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         Hashing:     more books (72)
  1. Design of Hashing Algorithms (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) by Josef Pieprzyk, Babak Sadeghiyan, 1994-01-07
  2. Design and Analysis of Coalesced Hashing (International Monographs on Computer Science) by Jeffrey Scott Vitter, Wen-chin Chen, 1986-10-16
  3. Half a Mind: Hashing : The Outrageous Running Sport by Alice Johnson, 1990-04
  4. Hashing in Smalltalk: Theory and Practice by Andres Valloud, 2008
  5. Hashing in Computer Science: Fifty Years of Slicing and Dicing by Alan G. Konheim, 2010-07-06
  6. Hashing: Hash table, HMAC, Collision, Rabin-Karp string search algorithm, Bloom filter, Cryptographic hash function, Extendible hashing
  7. Half a Mind: Hashing [Signed By Author] by Alice A. Johnson, 1990
  8. Hash Functions: Hash function, Pearson hashing, Rolling hash, Perfect hash function, Fowler-Noll-Vo hash function, Zobrist hashing
  9. Hashing, Searching, Sketching by Rina Panigrahy, 2009-09-18
  10. Data Structure Introduction: Splay Tree, Sparse Array, Extendible Hashing, Pairing Heap, Skew Heap, Search Data Structure, Finger Tree
  11. Things of Each Possible Relation Hashing Against One Another by Juliana Spahr, 2003-11
  12. md5bloom: Forensic filesystem hashing revisited [An article from: Digital Investigation] by V. Roussev, Y. Chen, et all 2006-09-01
  13. Hashing in Smalltalk: Theory and Practice by Andres Valloud, 2008-01-01
  14. Hashing Out Encryption Solutions.: An article from: Security Management by John N. Bumgarner, 2001-06-01

121. Bibliography On Hashing
Bibliography on hashing. This bibliography is a part of the ComputerScience Bibliography Collection. The Bibliography on hashing.

122. Columbian Hash House Harriers
Contacts, schedules, and general information on hashing from the Columbian Hash House Harriers of Columbia, South Carolina. Running in the state capital since 1988.

123. AT T ACES PKI Center
hashing. hashing is the transformation of a string of characters into a usuallyshorter fixedlength value or key that represents the original string.

124. Making A Beer Run Drinking Club Members Take Partying In Stride
An article about hashing by Leif B. Strickland of the Dallas Morning News.

125. What Is Hashing?
hashing is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running, orienteering, and partying,where bands of harriers and harriettes chase hares on eightto-ten

126. Austin Hash House Harriers
Provides pictures, hashing statistics, a calendar of events, news items, meeting minutes, and related links.

127. The Hashing World
hashing General Info. As you About hashing About hashing (AnotherTake) Mustang Sally's Hash House Harrier Press Kit. News Article

128. Inland Empire Hash House Harriers - Hashing The Web
hashing on the Web Surfing sites. HASH WEB SITES For people withnothing better to do. The World Hash House Harriers Web Page The

129. Onslow County Hash House Harriers
Schedules, news, pictures, and general information about hashing from the Onslow County Hash House Harriers, a club devoted to staging Hare and Hounds runs in eastern North Carolina.

130. Le Tecnologie, L'hashing
Translate this page Le tecnologie. L'hashing. Dietro il nome CRC32 si cela molto Il CRC32 รจ unalgoritmo Glossario di hashing, spesso usato per il rivelamento di errori.

131. Southern Comfort H3
Southern Comfort Hash House Harriers, Atlanta's SouthSide Hash House Harriers. Shiggy, extreme hashing, jogging, beer drinking, singing. If you don't know what this means, show up and find out!

132. Halve Mein Hash House Harriers
What hashing Is! The another. Any contributions to What hashing Is!,are welcome, please send feedback to

133. Atlanta Area Hashes
hashing is an exhilaratingly fun combination of running, orienteering, and partying, where bands of harriers and harriettes chase hares on eightto-ten kilometer-long trails through town, country, and desert, all in search of exercise, camaraderie, and good times.

134. Hashing (11)
hashing (11). Michael L. Littman. October 16th, 1997. hashing BASICSMotivation; Universal Concepts; Extending Tables; Hash Function; Example;

135. Jamaica Hash House Harriers
hashing in the shadow of the Blue Mountains, running loose in the land of rum, reggae and JAH3 runs.

136. Wellington Interhash 2004 Bid
The combined Hash kennels of Wellington, NZ, are bidding to host InterHash 2004, the biannual Olympics of hashing. Site makes the case for voting Wellington.

137. Data Structures And Algorithms Hash Functions
8.3.3 hashing Functions. Choosing a good hashing function, h(k), is essential forhashtable based searching. h(k) = floor((mk)/r). will provide uniform hashing.

138. Hogtown Hash House Harriers
Located in Toronto. Provides run details, news items, pictures, related links, an overview of hashing, and recruiting.

139. Info Node (slib)Hashing
(slib)hashing. hashing require 'hash)' These hashing functions are foruse in quickly classifying objects. Hash tables use these functions.

140. Barcelona Hash House Harriers
hashing in Spain. The Barna HHH meets the last Saturday of each month in the Barcelona/Sitges area.

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