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         Hwa Rang Do:     more detail
  1. Hwa Rang Do: Defend, Take Down, Submit by Mark Cheng; Taejoon Lee, 2005-12-30
  2. The Ancient Martial Art of Hwarang Do - Volume 2 by Joo Bang Lee, 1978-04-27
  3. The Ancient Martial Art of Hwarang Do - Volume 1 by Joo Bang Lee, 1978-04-27
  4. The Ancient Martial Art of Hwarang Do - Volume 3 by Joo Bang Lee, 1978-04-27
  5. HWA RANG DO Student Manual by Dr. Joo Bang Lee, 1996
  6. Research about Han (Korean) race and the educational idea of Hwa Rang Do =: Hanminjok kwa Hwarangdo kyoyuk sasang e kwanhan yŏnʾgu by Keun-Suk Yang, 1985
  7. Hwa-Rang and Chung-Mu of Tae Kwon Do Hyung by Jhoon Rhee, 1973-07-01
  8. Hwa-Rang and Chung-Mu of Take Kwon Do Hyung by Jhoon Rhee, 1973
  9. Chon-ji / Won-hyo and Yul-kok / Tan-gun and To-san / Chung-gun and Toi-gye / Hwa-rang and Chung-mu of Tae Kown Do Hyung by Jhoon; Alvarez, Roberto (translator v1) Rhee, 1963
  10. Hwa-Rang and Chung-Mu of Tae Kwon Do Hyung by Jhoon Rhee, 1977

81. Hwa Rang Do -
hwa rang do. hwa rang do - Selbstverteidigung KlausWachsmann Die alte Kampfkunst der ritterkaste Koreas wird hier
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Klaus Wachsmann

Die alte Kampfkunst der ritterkaste Koreas wird hier vortrefflich durch klaus Wachsmann präsentiert, einem der größten Talente, das wir kennen. In diesem ersten Video erläutert er die kompletten Anwendungsmöglichkeiten dieses Selbstverteidigungsstiles. Jok Sul ( Beintechniken ), Soo Gi Sul ( Handtechniken ), Blocks, Trapping, Hebel, Würgegriffe, Würfe und Kontrolltechniken fehlen nicht in diesem atemberaubenden Stil.
Menge: Hwa Rang Do - Grappling
Klaus Wachsmann

In diesem Video erklärt und demonstriert Klaus Wachsmann den Bodenkampf des ritterlichen koreanischen Elite-Nahkampfsystems. Er läßt keine Facette des Nahkampfes aus, hat auf alle Art von Angriffen eine passende Antwort. Die Bodenkampftechniken werden von ihm mit einer Präzision, Leichtigkeit und Wildheit vorgeführt, wie man es selten erlebt. Hwa Rang Do verfügt nicht nur über eine Vielzahl an Hebeltechniken und Würfen, sondern auch über Druckpunkte, die in der kurzen Distanz ihren Einsatz finden.
Menge: Hwa Rang Do - Jung Bong Sul ( Waffenkampf )
Klaus Wachsmann

Meister Klaus Wachsmann präsentiert uns in seinem dritten Video eine komplette Arbeit über die fundamentalen Aspekte der koreanischen Tradition, der Arbeit mit Waffen. Eine außergewöhnliche Arbeit, bestimmt nicht nur für die Liebhaber der koreanischen Tradition, sondern auch für alle Anhänger des Waffenkampfes.

82. N.A.M.A.--"Hwa Rang Do"
hwa rang do History The roots of what is now known as hwa rang do(The Way of the Flowering Manhood) began over 2000 years ago
Hwa Rang Do
The roots of what is now known as HWA RANG DO (The Way of the Flowering Manhood) began over 2000 years ago and continued through the Silla Dynastic Period and Koryo Dynasty. Initially, the young people, of what later became Korea, would gather in groups to test themselves and each other. These unified groups of young people were the predecessors of the HWA RANG. In the year 540 A.D. a new monarch by the name of King Chinhung came to power in Silla. Then followed a long period of wars of expansion with the larger kingdoms to the north. But before the northern kingdoms were engaged, King Chinhung took on the task of driving out the Japanese colonies to the south and annexed the portion of the Kaya league which was in alliance with the Yamato clan of Japan. Ten years later, King Chinhung turned his armies onto the fertile valleys in central Korea, between the Han and Imjin Rivers. The conquest of Han-Imjin river area brought great wealth to Silla through the acquisition of the richest agricultural lands in the peninsula, military service and labor of the peasantry; this conquest also opened an easier route to China through the capture of the ports on the Yellow Sea. The acquisition of iron mining regions meant new technological gains that would fortell greater expansion by the Kingdom of Silla. One of the most significant acts by King Chinhung was the incorporation of the society called Hwa Rang

83. WebGuest - Open Directory : Sports : Martial Arts : Hwa Rang Do
Top Sports Martial Arts hwa rang do (23). Sites hwa rang do World Headquarters*Cool Site* Official site for governing organization of hwa rang do.
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  • Hwa Rang Do West Coast Headquarters *Cool Site* - Hwa Rang Do's westcoast headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, directed by Chief Master Henry Lee. This site provides a comprehensive overview of the art and its aspects, with a large library of video clips and articles. Also includes discussion forum for students, black belts, and school owners.
  • Hwa Rang Do World Headquarters *Cool Site* - Official site for governing organization of Hwa Rang Do. Includes detailed history, philosophy, and concepts, as well as all certified academies and black belts.
  • Hwa Rang Do Ann Arbor, MI - Features art descriptions, instructor profile, school information, history, founder, events, and links sections.
  • Hwa Rang Do Chicago, IL - School offers instruction in Hwa Rang Do, and its undergraduate program Tae Soo Do. Includes history, class schedule, philosophy, training principles, instructors, and contacts.
  • Hwa Rang Do Clear Lake, Texas

84. Descrizione Hwa Rang Do
Translate this page hwa rang do. Il HRD® è stato fondato nel 1960 dal Dr. Joo Bang Lee(10° Dan), 58° successore della tradizione Hwarang e possessore rang do.htm

85. Velkommen Til Nørrebro Hwa Rang Do Akademis Hjem På Nettet
Velkommen til. Nørrebro hwa rang do® Akademi. Godkendtmedlem af World hwa rang do® Association.
Velkommen til Nørrebro Hwa Rang Do® Akademi Godkendt medlem af
World Hwa Rang Do® Association

86. - Hwa Rang Do. Mattiucci
Translate this page World hwa rang do? Association hwa rang do® e Tae Soo Do®. Jo KyoNim Marco Mattiucci. clicca per vedere la galleria fotografica
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89. Arti Marziali: Hwa Rang Do
Translate this page hwa rang do Descrive i principi alla base delle arti marziali hwa rang do eTae Soo Do. http// Home. Sport. Arti Marziali. hwa rang do.
Home Sport Arti Marziali Hwa Rang Do ...
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  • Hwa Rang Do
  • 90. Hwa-Rang
    An ITF site for Aberdeen University Taekwondo Club where we teach ITF Taekwon-do. The school is in Aberdeen, Scotland, Great Britain. We teach true and original ITF Taekwon-do. This site is available in TEN different languages. hwa-rang. hwa-rang has 29 movements and 18 moves.
    Taekwon-Do School Taekwon-Do is Not a Religion,
    Main Page
    About Us Pattern Movements Links ... Site Map Hwa-Rang Hwa-Rang has 29 movements and 18 moves. Its ready stance is: Close Ready Stance C, Moa Chunbi Sogi C. Click here if you would like to see the ITF Guide. Click here if you would like to see how to perform this pattern without using your arms. 1. Sitting Stance Palm Pushing Block (move the left leg towards B, facing D) 1. Annun So Sonbadak Miro Makgi 2. Sitting Stance Front Forefist Middle Punch (do not move your feet) 2. Annun So Ap Joomuk Kaunde Jirugi 3. Sitting Stance Front Forefist Middle Punch (do not move your feet) 3. Annun So Ap Joomuk Kaunde Jirugi 4. L-Stance Twin Forearm Block (move the right foot into the stance towards A) 4. Niunja So Sang Palmok Makgi 5. L-Stance Front Forefist Upward Punch (do not move the feet) 5. Niunja So Ap Joomuk Ollyo Jirugi

    Offering classes in Hapkido, Taekwondo and Kumdo by Grandmaster DK Shin. We are the oldest Korean Category Sports Martial Arts Hapkido Schools and Instruction......hwa rang Kwan Martial Arts Tae Kwon do/Taekwondo,Hapkido, Kumdo, Kickboxing, Pilates.


    Grandmaster D.K. Shin
    133 Roosevelt Avenue
    Redwood City
    CA 94061
    650.368.5659 (fax)


    Instructor: Steve Rapport
    371 5th Street San Francisco CA 94107 SAN FRANCISCO (Sunset) Master Chur Hong Park 1739 Noriega Street San Francisco CA 94122 SAN RAFAEL Instructor: Peter Rocha 933 D Street San Rafael CA 94901 STANFORD UNIVERSITY Grandmaster D.K. Shin Hwa Rang Kwan Tae Kwon Do Club Hwa Rang Kwan, the oldest Korean martial arts center on the West Coast, was established in San Francisco in 1965. Grand Master Shin , who has spent 47 years studying and teaching martial arts, emphasises that the purpose of Hwa Rang Kwan is to develop mind and body harmony, and by doing so achieve perfection of the human spirit. Hwa Rang Kwan students learn the traditional Korean arts of Tae Kwon Do ("The Way of Foot and Fist Fighting" - a hard style which consists of fast and powerful strikes with both hands and feet), Hapkido ("The Way of Co-Ordinated Power" - a soft style which consists of precise joint locking, twisting and throwing techniques), and Kumdo ("The Way of the Sword"). For further fitness and self-defense we offer an excellent

    92. Hwa-rang
    The History of Hwrang do Who were the Hwarang? By David Bannon, Ph.D. You can still go there today.
    The History of Hwrang Do
    Who were the Hwarang?
    By David Bannon, Ph.D. You can still go there today. Nestled high in a wooden dale, remote and hidden on Tansok Mountain, lies the Korean temple Shinson, which means "Spirit of Supernatural Being." Outside of Kyongju, past the small village of Ujunggok, climb down to the stream and hike up through the pottery kilns of the village, following a trail to the right of the stream through a terraced rice field. Near several rock slides, the trail crosses the stream and begins a sharp ascent up the left slope. This path reaches a higher valley to the left of the main valley. Hike from the village over an hour, and like the Hwarang warriors of old, enter the grounds of Shinson temple (Shinson-sa), which gained fame during the Silla period when Kim Yushin used these mountain ridges as his training area for the Hwarang. Historians have been fascinated by the Hwarang in recent years. While there is significant historical material concerning the Hwarang warriors as an institution, there are still considerable mystery and speculation as to their function. We don't know that generals from the Silla period - which took place from BC 57- 935 AD; Korean year Silla Founder King Hyok Gosoi 1 to Korean year Sill 56th King Kyongsun 9 - claimed early training with the Hwarang movement. Probably because of this, the Hwarang have become known as "Korean Silla knighthood," with the word hwarang often being translated as "flower knights," though it literally means "flower of manhood," or "flowering manhood."

    93. HWA
    Advanced TaeKwondo Norway Mønsteret hwa rang består av 29 bevegelser, og kreves ved gradering fra 2.Gup til 1. hwa rang er navngitt etter hwa-rang do, en ungdomsgruppe med soldater som oppstod i Silla-dynastiet for omkring 1300 år siden.
    Advanced TaeKwonDo Norway HWA -RANG Mønsteret HWA - RANG består av 29 bevegelser, og kreves ved gradering fra 2.Gup til 1. Gup. rødt belte. Hwa Rang er navngitt etter Hwa-Rang Do, en ungdomsgruppe med soldater som oppstod i Silla-dynastiet for omkring 1300 år siden. Gruppen ble en drivende kraft i foreningen av de tre kongedømmene i Korea. De 29 bevegelsene referer til den 29. infanteridivisjon hvor Taekwon-Do ble utviklet til fullstendighet. Hwa Rangene var ledere av krigerordene som ble grunnlagt i Silla Dynastiet i år 540 e.Kr. av Kong Ching Hung. Hwa Rangene var valgt blant de sonene til adels familier og aristokrater. Kuk-Son - den beste Silla på 6 te-årstal ) Kåring av vakreste jente. "Blomstrende ridder ". Stor fysisk og psykisk utholdenhet Hwarangene ble undervist i Krigernes kunster, buddhistisk tro, og i ridderlighet. De klatret i fjellene, svømte i elvene i alle årstider, mediterte og trente opp sine kropper til å tåle stor fysisk og psykisk utholdenhet. I fritiden sang de, komponerte musikk og skrev poesi. De ble undervist i danse, litteratur, kunst, krigsføring, vitenskap, bueskyting og nærkamp. Kamptreningen var basert på Um-Ynag prinsippene i Buddhistisk filosofi og inkluderte blanding av harde og myke, lineære og sirkulære teknikker. Raske og effektive spark Fotkamp-teknikkene var kjent som Soo-Bak og var praktisert i alle tre kongedømmer. Hwarangene utvidet likevel denne kampkunsten i tillegg til å lære seg hånd-teknikker, og forandret navnet til Tae-Kyon. Hwarangens slag var så kraftig at de kunne gå rett gjennom brystkassen til en fiende og fot-teknikkene, sies det, var så lynraske at fiendene trodde at soldatene brukte sverd. I seinere århundre innførte kongen av Koguryo Tae-Kyon trening som obligatorisk for alle soldater, og årets første Tae-Kyon konkurranser ble avhold den 5 mai (etter Måne- kalenderen ).

    94. Hwa Rang Tae Kwon Do - Home
    Teaches in the Fairfield Area. Includes school information and gallery.
    Shimon Barkho
    Shimon Barkho started his martial arts training with 2 years of Lee Kung Fu and 4 years of Boxing before finally finding Tae Kwon Do. Shimon started his Tae Kwon Do training with the Australian Hwa Rang Do Academy in 1974 at age 22, and is still continuing his training now in the year 2002. Shimon received his 1 st Dan Black Belt in 1976 along with being NSW Champion 3 times between 1974-1976 and Australian Champion 2 times between 1981-1983. Taught by the head of the Australian Hwa Rang Do Federation Master Kim Myung Man, Shimon was taught knife defence and stick techniques. Now with 28 years of experience and a 6 th Dan Black Belt Shimon who is Master Kim Myung Man’s right hand man, teaches his own students Monday-Friday at a variety of different locations. Shimon can be contacted on 0412475401 or email

    95. Hwa Rang Club
    Korean martial arts club describes its courses. Find out how to join its mailing list and browse related links.
    Hwa Rang Korean Martial Arts Club of Stanford University
    - Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kumdo -
    Introduction Instruction Curriculum Administration FALL 2002-3003 SCHEDULE Classes meet regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 PM in the Wrestling Room on the basement floor of the Arillaga Family Sports Center. Classes typically run at least an hour, and may extend up to 10:30 depending on instructor availability. All levels are welcome, including those with no experience at all, especially at the beginning of the quarter. INTRODUCTION
    The purpose of the Hwa Rang Club at Stanford University is to provide an environment for personal growth and learning through the martial arts. Specifically, the club practices an integrated balance of Korean martial arts, most notably taekwondo and hapkido. Taekwondo is internationally well known for its fast, agile strikes with both hands and feet. Hapkido complements these techniques with precise joint locking, twisting and throwing. Participants are welcome at all levels of experience. New membership is especially encouraged at the beginning of each academic quarter. Broader information regarding martial arts across the university is available at the Stanford Martial Arts Program website.

    96. ITF Patterns Hwa Rang
    hwarang is named after the hwa-rang youth group, which originated in the Silla Dynasty in the early 7th century.

    97. Hwarangkwan
    In Vienna, VA.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    98. Midwest Hapkido Website
    This teaching center under Bruce Sims has affiliations with the hwa rang Kumdo Association USA under GM Hyi Koo, the World Kido Association under GM SEO, In Sun, and offers college credits in martial arts through the College of Lake County. Interactive hapkido manuals are available through this organization as well. The site maintains an open list of events.
    Midwest Hapkido
    Midwest Hapkido affirms that Martial arts do not exist to be served by their students. Rather, the Martial arts in general, and self-defense skills specifically undertake to serve their students. Despite the rigors of self-defense training, weapons seminars and self-promotion it is incumbent on marital art leaders to identify ways in which the needs of the students can be addressed whether through classes, books, or video tapes. I hope you will accept my invitation to contact me with your suggestions for improving this site. Bruce W. Sims
    Midwest Hapkido

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    100. Die EINZIG WAHRE Deutsche Hwarangdo-Site

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