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         Hashing:     more books (72)
  1. Design of Hashing Algorithms (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) by Josef Pieprzyk, Babak Sadeghiyan, 1994-01-07
  2. Design and Analysis of Coalesced Hashing (International Monographs on Computer Science) by Jeffrey Scott Vitter, Wen-chin Chen, 1986-10-16
  3. Half a Mind: Hashing : The Outrageous Running Sport by Alice Johnson, 1990-04
  4. Hashing in Smalltalk: Theory and Practice by Andres Valloud, 2008
  5. Hashing in Computer Science: Fifty Years of Slicing and Dicing by Alan G. Konheim, 2010-07-06
  6. Hashing: Hash table, HMAC, Collision, Rabin-Karp string search algorithm, Bloom filter, Cryptographic hash function, Extendible hashing
  7. Half a Mind: Hashing [Signed By Author] by Alice A. Johnson, 1990
  8. Hash Functions: Hash function, Pearson hashing, Rolling hash, Perfect hash function, Fowler-Noll-Vo hash function, Zobrist hashing
  9. Hashing, Searching, Sketching by Rina Panigrahy, 2009-09-18
  10. Data Structure Introduction: Splay Tree, Sparse Array, Extendible Hashing, Pairing Heap, Skew Heap, Search Data Structure, Finger Tree
  11. Things of Each Possible Relation Hashing Against One Another by Juliana Spahr, 2003-11
  12. md5bloom: Forensic filesystem hashing revisited [An article from: Digital Investigation] by V. Roussev, Y. Chen, et all 2006-09-01
  13. Hashing in Smalltalk: Theory and Practice by Andres Valloud, 2008-01-01
  14. Hashing Out Encryption Solutions.: An article from: Security Management by John N. Bumgarner, 2001-06-01

161. - Hashing Explained
hashing Explained. Typically, when someone asks about hashing on the boards, they’renot talking about a sport where they shouldn’t wear new shoes.

162. Halve Mein Hash House Harriers
All about hashing in Halfmoon, New York, with the Halve Mein Hash House Harriers (est. 15 April 2000).

163. Hashing Function For Strings
hashing function for strings. int hashfunction(s) char *s; { int i; for(i=0; *s; s++ ) i = 131*i + *s; return( i % m ); }. C source (331.hash.c).

164. Perfect Hashing Insertion
Perfect hashing insertion. int insert( input, n, r, A ) dataarrayinput, r; int n, *A; { extern int m, m2; int d, i, ia, ib, iup, j

165. - Il Portale Dei Notai Italiani Del Web Of Trust
Translate this page Webmail Notai. Le tecnologie. L'hashing. Dietro il nome CRC32 si cela molto Il CRC32 è un algoritmo Glossario di hashing, o di rivelamento di errori.

166. All About Hashing
All About hashing, What is the Reading Hash We're usually called an Apres .How Can I Find Out Where You Guys Are hashing? Well, two ways Hashing.htm

167. SecurityFocus HOME Discussion
HighFlying Schmidt impressed. High-Flying Schmidt Anonymous. Benefit of the doubt,or Doubt the benefit !me. Inexperienced fool and garbage hashing Anonymous.

168. SecurityFocus HOME Discussion
me. Inexperienced fool and garbage hashing by Anonymous Jul 24 2002906PM Beware, your toaster will turn against you? Hmmm For

169. Hash Coding From FOLDOC
hashing . hash coding. programming, algorithm (Or hashing ) A scheme for providingrapid access to data items which are distinguished by some key.

170. Disaster Recovery Group - Worldwide Data Recovery Software
What is hashing and what is hashing software? hashing is becoming a morefrequently discussed topic in the field of computer forensics

171. Wired News Re-Hashing Anti-Spam
Advertisement. Rehashing Anti-Spam. By Wired News Radio Also bythis reporter Page 1 of 1. 0100 PM Mar. 27, 2001 PT. The House of,1282,42662,00.html

172. - Online Directory For Running.
Interhash Goa 2002 Add to favorites Interhash is the Olympics of hashing, heldevery two years and attended by thousands of Hashers from around the world.

173. What Is Hashing?
Originally begun in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938, hashing is a mixture of athleticism,sociability, hedonism and hard work; most of all its a refreshing

174. CSRC - Cryptographic Toolkit

175. AfricaHash - Regional Hash Contact Server For The African
WWW. AFRICA HASH .CO.ZA The Regional Hash ContactServer for the African Continent

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