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         Hashing:     more books (72)
  1. Internal hashing for dynamic and static tables by T. G Lewis, 1988
  2. Multilevel trie hashing (Rapports de recherche. Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) by W Litwin, 1987
  3. Latency-sensitive hashing for collaborative web caching (Research report RC. International Business Machines Corporation. Research Division) by Kun-Lung Wu, 2000
  4. Parallel hashing: An efficient implementation of shared memory (Research Report RJ. International Business Machines Corporation. Research Division) by Anna R Karlin, 1986
  5. Split sequence coalesced hashing (Technical report) by D Murthy, 1988
  6. Hashing-based traffic splitting algorithms for internet load balancing (GIT-CC) by Zhiruo Cao, 1999
  7. An experimental method of study for minimal perfect hashing function: Reciprocal hashing by Dusaneya Somsiri, 1987
  8. Analysis of some new variants of coalesced hashing (Techincal report / Brown University, Dept. of Computer Science) by Wen-Chin Chen, 1984
  9. Universal hashing in VLSI: (extended abstract) (Technical report. Pennsylvania State University. Dept. of Computer Science) by Martin Furer, 1987
  10. An extended study on ordered minimal perfect hashing scheme by Li-Pan Huang, 1986
  11. Deletion algorithms for coalesced hashing (Technical report / Brown University, Dept. of Computer Science) by Wen-Chin Chen, 1984
  12. An algorithm for garbage collecting in a hashing environment (Technical report - Indiana University, Computer Science Department) by Daniel P Friedman, 1976
  13. Hashing moving objects (Computer science technical report series CS-TR) by Zhexuan Song, 2000
  14. Hashing: Masters for making overhead slides (OSU-CS-TR) by George E Hedrick, 1995

41. - Homepage Of Søren Abildtrup
My interests are computers, internet, fixing my car and hashing.
You have reached the homepage of Søren Abildtrup
On my site your may find various information about me, my pets, my PC and what I do in my spare time. Also links to some of the programs I use and homepages of interest. Furthermore I have a section about the genealogy of the Abildtrup family.
My work is quite a big part of my life. Have a look at to see what I do for a living.
If you are viewing this text, your browser doesn't support frames. To have full use of my site, update your current browser.

42. What Is Hashing?
Translate this page Home page About hashing Run Lists News Picture Book Links SiteMap -Lehashing Written Let us parler un few mots about Le hashing. Le

Bar Tips



Le Hashing Written and translated into zee Franglais
by Joe "DeepThroat" Norman
Let us parler un few mots about Le Hashing. Le Hashing est un vrai phenomenon tres bien connu en l'Orient. Mais, I am reliably informe, il takes place aussi in the pays de l'Europe et none more so qu'en France. Le Hashing est un social event avec un soupcon d'athleticism. Un homme, (ou, in le case of La Hashing, une femme) marks a trail avec la farine ou avec arrows en craie. Cet homme s'appelle le lievre. Les autres personnes en Le Hashing follow le trail et s'appellent les chiens (ou le pack). Effectivement, les chiens chassent le lievre. Tres jolly! Apres l'athleticisme, vient le drinking autour du beer wagon. Il y a beaucoup de beer, de singing, de jokes et de downright mensonges about le prowess sexuel. Si un lievre has set un run bloody mal, il/elle must faire un down-down avec le beer. Et l'opinion du pack est toujours que le run est tres mauvais. Apres le drinking et le bullshitting vient l'On-On. Il est strictement forbidden d'ecrire quelque chose about l'On-On in case la femme (ou le mari) entend about it. En conclusion, Le Hashing est bon pour la sante, bon pour le fitness, bon pour la cameraderie, bon pour le business contacts, bon pour le cheap drinking, et above all, bon pour nothing.

43. Home Of Kazlib
Kazlib is a package of four reusable software modules that provide some frequentlyneeded functionality. There is a dictionary module based on red-black trees, a hashing module capable of managing hash tables that grow automatically, and a well rounded module for managing linked lists. Also a portable exception handling module. The Kazlib code is clean, highly portable and contains powerful argument validation and self-checks that help debug your own code. The algorithms are efficient for efficienty, and implemented sensibly.
Home of Kazlib
Kazlib is a collection of program modules portably written in ANSI C. There is a dictionary module based on red-black trees, an extendible hashing module, and a system for emulating exception handling. Selected modules of Kazlib are used in
  • Webbase , an open-source web crawler that is ``efficiently able to crawl millions of URLs'' and stores the crawler information in a MySQL database.
  • Camserv , an open-source program for streaming video to web clients.
  • Ethereal , a packet capture, analysis and display tool with a graphical interface.
  • TA-LIB , a set of C and C++ libraries to manage and process stock and future market data.
  • vlog , a curses-based real-time logfile viewer.
  • NeoStats IRC software.
You can surf the documentation which is generated from a slightly modified version of the LaTeX source using . You will find that rather than being written as a programming manual, the documentation is actually written in the form of a standard which tries to capture a precise interface contract between a Kazlib implementor and the programmer. Caution: the online documentation is not kept up to date, and may not quite match the latest version. Download the recent releases of Kazlib here:

44. Site Valet: Markup Hashing
Site Valet Experimental. Markup hashing. Following recent discussionin WAI/ER, this utility is designed to demonstrate the concept
Accessibility Options
Asis Full Betsie Outline ... Links demonstrator.
Site Valet: Experimental
Markup Hashing
Following recent discussion in WAI/ER, this utility is designed to demonstrate the concept of structural equivalence in webpages. Given a webpage, it will compute a series of hashes. Each hash represents an equivalence measure: two pages generating the same hash are equivalent according to that measure.
All Content
Pages that are equivalent here are identical, excepting possibly in whitespace.
These pages have identical elements and attributes, but may differ in textual content. So two documents with "todays date" in will not be measured as different from day to day.
This is as above, but measures only elements. Attributes and attribute values are ignored. This is a "structural equivalence" measure.
This looks only at sections as defined by (X)HTML headings. Documents that generate the same Outline in the W3C validator's "show outline" option are equivalent in this measure.
This is a (naive) measure of text content. Probably not useful.

45. Charlotte Hash House Harriers
Information on hashing, events, members and related links.

Hash House Harriers Press Kit and FAQ
HASH HISTORY Go To The Hash Great National and International Hash Information: Home of the Swamp Member of the
International Hash House Harriers Web Ring.
W e l c o m e t o C harlotte .org(y) You have reached the Internet home of the Charlotte Hash House Harriers . The best little Hash House in the South! The CH³ have been running and drinking around the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) since 1992 . Founded in Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia in 1938, Hashing is a mixture of athleticism, sociability, hedonism and hard work; most of all its a refreshing break from the grind and a chance to drink beer with great friends. A Hash Trail is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running, orienteering, and partying, where bands of " Harriers " and " Hairiettes " chase hares or follow marks of flour on 5-to-10 kilometer (3-6 miles) long trails through town, the woods, sewers, even the airport, all in search of exercise, camaraderie, and the ever elusive "Beer Stop." Click on the links to the left to learn more and to find the next Charlotte Hash . Need a Hash out of town ? Try some of the links here . The history and time line of the Charlotte Hash is here ONON!

46. 4. A Hashing Applet
4. A hashing Applet. Try out the concepts we've discussed by experimentingwith the applet on the right. Choose a hashing method below Division.

47. Princeton Hash House Harriers
The drinking club with a running problem. Lists upcoming hashes, and provides general hashing information.
What Is Hashing?

Hash Trash

Mailing List
... How to Find A Hash Near You
No Rest for the Weary, No Mercy for the Stupid.
And so begins the new millennium (give or take a year)...
#751.4: 2 Jan 2000 What's New We have passed the base camp and reached 900'. The millennium is in sight, but is it 1000 or 10001? That's the H1K question.
wankers have visited this page since June 15, 1999
This page was last updated
March 17, 2003
H ash Schedule:
#926.2 - Sun Mar 23 - 2pm 87 Prospect 2:30 at the start. Hey YO! Paully sets the Vernal Equinox Hash
#927.2 - Sun Mar 30 - 2pm 87 Prospect 2:30 at the start. Geezer's mother sets a Cambrian Age hash
#928.2 - Sun Apr 6 - 2pm 87 Prospect 2:30 at the start. Bjorn Dork sets the Dorque-hash
#929.2 - Sun Apr 13 - 2pm 87 Prospect 2:30 at the start. ? sets #930.2 - Sun Apr 20 - 2pm 87 Prospect 2:30 at the start. ? sets #931.2 - Sun Apr 27 - 2pm 87 Prospect 2:30 at the start. ? sets
W ho we are
The Princeton HHH: "Darwin was wrong... " Our Grandmaster: "It's the blood, stupid!"

48. Hashing
Winers Hash House Harriers - A Classy Hash (if there ever was one)
Runs twice monthly- rain or shine- Wine Country Runs of Northern California
Second Monday Night and Last Sunday Afternoon
hot line hot line hot line hot line hot line hot line hot line hot line hot line Runs Cuming Up........................ HALLOWEEN RUN- SUNDAY OCTOBER 31ST- COSTUMES, BOOGIE MEN AND BOOGIE WOMEN-
To Hell with Football Grab your costume your little dog, too" North to 4 th St. Left onto 4 th Run time: High Noon (oooh...Scary!) Come chase the brew with the rest of the goblins. Support your local hash!!

49. The Boise Hash House Harriers Web Page
hashing club. Information about meeting times.
Joust Outliner
Internet Explorer version 3.0 or , you'll have a much more pleasant experience navigating around this site. Opera Users: Although Opera 3.0 supports JavaScript, there is a bug in their implementation which prevents the menu system on this site from working. Opera 3.2 fixes the problem. Note: If you have any problems with this site, please contact the Webmaster. Click here to see the non-JavaScript version of this site.

50. Hashing Animation Tool
Trouble viewing the applet? Click for Operating Requirements.
Trouble viewing the applet? Click for Operating Requirements

51. Royal Milan & Bordighera Hash House Harriers
All the informations you need for hashing in Milan and in Italy from the Royal Milan Bordighera Hash House Harriers. Updated regularly with runs, special events, writeups.

Oldest Hash
in the World
you're wanker number:

52. Consistent Hashing And Random Trees: Distributed Caching Protocols For Relieving
Consistent hashing and Random Trees Consistent hashing 5 forms the basis forthe indexing schemes Chord 17 CAN 14 and the scheme which we introduce.
Consistent Hashing and Random Trees: Distributed Caching Protocols for Relieving Hot Spots on the World Wide Web (1997) (Make Corrections) (82 citations)
David Karger, Eric Lehman, Tom Leighton, Mathhew Levine, Daniel Lewin, Rina Panigrahy ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing
Context Related View or download:
Cached: PS.gz PS PDF DjVu ... Help
From: (more)
Homepages: D.Karger E.Lehman
M.Levine ... (Update Links) Rate this article: (best) Comment on this article (Enter summary) Abstract: We describe a family of caching protocols for distributed networks that can be used to decrease or eliminate the occurrence of hot spots in the network. Our protocols are particularly designed for use with very large networks such as the Internet, where delays caused by hot spots can be severe, and where it is not feasible for every server to have complete information about the current state of the entire network. The protocols are easy to implement using existing network protocols such as... (Update) Context of citations to this paper: More ...optimize object placement and location operations. In our solution, the locations of small objects are chosen by a consistent hashing

53. Home Page - Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers
Includes roster, history and hashing information.
2-4 MAY03: Cheap Mexican Hash
Click to subscribe to ctrh3 Send Comments or Suggestions to Webmaster Page updated 6MAR03 by I.U.D. You Are Wanker The CTrH3 Page is a member of A1 Hash House Harriers (H3 Web Ring) Join Now Ring Hub Random

54. Chameleon Hashing And Signatures - Krawczyk, Rabin (ResearchIndex) More @misc{ krawczykchameleon, author= H. Krawczyk and T. Rabin , title = Chameleon hashing and Signatures
Chameleon Hashing and Signatures (1997) (Make Corrections) (2 citations)
Hugo Krawczyk, Tal Rabin
Context Related View or download:

Cached: PS.gz PS PDF DjVu ... Help
From: (more)
Homepages: H.Krawczyk T.Rabin
(Update Links)
Rate this article: (best)
Comment on this article
(Enter summary) Abstract: We introduce chameleon signatures that provide with an undeniable commitment of the signer to the contents of the signed document (as regular digital signatures do) but, at the same time, do not allow the recipient of the signature to disclose the contents of the signed information to any third party without the signer's consent. These signatures are closely related to "undeniable signatures", but chameleon signatures allow for simpler and more efficient realizations than the latter. In... (Update) Context of citations to this paper: More ...numbers (in the corresponding ranges) and his view can be perfectly simulated. 15 7 Extensions and related work Krawczyk and Rabin present an implementations of Chameleon signatures which requires no interaction during the signature process.

55. Home Page
Running and drinking club. Includes information on hashing, history and links.
Welcome to the home of the G Spot Hash House Harriers
A Drinking Club With a Running Problem
Details TRI FUCKTA 2003 Next Hash
When: Saturday 22nd March
Time: Registration 12.00 Noon
Where: To be advised
Cost: $16 includes Beer, Great food and Keg at Bar in evening.
Note: Send an email to Rapunzel to let her know if you are planning to cum: so we know how many to cater for.(Also if you want tags)
Let us know if you need a place to crash or you can check into one of Greensboro’s many hotels. Hashing throughout the Piedmont Triad since 2000

56. Hashing In Indonesia
Unlike most running sports, such as road racing and orienteering, hashingis definitely not a loners sport. Hashers run in gregarious packs.

57. Music City Hash House Harriers
hashing club that runs every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday, plus special occasions.
Music City Hash House Harriers
Established June 15, 1991
"A Drinking Club with a Running Problem"
3P's MCH3 pages
Mis-management ...
H.H.H Links
Info on the United nations anal hash
Click to subscribe to mchash
3holer your webmeister This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here

58. Hashing
hashing The process of accessing in the hash table. Collision ResolutionClosed hashing stores all records directly in the hash table
    The process of accessing a record by mapping a key value to a position in a table
Hash Function
    Function that map key values to position , it is usually denoted by h
  • Truncation Folding
  • /* char x[] is the input character string;
    M is the size of Hash Table, i.e. the modulus operator factor */
    int i, sum;
    sum += ( int ) x[ i ];
    return ( sum % M );
  • Modular Arithmetic
Hash Table
    The array that holds the record Operations
    • Create Clear Insert Delete Search
      Position in the hash table, with slot numbered to MAX - 1
      Hash function should distribute the record domain with equal probability to all hash table slots. However, collisions occurs when two records hash to the same slot in the hash table.
    Collision Resolution
    • Closed hashing - stores all records directly in the hash table
        Bucket Hashing - table is viewed as an array of M slots divided into B buckets, with each bucket consisting of M/B slots. The hash function then assign each record to the first slot within one of the buckets. If this slot is already occupied, then the record is moved downwards within the bucket until an open slot is found. If a bucket is entirely full, then the record is stored in an overflow bucket of infinite capacity at the end of the table. All buckets share the same overflow bucket.

59. Cambridge Hash House Harriers Website
Meets every Sunday starting at 11am sharp. Site includes a run schedule, statistics, contacts, and information about hashing in the Cambridge area.

60. Plain, Simple: Hashing
hashing, Visualize Context (requires Java Plugin). CREATED BY chris •LAST EDITED BY chris 3 hours, 20 minutes AGO
LANGREITER.COM plain, simple START INDEX Hashing CREATED BY chris chris 43 days AGO
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