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         Hashing:     more books (72)
  1. Robin Hood hashing (Research report. University of Waterloo. Department of Computer Science) by Pedro Celis, 1986
  2. Relative prime transformation aids the minimal perfect hashing function by Celestina T Fung, 1986
  3. Dynamic file organizations for partial match retrieval based on linear hashing (Technical report. University of Minnesota. Institute of Technology. Computer Science Dept) by T. S Yuen, 1985
  4. A general purpose scatter storage subsystem and a comparison of hashing methods (SuDoc NAS 1.26:175814) by Steven C. Macy, 1984
  5. Searching on alphanumeric keys using local balanced trie hashing (Technical report. Carleton University. School of Computer Science) by Ekow J Otoo, 1987
  6. Security and Privacy in Digital Rights Management: ACM CCS-8 Workshop DRM 2001, Philadelphia, PA, USA, November 5, 2001. Revised Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  7. String Processing and Information Retrieval: 16th International Symposium, SPIRE 2009 Saariselkä, Finland, August 25-27, 2009 Proceedings (Lecture Notes ... Computer Science and General Issues)
  8. Cryptographic Libraries for Developers (Programming Series) by Ed Moyle, Diana Kelley, 2005-12-15
  9. Graph-Based Representations in Pattern Recognition: 7th IAPR-TC-15 International Workshop, GbRPR 2009, Venice, Italy, May 26-28, 2009. Proceedings (Lecture ... Vision, Pattern Recognition, and Graphics)
  10. Unique file identification in the National Software Reference Library [An article from: Digital Investigation] by S. Mead, 2006-09-01
  11. Accurate discovery of co-derivative documents via duplicate text detection [An article from: Information Systems] by Y. Bernstein, J. Zobel, 2006-11-01
  12. Searching algorithms (Teubner-Texte zur Mathematik) by J Wiedermann, 1987
  13. Using hash functions as a hedge against chosen ciphertext attack (Research report / International Business Machines Corporation. Research Division) by Victor Shoup, 1999
  14. A lexical analogy to feature matching and pose estimation (SuDoc C 13.58:6790) by John Albert Horst, 2002

61. 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Class
This check is used in numerous systems to verify the integrity of information. It's also used as a hashing function. Open Source, Public Domain
// CRC32 calculation. // This software is in the public domain. // import java.math.*; /** * Calculates the CRC32 - 32 bit Cyclical Redundancy Check * This check is used in numerous systems to verify the integrity * of information. It's also used as a hashing function. Unlike a regular * checksum, it's sensitive to the order of the characters. * It produces a 32 bit (Java int * This Java programme was translated from a C version I had written. * This software is in the public domain. * * * When calculating the CRC32 over a number of strings or byte arrays * the previously calculated CRC is passed to the next call. In this * way the CRC is built up over a number of items, including a mix of * strings and byte arrays. * * The line int crcCalc = crc.crc32("Hello World"); is equivalent * to int crcCalc = crc.crc32("Hello World", -1); . * When starting a new CRC calculation the "previous crc" is set to * 0xFFFFFFFF (or -1). * * The table only needs to be built once. You may use it to generate * many CRC's. *
Eg: String byte String byte byte

62. Plain, Simple: Minimal Perfect Hashing
Minimal Perfect hashing, Visualize Context (requires Java Plugin).CREATED BY chris • LAST EDITED BY chris 1 hour, 20 minutes AGO Perfect Hashing
LANGREITER.COM plain, simple START INDEX Minimal Perfect Hashing CREATED BY chris chris 43 days AGO
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63. Arimta Technology
Cryptography component with focus on interoperability. Supports MD5 hashing and AES (Rijndael) encryption / decryption with custom IV, CBC mode, and PKCS7 padding. Processes data in Hex, Base64, Unicode string, or binary formats. By Arimta Technology. Component, Commercial

64. Hashing
home hashing. hashing. V 0.1 hashing is a method to store the hashtable. A soluton to this problem is. double hashing The idea is
home Hashing
V 0.1 Hashing is a method to store data in an array so that storing, searching, inserting and deleting data is fast (in theory it's O(1)). For this every record needs an unique key. The basic idea is not to search for the correct position of a record with comparisons but to compute the position within the array. The function that returns the position is called the 'hash function' and the array is called a 'hash table'. In our examples our key is an integer value as is the actual data. [note that I use pascal syntax since this is easily readable by everybody I asume] type record key integer data integer end the hash table now looks like this: const type array of If we know that the key is in a small range we could use the key itself as an index (also called hash address) for our array. However this is very rarely the case so we have to find some kind of hash function. A very common and not so bad function is a simple MODulo function: function key integer integer begin key MOD end If we now want to insert a record into the hash we could do it this way: procedure VAR hash rec begin hash rec key rec end But wait! What happens if two different keys return the same hash address from the hash function? Well if you have a good hash function this happens very rarely but it can and will happen. There are two ways to handle a so called 'hash collision'.

Bike hashing every other Sunday. Provides contacts, related links, upcoming bash details, and their telephone hotline.
Welcome To The Palm Beach Bike-O-Psycho Homepage Bikes And Beer What a Concept Founded September 10, 2000 New Hotline 561-752-BEER E-mail contacts; If you would like to get outside, meet some new people, bike together for an hour or so and then socialize over a 'few cold ones', read on ....... We are The Hash House Harriers, a loosely knit international group with chapters in every major U.S. city and 164 countries around the world. A typical trail ride (Bash) involves two members (Hares) leaving the pre-arranged meeting point with a ten minute lead, using flour thrown from a backpack the two mark a trail through woods, tracks and bike trails for the 'pack' to follow in an effort to catch them before they reach the ending spot where the beer is hidden!! To get there you have to follow the trail the 'hares' have marked, the whole concept is based on the old English game of "Hare and Hounds". The trail is typically 10-15 miles in length and covers a wide variety of terrain. A Mountain Bike is preferred!

66. Felgall - What Is Hashing?
What is hashing? What is collision and what are the differences between double hashing,chaining, bucket addressing, perfect hashing, and dynamic hashing?

Site Map
What is Hashing?
Question: I want to know about direct addressing, dictionary lookup, and indirect addressing. Can you explain about division remainder, digit analysis/extraction, folding, mid-square, and radix conversion? What is collision and what are the differences between double hashing, chaining, bucket addressing, perfect hashing, and dynamic hashing? What is linear probing and what are synonyms?
anonymous Answer: Hash tables are one of the most efficient means of searching for data. A hash table establishes a mapping between all of the possible keys and the position where the data associated with those keys is stored. I don't know exactly how all of the hashing methods that you are asking about work but the following should go at least partway towards answering your questions. Direct Addressing is where the hashing algorithm guarantees that no two keys will generate the exact same hash value. This is the ideal situation but is impractical in most situations. Instead most hash functions map multiple keys to the same has value and provide indirect addressing mechanisms to handle the situation where two keys map to the same value. The situation where this occurs is called a

67. Salisbury Hash House Harriers Home
Human hare chasing club. Contact details and programme of future trails .
Haunch of Venison (MRC) Hash House Harriers
sometimes found in our shorts! News Flash! 1000th run, Done and never to be forgotten, sorry if you missed it!!! Check Here for our Programme of Future Trails to Run updated February 16th Check Here for the UK Nash Hash 2003!
Check Here
for the UK Hashing Directory Hosted by Bicester H3
Check Here
for the Worthy Winchester Hash on Mondays
Check Here
for the Wessex Hash on Sundays
Check Here
for the Dorset Hospitality Hash on Fridays Welcome to the Haunch of Venison Hash House Harriers homepage. (We rarely talk about the Mountain Rescue Club bit) We think we are a group who spend every Wednesday evening, running, walking, stopping, starting, crawling, shortcutting, backtracking, rushing, stopping, flirting, re-grouping, anything for an hour or so to get thirsty. Check here to read a better description. Then we DRINK, YES! Official start time is always 7pm (but we generally set off at 7pm prompt! leaving arrows for the retarded) Official contact is:
Paul "Tall Paul" Simmonds Tel: 01722 502257.

68. Hashing
hashing is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running, orienteering, andpartying. For drinkers with a running problem! hashing Guide picks.
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Guide picks Hashing is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running, orienteering, and partying. For drinkers with a running problem!
Flying Booger's Half-Mind Catalog

Hash Boy

Hashing comics from Pinky's Home Page. Shooter Recipe List From the Mosquito County HHH a listing of 69 Shooter Recipes. What do we do at the Hash? The Kalahari 3H gives us a down to earth explanation about but really goes on at a Hash. Why did I even ask? Email this page! Sponsored Links Free shipping and low prices on running and walking shoes from Asics, Brooks, New Balance, Saucony, Mizuno, Reebok, Avia and Ryka.

69. GH3 - Guildford Hash House Harriers
hashing club meeting weekly in the Guildford area on Mondays at 730 p.m.
Next Hash Notes Events What are we like? ... Site Map GH3 - Guildford Hash House Harriers - "The only Anti-Ageing treatment you need!" Hash 919
All Runs 7:30pm unless otherwise stated
Run/Date, Where, Directions from Guildford, Hare, On On Map 24th March
Spotted Dick
Wellington Monument (Duke of, not inclement weather footwear), Aldershot. GR 854511
A31 Hogs Back from Guildford towards Farnham. Turn off onto A331 (Blackwater Relief bypass) towards Camberley. Come off at Aldershot junction through Ash Street to eventually reach Aldershot High Street. Carry on until you reach the Wellington Avenue RA at the jw the A325. Go straight over into Wellesley Road and next right into Bourley Road. TR again towards Monument and car park on your left. There are road signs directing you to the Monument from the RA. Alternatively if coming from Farnham take A325 trough Hale until you reach the RA, or if from Camberley/Frimley take the A325 through Farnborough until you reach the RA.
Dress - smart casual, trousers, polo neck, cravats, smoking jackets, kaftans, etc.

70. What Is Hashing
What is hashing? Revised February 11, 2002. Table of Contents. I.History of hashing III. Down Downs The Forming of the Hash
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated What is Hashing?
Revised: February 11, 2002 Table of Contents I. History of Hashing III. Down Downs
The Forming of the Hash House Harriers Our Tradition
IV. The Hash Trail
II. Mismanagement
Membership V. Trail Marks
Religious Advisor
VI. Hash Trash and then some
On-Sec Humor
Hash Cash Writeup Hash Scribe Calendar Haberdasher Song Master Beer Meister Other
History of Hashing The Hash House Harriers received its humble beginnings in 1938 from a Britisher named Albert Stephen Ignatius Gispert, in what is now Malaysia. Having a fondness for the "paper chase", he gathered together several expatriates to form a group in Kuala Lumpur that would later become a world-wide legacy. The fraternity received its name from the Selangor Club Chambers, which due to it's lackluster food was commonly referred to as the ‘Hash House'. There are currently almost1500 hashes, including groups in almost every major city in

71. Isca Hash House Harriers
hashing in and around Exeter, Devon every Wednesday evening. Provides pictures, a hash diary, news items, and related links.
Isca Hash House Harriers Hashing in and around Exeter every Wednesday evening at Diary Roman Away Day Check out forthcoming Isca H3 hash venues (with helpful maps to get you there!) All you need to know about Isca H3’s annual weekend jaunt, past, present and future. 2003 REGISTRATION FORM NOW AVAILABLE HERE!! South West Hash Diary All About Isca Hash venues for the month ahead and contact details for all South West hashes. Isca H3’s history, contact details and statistics. The UK H3 Homepage Buzby’s Hash Pages the homepage for UK drinkers with a running problem”, and details of every UK Hash. All sorts of information from Isca H3’s RA, including a guide to laying trails e-mail us:

72. April 1996 - ALGORITHMS
hashing REHASHED. by Andrew Binstock. Andrew presents one optimization,then examines the effect of highperformance hardware on hashing.

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GO TO... AI Algorithms Basic Benchmarking/Testing C/C++ Programming Communications/Networking Computer Security Data Compression Database Development Distributed Computing Graphics Programming Java Linux Patterns/OOD Perl Python-URL! Real-Time Computing Scientific Computing Scripting/Alt. Languages Tcl-URL! UNIX XML and Web Services
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by Jack Woehr Don Knuth, one of the world's preeminent computer scientists, takes time out to chat with us about topics ranging from algorithms to the status of volume four of his The Art of Computer Programming
by Andrew Binstock Even tried and tested algorithms can be more efficient. Andrew presents one optimization, then examines the effect of high-performance hardware on hashing.
by Mike J. Courtney Finding the maxima and minima of a function can be tricky, especially when all you have to work with are a few points. Mike shows how cubic splines can fill in the gaps.
by Steve Sipe Porting 16-bit Windows 3.x applications to 32-bit Windows 95 can be difficult, especially if the 16-bit apps depend on third-party DLLs. Steve presents a technique that lets you incorporate 16-bit DLLs into 32-bit applications.

73. APR96: Hashing Rehashed
hashing Rehashed. Is RAM speed making your hashing less efficient? Andrew Binstock. hashingalgorithms occupy a unique place in the hearts of programmers.

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GO TO... AI Algorithms Basic Benchmarking/Testing C/C++ Programming Communications/Networking Computer Security Data Compression Database Development Distributed Computing Graphics Programming Java Linux Patterns/OOD Perl Python-URL! Real-Time Computing Scientific Computing Scripting/Alt. Languages Tcl-URL! UNIX XML and Web Services MSDN Magazine CD-ROM FREE Plus article index - Order today! Newsletter from Solutions for Windows developers WD CD-ROM Only $29.95! Windows Developer CD-ROM Version 6 Order today! Offer ends 8/31/02 See your message here Printer Friendly Version
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Hashing Rehashed
Is RAM speed making your hashing less efficient?
Andrew Binstock
Andrew is editor-in-chief of UNIX Review and coauthor of Practical Algorithms for Programmers (Addison-Wesley, 1995). He can be reached at Hashing algorithms occupy a unique place in the hearts of programmers. Discovered early on in computer science, they are among the most approachable algorithms and certainly the most enjoyable to tinker with. Moreover, the endless search for the Holy Grail, a perfect hash function for a given data set, still consumes considerable ink in each year's batch of computer-science journals. For developers who program for a living, however, recondite refinements to unusual hashing functions are of little use. In general, when you need a hash table, you want a quick, convenient hashing function. And unless you know where to get one, you will almost certainly fall prey to the fallacy that you can write and optimize one quickly for your particular application.

74. New Page 1
hashing in Seoul since 1987. Site includes schedule, contacts, photos, announcements, and instructions for joining the club's email list.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

75. What Is Hashing?
hashing A social event with two parts the trail and the drinking,singing and laughing after the trail. The Trail. A trail leads
Hash History Hash Glossary Hashing: A social event with two parts: the trail and the drinking, singing and laughing after the trail. The Trail A trail leads the pack (you and everyone else who did not lay the trail) through forests, along city streets, over rivers, inside buildings, etc. Trails are typically 3-6 miles long, and usually take less than two hours to complete. The hares (the person or people who did lay the trail) use chalk, flour, or toilet paper to mark where the trial goes. Along the way, the you will discover decision points , places where the trail goes in many directions. The goal of the pack is to find the true trail that will lead them to the finish, which might be at or near the start, or it might be miles away. A full description of markings is available. The Drinking, Singing,
and Laughing
After you have finished the trail, you will either end up at a bar, or find a cooler or keg in the woods or at someone's house. Either way, the hares should have one of your favorite beverages, such as beer, soda, or water. Feel free to drink as much as you want, but save some room for the down-downs Down-downs are a form of ritualized drinking. When you have a cup, can, or bottle of the beverage of your choice, the pack will sing a song with the words ``drink" or ``down" in it. At that point, you should start drinking. You will continue drinking until one of two things happen:

hashing in South Korea since 1999.
Hash House Harriers MISMANAGEMENT
Religious Advisor: After Birth
Grand Master: (Vacant)
GM Apprentist: Blows Too Small
On Sec: After Birth
Web Masturbater: After Birth
Habadasher: After Birth
Hash Cash: After Birth
Beir Meister: (Vacant)
Apprentist Beir Meister: (Vacant) Beer Wench: Golden Bitch Hare Raiser: Blows Too Small Song Meister: Bottoms Up, Top Down Hash Flash: (Vacant) Shoe Sherriff: Rear Entry Woody: (Vacant) You are visitor # * The Taegu San-Tokie Hash House Harriers was founded by Tim (Drag Queen) Richards on 28 August 1999. The hash meets every Saturday at 3 PM, the Friday closest to every Full Moon at 7 PM, and on holidays and special occasions (Times vary)(See dates below left). Will NOT meet the Saturday immediately following a Friday Full Moon Hash. Always a running trail, 4-6 miles and sometimes do Walking Trails if hares available; Full Moon trails are 4 miles. All trails are A to B. After a brief chalk talk (instructions), the Hares take off to lay trail; on Saturday and holiday runs, the pack follows 20 minutes later and then walks for 7 minutes before running; on Full Moon runs, the pack follows 15 minutes later and walks for 5. * A $5 or 6000 WON donation is collected to pay for beverages, food, and other expenses.

77. E-archiv Jiøího Peterky: Hashing
hashing. hashing hašování v oblasti databází technika rešícíprístup k datovým záznamum na základe znalosti klíce.
Sobota, 22. 3. 2003 - zpravodajství CATV Ekonomika Infrastruktura sítí Internet a e-komerce Internet telefonie ISDN Legislativa a regulace Operátoøi v ÈR Operátoøi zahranièní Videokonference Wireless a satelity xDSL - archivy Èlánky Krátké zprávy Newton - Monitoring médií Zahranièní zdroje E-mail konference - eArchiv Domovská stránka eArchivu Statistiky eArchivu Nejnovìjší èlánky Èlánky podle témat Èlánky podle titulù Seriály Slovníky Pøednášky Tutoriály Pøíspìvky z konferencí Download centrum Vyhledávání Kniha návštìv O autorovi
Seriál: Elektronický slovník
Hashing - hašování: v oblasti databází technika øešící pøístup k datovým záznamùm na základì znalosti klíèe. V kryptografii se hašovací algoritmy používají zejména pro potøeby zajištìní integrity pøenášených zpráv èi uchovávaných dat. V rámci operaèních systémù se hašovací techniky používají i pro potøeby evidence hesel. Samotný hašovací algoritmus, jehož možné využití jsme si právì naznaèili, by mìl být volen tak, aby výpoèet "výcuc-u" byl dostateènì rychlý a jednoduchý, ale na druhé stranì bylo nesmírnì tìžké najít rùzné zdrojové texty, které budou mít stejný "výcuc", èi najít alespoò jeden zdrojový text, jehož "výcuc" by se shodoval s pøedem známým "výcuc-em" - zde se v podstatì chce, aby to nešlo dìlat nijak rozumnìji a efektivnìji, než postupným vyzkoušením všech možností, které pøipadají v úvahu. Rùzné hašovací techniky se s oblibou používají i pro èetné další úèely související se zabezpeèením, nejen se zajištìním integrity (neporušenosti) pøenášených zpráv, pøípadnì dat uchovávaných na urèitém konkrétním místì. S oblibou se používají napøíklad pro potøeby evidence hesel všude tam, kde je tøeba nìjaká hesla skladovat. Není totiž moc rozumné uchovávat je v jejich zdrojovém tvaru, napøíklad v jediném textovém souboru - jeho získáním by si pøípadný narušitel doslova otevøel všechny dveøe dokoøán! Místo samotných hesel však lze uchovávat napøíklad jen jejich "výcuc-y" - vzhledem k charakteru hašovacího algoritmu pak bude nesmírnì složité odvodit pùvodní heslo, ale pro "strážce systému" (tj. pro operaèní systém) bude naopak velmi jednoduché ovìøit si podle seznamu "výcuc-ù", zda konkrétní uživatelem zadané heslo je správné èi nikoli.

78. Hash Home Page
Information, contacts, and links for people who want to find out about following the flour in south Florida.
hashing in south florida
your source for information on exciting hashing action in south florida from miami to jupiter, and occasionally beyond...information is also available on the following hotline phone numbers: miami/ft lauderdale (954)680-hash hurricane/corned beef hashes in palm beach (561)585-9058 palm beach hash house harriers (561) 753-0940 read on on for all the information you need to make it to the next hash. the same kind of information should be available on the south florida hash hotline; that's (954) 680-hash. use the hotline to leave messages for the webfuehrer, or e-mail at the address below. get your red dresses (and white and blUE accessories) ready! anal red dress run
DATE: SATURDAY, JUNE 23rd 5:00 P.M. happy hour- hares away at 6:00! Starting from behind the outback steak house at linton blved in delray beach, just off i-95 erections: take i-95 to linton blvd, exit at linton going east, and watch on the left for the outback steak house. drive around back, and look for the pack of red clad hashers.
other details: cost $10 includes ample beer, trinkets, the on-after, where more beer will be provided!

79. What Is HASHING?
Hastings Hash House Harriers. What is hashing? in 1938. The OriginsOf Hashers. Item 1 Item 2. hashing In A Foreign Land. I took up
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Hastings Hash House Harriers What is HASHING? Home About Our Hash What is HASHING? Next Run and Events Run Reports Runs #113-115 Aug02 100th Run Report ... Please Contact Us! The Origins Of Hashers Item 1
Item 2 Hashing In A Foreign Land
Now at that time the RA was a ranting Scotsman whose Hashname (everyone ends up with a hashname) was 'Elephant Man'. Nobody every asked him why he was called that because nobody could ever understand his broad Scots accent. In fact people were often called out and punished, who left the Circle afterwards having no idea of their crime... The rewards were always a soft drink downed quickly (as Saudi was supposed to be a booze-free) but punishments were something else. Those denounced as bad hashers were herded into the middle, a song sung to them, and then had bucketfuls of water/ flour/ food-colouring thrown at them. There was no time to wash it off as the Hash Horn immediately called for the start of each run, so the 'guilty' ran in their technicolour outfits! Luckily the temperature was always warm to very hot, so nobody minded too much, but the flour in the mixture did seem to start 'cooking' on a hot day....
Another year, another contract extension, and I was now 'On-Sec' (sic) for the Hash as the 'Old Guard' kept departing. I attended my first InterGulf Hash in Dubai, and then my first World InterHash in Bali - great!!! Then when the current GM, Dave 'Timbertool' Woodcock, announced he was being sent elsewhere, I eventually became Joint Master with Jim 'Startkers' Stark, and then Jim 'Mooseburger' Mace, before doing the whole lot as GM on their departure. Before long we had sponsors filling hash coffers and a good, strong Poliburo of 20 plus. As in any organisation, these people were the responsible for the success or failure, and the character of the Hash.

80. KFC's Place
KFC's personal collection of northeast Florida hashing and hashing links.
Welcome to KFC's Place! Send me Mail

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