (Blue Eyed Son, #3) by Chris Lynch, 1996-05
  10. Pit Bulls As Pets: A Positive Experience - Break Through The Negative Media Stereotypes! by Teacy Yates, 2008-10-03
  11. Fighting sports, by L Fitz-Barnard, 1921
  12. Thirty Years with Fighting Dogs by George C Armitage, 1935
  13. The Dog Fighter: A Novel by Marc Bojanowski, 2004-06-01
  14. Animal baiting and fighting: Federal and state statutes by Kent M Ronhovde, 1976

21. HSUS Dogfighting Q & A
THE HSUS ON ANIMAL FIGHTING THE FINAL ROUND dogfighting Questions and AnswersWhat is dogfighting? Why should dogfighting be a felony offense?
Dogfighting Questions and Answers
What is Dogfighting?

Dogfighting is a sadistic “contest” in which two dogs – specifically bred, conditioned, and trained to fight – are placed in a pit (generally a small arena enclosed by plywood walls) to fight each other, for the spectators’ gambling and entertainment. Fights average nearly an hour in length and often last more than two hours. Dogfights end when one of the dogs is no longer willing or able to continue. In addition to these dogfights, there are reports of an increase in non-organized, more spontaneous street fights in urban areas.
How does it cause animal suffering?
The inquiries inflicted and sustained by dogs participating in dogfights are frequently severe, even fatal. The American pit bull terriers used in the majority of these fights have been specifically bred and trained for fighting and are unrelenting in their attempts to overcome their opponents. With their extremely powerful jaws, they are able to inflict severe bruising, deep puncture wounds, and broken bones. Dogs used in these events often die of blood loss, shock, dehydration, exhaustion, or infection hours or even days after the fight.
Other animals are often sacrificed as well. Some owners train their dogs for fights using smaller animals such as cats, rabbits, or small dogs. These “bait” animals are often stolen pets or animals obtained through “free to good home” advertisements.

22. HardWar - New Pilots - Dogfighting
NEW PILOTS' BRIEFING. dogfighting.

If you're anything like me, you probably jumped here right from the "Welcome Page". That's okay, but you'll need to know the stuff on the previous pages before some of this makes sense. The biggest problem with newer pilots is that they really don't know who they should attack or what the consequences might be. You don't start out with any defined enemies like in a mission-based game. Relationships on Titan are about as complex as the economy. To start out with, I suggest that you go to a police station and target some pilots on their "Wanted List". These are usually pirates of varying skill. They also carry a reward that you'll get for killing them. Dogfights progress in four distinct phases: the approach, the initial strike, the follow-up spiral, and the finish. Top pilots can often kill a good pilot in under thirty seconds. I've knocked a few off in as little as fifteen. Always remember that survival is your top priority in all circumstances. If your shields start dropping and your enemy has the better of you, run and run early. Don't wait until you've got engine damage or are low on power and are a sitting duck Tips on handling emergencies are at the bottom of the Evasion and Defense Page
The Approach
Okay, you've got some bounties loaded into your pilot menu. Cycle through them (Nav Menu, Pilots function) and select a target. Pick one nearby. Now charge up and head straight for him.

23. NYSHA - Cockfighting And Dogfighting - Workshop On Blood "Sports"
Newsletter Article Cockfighting and dogfighting Workshop on Blood Sports The mission. All states have outlawed dogfighting.
Newsletter Article:
Cockfighting and Dogfighting - Workshop on Blood "Sports" The scenes and sounds on the dogfighting video are disturbing and shocking: dogs tearing each other's flesh, and blood splattering across the pen in which they are fighting. A dog collapses from wounds and exhaustion while his owner urges him to "get up and fight." The cockfighting video is equally disturbing, showing cocks with razor sharp spurs attached to their legs, cutting each other to shreds in a bloody fight within a small pen. These are videos that you would rather not see and would like to forget, but if you are working in the field of law enforcement, you don't have that luxury. Investigating blood sports is your job. "Animal fighting is growing rapidly in this country. One of the indicators is the number of magazines devoted to it. In the 1970s, there were four, now there are fourteen international magazines about animal fighting," said Eric Sakach, presenter from The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). He, along with Scott Giacoppo from the Massachusetts SPCA (MSPCA), and Bob Conflitti, Senior Assistant District Attorney at the Orange County District Attorney's office, presented a powerful and disturbing array of information on animal fighting. The HSUS invited NYSHA to co-sponsor the workshops which were held in Rochester and Newburgh in August. Sakach, a recognized expert on animal fighting, spent years as an undercover HSUS investigator for blood sports. He exposed and testified against animal fighting rings around the country. National TV shows, such as

24. NYSHA - Cockfighting And Dogfighting - Workshop On Blood "Sports"
Newsletter Article Spay/Neuter Postage Stamps Available NYSHA thanksthe US Postal Service (USPS) for issuing the new 37­cent
Newsletter Article:
Spay/Neuter Postage Stamps Available The USPS says, "Social awareness stamps have helped stimulate conversation in communities across the nation about serious topics....the Postal Service is taking this opportunity to create awareness among our family members, friends, and customers about the benefits of spaying and neutering our pets." The stamp's creator is graphics designer Derry Noyes, who is under contract with the Postal Service as an art director. In a NY Times interview, Noyes said, "My focus was on trying to make the stamp appealing, but not too cute, because if it's too cute you're sending the wrong message." Her design succeeds beautifully. The animals are adorable, "..but they have a serious side," she explained. "The eye contact, black background, and subtle use of type tell you what the problem is, and make it a direct statement from the animals." We urge everyone to purchase these stamps. When you mail your correspondence using a Spay/Neuter stamp, you're also sending out a message in support of a cause that animal lovers everywhere agree on. We believe there will be a huge interest in the stamps, which we hope will encourage the USPS to print more stamps related to animal welfare issues.

25. Authorities Concerned About Rise In Dogfighting
Monday, May 06, 2002 Authorities concerned about rise in dogfighting The AssociatedPress. But antidogfighting activity has been increasing in recent weeks.
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Monday, May 06, 2002 Authorities concerned about rise in dogfighting
The Associated Press COLUMBUS, Ohio
Skeldon, who has a reputation as perhaps the most zealous dog warden in the state concerning dogfighting, said the practice traditionally has been underreported and underprosecuted. For example, no one in Franklin County has been found guilty of dogfighting in recent memory, officials of the county prosecutor's office told The Columbus Dispatch for a story published Sunday. The activity stays largely underground, with word of coming fights passed slowly among dog owners and gamblers. The sight of an unfamiliar face near a fight is enough to shut it down, with participants disappearing in a hurry.

26. Metroactive News & Issues | Dogfighting
A spate of dogfighting arrests illuminates the dark underside of north Sunnyvale,where gang members, crank dealers and other model citizens engage in the
San Jose Metroactive Central Archives
Scar Issues: Humane Society workers say they frequently take in dogs that bear signs of having been fought, like the injury on this dog, seen in the Humane Society video 'The Final Round.' Blood Sport A spate of dogfighting arrests illuminates the dark underside of north Sunnyvale, where gang members, crank dealers and other model citizens engage in the cruelest of sports By Traci Hukill T HE DOG ADOPTION ward at the Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley is a study in irrational optimism. Unlike cats, who plunge directly into despair upon finding themselves camped together in wire cages, the dogs don't quite seem to grasp the gravity of the situation. Even the dourest-looking pound hound usually harbors a flicker of hope, lifting its head and thumping its tail if someone simply squats down at its cage and waves a couple of fingers at it. The young dogs are especially oblivious. Take "Turbo," a 6-month-old pit bull puppy picked up as a stray in a south San Jose neighborhood. He flops up to the fence in too-big feet, ears swinging, and tries to lick his visitors to death through the wires of his cage. Tan and white with the classically beautiful wide pit head, he's all velveteen muzzle and sleek coat, rubbing his head and neck against the fingers at the fence. He's friendly and unscarred, a dog who's been treated well, and a laminated placard hanging on his cage discourages people who would have any other plans for him. "I am a pit bull puppy mix," the card reads. "In order to adopt me you will need to..."

27. Animal Protection Institute - Dogfighting Laws In The United States
dogfighting Laws in the United States PROHIBITED to possess, to organize,to spectate, maximum penalty (organizing), maximum penalty (spectating).

28. Animal Protection Institute - Dogfighting Laws In The United States
dogfighting Laws in the United States PROHIBITED to possess, to organize,to spectate, maximum penalty (organizing), maximum penalty (spectating).

29. The Art Of DogFighting
The Art of dogfighting Moves and Maneauvers Using your Spaceorb 360 Demos andDownloads DSF Memorial Comments Forum The Art of dogfighting There are
var TlxPgNm='id25'; Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated The Dogpound home About me and Descent Newbie Tips and Basic Knowledge Advanced Piloting ... Firing Patterns and Shot Placement The Art of DogFighting Moves and Maneauvers Using your Spaceorb 360 Demos and Downloads DSF Memorial ... Comments Forum The Art of DogFighting

INVERSE...REFLECTION.... DODGING. The name comes from the fact that looking through your hud the opponent is like a reflection of you at the opposite end. If he were diagonal to you that would be an inverse reflection. Your opponent's shots determine where you fly in a way. Most pilots shoot in the same direction their ship is pointed and simply shoot forward while sliding. NOTICE I SAID MOST, NOT ALL. Here is an image illustrating the pattern of fire IRD makes compared to Normal. The red lines indicate the direction you face and fire. IRD is a 3 dimensional technique! This picture shows it basically in 2 dimensions. For a better explanation simply check out the IRD demos available for download. I strongly recommend doing so.

30. WOI Dogfighting
WOI dogfighting. Paragons WOI dogfighting rules zijn een set regelswaarmee gemakkelijk WOI dogfights gesimuleerd kunnen worden.
WOI dogfighting
Paragons WOI dogfighting rules zijn een set regels waarmee gemakkelijk WOI dogfights gesimuleerd kunnen worden. Maar dat had je hopelijk zelf ook al door.
Het speciale zit hem hierin dat het spel gespeeld wordt met miniaturen. En dus niet via een of ander inferieur computerspel.
De Paragonregels werden lichtjes aangepast om het spel iets gemakkelijker te laten verlopen. Deze veranderingen werden door met groot inzicht aangebracht. Personen die willen weten wat de verbetering is, klikken hier De miniaturen zijn meesterlijk geschilderd door de Elite Historical Miniature Wargaming Club Master Painter Bart Vetters himself (of korter EHMWGCMP Bart). We hopen binnenkort rond te zijn met hem om hem zo contractueel te kunnen verplichten enkele foto's hier op deze eigenste pagina's te laten bezichtigen. personen die af en toe meesterlijk afgeschoten worden door de maker van deze pagina's :
  • Bart Vetters (hey, nobody's perfect)
  • (de laatste keer durfde hij zelfs niet meer mee te doen)
  • David Van Dijck (heeft wel het record van het-meest-aantal-shots-geincasseerd en-nog-steeds-in-de-lucht-blijven-hangen op zijn naam...)

31. Expert Region Is A Hotbed Of Dogfighting
Expert Region is a hotbed of dogfighting. When I first started about 10 yearsago, we saw some signs that there was some dogfighting going on.

32. Dogfighting Bust
dogfighting bust The case the first dogfighting arrest for either officer isthe largest in the area, said Kathy Hecker, an Animal Friends humane agent.
Dogfighting bust Police officers rescue dogs, one of which has died, and confiscate training equipment such as treadmills, weight scales, syringes, steroids and antibiotics Thursday, July 01, 1999 By Johnna A. Pro, Post-Gazette Staff Writer It was just after midnight Friday when Pittsburgh police Officers Nick Uva Jr. and Eric Churilla, on routine patrol in the city's Fairywood neighborhood, spotted a cage covered in blood inside an open garage. A pitt bull rescued by Pittsburgh police finds a friend in Kathy Hecker from Animal Friends. The dog, with drainage tubes now on his reattached ears, was injured in a dogfight over the weekend. (Annie O'Neill, Post-Gazette) Within the hour, five men were under arrest, two badly injured animals were rescued and officers from the city's West End station had begun collecting evidence in a case that authorities hope will help them crack the shadowy world of dogfighting in the county. The case the first dogfighting arrest for either officer is the largest in the area, said Kathy Hecker, an Animal Friends humane agent. "The officers, they really did it right. They saw enough blood and heard enough crying that they knew to follow up," she said.

33. One More Sign Dogfighting Is Growing
One more sign dogfighting is growing. Metro Detroit is recognizednationally as a dogfighting center, some animal advocates say.
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Rochelle Riley

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One more sign dogfighting is growing
Canine cries, neighbors' calls prompt arrests of 7 people in Detroit
FREE PRESS STAFF WRITER Police say seven Detroiters arrested Thursday night could be part of a fast-growing underground culture of dog breeders and gamblers who organize clandestine high-stakes dogfights throughout metro Detroit. The horrific yelps of dogs in obvious pain spurred east side residents Thursday to report what they thought was a group of kids torturing a dog or two. When officers arrived about 9 p.m. at a home in the 8100 block of Edgewood, though, what they saw was far from mean-spirited child's play. Five men in the backyard were watching as a sixth man held a chained pit bull and allowed another dog to attack it, said Detroit Police spokeswoman Officer Alecia Thomas. "They were there for a fight," Thomas said. "All the suspects in the same neighborhood. This was not the first time they decided to have a dogfight." The men, along with a 23-year-old woman who owns the home, could minimally face cruelty to animals charges, a felony in Michigan. Those arrested ranged in age from 21 to 30.

34. Answers From Dr. Kromm - Aiming Under Dogfighting
ToyFish.Net / GURPS / Aiming under dogfighting Japanese Contents PostAnswers from Dr. Kromm Aiming under dogfighting. Question by Mihity.
ToyFish.Net GURPS / Aiming under dogfighting Japanese Contents Post
Answers from Dr. Kromm - Aiming under dogfighting
Question by Mihity. quote (Mihity to Dr. Kromm) - In GURPS MECHA, how to aim under dogfighting? Dogfighting mechs moves
wildly, so it seems hard to aim, but fighters launch missiles, and even
shoot down enemy with automatic vulkan(sometimes), how to resolve that?
And, dogfighting "rounds" are 10 sec. rather than normal 1 second per
turn. If they can do aiming under dogfight, how many seconds they can aim? - quote quote (Dr. Kromm to Mihity) - Dogfighting combat is a simplified *cinematic* system that is radically
different from regular GURPS combat. There's no aiming or snap shots
the direct-fire phase lets you shoot at no penalty for *not* aiming and
no bonus for aiming, using all the usual modifiers (range/speed, size,
neural interface, active targeting, targeting computer, etc.). The idea
is that you used *some* of your 10 seconds of maneuvering to get a bead
on your foe, but you weren't able to just sit there aiming.

35. Dogfighting, ANIMAL PEOPLE March 1999
ANIMAL PEOPLE ID. From Animal People March 1999. dogfighting. Authoritiesin New York and California recently achieved three of the
From: Animal People March 1999
Task force founder and League In Support of Animals executive director Jeff Dorson on February 9, 1999 formally complained about the inaction to police superintendent Richard Pennington. Raid and theft Eighteen of the pit bulls were stolen from the county animal shelter on Christmas Day, in a raid police attributed to operatives of American Pit Enforcers, APE for short, a clandestine organization of alleged weapons experts and martial arts experts who apparently travel the U.S. making a living stealing back fighting dogs who have been seized by police and/or humane investigators. Back to the shelter the dogs went, where shelter director Patricia Wilcox admitted her facilities were severely strained by having to keep them all indefinitely as evidence. The big New York bust came on January 7 in Allegany County, where 46 pit bulls were seized from William Reaves, 30, of Clarksville, and Charles Felton Jr., 40, of Rochester. Police about two weeks earlier seized approximately a dozen pit bulls from a site in Orleans County, but whether the raids were related was not clear. There were indications in local media coverage that the alleged Reaves/Felton operation was the same one that local police were reportedly set to raid in 1997, when suddenly all the dogs disappeared.

36. Infos About Sportsbook Dogfighting
Sportsbook dogfighting, Live Bets Sportsbook dogfighting Betting SportsbettingSports Betting. Sportsbook dogfighting Odds Sportsbook.
Sportsbook Dogfighting Live Bets Sportsbook Dogfighting Baseball Sportsbook Tennis Forlula1 Sports Sports Book Bookmaker
Sportsbook Dogfighting Odds - Sportsbook
Inhalt Sportsbook Golf Offshore

37. Ultimate Dogfighting
Ultimate dogfighting. Ultimate dogfighting Average of0 rating(s)0 Click a star to enter your own rating.

38. PETA - Media Center - PETA Fighting Mad Over Halfback's Dogfighting Comments
News Release PETA Fighting Mad Over Halfback's dogfighting Comments. dogfightingis illegal in all 50 states and a felony offense in 44.

News Releases


Photo Gallery

News Release:

PETA Fighting Mad Over Halfback's Dogfighting Comments
Raiders Owner Asked to Investigate Possibility of Criminal Activity
For Immediate Release:
February 1, 2001
Contact: Sean Gifford - Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states and a felony in 44, but that didn't stop Oakland Raiders halfback Tyrone Wheatley from singing the praises of this cruel bloodsport in the January 15 issue of Sports Illustrated Wheatley says he formerly raised pitbulls-dogs often sold for fighting-a breed he promotes as "instinctive" and "motivational." "In the world of pitbull fighting," Wheatley told reporter Michael Silver, "one pitbull doesn't give a s- if the other pit bull is a two-time winner. All he knows is, we're going to fight, and I'm going to kick your ass if it takes all day." Despite Wheatley's bravado, he didn't make it to the Superbowl, but he did land in the doghouse with people who are now howling mad over his callous comments. PETA has written to Raiders owner, Al Davis, calling on him to question Wheatley and to report him to authorities if the team member has been involved in dogfighting. "Dogfighting is grotesquely cruel and usually mixed up with other criminal activity, such as drug trafficking, illegal gambling, and weapons violations," says PETA cruelty caseworker Daphna Nachminovitch. "With the slew of violent crimes recently associated with pro ball, it seems the last thing the NFL needs is to have its players cheering felonious fights involving dogs."

39. A Century Of Dogfighting
A Century of dogfighting. Airplanes were first used as warfare at the beginningof World War I when an Italian pilot dropped a grenade over Libya.
This is one of the essaies I wrote in my highschool English class, so you WILL find errors. Yes, I did scare my english teacher since this looks more like something from an aviation class than an english class. A Century of Dogfighting In 1937, as Germany "helped" the Spanish Nationalist in the Spanish Civil War as the first major international conflict after WWI. The Spanish sky was filled with new fears from Germany, the Junkers Ju-87 Stuka. Its first flight was in 1934, the Luftwaffe used the Spanish sky as the Ju-87’s test range. The Ju-87 was designed as a dive-bomber for ground attack and ground supporting. Easy to be recognized by the fixed main landing gears, the Ju-87 uses its noisy 1,500-hp engine to scare its enemies as well as the 250-kg bombs and the 7.92mm machine gun it carries. Military aviation also benefits the civilian as well. Advance aerodynamics is now being applied to airliners. Fly-by-wire systems are being used to control an airliner, the result of the supersonic research now helping the engineers to build the SST. Installing the head-up display (HUD) makes every pilot’s job easier. The next generation "space-plane" made civilian space travelling possible. Aerodynamic research even benefits the auto industry; NASA is now helping auto builders to build less-drag cars using the concepts from airplanes. This all shows that the tax-payers’ money is not wasted. Even though air power plays an important role in a war, and that a military operation may be a failure if the air power is absent, it is also true that, pure air power without ground operations will not be successful either. In Kosovo, NATO tried to use air power without anything else to make the Operation Allied Force successful, but it is clear that in order to success, they need to combine both air power and ground forces together.

40. - News - Suspects In Alleged Dogfighting Ring Face Charges
Suspects In Alleged dogfighting Ring Face Charges. Lisa Wahoff of the FranklinCounty Animal Shelter said dogfighting has become a big problem.
Search Help You Need Automotive Family Education ... News Email This Story Print This Story
Suspects In Alleged Dogfighting Ring Face Charges
Police Arrested 41 People Saturday
POSTED: 4:34 p.m. EST January 21, 2003
UPDATED: 6:19 p.m. EST January 21, 2003
COLUMBUS, Ohio Forty-one people were in Franklin County Municipal Court Tuesday to face charges for their alleged involvement in a dogfighting ring that was raided by police over the weekend. The ring that police found Saturday night at a northeast Columbus auto body shop was one of the largest busted in Central Ohio in the past 10 years, according to the Franklin County Sheriff's office. Franklin County Animal Control seized eight dogs after the raid. Two were seriously hurt. The raid also uncovered illegal drugs, weapons and about $25,000 in cash, authorities said. FeedRoom Dog Fighting Suspects In Court In Ohio, it's not only illegal to enter a dog in a fight, but it is also against the law to be present at a dogfight, NewsChannel 4 's Beth Dal Ponte reported. "Over the last several years, the sheriff's office has found there are groups engaging in this dogfighting really as a blood sport where they'll train dogs, have the dogs organized to fight each other and bet on the outcome," Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien said.

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