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         Hapkido:     more books (99)
  1. Hapkido Knife Technique #6 DVD by Kwang Sik Myung, 1997
  2. Hapkido Hoshinsul : The Explosive Korean Art Of Self-Defense
  3. Korea el Hapkido by Jose Luis Rueda Castaño, 2009
  4. Streetfighting Essentials : Combining Western Boxing And Hapkido Into An Unstoppable Self-Defense System
  5. Hapkido Wrist Part Technique DVD Part 1 by Kwang Sik Myung, 2007
  6. Hapkido : The Integrated Fighting Art by Robert K. Spear, 1988
  7. Hapkido Novice 6th & 5th Gup DVD / Purple to Blue Belt by kwang Sik Myung, 1997
  8. American Hapkido Practitioners: Scott Shaw, August Busch Iv, Barry Rodemaker, Anthony Montgomery, J.j. Perry, Steve Sexton, Roger Velasco
  9. Hapkido Films (Study Guide): Billy Jack, the Trial of Billy Jack, the Young Master, Best of the Best 2, Best of the Best 3: No Turning Back
  10. Hapkido Middlestaff - Defense Technique DVD by Kwang Sik Myung, 2007
  11. El arte marcial coreano de defensa personal Hapkido / The Korean Martial Art of Self Defense.Hap Ki Do.: Guia estudio para cinturon negro / A Guide to Black Belt Studies (Spanish Edition) by Choe Hui, 2005-10-30
  12. Art Martial Coréen: Tangsudo, Haidong Gumdo, Hapkido, Sonmudo, Han Mu Do, Hyunmudo, Ssirum, Lee Chang Soo, Kum Moo Kwan Hapkido (French Edition)
  13. Hapkido Middlestaff - Attack Technique DVD by Kwang Sik Myung, 2007
  14. Hapkido Primary 8th & 7th Gup DVD / Green to Purple Belt Technique (Hapkido Primary 8th & 7th Gup DVD / Green to Purple Belt Technique) by Kwang Sik Myung, 1997

81. Nebraska Hapkido Association
Organisation under the members of the US hapkido Association and the USA Tae Kwon Do Federation .Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido Organizations......hapkido. If you are in Lincoln, NE, and are interested in hapkido, be sure to checkout the Nebraska hapkido Association Information Page. What hapkido Is.
Sections O' the Page:
Nebraska Hapkido Association Information

What Hapkido Is

What Hapkido Does

My Hapkido Class
The Dojang-Digest

If you want to see the above patches and the picture of GM Choi in better quality, go HERE
Or, go to the Self-Defense Page or the Martial Arts Page , or the Martial Arts Bookstore
If you are in Lincoln, NE, and are interested in Hapkido,
be sure to check out the Nebraska Hapkido Association Information Page
  • What Hapkido Is
    Hapkido is a Korean martial art. However, it's lineage can be traced to the Japanese art of Aikijutsu, which is the same art that Morehei Ueshiba studiedafter which he founded the art of Aikido. There are noticeable similarities in a number of the techniques in Aikido and Hapkido. The founder of Hapkido was Grandmaster Choi Yong Sool. There are a number of different stories of how exactly the name "Hapkido" was given to the art, and who added what moveshowever, most agree that in general, Grandmaster Choi initially started the art around 1950. I personally don't care who all added whatI'm just happy with the art as it is, and thank anyone who has added to it-whoever they are. :) Grandmaster Choi had a number of students, but perhaps the best known, was Ji Han Jae. For those of you who are Bruce Lee afficiandos, you have seen Master Ji in the movie Game of DeathJi Han Jae is the martial artist in the white uniform with gold trim on the second (I think) level of the house at the end of the movie.

82. Escuela Nacional De Hapkido
Historia, filosof­a, personajes, fotos, novedades y eventos.
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El Arte Marcial Hap Ki Do es un sistema que promueve el desarrollo físico, intelectual y espiritual.
Bienvenidos al web site de la Escuela Nacional de HAP KI DO L e invitamos a que conozca
Objetivos del HAP KI DO
Hap Ki Do realiza la armonía de cuerpo, mente y espíritu. Forma al ser humano integralmente por medio de desarrollar hábitos sanos y pacíficos de autodefensa y ayuda mutua. Hap Ki Do es el arte que brinda filosofía pacífica y movimientos fluyentes para perfeccionar las cualidades personales que encaminan los criterios necesarios para un mundo de constantes cambios
Nuestra Visión
El éxito en la vida domina aquella persona que sabe vivir y mantener la habilidad de adaptación. La transformación de la expresión personal, la comunicación interpersonal y la transición de estados limitantes del potencial humano son técnicas del Hap Ki Do que nos guían para realizarnos como la persona que podemos y queremos ser.
El Arte Marcial HAP KI DO
Al desear aprender cualquier Arte Marcial, Usted siempre debe contestar las siguientes interrogantes:

83. Welcome To The Korea Hapkido Federation Web Site
Grandmaster Oh Se Lim, 10th dan in hapkido. Only organization recognised by the Korean government, Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido Organizations......Welcome To The World's Premier hapkido Organization. The Korea hapkidoFederation. Korea's Largest Officially Recognized Governing
var TlxPgNm='index'; Welcome To The World's Premier Hapkido Organization The Korea Hapkido Federation Korea's Largest Officially Recognized Governing Body For Authentic Training And Registered Certification Of The Martial Art Of Korean Hapkido. We invite you to enjoy the many benefits of Hapkido by joining an officially licensed Korea Hapkido Federation school near you. We are proud to recommend the fine instructors listed in our directory of Korea Hapkido Federation affiliated schools. Add this site to your favorites and visit it often. Find A Licensed Instructor Near You Korean English Official KHF Online Store ... Subscribe To Our Free E-Newsletter Experiencing difficulties subscribing? Send your name and request to:

84. PIMA Taekwondo Hapkido Sterling Academy
School located in Sterling, Virginia teaching Taekwondo and hapkido. Includes photo gallery, study room, schedule, and contact information.

85. BTKD.Net Brainerd Tae Kwon Do
Teaches Chung Do Kwan and hapkido in Brainerd. Has school information, photographs and links.
1014 Laurel Street. Brainerd, MN.
Mapquest Our Location

More About Us

  • Tae Kwon Do ...

    Master Garrett DeWitt Brainerd Tae Kwon Do Hapkido is owned and operated by Master Garrett DeWitt. This Martial Arts school opened its doors in Brainerd Minnesota in 1993. With the continued assistance and support from Dr. Jeff Nyblom and Dr. Taryn Nyblom, Master DeWitt has continued to teach Korean Chung Do Kwan, and the Korean Hapkido Federation curriculum in central Minnesota. Master DeWitt’s mentor and Kwan Jang Nim, Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman Founder NKMAA/Timmerman’s Martial Arts, has been an enormous contributor to the overall growth of Master DeWitt ‘s martial arts career. Over the past two years, Grandmaster Timmerman has directly supervised the added Kong Shin Bup curriculum to Brainerd Tae Kwon Do. Page design by....
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86. Russell MacArthur Tae Kwon Do And Hapkido Schools (International)
Information about the Russell MacArthur Tae Kwon Do and hapkido schools, Tournaments, events and demonstration team.
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87. Välkommen Till Yoosin´s Domäner!!!
Taekwondo. hapkido. Sj¤lvf¶rsvar. Motion.

88. Index
School under Master Frank Ocasio located in Ft. Lauderdale, FLCategory Sports Martial Arts hapkido Schools and Instruction......The World hapkido and TaeKwonDo Center was founded to preserve the traditionalteachings of Grandmaster Yong Sool Choi founder of Modern hapkido, by way of
There is an old saying, " When drinking water, one should drink as close to the source as possible, as the water becomes murky and often polluted the further down stream one travels"
Who we are
News Store Programs ... Memberships
Welcome to the Official Site of the World HapKiDo and TaeKwonDo Center *** Please note that our mail server is down... *** we can be reached directly
Our Mission
The World HapKiDo and TaeKwonDo Center was founded to preserve the traditional teachings of Grandmaster Yong Sool Choi founder of Modern HapKiDo, by way of creating a global organization consisting of student and school networks and conducting educational demonstrations globally, offering a variety of educational books, videos and material. Overall, our association can be characterized as being recognized as a leader in the Martial Arts Community, as well as every community. Frank Ocasio's unique background, enables him to present this art in it's complete form.
To watch some HapKiDo Techniques, please click below... Choose Player Choose Speed HapKiDo Technique Windows Media 28.8K, 56K, modem

89. ASAHI - Waalwijk Voor Judo, Hapkido, Ki-Aikido En Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
Vechtsportvereniging te Waalwijk. Disciplines judo, kiaikido, hapkido en Rickson Gracie jiu-jitsu. Overzicht van lestijden.
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90. Welcome To Nordic Hapkido Federation
Small group wishing to promote the korean martial art of hapkido in Scandinavia.Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido Organizations......Welcome to Nordic hapkido Federation, Search. Topics All Topics. Seminars Lystå trene noe spesiellt? Hva med hapkido?
Search Topics All Topics NHF Info NHF News NHF Seminars Welcome Member Login Modules Home
NHF Head Instructor

NHF Basic Techniques

NHF Feedback
NHF Member Account

Upcoming Seminar in Oslo !! Hello all!
Dot forget the upcoming seminar in Oslo..
Kwanjang Peter.
: International Hapkido Seminar 2003 in Mürren (Switzerland)
Posted by webmaster on Monday, March 17 @ 09:48:10 CET (2 reads) Topic NHF Info Dear Hapkido friends, The Korea Sin Moo Hapkido Association in Zurich is honoured to organise a Sin Moo Hapkido seminar with Dojunim Ji Han Jae, which will be held from 25 through 27 April 2003. It is our great pleasure to invite you and your students to participate in the seminar! The seminar will take place in the Alpine Sports Centre in Mürren (Switzerland), 1650 m above sea level. You can obtain all the information on how to get there (parking, lodging, etc.) from the website: We will be practising six hours a day, for three days. Joint locks, throwing and kicking techniques, and meditation will be explained and practised, among other things. The seminar will cost Euros 50.— per day and per person. For accommodations and board, we recommend the "Sportchalet", right next to the Dojang (for costs, please see registration coupon).

91. The Society Of The Hwa Rang
A free association of Korean based martial artists with backgrounds in Hwa Rang Do, Kuk Sool Won, Tukong Moosul, and hapkido.
This site is sponsored by the oldest executive protection training academy in the country: Executive Security International (ESI). However, THE SOCIETY OF THE HWA RANG is a free association of martial artists devoted to the arts as a profession. Primarily, but not intentionally, the members of THE SOCIETY come from backgrounds in the Korean arts of Hapkido, Hwa Rang Do, Kuk Sool Won, Tukong Moosul and Tae Kwon Do. THE SOCIETY 's affiliation with the soft Korean arts is an accident of history due to the personal narrative of its founder, Bob Duggan who became a devotee of Hapkido/Hwa Rang Do in 1968, and in 1980 founded ESI. It was in the year of '68 that he and his close friend, Vicente Montenegro were initiated into the arts as the first students of Grand Master Joo Sang Lee, and in 1972 came under the personal tutelage of his younger brother, Grand Master Joo Bang Lee, founder of the World Hwa Rang Do Association. THE SOCIETY OF THE HWARANG is open to martial artists of every background. THE SOCIETY is devoted to seeking knowledge in the fighting arts, to critique our most cherished assumptions with the goal of establishing rigorous standards of excellence, and apply these concepts to professional careers in the field of protection, security, law enforcement and military careers.

92. OGTKD - Dojang Et Professeurs
Pr©sentation du club OGTKD et de ses activit©s en taekwondo et hapkido, palmar¨s du fondateur et des instructeurs, coordonn©es du dojang, horaires. Grenoble, Is¨re (38).
- Vice-champion de France 1990 et 1991
- 1er Coupe de la ville de nice 1987
- 1er Championnat de Provence 1988
- 1er Open de Grenoble 1988
>> Interview de Daniel COLOMBANI parue dans la revue "Taekwondo Choc" / 1er Trim 2002 <<

Mr Jean Pierre ERB
- Ceinture Noire 1er Dan Taekwondo
- Ceinture Noire 1er Dan Hapkido
Mr Erwan VANDERME - Ceinture Noire 1er Dan Taekwondo Mr Gilbert ZIOUANE Mr Charles BUTTIN

93. Kukjae Hapkido Federation Of New Zealand
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94. Your Browser Does Not Support Frames. We Recommend Upgrading Your
hapkido del Gran Maestro Ji Han Jae bajo la dirección del Maestro Rafael Balbastre. Fotos, historia, Category World Español Deportes Artes marciales hapkido España......Your browser does not support frames. We recommend upgrading your browser.Click here to enter the page http//
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95. Barrel's Hapkido Links
A large source of hapkido links.Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido Directories...... hapkido. Brazilian hapkido Institute December 15, 1997; Australian hapkidoAssociation Lot's of information. hapkido Page Lot's of information here.
Member of the Martial-Arts HyperBanner

96. Master Kwon's Hapkido Karate School
School under Grandmaster Tae W. Kwon located in Torrance, CA. Site is especially well organized with Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido Schools and Instruction......International Daemoo hapkido Martial Art Association. Torrance, California. hapkidoincorporates Water, Circle, and Sum Principles.
International Daemoo Hapkido Martial Art Association
Master Kwon's Hapkido Karate School
Hapkido - The Art of Coordinated Power
We have a new web address: Grand Master Tae M. Kwon
th Degree Black Belt
Hapkido Karate School
Korean Martial Art · Self Defense 2849 Pacific Coast Highway
Torrance, CA 90505

(310) 534-0880 (fax)
Serving the South Bay since 1974 We have a new web address: Home Page
Site Map
Please send comments regarding this web page to:

97. Federación Mexicana De Hapkido
La naciente Federaci³n Mexicana de hapkido se presenta. Historia y filosof­a del hapkido.
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Mexicana De Hap Ki Do

98. Hapkido
Moon met Zwaard. 5e hapkido zomerkamp. NHA hapkido wedstrijden. Survivaltocht. Afbeeldingenvan de demo in Hortus Haren. Nieuwe zwarte banders hapkido in Assen.
Info: 050-5423203
last update 25-4-2002
Wat is Hap Ki Do? Hap Ki Do onderscheidt zich van andere vechtsporten doordat het puur op zelfverdediging is gericht. Hoofdzakelijk waardevolle effectieve technieken tegen de meest uiteenlopende vormen van geweld en dreigend geweld. Met zoveel mogelijk respect voor de tegenstander staat de eigen veiligheid voorop. Daarbij heeft kracht een onbelangrijke rol. Geschikt voor iedereen en alle leeftijden.
Te beginnen met bevrijdingstechnieken; hoe je simpel los(vrij) kunt komen om bijv. weg te rennen. Je wordt bijv. aan je haar getrokken, verwurgd of van achteren om de middel gepakt, daartegen leer je effectieve mogelijkheden om daaruit te komen en wel zonder de aanvaller te hoeven beschadigen. Dat zijn essentiële technieken; veilig, nobel en bovendien wettelijk gezien volledig verantwoord. Ook begin je direct met het leren valbreken, stoten (slagtechnieken) en traptechnieken en allerlei technieken tegen veel voorkomende aanvallen. Veiligheid willen met onnodig geweld als doel.

99. Shinson Hapkido In Österreich
Informationen zu Shinson hapkido, ein aus der traditionellen Selbstverteidigungkunst und Naturheilkunde Koreas aufgebautes Gesundheitstraining.

100. Index - European Hapkido Association
The European hapkido Alliance is recognised by Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee and the International hapkido Category Sports Martial Arts hapkido Organizations......The European hapkido Alliance is recognised by Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee and theInternational hapkido Moo Hak Kwan as the governing body in the UK and Europe
The term " Hapkido " derives from three Korean words:
" Hap " meaning harmony or co-ordination " Ki " meaning the inner power of the mind and body " Do " meaning the way of uniting the mind and body through self-discipline
We can therefore summarise Hapkido as being:
"The Korean martial art of
co-ordinated power
The European Hapkido Alliance is recognised by
Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee and the International Hapkido Moo Hak Kwan as the governing body in the U.K. and Europe for Moo Hak Kwan and other traditional forms of Hapkido.

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