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1. USHF- United States Handcycling Federation
National governing body of American handcycling.Category Sports Cycling Human Powered Vehicles handcycling......'02 USHF Logo. RESULTS Twin Cities Marathon September 29th, Minneapolis, MNhere. Detroit Free Press Marathon October 6, 2002, Detroit Michigan here.
Home '03 Schedule '02 Schedule Clinics ... Links
Twin Cities Marathon
September 29th, Minneapolis, MN
Detroit Free Press Marathon
October 6, 2002, Detroit Michigan
New York City Marathon
November 3, 2002 New York City, NY
Armstrong Sports Handcycle Camp has been announced
click here for more info
camp registration form here (pdf) NEWS 02.28.03: The 2003 National Points Races have been added to the schedule. Additional details will be added as they become available If you have any additional race information for 2003 please send it to If there is anything else that you would like to have included on the site, such as pictures or links or have any additional questions please send those to

Contains calendar of events, tips and ideas for handcycle riders, handcycling essays, photos and an extensive list of links. Photos coming soon from the Elgin National handcycling Road Race Championships!
Virtual Handcycling

Handcycle Links

Handcycle Riders

Reviews and Photos
About the Author
Photos coming soon from the Elgin National Handcycling Road Race Championships! news and changes
  • New reports coming soon from the Elgin National Road Race Championships and other events!!
  • The mission of this website is threefold:
    1 - To promote the sport of handcycling by providing timely and accurate information.
    2 - To link handcycle riders together geographically.
    3 - To give a "virtual handcycling" experience to website visitors with ride accounts and stories that are fun to read and filled with pictures.
    Click to send your comments, questions, stories, and photos. Your input is encouraged and may be included in this website. won an award! Click the link to take you to the source of the award (

3. Handcycle, Handcycling, Handcycles, Wheelchair Sports, News And More
Equipment for tennis, handcycling, racing, quadrugby with pictures and product descriptions.
About this site Placing Orders Excelerator XLT "Gold" The gold standard in speed and performance. more COURT spinners Awhole new section dedicated to court wheelchair sports Excelerator XLT PRO If you want a great way to exercize, crross-train or just have fun, the Invacare Top End Excelerator handcycle is what you need. more Eliminator OSR The Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR is designed for speed. more Excelerator XLT Junior Like the Top End Li'l Excelerator, the Excelerator XLT Junior is a pediatric chair built for maximum mobility. more "Get A Plan" Being in the SEAL TEAMS taught me that if you want to do something and do it well, you need a plan of action. more Home Meet Carlos Moleda ... e-mail

4. Handcycle Information And Stories From The Views Of An Avid Handcyclist. Go Hand
handcycling information and stories from the views of an avid handcyclist. Gear up or gear down for Category Sports Cycling Human Powered Vehicles handcycling......Gear up or gear down for an insightful look at the world of handcycling! Gearup or gear down for an insightful look at the world of handcycling!'sHandcycling.html
Handcycle information and stories from the views of an avid handcyclist.
Gear up or gear down for an insightful look at the world of handcycling!
for Sale Check out the Weather before you go out.
It all began rather innocently. That summer in 1994. My friend Charlie convinced me to ride one of his Quickie handcycles. At first, I wasn't too eager to try this crazy looking upside down tricycle, but I was intrigued. Eventually, curiosity had won out and despite my innate desire for self-preservation, I rode that handcycle. It had been exhilarating! Even though, as a first time handcyclist, I forgot any intrepidations of the inevitable dangers that loomed as I rode on. While in the midst of rush hour traffic, nearly tipping over from steep curb cuts, and being stuck in the middle of the road in between speeding cars, I had become immediately hooked. The next day I went to the local Quickie dealer and bought my Shadow Mach 3 and waited impatiently for the day it would finally arrive. Special Report:
The Handcyclists' Stories:

Read the stories that define the true essence of handcycling.

5. Faszination Handbike
European handcycling web site. Events, results, dates, and pictures. German and English

6. Handcycling Clubs
Below is a list of regional handcycling clubs and ways to get in touch with thevarious organizers. Please contact them directly for additional information.
Home '03 Schedule '02 Schedule Clinics ... Links

Clubs: Getting together with a bunch of other riders and going out for a group ride is a great way to learn more about the sport, find new rides to go on and learn more about the wonderful art of drafting. Below is a list of regional handcycling clubs and ways to get in touch with the various organizers. Please contact them directly for additional information. If you are starting a club in your area or know of an existing one and would like to have it listed here, please send the information to Name City Weekly Rides on Website Email Northwest HC Club Seattle, WA tba Challenge Cycling Providence, RI Saturday Geaux Handcycling Northeastern LA tba

7. Dynamic Directory - Shopping - Sports - Cycling - Handcycling Equipment for tennis, handcycling, racing, quad-rugby with pictures and product descriptions.

8. Virtual Handcycling
Welcome to Virtual handcycling 2000! See that little link on your left that says1999 Rides? Click on it to see last year's Virtual handcycling rides!
Just another bike

Oregon Coast Ride

Israel 2000
Binghamton Photos
Welcome to Virtual Handcycling 2000!
See that little link on your left that says 1999 Rides ? Click on it to see last year's Virtual Handcycling rides!
Never ridden a handcycle? Had a tough day at work? A passing storm prevents you from your regular handcycle training? Take a "Virtual" ride in this Virtual Handcycling section (just click on one of the links on the left) and watch your troubles disappear.
Now, Virtual Handcycling will probably not qualify as an "aerobic exercise" but your heart may beat a little faster when you read from this collection of ride reviews from handcycling contributors.
Join the fun and contribute stories from rides you have done. Short rides . . . century rides . . . it doesn't matter. Photos are especially welcome. Click below to send your ride to
What should I submit to Virtual Handcycling (click here!)?

9. Eagle Sportschairs - Home
Custom wheelchairs for racing, basketball, quadrugby, tennis, handcycling, and offroad. Full line of wheelchair parts and accessories.
Home online catalog Racing Court Chairs Quad Rugby ... Survey
Everything you need or want for wheelchair sports! Looking for great prices on tires, wheels and parts for your wheelchair? Browse our online catalog! Now showing tires, tubes, etc. Adding new items daily.
online catalog
21 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE IN SALES AND SERVICE! Under the ownership of Barry Ewing Eagle has enjoyed being the leader in design and manufacture of custom wheelchair sports equipment. We continue to offer state of the art equipment at unbeatable prices. In fact if you find a lower advertised price please let us know...we will not be undersold! Racing Made in the USA/ Shipped Worldwide SPOX WHEELS Basketball Chairs We are busy cataloging hundreds of items. If you did not find what you need please contact us!
Contact Us
Please take a moment register. We will be offering e-mail specials to our registered guests.
Guest Book
Spinergy Wheels $999.00 complete.
Primo tires $20.00 pair in size 540/559/590.
Cant Find it look here. Search term:
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Eagle Sportschairs

10. << Chicago Special Events Management...Four Bridges Of Elgin Road Race >>
North America's only internationally sanctioned U23 racing event. Also, offers the US handcycling Federation National Road Race Championship, amateur races for local athletes, and a police officers' challenge race. Held in Elgin, Illinois.

11. Stories About Handcycling For Handcyclists Who Love Their Handcycle
Handcycles; handcycle information and stories from the views of an avid handcyclist.Gear up or gear down for an insightful look at the world of handcycling!

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A Day On The East Bay Bike Path
by Loren Quinn Saturday, April 10th, 1999 A hardy group of cyclists and handcyclists embarked on the Season Opener of the Muffin Ride a Challenge Cycling sponsored ride at The East Bay Bike Path in Rhode Island today. On a chilly, blustery, and overcast morning with temperatures hovering around 43 degrees, 5 handcyclists and 6 cyclists fueled on fresh muffins and hot Java eagerly departed from Haines State Park promptly at 9:00AM. Boosted by a strong tail wind we blew through intersections (thanks to our lead cycling scouts stopping the cars) and collectively coasted down the trail, happily leaving behind only empty coffee cups and that nagging chill as we quickly warmed up from our cycling. Early Spring fauna laced the trail side, while Robins quickly hopped out of our way as we made our journey towards the end of the trail in Bristol, RI. We shared curious glances with early morning fishermen; and greeted them with a hearty "Good Morning!" "Did ya catch anything yet?" We practiced the fine art of drafting, yelling back and forth to each other, "on your right!, takin' the lead!, cuttin' in!". Conversations ranged from, "I gotta do my spring yard work this afternoon if the weather holds.", "Did you see the fights on TV last night.", to the 'bikey tech' talk, "Which is better a 48 teeth chainring or a 44?". And, of course, we delighted ourselves in giving the rider behind us a puddle shower when we purposely splashed through the puddles left over from last nights rain. That's always a good laugh.

12. Suncatcher Human Powered WaterCraft Family.
Manufacturer that features a universal, catamarantype platform of two fiberglass hulls that is used to convert a standard bicycle into a water cycle. Features overview of available models, including two-person and handcycling options.
Home of the Human Powered Water Cycle Family
Spend a few minutes with us, you will be glad you did! Help setup a bona fide dealer in your area and get a
HydroCycle FREE! The Suncatcher offers the ultimate in recreational water sports and health fitness. These all-new human powered water cycles open the waterways of the world to the "here to for" land locked cyclist. Go where you could only go to the edge before, Ideal for the recreational user or the serious cyclist. Exercise, train, explore, fish, swim, travel, sight see, and just plain enjoy. For the best understanding of this all new and innovative set of water cycles, start with the Universal Platform. From there click on the button of your choice. Or, pick from the buttons below. Thanks for visiting the Suncatcher Site. Hope to have you as a customer soon. Bob White Suncatcher products are the ultimate in recreational water sports and health fitness. Products: Universal Platform. Click on a button above or a phrase below to find out more about the products of your choice. Suncatcher Home Page.

13. Handcycling Association Of The United Kingdom

The Official Website for the handcycling Association of the United Kingdom.Watch this space From 1st November
The Official Website for the Handcycling Association of the United Kingdom Watch this space.... From 1st November 2002 you are visitor number:

15. Paul's Handcycle Diary
A place to explore the sport of handcycling. Message board, handcycling news, photos, links.
Paul's Handcycle Diary
This is a place to explore the sport of handcycling Table of Contents
About Me Today's Ride Photos ... Contact Me Paul's Poll
What is the main reason you bought a handcycle
To Compete
For Fitness
For Recreation
All The Above
Current Results

THURSDAY, MARCH 20, 2003 EVENT NEWS: This is to let you know about a race in Rochester, MN on June 21st. They will pay $300 for travel to the first 8 that confirm WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 2003 EVENT UPDATE: The first two weeks of the Tuscany Italy Cycling Event are just about full
SITE NEWS: I have added some new pictures to the photos page THURDSDAY, MARCH 13, 2003 ARTICLE: This might be a little dated, but it is still an interesting read. MONDAY, MARCH 10, 2003 EVENT NEWS: Thanks to Dwayne Sanders we finally have a link with info on the Mar 22-23 Georgia Spring Omnium in Brooks, GA THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 2003 EVENT RESULTS: Here are the results from the Dade Battle of Brilliance Thanks to Mike Bond for posting these results. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 2003

16. Lone Star Handcycling
handcycling is a fantastic way to improve your overall health, physicalconditioning, and quality of life. Imagine the look on a
Handcycling is a fantastic way to improve your overall health, physical conditioning, and quality of life. Imagine the look on a regular road racer's face when you are hanging with them with shear arm power. There is also nothing like cruising the farm roads for several hours on a Saturday afternoon while pushing your body to the max.
The sport is also fast becoming a very popular event in cycle racing. In fact, most major cycling events have a handcycling division for fans to enjoy. Whether it be a Criterium, Time Trial, or Road Race action is guaranteed. Afterall, what is more exciting than watching people give it all they got climbing hills using nothing but strength and endurance, and the will to proceed. Whether you are sitting in a wheelchair or fully functional we can help you get where you want to be in terms of fitness, recreation (lolly-gaggin' like Ron on the weekend lookin' at beautiful ladies out there on the road), or pure adreneline.
LoneStar Handcycling
Fitness is an essential part of our overall life balance. LoneStar Handcycling is committed to providing the Handcycling community an accessible conduit for cyclists of all levels to measure their fitness growth as well as provide information that will enhance over all performance.
Keep in mind that fitness is like foodÂ…to stay healthy you wouldn't go a day with out it!

17. Northeast Passage
Recources for handcycling and Handbiking.
Explore health, wellness, access, sports and recreation with Northeast Passage, serving individuals with disabilities, their friends, families and communities since 1990.
NEXT event
Curling, March 9th

Sign up for the 6th Annual RUNNER'S ALLEY/ Redhook Brewery 5K Roadrace and Healthwalk
Sign Up Here

Learn more about the roadrace

Check out photos of our Winter Carnival held on Jan 25th. Also, see pictures from our hike to 5260 feet, up Mount Lafayette and Cross Country Skiing Search our Site:


18. Lone Star Handcycling
LoneStar handcycling is owned and operated by Ron Hollis and AndrewReid, and we are here to fulfill all your handcycling needs.
LoneStar Handcycling is owned and operated by Ron Hollis and Andrew Reid,
and we are here to fulfill all your handcycling needs.
If you are ready to purchase a handcyle, or you are interested in upcoming events, programs, and/or training tips, please feel free to contact us.
Articles of Interest
A Short Surfing Trip to San Diego Gone Amiss

19. Lakeshore Handcycling Program
Lakeshore handcycling Program. Handcyclists compete nationally inraces of various distances. The Lakeshore Foundation handcycling
Home Whats New About Programs ...
Solutions Network, Inc
., Birmingham, Alabama Lakeshore Handcycling Program Handcyclists compete nationally in races of various distances. The Lakeshore Foundation Handcycling program provides short-distance training programs to develop the fundamental skills necessary to operate the handcycle. Riders graduate to long-distance training programs which prepare the rider for competition.

20. Index
It's a web site about handcycling from France in French and English.

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