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         Hapkido:     more books (99)
  1. Hapkido: Traditions, Philosophy, Technique by Marc Tedeschi, 2000-09-05
  2. Hap Ki Do: The Korean Art of Self Defense by Master Hui Son Choe, 1998-05
  3. Hapkido: Korean Art of Self-Defense by Scott Shaw, 1997-04-15
  4. Hapkido: Korean Art of Self-Defense (Korean Arts Series) by Bong Soo Han, 1974-09-01
  5. Hapkido: An Introduction to the Art of Self-Defense by Marc Tedeschi, 2001-04-03
  6. Hapkido the Integrated Fighting Art by Robert K. Spear, 1989-02
  7. Advanced Taekwondo: Sparring and Hapkido Techniques by Adam Gibson, 2002-08
  8. Hap Ki Do: A Guide to Black Belt Studies by Master Hui Son Choe, Hui Son Choe, et all 2000-10
  9. Elementary Hapkido by Joon M. Jee, 2008-09-29
  10. Side Kick (Achieving Kicking Excellence, Vol. 10) by Shawn Kovacich, 2007-02-14
  11. Combat Hapkido: The Martial Art for the Modern Warrior by John Pellegrini, 2009-10-01
  12. Korean Hapkido by Kwang Sik Myung, 1986-01-01
  13. Elementary Hapkido: Volume 2 by Joon M. Jee, 1980
  14. Front Kick (Achieving Kicking Excellence, Vol. 6) by Shawn Kovacich, 2007-02-14

1. Nederlandse HKD Federatie:
Official site for the Dutch HKD Federation hapkido, hankido and hankumdo. English Nederlands. Fleecejassen zijn binnen
English Nederlands Geslaagd Eerste HKD examen Emmeloord
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Ko Baek Yong Grootmeester bezoekt Nederland
Lees verder

Dan training 29 maart Heb jij rode band of hoger?
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Geslaagd !!! Weer twee zwarte banden erbij.....
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Feest in Veldhoven 10 jaar hapkido
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Zomerkamp 2003 Aanmelden nu mogelijk!!! Lees verder Welkom op de site van de Nederlandse HKD Federatie. De NHF vertegenwoordigd de IHF in Nederland. Via onze site houden we u graag op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws aangaande hapkido, hankido en hankumdo in Nederland en Korea. Home IHF NHF Hankido ... gbu~internet services

hapkido Homepage. Koreanische Kampfkuenste und mehr. Grosses deutsches Dojang Verzeichnis hapkido.DE ist ein deutsches Internet Forum für alle, die an der koreanischen Kampfkunst hapkido interessiert sind.

3. Arti Marziali Europe Hapkido
Entra Entra

4. Welcome To The HAPKIDO Net Dojang | The Official IHA & AHG Web Site
Check out directory of dojangs in Australia, merchandise and hapkido news and articles. Learn about instructors and history.
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5. Hapkido Korean Martial Art Hapkido
An information site about the korean martial art hapkido.Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido......hapkido Korean Martial Art hapkido. hapkido korean martial art hapkido.Wellcome to hapkidoInfo.Net. hapkido, the Korean art
Hapkido Korean Martial Art Hapkido
Wellcome to Hapkido-Info.Net Hapkido, the Korean art of self defense, has gained more and more currency during the last years.
The number of people who practice Hapkido (Hapkidoin) has increased strongly.
With this site I want to give you more informations about the wonderfull martial art Hapkido.
You will find information about Hapkido history, Hapkido books, Hapkido videos, Hapkido dojangs, Hapkido events, Hapkido seminars, Hapkido links and much more stuff about Hapkido.
I arranged these site to the best of my knowledge and belief.
No responsibility is accepted for the correctness of the specification given on these site! Please select your prefered language to enter: This Hapkido site without frames, click here!

6. History Of Hapkido
A version of hapkido's history with references to other sources of information as well.
Hapkido - History*
*Some material from Grand Master Michael Wollmershauser *Some material from Master Michael Rowe *Specific information on the early history of Grandmaster Choi was reproduced with the permission of Dr. Scott Shaw. *Significant portions of History so marked are reprinted with the permission of Gordon Nore of the East York Hapkido- Karate Club and a fuller version of his contribution can be viewed at Editor's Note: Much of early Hapkido history is difficult, if not impossible to establish accurately and is often based on oral recitations that cannot now be substantiated. We leave it to the informed reader to draw their conclusions as the the validity of claims made. A careful reader will note that there are contradictions contained in various contributor's versions of the same events. It is clear that both Ji Han Jae and Choi, Young Sool were major contributors to this art and that Choi, Young Sool's style was probably closer to the source that is may be shared with Aikido while Ji Han Jae's style clearly added more kicks. Hapkido is a martial art of Korean origin. Its name means literally "The way of coordination and internal power." Hapkido is a complete martial art in that it consists of: dynamic striking and kicking techniques, very similar to Tae Kwon Do, both hard and soft style deflection techniques, throws, takedowns, ground-fighting, and extensive joint locking techniques. Hapkido is the combination of two Korean Martial Arts - Yool Sool which comes from the Japanese art known as Daito-Ryu Aiki-Jutsu and Tae Kyon which is an ancient Korean Kicking Skill that was widespread during the time of the Three Kingdoms.

7. West's Hapkido Academy - Jackson, Mississippi USA
Master JR West, 8th dan in hapkido with schools dedicated to the traditional teaching of korean Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido Organizations......West's hapkido Academy. United States Korean Martial Arts Federation.Master JR West 8th Dan, President. Contact us 291 Highway 51
West's HapKido Academy United States Korean Martial Arts Federation Master
J.R. West
8th Dan, President Contact us:
291 Highway 51
Ridgeland (Jackson), Mississippi 39157 USA
Phone: (601) 856-8487
Fax: (601) 898-9687
E-Mail: Master
Renee West
5th Dan Secretary General Our School USKMAF What's New Seminars ... Gallery

8. Welcome To The IU Hapkido Club Page
the Belgian Sin Moo hapkido Association
Go to a location on this site
Affiliated Schools Equipment F. A. Q. Getting Started Kunja Main Page Online resources People To Know Hapkido Pictures Message Board Officer Message Board Procedures and Etiquitte Reading Materials Rank Info Rank System Rank Requirements Resource Info Safety Some Terms Suppliers (Equipment) Testing for Rank USHF Application Weapons Training What to Wear
JD grins as he cranks the shoulder lock on Brian! Meeting times
Mon/Wed 6:45-7:45, HPER "Fort"
Tues/Thurs 5:30-7:30, HPER 171
Fri 4:30-5:30pm Congratulations!
Congrats to all those who were promoted last week!
There are several IU Self Defense/Hapkido Club Officer Positions opening up for next year, see below for more info.
The IU Martial Arts Club Social is coming soon....details below. This is the home page for the Indiana University Hapkido Club (aka IUSDC). This site was created to provide information for people interested in the club and also for club members. The content of this site is not intended to be be used as a substitute to self defense training, but is aimed toward complimenting the information taught in the Club. We have a diversity of techniques and are constantly open to new approaches and ideas. Martial artists from other systems and styles are welcome.
  • IU Self Defense/Hapkido Club Officer Info
    • Are you one of those people who always wonders what's going on "behind the curtain?"

9. Sin Moo Hapkido
Welcome to Scandinavian Sin Moo hapkido Ry website Flashversio / Flash-version HTML-versio / HTML-version Copyright 2001 Scandinavian Sin Moo hapkido Ry
Welcome to Scandinavian Sin Moo Hapkido Ry website
Flash-versio / Flash-version Suomeksi English Svenska
HTML-versio / HTML-version Suomeksi (hitaille yhteyksille) English (slow connections) Svenska (trög kommunikation)

10. Welcome To The ICHF !
Organization under Grandmaster John Pellegrini. Based in Asheville, NC.
Welcome to our Worldwide Network of Martial Arts Associations ...
The World's Leading Martial Arts Organizations!
- Click on a logo or visit the links page for more information - ICHF ITA IPDTI SDA WMAA IDSA Grandmaster John Pellegrini
ICHF Founder/President

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11. Home - Hapkido In Goslar!

12. Jin Pal Hapkido Offical Home Page
Headed by Jin Pal Kim, with dojangs in Maryland, California, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and overseas. Includes picture and video gallery.
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13. International Modern Hapkido Federation
Federation offers a self defense system based on a selection of hapkido methods integrated with modern weapons techniques.

14. Shinson Hapkido - Dojang Darmstadt
Infos ¼ber die koreanische Kampfkunst, Schulen und Termine.
Shinson Hapkido
Jahresmotto 2003 20 Jahre Shinson Hapkido 1983 - 2003 Feiern Sie mit !!! (weitere Infos hier....) Bewegung jeden leicht zu lernen jung und alt
Zeichnung: Jan Rathje

15. Index
Informatie over deze Koreaanse gevechtskunst, regels om een beter mens te zijn, informatie over trainingen en foto's.

16. International Modern Hapkido Federation
Master Victor Cushing, 5th dan in hapkido. Seminars, memberships, self defense and rank/technique Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido Organizations......

17. Dakin\Homepages\Playful Tiger Homepage\hapkido
Based on research by Dakin Burdick at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido......
Hapkido Lineages This lineage comes from my own research and from that of He-young Kimm. I'm sure it still needs a lot of work but I put it out here for people to take a look at anyways. Send comments to me at . Each listing begins with the person's name, then the systems they taught (and the year that system was founded), followed by the organizations they founded. "Hwe" can also be spelled Hui, and means "Association." Mu-hyun Kim is also known as Moo-woong Kim. The box under his name are students who went to In-hyuk Suh after Kim was drafted into the military. Click here to Return to Playful Tiger Martial Arts

18. Hapkido Family Tree
hapkidoshop is an info site for hapkido videos and books. And now have funwith rummage. Peter Sand Enter hapkido Family Tree.
The fast growing of this Hapkido family tree led to the fact that the old structure has bumped into its borders. Therefore, I have changed the structure to be up to other growing. An important innovation is the alphabetical order. Unfortunately, again and again there have been discussions concerning the positions within the family tree in the past. I hope that the new order makes this superfluous now. Another innovation is the symbol of certification.
If you click on one of these symbols, you see the certification of the respective master. For the future I also hope for plenty of information, in order to make this family tree grow on and become even more informativ. If you know a Hapkido master (at least 4. Dan) who is not registered here yet, please send an e-mail with information about him (homepage, picture, origin in the Hapkido family tree). And now have fun with rummage Peter Sand
Enter Hapkido Family Tree

19. Asociación Española Yang Hum Kwan Hapkido
Sitio Web Oficial de la Asociaci³n Espa±ola Yang Hum Kwan hapkido, fundada por Antonio Miguel Camino Olea. Vis­tanos, Calendario de Cursos, Cr³nica de actividades realizadas, historia del hapkido.

20. Hapkido
General information and history of this organization.
Hapkido HISTORY OF THE WORLD HAPKIDO FEDERATION The Meaning Of The World Hapkido Federation Emblem The emblem on the cover, which is the symbol of the World Hapkido Federation, is well remembered and has been proudly worn by Hapkido practitioners since the beginning of the modern Hapkido period. From August, 1967, until recently, the Eagle has been used as a symbol of Hapkido. The members of the World Hapkido Federation, however, have now adopted the traditional and original Hapkido emblem as the official symbol of Hapkido. This symbol, although modernized somewhat in design, still embodies the theory, true principles and philosophy of Hapkido, based on ancient and traditional oriental teachings. The outer circle signifies the universe in its general sense and man in his specific sense. The circle has been adopted from the oriental philosophy that a large circle represents a globe and a small circle represents man or mind. The globe represents the constant growth and development of Hapkido and the World Hapkido Federation. The arrowhead shaped symbols, which cannot be found in any other martial arts emblem, face diagonally from opposite sides to signify the hand position and technique frequently applied in Hapkido. This shape is derived from the hand position established when both open hands are lifted vertically and the thumbs and index fingers are extended, forming a "V" design. Philosophically, these two arrowhead shapes symbolize the opposing principles of positive and negative or Uom and Yeang, under the philosophy of Hapkido, there is no opponent who cannot be overcome by the techniques of Hapkido, regardless of size or strength, when utilizing these principles. These arrowhead symbols can also be interpreted as KI", or as offense and defense in Hapkido.

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