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         Hashing:     more books (72)
  1. Locality Preserving Hashing
  2. Locality sensitive hashing
  3. Hashing it Out [VHS] by Tony; Brown, Steve Campolo, 1998
  4. Zobrist Hashing by Lambert M. Surhone, Miriam T. Timpledon, et all 2010-07-03
  5. Random Graphs and Cuckoo Hashing by Reinhard Kutzelnigg, 2009-02-13
  6. Algorithme de Classification: Machine à Vecteurs de Support, Analyse Discriminante Linéaire, Locality Sensitive Hashing, Classifieur Linéaire (French Edition)
  7. Hi-Tech, FDA still hashing out January '99 inspection.(Brief Article): An article from: Inspection Monitor
  8. Universal Hashing
  9. Computational character processing: Character coding, input, output, synthesis, ordering, conversion, text compression, encryption, display hashing, literate programming : bibliography (Infolingua) by Conrad Sabourin, 1994
  10. Hashing technique: A new index method for high dimensional data (Computer science technical report series) by Zhexuan Song, 1999
  11. Perfect hashing for external files (Research report. University of Waterloo. Department of Computer Science) by M. V Ramakrishna, 1986
  12. The complexity of hashing with lazy deletion (Technical report / Brown University, Dept. of Computer Science) by Christopher J Van Wyk, 1985
  13. Design and Analysis of Coalesced Hashing. by Jeffrey Scott Vitter, 1987
  14. An analysis of spiral hashing (Computer science technical report series) by Jiang-Hsing Chu, 1988

21. Spaced Coast Biko Psycos
Bike hashing east central Florida, live chat, message board, updated daily, on on, new members always welcome, on on.
CLICK ON BIKO PSYCO LINK BELOW FOR CURRENT HASH INFO Our grand poobah is manure he can be reached at
  • We are The Biko Psychos: A drinking club with a biking problem!
  • A typical trail ride (Bash) involves two members (Hares) leaving the start point with a ten minute lead,the hares throw marks of flour for the pack to follow the object is to catch the hares before they reach the end where the beer,food and fun is! Click hash links for more info on hashing. HASH HOTLINE 321-773-9820
  • PICTURES: click on the chain for new hash pics and send your pics to be posted !
  • FREE STUFF: click on banner to sign up for 3 free issues of mounatin bike mag.




22. Super Proxy Script - How To Make Distributed Proxy Servers By URL Hashing
How to make distributed proxy servers by URL hashing. Hash routing architecture since August 9, 1996
- Super Proxy Script -
How to make distributed proxy servers by URL hashing
Hash routing architecture since August 9, 1996
Run multiple cache servers and try our fast and robust Hash routing proxy script. Scalable cache farm in a minute.
Keywords: Cache Array , Proxy Clusters, Hash Routing Protocol , Load balancing , Scalability , Automatic Proxy Configuration , FindProxyForURL , WPAD
Super Proxy Script
is created by SHARP and provided under our LICENSE
Please do not rename our innovative architecture. For Your Reference
Univ. of St Andrews runs 2 way Super Proxy
University of St Andrews
is running 2 way Super Proxy directory hash version) . Total cache size amounts 12GB. Parent caches are JANET National Cache Cluster (Oct. 3, 2000)
NUS runs 4 way Super Proxy National University of Singapore is running 4 way Super Proxy directory hash version) for network with 35,000 students and staffs. Total cache size amounts 208GB.

23. Xceed Encryption Library : Encrypt & Decrypt Data Using The Latest Strong Encryp
Provides data encryption and hashing services with supports for AES, Twofish, RSA, SHA2, and HAVAL algorithms. By Xceed Software Inc. Component, Commercial
PlaceMenu("mainmenu") Intro Features Versions Download Get in touch with us Sales
General Info
Info Introduction Current Version : 1.1
Strong encryption for any developer The Xceed Encryption Library is a component for Windows developers that allows applications to encrypt and decrypt data using the latest industry standard strong encryption algorithms. Encryption can be used not only to protect data so that it can only be accessed by the intended partie(s), it can be used to digitally sign documents and to verify their authenticity. Encryption types The library supports both traditional secret-key encryption as well as public-key encryption, and can encrypt or decrypt memory buffers, strings, blobs, streaming data or files. For traditional strong encryption, the library supports the new AES (US Advanced Encryption Standard) symmetric encryption algorithm known as Rijndael which uses 128, 192 or 256-bit keys. It also supports Twofish, the runner-up candidate for AES. For public-key encryption, the library offers the well-known RSA algorithm with unlimited key sizes. Hashing algorithms The library uses the modern SHA-2 and HAVAL hashing algorithms so that passphrases can be converted to exactly the amount of bits required for an encryption key and with better mathematical properties than older hashing algorithms such as MD5.

24. Perfect Hashing
Minimal Perfect hashing. Perfect hashing guarantees that you get nocollisions at all. It Pointers to NonBob perfect hashing. Pointers
Minimal Perfect Hashing
Perfect hashing guarantees that you get no collisions at all. It is possible when you know exactly what set of keys you are going to be hashing when you design your hash function. It's popular for hashing keywords for compilers. (They ought to be popular for optimizing switch statements Minimal perfect hashing guarantees that n keys will map to 0..n-1 with no collisions at all.
C code and a sanity test
Here is my C code for minimal perfect hashing, plus a test case. Makefile standard.h recycle.h recycle.c ... sanity test makefile The generator is run like so, " ", and it produces the C files phash.h and phash.c . The sanity test program, which uses the generated hash to hash all the original keys, is run like so, "
There are options (taken by both perfect and the sanity test): Only one of NnIiHhAa may be specified. N is the default. These say how to interpret the keys. The input is always a list of keys, one key per line.

25. FCC Hashing Out Digital TV Rules
The Federal Communications Commission has begun the difficult task of defining rules that require cable systems to carry all broadcast channels to the merging world of digital television.,4,24101,00.html?

26. Hashing In Lebanon
All about the three Hash kennels of Beirut, Lebanon the Greater Beirut HHH, the Beirut Tarboush HHH, Category Sports Running hashing Middle East......hashing in Lebanon. Welcome to the Official Web Site of hashing inLebanon. THE Club for Drinkers with a Running Problem. Follow the
Hashing in Lebanon
Welcome to the Official Web Site of Hashing in Lebanon
THE Club for Drinkers with a Running Problem.
Follow the links to the Hash of your choice to find out where the next run is, read about the last run, enjoy rude and embarrassing pictures and see how many runs you have done.
Useful Information
About Lebanon
Produced with deep respect by Gobscheit Productions
June 2001
This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit Here

27. Eric Nusbaum Software :: Modern Applications For A Modern World
Duplicate file remover implementation of both optical recognition and RSA MD5 hashing. Beta
Be sure to check out our Frequent Updates on the development of JPEG Duper v2.0!
Lauched Web Hosting Service
Released a SNEAK PREVIEW at an early version of the JPEG Duper v2.0 U.I.!
JPEG Duper v2.0 information packet released. Check out the Information Page for more details.
Released JPEG Duper v1.0 Build 182 as final!
Released JPEG Duper v1.0 Build 178 to public for beta testing!
Released JPEG Duper v1.0 Build 175 to public for beta testing!
Released JPEG Duper v1.0 Build 155 to public for beta testing!
Here you will find the latest information
on current and upcoming software
Our latest product line currently
consists of our ground breaking application
JPEG Duper . This utility allows anyone ranging
from home office user to a professional photographer
to scan through 1000's of Images and eliminate
duplicates thus freeing space and cleaning out a
library of unwanted images.
We here at Eric Nusbaum Software are dedicated
in bringing people quality software at a fraction
of the cost. Current retail software packages
are costing more and more these days, making it

28. Hashing - A SearchDatabase Definition - See Also: Hash, Hash Function Definitions hashing, EMAIL THIS PAGETO A FRIEND. Search for - OR - Search this site hashing,,,sid13_gci212230,00.html Definitions - hashing EMAIL THIS PAGE TO A FRIEND Definitions - powered by BROWSE WHATIS.COM DEFINITIONS: A B C D ... BROWSE ALL CATEGORIES Search for: - OR - Search this site:
The term you selected is being presented by, a TechTarget site for Database professionals. Hashing is the transformation of a string of character s into a usually shorter fixed-length value or key that represents the original string. Hashing is used to index and retrieve items in a database because it is faster to find the item using the shorter hashed key than to find it using the original value. It is also used in many encryption algorithms. As a simple example of the using of hashing in databases, a group of people could be arranged in a database like this: Abernathy, Sara Epperdingle, Roscoe Moore, Wilfred Smith, David (and many more sorted into alphabetical order) Each of these names would be the key in the database for that person's data. A database search mechanism would first have to start looking character-by-character across the name for matches until it found the match (or ruled the other entries out). But if each of the names were hashed, it might be possible (depending on the number of names in the database) to generate a unique four-digit key for each name. For example: 7864 Abernathy, Sara 9802 Epperdingle, Roscoe 1990 Moore, Wilfred 8822 Smith, David (and so forth)

29. Medussa: A Distributed Password Cracker
A distributed password cracking tool for LAN environments supporting a multitude of hashing algorihms.
Medussa: A distributed password cracker
Speaking of the scheduler, after a successful compile you ought to have three components at your disposal. These are:
  • Medussa The keeper of the keyspace and distributor at large.
  • Tentacle The client executable.
  • Mecon Administration interface to medussa.
  • OpenSSL: version 0.9.6 tested
  • gmp: GNU multiple precision library, version 4.1 tested
Any bugs, inaccuracies, blame me Back $Id: index.html,v 1.5 2003/02/05 05:00:22 kos Exp $

30. Rfc2104 - HMAC: Keyed-Hashing For Message Authentication
HMAC Keyedhashing for Message Authentication. H. Krawczyk, M. Bellare, R. Canetti. February 1997.
Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives
Search What's New Comments ... Help Alternate Formats: rfc2104.txt rfc2104.txt.pdf ) [BCK2] M. Bellare, R. Canetti, and H. Krawczyk, "Pseudorandom Functions Revisited: The Cascade Construction", Proceedings of FOCS'96. [Dobb] H. Dobbertin, "The Status of MD5 After a Recent Attack", RSA Labs' CryptoBytes, Vol. 2 No. 2, Summer 1996. [PV] B. Preneel and P. van Oorschot, "Building fast MACs from hash functions", Advances in Cryptology CRYPTO'95 Proceedings, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag Vol.963, 1995, pp. 1-14. [MD5] Rivest, R., "The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm", RFC 1321, April 1992. [MM] Meyer, S. and Matyas, S.M., Cryptography, New York Wiley, 1982. [RIPEMD] H. Dobbertin, A. Bosselaers, and B. Preneel, "RIPEMD-160: A strengthened version of RIPEMD", Fast Software Encryption, LNCS Vol 1039, pp. 71-82.

31. The Hashing Function Lounge
The hashing Function Lounge. Welcome! Table 1 Features of some selected hashingfunctions. Name, Ref. Version, Author(s), Block Size, Digest Size, Passes, Attack(s).
The Hashing Function Lounge
    On this page we try to give an overview of hash functions intended for cryptographic applications. We have been motivated by The Block Cipher Lounge maintained by Lars Knudsen and Vincent Rijmen
    Whenever a hash function can produce several hash sizes, we only list separate versions if the distinct sizes are obtained by means other than mere truncation.
    Pentium implementations and performance comparisons for some of the following hash functions can be found at Antoon Bosselaers 's site (though, alas, you won't find any code there).
    Motivated by the AES selection, NIST proposed replacements for SHA-1 that provide a level of collision resistance equivalent to the security of each AES key sizes. The new hash functions are SHA-256 SHA-384 , and SHA-512 (sometimes collectively called SHA-2), defined in the recently approved FIPS 180-2
    It is perhaps a pity that NIST has not established a hash function quest as it had for AES. In this regard, I used to say here that not all is lost because of the NESSIE contest. However, the

32. Kuala Lumpur Mountain Bike Hash Club
Homepage of the premier bike hash in Malaysia, the home of hashing.
since 1994
All you need to know about mountain bikes and mountain biking in Malaysia. mountain biking Malaysia Kuala Lumpur mountain biking Malaysia Kuala Lumpur mountain biking Malaysia Kuala Lumpur mountain biking Malaysia Kuala Lumpur mountain biking Malaysia Kuala Lumpur mountain biking Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
refreshes the thirst of bashers! Welcome to KLMBH! KLMBH is a mountain biking club that holds mountain bike hashes (" bashes ") in the Klang Valley area in Malaysia. Bashes are held monthly, usually on the last Sunday of each month.
  • How to join KLMBH
  • Membership form
  • FAQ
  • How to set a bike hash What's New
  • Kiara: "Kiara Trail Update"
  • Trailguide: Ulu Gombak Traverse
  • Techtip: No 7-17
  • Techtip: How to carry a parang on your bike
    Next Bash
    Note that Bashes start at 0930 SHARP. Please arrive at 0900 to sign out. Take note of the travelling times posted with the directions below.
    Directions: Go north on the N/S highway to junction 118, Bukit Berunting. Zero the trip at the toll. Turn left at the T-junction after the toll, go through the security barrier and head straight. At next T-junction (after about 1km) turn right. Follow the road for about 6 km, up the steep hill, down the other side, the road bends round to the left, and passes some blue tanks on the left at about km 6. At around km 7 take the right fork. At about km 7.5 take the right fork and follow the river until km 9 and park up on the side of the road. The ride will start by a metal bridge. The nearest shop is about 7 kms away from the site so be sure to bring all necessary water/food etc with you.
  • 33. Onslow County Hash House Harriers
    Schedules, news, pictures, and general information about hashing from a club devoted to staging Hare and Hounds runs in eastern North Carolina.
    MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Search ... Money
    Onslow County Hash House Harriers Groups Home My Groups Language Help ... Tools SPONSORED SITES:
    Recommend This Group to a Friend
    Welcome to the home for Hashing and Debauchery in the Camp Lejeune area. Direct questions and concerns to Cock-A-Lackey at and Chumbalaya at . Look for updates on this page coming soon. New Messages View all Hash Trash for Sunday, March 16, 2003
    Begorah! There's a leprechaun in me pants! Wait,maybe this is all a pleasant, beer-induced haze. Oh,it's coming back now, I hashed today. So, there wewere at start,...
    Cooper River Bridge Run
    Chum, I would love to do the Cooper River Bridge Run but with Oraficer so close to delivering it would be my luck that she would go into labor while I was down there. However, w...
    Cooper River Bridge Run
    I Did A Rod
    For those that are writing to IDAR, his address has changed. Here is the new address: PFC Azok, Stephen J....
    Barracks Bitch
    Tools Apply to Join Recommend This Group ... Group Settings New Photos View all Urine my Closet Urine my Closet Urine my Closet ... Urine my Closet Albums with New Photos Miscellaneous Mismanagement Christmas Party Thanksgiving Notice: Microsoft has no responsibility for the content featured in this Group.

    34. Hash Coding From FOLDOC
    hashing . hash coding. programming, algorithm (Or hashing ) A scheme for providingrapid access to data items which are distinguished by some key.

    35. John The Ripper Password Cracker
    A portable password cracker with builtin efficient implementations of multiple password hashing algorithms found on various Unix flavors. Additionally supports Kerberos AFS and Windows NT LanMan hashes, plus more with contributed patches. Officially supported are most Unix-like systems, Win32, DOS.
    Openwall Project Owl JtR crypt ... passwords bringing security into open environments
    John the Ripper password cracker
    John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of Unix (11 are officially supported, not counting different architectures), DOS, Win32, BeOS, and OpenVMS. Its primary purpose is to detect weak Unix passwords. Besides several crypt(3) password hash types most commonly found on various Unix flavors, supported out of the box are Kerberos AFS and Windows NT/2000/XP LM hashes, plus several more with contributed patches. Password Recovery Resources on the Net Stable: Development: The current development version offers significant performance improvements over the 1.6 release, but no documentation and charset files are provided, and more testing is needed. Please provide your feedback. These files are also available via FTP locally and from the mirrors . You are encouraged to use the mirrors, but be sure to verify the

    36. Hashing In Indochina
    Listings and links to all the Hash kennels within that region including Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.Category Sports Running hashing Asia......This page was last updated on Wednesday, 11 December2002 1901 banner.gif (10595 bytes),
    This page was last updated on Wednesday, 11 December 2002 19:01
    Hashing in Indochina


    Looking for other regional pages? click here for an excellent oveview! Vietnam Hanoi Hash House Harriers Run day: Saturday Time: 16:00 in summer, 15:00 in winter Meeting point: A bus leaves 1:15 hour sharp before the run from the Spotted Cow Bar (23 C, Hai Ba Trung Street) Remarks: Family run, runs are mostly less then an hour. Walkers are taken care of to some extent. A beer/water stop is included. Special event: Host of the 4 th Indochina / Mekong Hash, 9-10-11 November 2001 Web site: Contact: Vietnam Hanoi Hash House Harriettes Run day: Every other Tuesday Time: Meeting point: At the run venue, most of the time the same place where the On On is. Remarks: Mixed run. No water stop. No walkers (half walking/half running is ok) Special event: Web site:

    37. Second City Hash House Harriers
    Schedules, contacts, and history of this Chicago area hashing club.
    Color codes: Second City HHH Second City Non-hash Chicago HHH Waukesha (Milw) HHH Keno HHH Other R*nning Clubs Next Hash:
    Shamrock Snaffle
    Sunday, March 16, 2003, 2 p.m.

    Casa de Dick 'N Cider,
    1509 Oak Ave, #2N, Evanston
    Hares: Dick 'N Cider and Yellow Rose of Buttslider
    Get directions!
    Chicago / Milwaukee hashes and other events: Click map for directions Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat 15 - bRUNch 22 - bRUNch 29 - bRUNch 5 - bRUNch more dates... What is Hashing? Next Hash Hareline ... Related Links

    38. Hashing In Hanoi
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    39. Welcome To SH3's Home Page
    Gives details of members, dates of runs with locations, photos of previous runs and a history of hashing.

    40. The World Hash House Harriers Home Page
    Provides a calendar of events, member directory, merchandise, chat room, and related links.Category Sports Running hashing...... As well as many other resources and activities to assist and promotehashing to the rest of the world. Thanks very much for your support!
    Global Trash presents
    The World Hash House Harriers
    Home Page
    Home World HHH Directory Calendar Hash Bible Reference Global Trash Magazine ... Ad Rates Global Trash
    Issue No. 48 Jan - Feb 2003
    Annual Calendar Issue
    ...and more.
    InterHASHional News In the Current Issue...
    Vol. 20, No. 1, AT No. 10 January - February 2003
    Annual Calendar Issue
    ...and more. Hash Roster World Directory A Tribute to ZiPpY Editor/Webmaster New! Hash Run # Award Patches Here's a great idea. Award your hash members with these great On On Feet Run # embroidered award patches. Great for encouraging attendance and recognizing your members for their frequent runs. Buy them in quantity and save! User ID: Password: Signup Now for Your Membership and Free Email and Website Now! Site Membership Info Why Join? Just Got In! Embroidered "ON-ON" Foot Caps As low as $1.95 ea! On Sale while they last! Embroidered "NO-NO" Foot Caps The factory messed up and embroidered the foot upside down, so you save. These are excellent quality caps - the best quality we have ever sold - and will never be this cheap again. Only 70 left so hurry!

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