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         Grappling:     more books (101)
  1. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Submission Grappling Techniques (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu series) by Royler Gracie, Kid Peligro, 2003-11-01
  2. Groundfighting Pins and Breakdowns: Effective Pins and Breakdowns for Judo, Jujitsu, Submission Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts by Steve Scott, 2008-04-14
  3. Chin Na Fa: Traditional Chinese Submission Grappling Techniques by Jinsheng Liu, Jiang Zhao, 2007-07-10
  4. Kung Fu Grappling by Noah Knapp, 2009-03-02
  5. Jeet Kune Do Entering to Trapping to Grappling by Larry Hartsell, 1984-06
  6. Taekwondo Grappling Techniques: Hone Your Competitive Edge for Mixed Martial Arts by Tony Kemerly Ph.D., Steve Snyder, 2009-08-10
  7. Advanced Pressure Point Grappling by George A. Dillman, 1995-09-01
  8. Tap Out Textbook: The Ultimate Guide to Sumissions for Grappling by Steve Scott, 2009-04-30
  9. Grappling With Your Identity - Clinging to the Rock by Lynne Fox, 2010-03-22
  10. Jeet Kune Do: Counterattack Grappling Counters and Reversals (Unique Literary Books of the World) by Larry Hartsell, Tim Tackett, 1987-05
  11. The Godfather of Grappling by Gene LeBell, 2005-01-17
  12. Grappling Basics: A New Twist on Conditioning by Brian Jones M.S., 2008-12-01
  13. Grappling with the Beast (European Expansion and Indigenous Response) by forthcoming, 2010-01-25
  14. Grappling for Newbies: What every new BJJ and Submission Grappler should know! by Bakari Akil II PhD, 2010-08-17

1. Bill Lewis's Grappling Video Reviews
The consumer reports for grappling video tape reviews. 200. 1.00. Submission grappling Videos. Tape Series Title
Click here to submit any questions, comments, or suggestions.
Bill Lewis Vale Tudo / NHB Videos Tape Series Title # of
Tapes Cost Number of Moves Dollars per Move
(lower is better) Overall Rating Mario Sperry - Vale Tudo Series 1 Mario Sperry - Vale Tudo 3
Mario Sperry - Vale Tudo Series 2
Mark Kerr - Seek and Destroy Sport BJJ Videos Tape Series Title # of
Tapes Cost Number of Moves Dollars per Move
(lower is better) Overall Rating Mario Sperry - Master Series 2 Sperry/Bustamante - Master Series 1 Pedro Carvalho's First Series 1-8 Pedro Carvalho's Second Series 9-16 ... Joe Moreira's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Submission Grappling Videos Tape Series Title # of
Tapes Cost Number of Moves Dollars per Move
(lower is better) Overall Rating Mario Sperry - Secrets of Submission Grappling Rumina Sato Shootfighting Kukuk - BJJ A-Z Michael Jen's Mount Escapes ... Egan Inoue - Grappling Unlimited Sambo Videos Tape Series Title # of
Tapes Cost Number of Moves Dollars per Move
(lower is better) Overall Rating Oleg Taktarov - Secret Techniques of Military Sambo Gokor Chivichyan - The Submission Library Judo Instructional Tapes Tape Series Title # of Tapes Cost Number of Moves Dollars per Move (lower is better) Overall Rating Mike Swain's Advanced Ne-Waza USJA Judo - Advanced Matwork Series 1 and 2 Mixed Martial Arts Fight Videos Tape Series Title # of Tapes

2. Gokor's Combat Grappling
Karo is no longer fighting in Las Vegas grappling tournament to read more about it click on the news link.
Contact Info Address: 5123 Sunset Blvd # 214 Los Angeles, CA 90027
Studio Phone:
Cell Phone:
818-974-8881 (very important calls only please)
Recent Updates
  • FEB 16, 2002
    FEB 16, 2002
    FREESTYLE.OR VICTR 201 960-0853 FEB 16, 2002 NEW SEMINARS ADDED... December 14, 2000 New No Holds Bar Event In St.Louis... Read about our fighters who are getting ready for No Holds Bar event in St.louis in January October 5, 2000 Karo Parisyan... Karo is no longer fighting in Las Vegas Grappling tournament to read more about it,click on the news link. September 13, 2000 Updated News... Grappling championships to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 7th 2000... read more Jr. World Judo Championships to be held in Tunisia, Africa on October 26th through 30th... read more
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3. Yamasaki Academy Of Washington, D.C.
Teaching JiuJitsu and Thai boxing. Includes schedule, products, tournaments, news letter, gallery Category Sports Martial Arts North America United States...... The Academy now offers the best combination of grappling, and Striking. Questionsor comments? Email visitors .
W elcome to the Yamasaki Academy homepage. We are the Washington D.C. area's first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy and we also have an excellent Thai Boxing program. The Academy now offers the best combination of Grappling and Striking. Please visit the Academy News section for updates on tournaments, schedules, promotions and more. Bookmark us!
Questions or comments? Email
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4. CFW Grappling - Grappling Homepage
Frank Trigg American Wrestling's Fearless Warrior Wrestling gives me thatholdon-for-one-more-time, hold-on-for-one-more-second attitude.
Shopping Options What's New? Books Videos Member Specials More Specials Affiliate Listings Advertising Info HOME WHAT'S NEW CFW NETWORK AFFILIATES ... MEMBERSHIP Search:
1. Is wrestling a valuble part of the Mixed Martial Arts?

2. How does one prepare for the hard hits in fights like the UFC and K-1?

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Frank Trigg: American Wrestling's Fearless Warrior

Wrestling gives me that hold-on-for-one-more-time, hold-on-for-one-more-second attitude.
By Todd Hester Tito Ortiz: Still Climbing I'm like the rusty penny in their pocket that turned out to be a gold coin. By Thomas Gerbasi Click Here to Subscribe! Francisco Bueno's No-Holds-Barred, Vol. 1 CFW ENTERPRISES, Inc. 4201 Vanowen Place Burbank, California 91505 Email: General Information

5. IMAG E.V. + J.A.B. JKD Akademie Berlin -/- Jeet Kune Do - Grappling - Lameco Es
Information on grapplingrelated techniques, pictures, video clips, instructors and seminars. Berlin, Germany

J.A.B. JKD Akademie Berlin and IMAG e.V.
Welcome to our new homepage. Some sections are under construction and we work hard to let you enjoy the full service in a few days.
New Intro will coming soon, too. To enter the site just click on the "enter" button.

6. Welcome To The Fox Valley Grappling Club
Brazilian JiuJitsu, submission wrestling, and self defense training in Appleton, Wisconsin
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7. Official Domain Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association
Membership site for practitioners and grapplers, associated with Larry Hartsell. Los Angeles, CaliforniaCategory Sports Martial Arts Jeet Kune Do Schools and Instruction......The Official Domain of the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do grappling Associationlocated in Los Angeles, Califorina. The Jun Fan Jeet Kune
About Us

Biography 1

Biography 11

Intensive Training Programs

Law Enforcement Training Programs

Group Classes
Products - Membership - Secure Online Order Form

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Instructional Videotapes Review C urrency Converter
SECTION 4 Representatives Worldwide Terms, Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy Contact Us SECTION 5 Members Area Join Members Area/Forum Instructorship Program Downloads Product Discounts - Collectibles and More! Join our Martial Arts Digest Newsletter subscribe Valid E mail Address Recommend Our Site To Someone You Know Dr. Gyi - Sifu Hartsell - Guro Dan Inosanto K ids Corner Karate Kids Online Features Sifu Larry Hartsell
jun fan jeet Kune Do Grappling Association
Los Angeles, California

8. The Home Of NAGA And Mass Destruction
Kipp Kollar's organization. Includes fight events, membership details, articles and news.
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Created and maintained by: Joe Cuff

9. <<< Grappling Kraków - Brazylijskie Jiu-Jitsu >>>
Informacje na temat BJJ, techniki, galeria oraz sprawy klubowe.Category World Polska Sport Sztuki walki Brazylijskie Jiu Jitsu......grappling Kraków (BJJ Kraków) pierwszy i jedynyteam brazylijskiego jiu-jitsu w Malopolsce.
for english speaking
Wywiad z Manolo
II 2003 Wywiad z Mariuszem Linke - pierwszym purpurowym pasem BJJ w Polsce, w którym mówi o sobie, o treningu w Brazylii oraz o polskim BJJ, mo¿na przeczytaæ na Vortalu Budo Liga BJJ
Kraków 19 I 2003
pierwszy otwarty turniej BJJ w Polsce W turnieju wziê³o udzia³ ponad 50 zawodników - 3 zespo³y BJJ oraz kilka innych zespo³ów grapplerskich. Ju¿ wkrótce w dziale Galeria pojawi± siê fotki, a w dziale Artyku³y relacja z turnieju. Kategoria -61 kg:
1. Maciej Szczudrawa (Grappling Kraków)
2. Micha³ Znamirowski (Grappling Kraków)
3. Piotr £yczek (Grappling Kraków) Kategoria -67 kg:
1. Micha³ Moskalewicz (Grappling Kraków) 2. Micha³ Kiek (BSJJ Bytom) 3. Rados³aw Skrzeczyñski (Grappling Kraków) Kategoria -73 kg: 1. Marcin Dudek (Grappling Kraków) 2. Konstanty Vrachov (Sambo System Polska) 3. £ukasz Jaszczyñski (Grappling Kraków) 3. Tadeusz Chudy (Grappling Kraków) Kategoria -79 kg: 1. Roman Shashkov (Sambo System Polska) 2. Maciej Linke (Berserkers Szczecin)

10. Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association
L. Hartsell studied under Ed Parker, Dan Inosanto and Bruce Lee. Browse interviews, pictures and class schedules. Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do. grappling Association's Web Page
Welcome to the
Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do
Grappling Association's Web Page
Minneapolis, MN. USA
Hi my name is Ezra and this page is my effort at sharing the teachings and philosophy of my friend and teacher, Sifu Larry Hartsell. THIS PAGE WILL CHANGE CONSTANTLY SO DON'T FORGET TO RELOAD
UPDATED March 30, 2000 be sure to RELOAD Sifu Larry Hartsell in Fort Lee, NJ June 9 - 11, 2000 Brooklyn, NY June 24 - 25, 2000

For the best in Music, Martial Arts books or books on any subject visit Barnes and Noble. Usually shipped within 24 hours. Home Page During the early years of Bruce's stay in the United States, there were just a hand full of dedicated martial artists with whom Bruce associated, worked out, and exchanged ideas... Larry Hartsell has been a member of this group, as well as a family friend, to this day... Bruce would have been proud of Larry's continued growth in the arts and of his constant striving to reach his fullest potential. Linda Lee from the forward to Jeet Kune Do (Entering to Trapping and Grappling
Biography of Sifu Larry Hartsell
Larry Hartsell is a living Martial Arts legend. Sifu Hartsell is the founder of the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association and is an authentic original student of Si Gung

11. - The Submission Grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, And SportFighting
grappling phenom, Anthony Tolone, replaces an injured Royce Gracie Brown Belt, Rob Kahn.

12. Page Title
People in the Orient , the Southern Hemisphere, and Europe have had enough and have already been taking matters into their own hands by refusing to have geneticallyaltered crops in their soil.
following article on genetic manipulation previous article on genetic manipulation back to winter 98/99 CivAb home
People Worldwide Grappling with
Genetic Manipulation
Even a worm will turn when it's stepped on.
Enough is enough already!
People in the Orient , the Southern Hemisphere, and Europe have had enough and have already been taking matters into their own hands by refusing to permit genetically-altered crops in their soil.
Americans, on the other hand, in spite of their "Don't Tread on Me"
attitude on which their democracy was founded, have been more acquiescent. Most have sat back while companies like Monsanto and Novartis flooded the world with genetically-altered soy beans and corn in addition to dairy products from cows treated with a genetically-altered hormone (BST) and flesh from cows treated with growth hormones.
The European Union refuses to import flesh from American cows, and Canada has so far resisted heavy pressure from US trade officials to permit the use of BST in its dairy cows.
While few Americans were taking any notice, the purveyors of GM

13. CFW Enterprises::The Complete Martial Arts Website
Publishing company offers Inside Kung Fu and other martial arts magazines and videos. Korean Arts. Health. grappling. Chinese Arts
Home Korean Arts Health Grappling Home Korean Arts Health Grappling ...
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14. Grappling With The Martha Stewart Ideal - 1997-12-22 - The Business Journal Of J
Humorous opinion piece about living up to the Martha Stewart ideal from The Business Journal of Jacksonville, 1997.
Latest Book of Lists is here! Click here to order... Business News from Jacksonville Other Markets Albany Albuquerque Atlanta Austin Baltimore Birmingham Boston Buffalo Charlotte Cincinnati Columbus Dallas Dayton Denver East Bay Greensboro Honolulu Houston Jacksonville Kansas City Los Angeles Louisville Memphis Milwaukee Mpls./St. Paul Nashville Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland Raleigh/Durham Sacramento St. Louis San Antonio San Francisco San Jose Seattle South Florida Tampa Bay Washington Wichita Home Latest News Print Edition Marketplace ... Networking Opinion Archives Tips Search Watch Home ... Opinion The War's Impact: American Entrepreneurs tell of fears, uncertainty, opportunity
Updated: 10:58 AM EST
Friday, Mar 21, 2003 Port on solid ground
CVB sends alert memo

CSX HQ to get a facelift

TPC sells out for 15th year

Up and Coming Events
Coming Up

Downtown Dazzle!

JEA Business Summit
Small Business is BIG at the Chamber ... Contact Us We want story tips, letters to the Editor. News by Industry Over 45 different industries represented. Build your own custom page or have the news emailed to you. News by City Choose from over 40 different metropolitan areas Washington Association health plan bill makes progress Outlook The war's impact: American entrepreneurs tell of fears, uncertainty, opportunity

15. Phoenix Grappling Center
Judo club in Phoenix, Arizona. Club and judorelated news, information, and resources.

16. Gladiator Grappling , Kingston, Ontario - Karate Jiu Jitsu Grappling
Evening dojo classes. Profile, schedule, newsletter.
Home About us F.A.Q. Forum ... Medical center CALL
No Holds Barred Fighter Rob Wynne with a record of 4-2-0
offers a part time professional dojo with evening classes for adults and teens. Gladiator Grappling has moved to a new location! More mats, bigger space, better facilities! Located at:
Correctional Service of Canada Staff College
Corner of Sir John A MacDonald Blvd and Union St., Kingston, Ontario
Hours of Operation:
Wednesday: 7-9 pm Saturday: 3-6pm Sunday 6-9pm For more information call Gladiator's at 546-7328 kingston kingston Check the Schedule for hours kingston kingston

17. JKD Family Homepage - Return To The Original Freedom
Canadian instructors representing the Inosanto Academy of Martial Arts, the Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do grappling Association and Progressive Fighting Systems Inc. Includes video clips.

- Last Updated: 09/24/2002

18. Dynamic Directory - Sports - Martial Arts - Grappling
Top SportsMartial Artsgrappling (0).
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Dynamic Directory Top Sports Martial Arts :Grappling Description
Part of the Network. Add Bookmark

19. AlterNet: Grappling With The Politics Of Fear
grappling With the Politics of Fear. By Don Hazen, AlterNet November25, 2002. There's an ongoing debate among media experts, peace

20. Marco Lala's Fighting Secrets Instructional Videos
Books videos on Martial Arts training, fitness self defense. Full Contact, Jiu Jitsu, grappling ground fighting.
Marco Lala
PO Box 979, Yonkers NY 10704-0979
914-776-1411 / Fax 914-776-9012

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