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         Hashing:     more books (72)
  1. Hash tables in PRAM and VLSI models (Technical report / Dipartimento di informatica, Università di Pisa) by Fabrizio Luccio, 1989
  2. Parallel access to hash tables (Technical report / Dipartimento di informatica, Università di Pisa) by Fabrizio Luccio, 1989
  3. A new method for generating minimal perfect hash functions by Thomas J Sager, 1984
  4. Rationale for bit fixing in the MDC-2 algorithm (Research report RC. International Business Machines Corporation. Research Division) by Don Coppersmith, 1999
  5. Application of finite fields to memory interleaving (HP Laboratories technical report) by Abraham Lempel, 1992
  6. Load balancing and hot spot relief for hash routing among a collection of proxy caches (Research report RC. International Business Machines Corporation. Research Division) by Kun-Lung Wu, 1999
  7. On-the-fly compression of logical circuits (Research report RC. International Business Machines Corporation. Research Division) by Malay K Ganai, 2000
  8. An O(n log n) algorithm for finding minimal perfect hash functions (TR) by E. A Fox, 1989
  9. Hello, are you human? (GIT-CC) by Jun Xu, 2001
  10. LEND and faster algorithms for constructing minimal perfect hash functions by E. A Fox, 1992
  11. The correctness proof of a quadratic-hash algorithm by A. Nico Habermann, 1975
  12. A composition theorem for universal one-way hash functions (Research report / International Business Machines Corporation. Research Division) by Victor Shoup, 1999
  13. Implementation of a perfect hash function scheme (TR) by Sanjeev Datta, 1989
  14. Un algorithme parallele de fermeture transitive utilisant un placement par hachage =: A parallel transitive closure algorithm using hash-based clustering ... Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) by Jean-Pierre Cheiney, 1988

81. DC Hashing Resource
PPV's Guide to 202/PUDJAM0. Washington DC's hashing Hotline. What'sNew Great Falls H3. DC Events DC and surrounding area.
PPV's Guide to 202/PUD-JAM0
Washington DC's Hashing Hotline
What's New Updated Contacts, Events on October 16, 2002 - check for new photos soon! DC AREA RED DRESS HASH #9 - U Missed It! Click on image below for info! Extension Hash When/Where Other Contact Comments Full Moon Monthly around the night of the full moon. Kiel Bastard Usual cost $10-12 DC Harriettes and Harriers Saturdays at 3pm(winter), Tuesdays at 630pm(summer) Flat Ass Wide Spot in the Dirt Road Every other Wednseday evening somewhere in Maryland. Access Denied Mt Vernon Saturdays at 10am, normally in Northern VA Late Comer Usual cost $4, always live hare. White House Sundays at 3pm (winter), Mondays at 630pm(summer) - DC, VA and MD Put It Out $4, bring extra cash for pub afterwards Baltimore-Annapolis Sundays at 3pm. Ranger Dick Usual cost $5 Everyday is Wednesday H3 Wednesdays at 6:45pm in Winter, Thursdays at 6:45 in Summer. JAG Queen Holy Tit Always downtown and Metro accessible. $4. Over the Hump Wednesdays at 7pm AND Sundays at 2pm in Prince William and Stafford counties(VA). Dangerously Close Sunday run usually has an optional family trail
Other DC Area Hashes NOT on 202/PUD-JAM0

82. Ft. Lauderdale Fool Moon And Wild Card Hash
Drinking and running in Southeast Florida. This site houses the Weekly wild card hash and special event calendar, photos and links to other hashing action in Broward, Dade and West Palm Beach.

83. E-archiv Jiriho Peterky: Hashing
Serial Elektronicky slovnik, hashing. hashing hasovani v oblasti databazitechnika resici pristup k datovym zaznamum na zaklade znalosti klice.
Sobota, 22. 3. 2003 - zpravodajstvi CATV Ekonomika Infrastruktura siti Internet a e-komerce Internet telefonie ISDN Legislativa a regulace Operatori v CR Operatori zahranicni Videokonference Wireless a satelity xDSL - archivy Clanky Kratke zpravy Newton - Monitoring medii Zahranicni zdroje E-mail konference - eArchiv Domovska stranka eArchivu Statistiky eArchivu Nejnovejsi clanky Clanky podle temat Clanky podle titulu Serialy Slovniky Prednasky Tutorialy Prispevky z konferenci Download centrum Vyhledavani Kniha navstev O autorovi
Serial: Elektronicky slovnik
Hashing - hasovani: v oblasti databazi technika resici pristup k datovym zaznamum na zaklade znalosti klice. V kryptografii se hasovaci algoritmy pouzivaji zejmena pro potreby zajisteni integrity prenasenych zprav ci uchovavanych dat. V ramci operacnich systemu se hasovaci techniky pouzivaji i pro potreby evidence hesel. Samotny hasovaci algoritmus, jehoz mozne vyuziti jsme si prave naznacili, by mel byt volen tak, aby vypocet "vycuc-u" byl dostatecne rychly a jednoduchy, ale na druhe strane bylo nesmirne tezke najit ruzne zdrojove texty, ktere budou mit stejny "vycuc", ci najit alespon jeden zdrojovy text, jehoz "vycuc" by se shodoval s predem znamym "vycuc-em" - zde se v podstate chce, aby to neslo delat nijak rozumneji a efektivneji, nez postupnym vyzkousenim vsech moznosti, ktere pripadaji v uvahu. Ruzne hasovaci techniky se s oblibou pouzivaji i pro cetne dalsi ucely souvisejici se zabezpecenim, nejen se zajistenim integrity (neporusenosti) prenasenych zprav, pripadne dat uchovavanych na urcitem konkretnim miste. S oblibou se pouzivaji napriklad pro potreby evidence hesel vsude tam, kde je treba nejaka hesla skladovat. Neni totiz moc rozumne uchovavat je v jejich zdrojovem tvaru, napriklad v jedinem textovem souboru - jeho ziskanim by si pripadny narusitel doslova otevrel vsechny dvere dokoran! Misto samotnych hesel vsak lze uchovavat napriklad jen jejich "vycuc-y" - vzhledem k charakteru hasovaciho algoritmu pak bude nesmirne slozite odvodit puvodni heslo, ale pro "strazce systemu" (tj. pro operacni system) bude naopak velmi jednoduche overit si podle seznamu "vycuc-u", zda konkretni uzivatelem zadane heslo je spravne ci nikoli.

84. Panama City Hash House Harriers
Schedules and contacts for hashing in Panama City, Florida; jewel of the Redneck Riviera. hashing in the central time zone since 15 Dec 1992.
Panama City Hash House Harriers Founded 15 Dec 92 by Pete "BOGYA" Bauer PCH3 Feb 2001 - Apr 2001 Notice that the starting times vary. Use your good eye. HAVE YOU HUGGED YOUR DESIGNATED DRIVER TODAY? Hash Trash Web Site provided by: Panama City Beach Hurricanes Rugby Football Club Need Hash Hymns? This will keep you busy a while ; )
Jan 20 Sat 5:00 pm PCH3 #292. B-Day Deliverance Hash. Yes, Fartacus is almost of age (old age). Can he find enough rough shiggy to please? Meat: 5814 Highpoint road near Deerpoint. Take Hwy 231 north to 2321 (the road to dam, just past 390 and before Star Ave.) and turn left. Follow 1 mile, when road curves left, go straight onto dirt road. 2nd house on right. Hare: Fartacus 769-6037, Hare elf wanted. Feb 3 Sat. 3:00pm PCH3 #293. Follow our Dicks…Hash. Hared by none other than, 1 Small Dick for Mankind….769-8311, and Shrivel Dick 874-0291. (Faithful customers of Latex Inc. and Palms-o-Passion moisturizers) Meat: Springfield Gardens Park, corner of Transmitter Road and 7th Street.
Feb 17 Sat. 3:00pm PCH3 #294.

85. Double Hashing
Definition of double hashing, possibly with links to more informationand implementations. NIST. double hashing. (algorithm).
double hashing
(algorithm) Definition: A method of open addressing for a hash table in which a collision is resolved by searching the table for an empty place at intervals given by a different hash function, thus minimizing clustering Also known as rehashing. See also linear probing hash table Note: Since a different hashing function is used to find a location in case of collision, colliding values should be spread out. In linear probing primary clustering occurs when collisions fill up every space for long stretches. Even in quadratic probing secondary clustering may develop since colliding values follow the same probe sequence Author: PEB
insert (C and Pascal) search (C and Pascal) Go to the Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures home page. If you have suggestions, corrections, or comments, please get in touch with Paul E. Black ( Entry modified Wed Feb 6 13:22:22 2002.
HTML page formatted Tue Dec 3 12:14:08 2002. This page's URL is

86. Perfect Hashing
Definition of perfect hashing, possibly with links to more informationand implementations. NIST. perfect hashing. (algorithm).
perfect hashing
(algorithm) Definition: A hash function that maps each different key to a distinct integer. Usually all possible keys must be known beforehand. A hash table that uses a perfect hash has no collisions Formal Definition: A function f is perfect for a set of keys K iff for all j, k Also known as optimal hashing. See also minimal perfect hashing order preserving minimal perfect hashing Note: After BJ. Author: PEB
See the implementations at minimal perfect hashing (C++, C) insert (C) search (C)
More information
Martin Dietzfelbinger, Anna Karlin, Kurt Melhorn, Friedhelm Meyer Auf Der Heide, Hans Rohnert, and Robert E. Tarjan Dynamic Perfect Hashing: Upper and Lower Bounds , SIAM J. Comput., 23(4):738-761, August 1994. Go to the Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures home page. If you have suggestions, corrections, or comments, please get in touch with Paul E. Black ( Entry modified Wed Feb 12 11:25:53 2003.
HTML page formatted Wed Feb 12 11:34:08 2003. This page's URL is

87. Sumo Hash House Harriers
Contains links about life in Japan, upcoming events, description of the club, history and hashing links.
Sumo Hash House Harriers Sumo Hash Info:
Who We Are

Upcoming Events

Sumo Hash Trash

Sumo Hash Ranking
World Hash Links

Life in Japan:
Travel Resources

Outdoor Japan

Japan Guide

Lonely Planet
... Storm Watch Get FREE E-mail here: Excite Mail Hotmail Mail City ... Yahoo Mail Updated 28 October 2002 Sumo Hash House Harriers H3 Pages in Japan Hiroshima H3 Ibaraki H3 Iwakuni White Snake H3 Kanto Katch the Hare ... Photo from Hash #13 Join our E-mail list to keep up on all the latest info.

88. Daily Nation On The Web
Oyunga Pala, Daily Nation on the Web Saturday Magazine
Saturday Magazine
Saturday, June 12, 1999
A History of Hashing
A Story of Hashing By Oyunga Pala Cover of the Saturday Magazine The Hash House Harriers is a social club of runners described as 'a drinking club with a running problem'. Expatriate British businessmen, accountants, lawyers, civil servants and the like started the hash in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is based on the old English sport of hares and hounds. The founder of the hash, A.S. 'G' Gispert, in 1937 discovered the Springgit Harriers, one of the paper chase clubs, in Malacca. He introduced Ronald 'Torch' Bennett to the concept and the stage was set. When 'G' returned to Kuala Lumpur in 1938, he became a member of the Federated Malay States Volunteer Reserves which trained on Mondays. 'G' and many of the other expatriate Britons were housed in barracks in the Royal Selangor Club where he and 'Torch' would often discuss starting a harrier club in KL (Kuala Lumpur). Finally, around December of 1938, 'G' convinced a dozen others to follow his inaugural paper trail. Gispert then suggested the name Hash House Harriers in mock allusion to the mess at the Selangor Club, where many of them dined. The runs were held on Monday evenings after reserve training, and were followed by refreshment with Tiger beer. Gispert was killed in battle defending Singapore from the Japanese at 4am on February 11, 1942. The hash has grown from those humble beginnings to include thousands of chapters and tens of thousands of hashers world-wide.

89. Hashing
What is hashing? Basically hashing is a form of noncompetitive cross-country runningwith the main objective of working up a decent thirst. More about hashing.
Check it out!
UK Hashes
Map Locator
Text Only Search
Website List
European Hashes
Map Locator
Text Only Search
Website List
Rest of World
Map Locator Other World Links Hash Events UK Events UK Nash Hash Worldwide Events Update H3 Details What is Hashing?
Want to know more? See:
How It All Started...
A brief look at the origins of this world-wide organisation. A Guide for New Feet If you would like to try hashing you might find this useful. Or not! (On Sex might also like to copy and paste this and the following items into their Hash Trash) Hash Hints A few words of advice before you begin... A Guide for Hares Some hints for the not quite so new hasher. More about Hashing Other sources of information on hashing: magazines, on-line mailing lists, etc

90. Kobe H3 Home Page
Japan's second oldest Hash. Been hashing every Monday at since 1978, come hail, highwater or earthquake.
Kobe Hash House Harriers Hash House What? hashing explained All about the Kobe Hash When is the next run? HHH Contacts: Japan Other Hashes in Japan: details and contacts HHH Contacts: Worldwide Find that hash site
Other hash sites you must visit
The Kinky Fully Mooned Hash House Harriers Kyoto Hash House Harriers Tokyo Area Hashes Flying Booger's Half-Mind Catalog The favourite site of many hashers
Kobe H3
page, member of the
Hash House Harriers Web Ring
Skip It Next 5 Random ...
to all pages in the ring
THE KOBE HASH HOUSE HARRIERS of Kobe, Japan are the second oldest Hash in the country, and Kansai's Mother Hash. We have been hashing every Monday at 7:00 pm since 9th January 1978, come hail, highwater or earthquake. KOBE HASH misMANAGEMENT Joint Masters Slimie Limie (Martyn Weeks)
Yopparai Unten
(Yasuo Achiwa) Hash Horn Bunter (Shinichi Kusakabe) Ha$h Ca$h Bunter with Slimie Limie Religious Advisor Bird Fucker (Mark Hayman-Joyce) Hare Razor Bird Fucker On Sec Mad Manx (Bob Teare) Wired Sec Beerhead (Jeff Birtwistle)
Special Events
Sakura Run

91. Results
Search Results. Nothing Found. Your search for hashing IN keyword did notreturn any results. hashing keyword Advanced Search Search Help/Tips. keyword&coll=portal&dl=ACM&

92. Hashing In Lebanon
All about the three Hash kennels of Beirut, Lebanon the Greater Beirut HHH, the Beirut Tarboush HHH, and the Beirut Full Moon HHH.
Hashing in Lebanon
Welcome to the Official Web Site of Hashing in Lebanon
THE Club for Drinkers with a Running Problem.
Follow the links to the Hash of your choice to find out where the next run is, read about the last run, enjoy rude and embarrassing pictures and see how many runs you have done.
Useful Information
About Lebanon
Produced with deep respect by Gobscheit Productions
June 2001
This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit Here

93. Hashing
Translate this page hashing. nm. ALGO Voir la francisation hachage. Article lié à celui-ci hachage. Articles voisins hardlock - hardscroll - hardware
hashing n. m. ALGO ] Voir la francisation hachage Article lié à celui-ci : hachage Articles voisins : hardlock hardscroll hardware Harvard Mark II ... Courrier

94. Hashing -
hashing Last modified Tuesday, November 25, 1997. hashing is also a common methodof accessing data records. Consider, for example, a list of names
You are in the: Small Business Channel Jump to Website ECommerce Guide Small Business Computing Webopedia
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hashing Last modified: Tuesday, November 25, 1997 Producing hash values for accessing data or for security . A hash value (or simply hash ) is a number generated from a string of text. The hash is substantially smaller than the text itself, and is generated by a formula in such a way that it is extremely unlikely that some other text will produce the same hash value. Hashes play a role in security systems where they're used to ensure that transmitted messages have not been tampered with. The sender generates a hash of the message, encrypts it, and sends it with the message itself. The recipient then decrypts both the message and the hash, produces another hash from the received message, and compares the two hashes. If they're the same, there is a very high probability that the message was transmitted intact.

95. San Diego Area Hash House Harriers
Guide to hashing in and around San Diego. Includes latest run information from the San Diego, California Larrikins, Mission Harriettes, North County, Humpin', Intergalactic, Hair of Dog, San Diego Full Moon, and Iron Rule Hash House Harriers.
San Diego Area Hash House Harriers
a drinking club with a running problem
Run Starts
Major Events
San Diego H3
California Larrikins Porters Pub H3 Mission Harriettes Pickup Hash North County H3 Humpin H3 InterGalactic H3 Hair of the Dog Bike Hash Full Moon H3 La Jolla H3 Iron Rule H3
What's New Runstarts by Phone (760) 599-SHIT
For Virgins For Hashers Administration Hashing in San Diego and This Website Red Dress Run Photos SMD's Photos Captain Jerk's Photos ... RDR videos Is the new book Murder on the Run
(with X-rated videos and unusual sex) by Famous Anus really about the Hash?

96. Hashing Is A  Mathematical Technique To Convert A Key Into An Index Into An Arr
hashing is a mathematical technique to convert a key into an array index.It is useful if we have keys with a limited set of unique values.
Home Programs Math Topics Circle touching 3 points ...
Graph Searching

Intersecting lines

Number of Divisors

Proof by Contradiction

Runge-Kutta O.D.E. Algorithm
X^4 minus X^2
Hashing is a mathematical technique to convert a key into an array index. It is useful if we have keys with a limited set of unique values. For example, the set of Delphi reserved words or the set of words in the dictionary. It is further desirable that we access the entries many times - since retrieval is much faster than other types of searching, applications with many lookups are ideal candidates. The function that performs this conversion is called the hashing function and the array that we will index is called the hash table, the positions in the table are frequently referred to as buckets . The ideal hashing function for a fixed size set of key values would translate every valid key into a unique bucket. For the more general case, the best we can hope for is that the hashing function creates hashed keys that are uniformly randomly distributed across the the table. Clearly the hash table must be at least as large as the number of unique values that will be inserted. For performance reasons, it is desirable to have the table considerably larger. This is because, most hashing functions are many to one, i.e. it is possible that more than one input will produce the same output. For valid entries, this is known as a

97. Index, Silicone Valley Hash House Harriers
Home page of the Silicone Valley Hash House Harriers. hashing in the San Jose and Menlo Park, CA areas.
MAIN SVH3 Calendar H.H.H. Links MAIN SVH3 Calendar H.H.H. Links

98. Hashing
hashing. Hash House Harriers the drinking club with a running problem.The Old Fitzroy Hotel is a meeting place for the Hash House Harriers.
The Old Fitzroy Hotel, Sydney caters for backpackers, theatre goers. The Old Fitzroy Hotel, the happening place to be for backpackers and theatre.
Check out
Photo Albums
Hash House Harriers - the drinking club with a running problem The Old Fitzroy Hotel is a meeting place for the Hash House Harriers. We have an information board providing details of upcoming runs. Everyone is invited to participate. Regular runs go from the hotel. The Hash House Harriers was founded in Kuala Lumper in 1938 by British expatriates in order to promote physical fitness and acquire a good thirst. It's popularity grew and expanded overseas. Today, there are over 1000 clubs covering six continents and many islands. So if you are at all interested in having a run and meeting people from across the world, pop in and check out the information board or give us a call.
"The Old Fitzroy Hotel, Just around the Corner but a Thousand Miles Away"
129 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011, Sydney, Australia. (Ph: 02 93563848)

Hey Why not say G'day to your friends from the
Fitz or just let us know what you think.

99. The Pinky Page
hashing from a Southern California perspective and the online home of Hash Boy and Foamy
This web page uses frames, which your browser does not support. Tough doodies.

100. What Is Hashing?
What is hashing? Some say hashers are drinkers with a running problem , othersare not so kind. in Princeton at 2PM on Sunday and give hashing a try.
What is hashing? Some say hashers are "drinkers with a running problem", others are not so kind. Perhaps the following email thread from the PHHH mailing list can shed some light on what it is we are doing: Wacko begins: If you like to jog and aren't afraid of getting your feet wet then you simply must come over to 87 Prospect St. in Princeton at 2PM on Sunday and give hashing a try. A hash is a cross-country run/treasure hunt where the stash is a cooler of beer, soda and chips. We cover 3-4 miles in roughly an hour, following a devious trail of cooking flour through the woods in search of the elusive beer and some fun. It's really a great adventure and the trail is devious enough that everyone stays together in a group, the lamest runner such as myself can keep up with marathon runners no problem and competitiveness is completely and totally frowned upon. Hope to see you there, Dan "Wacko" Wachspress (p.s. all hashers have "hash"names - mine is Wacko) To which A Joy to His Mother responds : We should have something on how PHHH is different from other hashes. not having hashed anywhere else, i'm not sure exactly how it should look, but something like:

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