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         Falconry:     more books (100)
  1. Art of Falconry; Being the De Arte Venandi cum Avibus of Frederick II of Hohenstaufen by Frederick Second of Hohenstaufen, 1943-06-01
  2. Falconry: Art and Practice, Revised Edition by Emma Ford, 1998-05
  3. Falconry & Hawking by Phillip Glasier, 2006-06-30
  4. The Kings and Their Hawks: Falconry in Medieval England by Robin S. Oggins, 2004-10-11
  5. Falconry Basics: A Handbook for Beginners by Tony Hall, 2004-02
  6. Falconry: The Essential Guide by Steve Wright, 2006-10-01
  7. Falconry Manual by Frank Beebe, 1984-01
  8. Hawks in the Hand: Adventures in Photography and Falconry by Frank and John Craighead, 1997-07-01
  9. Observations On Modern Falconry by R Stevens, 2009-01-15
  10. The Encyclopedia of Falconry by Adrian Walker, 2000-05-25
  11. Falconry for you by Humphrey Evans, 1973
  12. Modern Falconry by Jack Samson, 1984-08
  13. History and Practice of Falconry by Allan Oswald, 1982-06
  14. North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks (Silver Anniversary Edition) by Frank Lyman Beebe, Harold Melvin Webster, 1985

1. Falconry In Kazakhstan
Online falconry. A falconry site dedicated to modern falconry as practiced throughout the world.
Home page of Tileukabyl Esembekuly My name is Tileukabyl Esembekuly. I'm the farmer. I live with my family in Central Kazakhstan, in the heart of Eurasia. Steppe, hills. Wilderness, places not touched by a civilization.
With my son Abay we bring up birds of prey - falcons, hawks, golden eagles. Falconry is present man's business. Here there are enough fair games: black-cocks, ducks, partridges and pigeons. With golden eagle I hunt on hare and fox. It is possible to hunt and on wolf.
Since 1995 we spend international competitions "Salburn" on the hunting with birds of prey and kazakh borzoi (tazy) basins. Here already there were the visitors from Austria, England, Belgium, Germany, France, Kazakhstan and Russia.
If you not a hunter, come simply to visit on while yet virgin to a nature.
I have the spacious hunting house, horses, hunting weapon, ecologically pure products and good kitchen. Welcome,
This "Falconry in Kazakhstan" site is owned by
Tileukabyl Esembekuly

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Home page of Tileukabyl Esembekuly

2. Northwoods Falconry
falconry outfitter since 1984. Equipment, including Telemetry supplies.Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting falconry Supplies...... Creances. Disinfectants. falconry CALENDAR 2003. View Cart. Northwoods Limitedserves the falconry community and raptor enthusiast with integrity and honesty.
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Apprentice Kits

... View Cart "Northwoods Limited serves the falconry community and raptor enthusiast with integrity and honesty.
We do this by providing quality equipment and supplies in a timely fashion.
We guarantee your satisfaction on each and every item." DGS

falconry experience days, hunting, and hawk walks on Exmoor, SW England, at a 15th century bed and breakfast; also riding, and other outdoor activity breaks.
HOME PAGE Bed and breakfast Falconry Experience Day Falconry Courses ... Organic Herb Shop Spend an outdoor activity break with us set in Exmoor National Park at and enjoy a fantastic wildlife holiday.............. Take a walk over Exmoor with a hawk, flying free in its own environment Enjoy a Falconry Experience Day flying our owls, hawks and falcons Ride our sure-footed horses across some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. O One and a half hours from Bath, Bristol, or Exeter If you would like an ideal break that could change your lifestyle then click on the pictures below.......... Bed and breakfast Falconry Experience Day Hawk Walks Falconry Centre and Animal Farm ... PERSONALISED VOUCHERS AVAILABLE AS GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS OR BIRTHDAY order online today for 24-hour return by post or email. For further information on the above please click on the hyperlinks or on the pictures, or alternatively go to the menu at the foot of the page. We look forward to hearing from you. To help you plan your route please visit

4. Falconry Information Clearinghouse - Home Page
falconry. Although I spent most of my childhood in Norfolk, in the village of Stalham, near Hickling Broad (a favorite
Last update :

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-mail ~ Welcome to The Falconry Information Clearinghouse ~ The purpose of this site is to act as a useful starting point referencing most if not all of the World Wide Web URL resources pertaining to the "Art Of Falconry". Every attempt will be made to keep this site as current as possible. If you discover an out-of-date link, find a new one, or would like to add a link please contact us and we will update as necessary. Thank-you to all who have contributed. For your convenience falconry URL's have been categorized into 5 major groups based upon their over all theme and/or content. The current categories are:
  • Personal Falconry Homepages - These sites are put together by individuals, typically falconers from around the world. The content in these sites can be quite varied with many of the sites having general information about falconry as well as images of falconry birds. Falconry Clubs / Organizations - These are the web pages of the some of the worldwide falconry clubs and organizations. Typically, the content found in these sites is general falconry information, club information as well as club/organization contact information. In addition we will be listing the sites of federal and state agencies with their falconry regulation documentation.

5. Falconry Centre-Canada
Dedicated to over 200 birds of prey, falconry courses, breeding endangered species, rehabilitation Category Regional North America Ontario Localities T Tottenham......A unique Canadian Birds of Prey Centre dedicated to the excellence infalconry. Open to visitors from May to October, over 200 birds
Best Viewed in Person
If not then at 800 X 600 Resolution
Optimized for Internet Explorer
Only months, and days left
until the Centre opens for the 2003 season.
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6. Falconry
Sculptures of birds of prey; prices in US Dollars. Sign up now for a free trial. Date Smarter!
Stooping Falcon
Hand crafted Falcon is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
$99.99 US Dollars Item #101 Falconer Hand crafted Falconer is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. 29.99 US Dollars Item #102
Falcon on Perch
Hand crafted Falcon perch is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
$14.99 US Dollars
Item #103
Hawk with Salmon
Hand crafted Falcon on perch is numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. $99.99 US Dollars Item #104 HOME ORDER OTHER Back to Top

7. Falconry Portal - Harrie Knol's Falconry Portal
Includes links, news, forums and book reviews.Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting falconry......falconry or hawking is the art of hunting with a trained bird ofprey on wild (natural) quarry in its natural environment. This
Falconry or hawking is the art of hunting with a trained bird of prey on wild (natural) quarry in its natural environment. This site is your portal to the world of falconry. It directs you to hundreds of the most relevant web sites and offers you in addition current developments. Premium navigation tools help you to find anything about falconry and hawking you are looking for via the Web. For the apprentice and for the experienced falconer. From nutrition to equipment. From books to clubs. Make your choice on the menu on your left and start your exploration in the world of falconry or hawking. Fauconnerie est l'art de la chasse avec un oiseau qualifié de proie sur la carrière (normale) sauvage dans son environnement normal. Ce site est votre portique au monde de fauconnerie. Il vous dirige vers des centaines des sites de Web les plus appropriés et vous offre en outre des développements actuels. Les outils de navigation de premium vous aident à trouver n'importe quoi au sujet de fauconnerie vous recherchent par l'intermédiaire du Web. Pour l'apprenti et pour le fauconnier expérimenté. De la nutrition au matériel. Des livres aux clubs. Faites votre choix sur le menu sur votre gauche et commencez votre exploration dans le monde de falconry. Falknerei ist die kunst von Jagd mit einem ausgebildeten Vogel des Opfers auf wildem (natürlichem) Steinbruch in seinem natürlichen Klima. Diese Site ist zur Welt von Falknerei Ihr Portal. Sie verweist Sie auf Hunderte der relevantesten Web-Sites und bietet Ihnen zusätzlich aktuelle Entwicklungen an.

8. A1 Falconry UK Tagging & Tracking Systems
A1 falconry UK,Web site For all your falconry Needs. Helpfull advice on falconryrelated topics on request. Also Hunting,falconry and tracking related links.
A1 Falconry UK Telemetry Systems
The best thing about our systems is that you can use them directionally in the car whilst driving along, saving hours of searching time.
The system has a loud audible output of (90 dB) which can be heard even in the most noisy of environments, so we no longer need the use of a confusing RF signal meter as well.
Easy to use controls and fixed frequency makes this the easiest system on the market to use,
just switch it on and use it.
All units are hand crafted and tested for 12 hours and guaranteed for 12 months.
The system comes complete with transmitter tail or leg mount kit and we offer a free 12 monthly service to check your system for performance or fault.
We offer this Service because out of all the falconers we have spoken to, none of them checked their
system at the beginning of the season for fault or performance, they just switched it on, If it worked
that was it! but it might not work when your bird reaches a couple of miles away. So whether you buy our system or any other : Check it or lose it Free 24 hour advice line

9. Birds Of Prey Centre, Yorkshire, Falconry Courses, Displays
birds of prey centre, north yorkshire falconry courses, hawk walks, and flying displays - birds include hawks, falcons, eagles and owls falconry UK Ltd. Birds of Prey Centre, kirby wiske, thirsk, north yorkshire, YO7 4EU
Birds of Prey Centre, Yorkshire, falconry courses, displays Birds of Prey Centre, Yorkshire, falconry courses, displays

10. Vogeloverlast,Duivenoverlast,Konijnenoverlast,Duivenplaag,Konijnenplaag
Bestrijdt met hulp van roofvogels overlast van konijnen en van andere vogels zoals duiven. De site biedt meer informatie over de werkwijze.
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11. National School Of Falconry
Various courses and hunting days are offered by the school, from basic bird of prey association days Category Regional Europe Grangeover-Sands Recreation and Sports......The National School of falconry. DUE TO UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES THESCHOOL An Introduction to falconry. This two day course is designed
The National School of Falconry
APOLOGIES FOR THIS INCONVENIENCE Click here for the frames version The National School of Falconry
is based in Cumbria, in the English Lake District and is run by Gary Worley and Gill Cree who have over 34 years practical experience of the art of falconry. Falconry is 'the hunting of wild quarry in its natural habitat with trained birds of prey' and The National School of Falconry is dedicated to the preservation, conservation, and protection of falconry, birds of prey and the environment in which the sport is practiced, including the quarry species. It is the aim of the school to achieve this by creating conscientious, capable and informed falconers to be custodians of this most ancient art for future generations. Contact Various courses and hunting days are offered by the school, from basic bird of prey association days to advanced falconry courses and from a days rabbit hawking to hunting holidays at Grouse with falcons. Courses and hunting days can be tailored to suit the individuals needs with courses available throughout the year and hunting days available within the relevant seasons. Residential courses are held at the picturesque farmhouse 1 mile from the small village of Cark in Cartmel. Accommodation Accommodation comprises of comfortable twin bedrooms with shared bathroom (unfortunately there are no en suite rooms).

12. Falconry, Gunflint Falconry Hunts, Smallgame Hunting With A Trained Bird Of Prey
Smallgame hunting with a trained bird of prey; educational sessions available. Privately owned.Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting falconry......falconry, Gunflint falconry Hunts, Smallgame hunting with a trainedbird of prey, North Shore, Minnesota. How
How did people hunt before the invention of the gun?
Unknown to most, man has hunted with raptors for over 4000 years.
Now you can experience the incredible connection
between man and wild animal. Falconry hunts are conducted on the Gunflint Trail and in the Grand Marais-North Shore of Lake Superior area. We operate from mid October through the end of February. Our mission is to help human beings realize the realities of our natural world. Whether it's through our educational or natural hunting programs, we'll educate you about birds of prey, our environment and the harsh struggle all wild creatures must endure to survive. Our Redtail Hawk and hunting companion holding onto her first grouse caught with humans. Birds of prey, also known as "raptors", were replaced by the gun and other mechanized items as hunting weapons. Falconry, sometimes called "hawking," requires an incredible amount of time and energy, not to mention a special use permit to capture, possess and hunt with a wild animal. Intriguing enough, it is the thrill of the chase, not the kill, why we hunt with a bird of prey. Services offered: Educational Programs including slide shows and flying bird programs. Offered all year.

13. Falconry Equipment By Langley Mews
Hoods, bags, vests, blocks, bells, gloves and books. Kent, UK.
A range of quality Falconry Equipment
made to the highest standards
BOUGHTON ALUPH, KENT TN25 4EU ENGLAND TELEPHONE/FAX: +44(0)1233 812407 e-mail: This site is being reconstructed - look out for new products.

14. Kielder Water Bird Of Prey And Falconry Centre
An opportunity to meet, see and hear Owls and Birds of Prey (falcons, hawks, buzzards, vultures) from around the world and learn about the ancient sport of falconry.
An opportunity to meet, see and hear Owls and Birds of Prey from around the world and learn about the ancient sport of falconry. Birds Centre Location Search ... Books
Kielder Water Bird of Prey Centre,
Northumberland, England.
Telephone: +44 (0)1434-250400

15. The Falconry Experience
Offers apprentice training sessions along with hunting days and classroom encounters with birds of Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting falconry......The falconry Experience provides educational presentations with trained birdsof prey along with hunting days and beginner's courses. Canadian falconry.
Free Web site hosting -
Falconry Experience
Falconry is the sport of hunting wild quarry in its natural state using trained birds of prey. Falconry began approximately 4,000 years ago in the far east as a way to obtain food. It was not until the practice of falconry reached England in 860 A.D. that the purpose shifted from food procurement to the enjoyment of the sport itself. During the medieval period the wealthy landowners were the only people who could afford to keep and fly the birds, and thus falconry became known as "the sport of kings." Falconry reached America in the early 1900's but has never been as popular in the U.S. as in Europe. Today there are approximately 7,000 licensed falconers in America. Strict Federal and State laws make falconry the most heavily regulated field sport in the country. Located in Northern California, the purpose of The Falconry Experience is to provide a close up look at the world of falconry and the hawks, falcons, eagles, and owls that comprise it. We believe the words of Baba Dioum, who said: "In the end we will conserve only what we love.

16. Sussex Falconry Centre
Birds of prey centre in Birdham. Describes the centre with information about its birds, displays and courses.
Locksacre Farm
Wophams Lane
West Sussex
Tel: 01243-512472
Fax: 01243-512730
s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) Site design by
to the the Sussex Falconry Centre the perfect location for a day out for all of the family. Spend a day with some of the most impressive and powerful animals on the planet. Our free flying falconry and hawking demonstrations by our experienced falconers will both thrill and educate you.
A future falconer with 'Nelson' Our birds of prey displays feature hawks, owls and falcons from all over the world but our primary aim will always be educating the public about our own British species. What better place to learn all about these fascinating and exciting creatures. Our mission statement is 'Education through Experience' and Sussex Falconry is the perfect place for that 'hands on' encounter.

17. Roy's Falconry Page
Roy Priest's falconry Home Page contains information on; BC falconry Clubs, links, pictures, falconry Category Recreation Outdoors Hunting falconry......You have reached Roy's falconry Page. I seconds. If you don't have javascriptor you are not redirected please click here
You have reached Roy's Falconry Page.
I have moved to my own domain name . You will be redirected there in a few seconds. If you don't have javascript or you are not redirected please click here
Don't forget to bookmark the new page.
Thank you.
Roy Priest

18. Country Pursuits Today - Hunting With Birds (falconry)
falconry as practiced in the UK. The birds, Code of Conduct, the law, seasons, FAQ and how to start. From the Countryside Alliance.

Hunting with Birds (falconry)
Falconry, or hawking, is the sport of taking wild prey (or quarry) in its natural habitat by means of trained hawks. It has its own language, equipment and tradition, much of it largely unaltered since medieval times. Falconry has never been easy, and the temporary enthusiasm caused by a free-flying display of hawks at a country fair is not sufficient justification for taking up this most exacting sport. However the relationship between hawk and man is immensely rewarding. Birds of prey were very much protected in the Middle Ages. In the 1950s and '60s modern agriculture, with the widespread use of toxic chemicals, caused untold damage to the native raptor population. At the same time, due to their rarity, unscrupulous egg collectors added to the problem. In the last few decades, however, falconers and conservationists have worked together to lobby for improved legislation and greater awareness. Today, birds of prey are thriving in the United Kingdom and domestic breeding programmes are proving most successful. No more than 3,000 people practice falconry as a field sport in the UK. It is essentially a solitary and time-consuming pastime, with the training and managing of a bird of prey requiring skill and dedication. Falconers have to plan their social and working lives around their sport.

19. Falconry Listserve
A private list to discuss falconry.Category Regional Europe falconry Chats and Forums......To join the falconry Listserver, follow the directions below. A listserveris a mail list of falconers and those interested in falconry.
To join the Falconry Listserver, follow the directions below. A listserver is a mail list of falconers and those interested in falconry. Instead of sending a message to 400+ falconers, you send it to the listserver and it is routed to everyone on the list. This is a list for falconers and about falconry. Anyone interested in falconry is welcome on the list. Anyone opposed to falconry will not be allowed. You do not need to be a falconer to join the list. An interest in falconry is all it takes. The list is also available in digest form. This means you can get the list in one large email per day instead of individual messages. This works well for those who don't want large volumes of email
subscribe unsubscribe
Address hawk-l hawk-l-digest politics Hawk-l Gear
See the logo
used on hawk-l gear
for use by Members to post pictures to share with each other. Regs Database for a collective source of Falconry Regulations. Please note that we make every attempt to keep these regulations up to date however sometimes this isn't possible. We are also looking for volunteers to help with some of the states that aren't currently represented. If you have any question or would like to help please write to Brian From: To: ounce pounds hundredweight ton gram kilogram tonne ounce pounds hundredweight ton gram kilogram tonne Please note hawk-l and hawk-l-digest are private email lists. If you cannot follow a few simple rules and etiquette, you will be removed and will not be allowed back. We do not allow name calling, personal attacks, or cursing. Also, you cannot have brought shame or reproach upon the falconry community and be a member. If you are approved for membership and become disruptive, belligerent or the quality of your posts are questionable you will be removed. One final reminder ....

20. The Falconry Information Homepage
The falconry Information Homepage. This page has moved to a new location.http// If your browser
The Falconry Information Homepage
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