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         Iaido:     more books (38)
  1. Kung Fu Tae Kwon Do Tai Chi Iaido Shinto by Martin Buckley, 2000-01-03
  2. Kampfkunst (Japan): Budo, Iaido, Kumite, Kyu, Hakama, Judo, Kendo, Mugai Ryu, Deutscher Jiu Jitsu Bund, Bujinkan, Kyudo, Ninjutsu, Kobudo, Jodo (German Edition)
  3. IAI-DO by Feliks F. Hoff, 2002-04-30
  4. Iaido Sword: Kamimoto-Ha Techniques of Muso Shinden Ryu by Richard Babin, 2002-12-31
  5. Takenouchi-Hangan-Ryu-Matsuno-Crandall Iaido Style Workbook Text (Volume 1) by Mr. Nathan Morris, 2009-12-21
  6. Iai-Do Japanese Sword Drawing Techniques and Spiritual Training by Kyoshi 8th Dan Teruhisa Nanno, 2004
  7. Kung Fu, Tae Kwondo, Tai Chi, Kendo, Iaido and Shinto Ryu by Fay Goodman, 2002
  8. Iai-Do: Japanese Sword Drawing Techniques and Spiritual Training by Teruhisa Nanno, 2003
  9. Iaidô : Le Tranchant du sabre by Pierre Delorme, 1990-01-01
  10. Iaido the History, Teachings and Practice of Japanese Swordsmanship by William de Lange, 2008-01-01
  11. Iaido 2 : Le Chemin du sabre by Pierre Delorme, Pierre Durix, 1990-01-01
  12. IAIDO. Der Weg des Schwertes. by Titiaan Stuurman,
  13. Practical Handbook Martial Arts by Fay Goodman, 2003
  14. Flashing Steel, Second Edition: Mastering Eishin-Ryu Swordsmanship by Masayuki Shimabukuro, Leonard Pellman, 2008-01-15

21. Authentic Japanese Sword Store. We Provide Custom Made Swords Known As Shinken,
International agent for Nosyu iaido, a maker of fine Japanese swords and supplies for kendo, iaido, and koryu. Secure online ordering is available.
News Steel Iaito Sale from $1198
Privacy Statement
CET Design WestMeetsEast
Legal Statement
News Steel Iaito Sale from $1198
Privacy Statement
CET Design WestMeetsEast
Legal Statement

22. The Iaido Journal Splash Page
Online newsletter that covers all aspects of the Japanese Sword arts.Category Sports Martial Arts iaido News and Media......THE iaido JOURNAL a TIN publication ISSN 14988143 Click here to enter (Thanks LiisaWrang for the Gif) Click here to enter TIJ Executive Editor Peter Boylan.
a TIN publication ISSN 1498-8143
Click here to enter TIJ
Executive Editor:
Peter Boylan Associate Editor:
Kim A.C.C.Taylor
Electronic Journals of Martial Arts and Sciences

23. Aiki Shin Jitsu Self Defense
Teaching a combination of Aikido, Jujitsu, combat Jujitsu, Shotokan, Vee Jitsu, Judo, iaido, Taekwondo and other disciplines. Lists terminology, supplies, links and style information.

24. The Iaido Newsletter Frames Page

Class times and locations, history of styles, mission, philosophy, goals, affiliations and links. Includes scheduled activities and gallery.
Updated 3//12/2003 Welcome to the WWW Home of click on a link below to take you to that page Our Organization Our Mission Our Philosophy Our Affiliations ... Previous Weekly classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If you are interested in becoming a member, click here. Calendar of Events All United States Kendo Federation the concept of kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana.

26. Canadian Iaido Association
Organization established in 1992 to promote iaido in Canada, and affiliated with the All Japan iaido Category Sports Martial Arts iaido Organizations......Canadian iaido Association Homepage. Canadian iaido Association. See the UpcomingSeminars page for more information. March iaido Seminar in Victoria, BC.
Canadian Iaido Association Homepage
Seminar Information Upcoming Seminars Recently Completed Seminars Past Seminars Dan Examinations Background Rules Fee Schedule Application Forms About Us History of the CIA Structure Contact Us Links Affiliate Dojos Other Iaido Sites
Canadian Iaido Association
Iaido is the traditional Japanese martial art of drawing and cutting with the samurai sword. The purpose of Iaido is to develop awareness, centeredness, sincerity, a calm mind, and mental and physical harmony through the practice of traditional sword techniques. It is the Japanese martial art that is most closely associated with the samurai class and Japanese nobility. It is not considered a sport, but rather a unique and ancient traditional art for the development of mind, body, and spirit.
The Canadian Iaido Association (CIA) was established in 1992 to promote iaido in Canada, establish formal links with the All Japan Iaido Federation (ZNIR), to hold seminars on a regular basis with high-ranking teachers of the ZNIR, and to administer dan examinations in Canada in accordance with the standards and methods of the ZNIR.
Davis Sensei, Renshi, President of the Canadian Iaido Association, Ikeda Soke, 22nd Soke of Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu and President of the ZNIR, Esaka Sensei, Hanshi 10th dan and Vice President of the ZNIR at the 2001 ZNIR Kyoto Embukai and Shodan Shinsa.

27. Home
Teaching Shorinji Aiki Jujitsu, derived from Shorinji Kempo, as a means of self defense. Includes Karate and iaido classes. Dojo information and school locations.

28. Canadian Iaido Association: Links To Other Iaido Sites
Canadian iaido Association Homepage. Canadian iaido Association. Links to other iaidoSites of Interest. September 8, 2002. (C) 2002 Canadian iaido Association.
Canadian Iaido Association Homepage
Seminar Information Upcoming Seminars Recently Completed Seminars Past Seminars Dan Examinations Background Rules Fee Schedule Application Forms About Us History of the CIA Structure Contact Us Links Affiliate Dojos Other Iaido Sites
Canadian Iaido Association
Links to other Iaido Sites of Interest September 8, 2002 Iaido Dojos
Todo Kai

Peter Gunstone Sensei in Parksville, BC, Canada
Vancouver Eishin Ryu Iaido Club

Hiro Inoue Sensei in Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Nelson Eishin Ryu Iai Dojo

John Pritchard in Nelson, BC, Canada
University of Victoria Kendo Club

Kim Taylor's Iaido Webpage

in Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Shin Ken Kai Dojo
Hastings Community Center, Vancouver, B.C., Canada John Ray's - The Dojo Page John Ray Sensei in Denton, Texas, USA The Nishi Kaigan Iaido Dojo Andrej Diamantstein Sensei in Berkley, California, USA Sensei Scott Irey in Seattle Washington, USA Eishinkai Gregory W. Huff Sensei in Northern Virginia, USA Melsbroek Iaido Wout Verschueren Sensei in Melsbroek, Belgium Clear Lake Iaido Emily Egan in Clear Lake, Texas

29. . : Welcome To Combat Academy Of Sweden : . . : Martial Arts And Security Academ
Karate, Qi Gong, JuJutsu och iaido. Tr¤nar i T¤by och Vaxholm.

30. Shudokan Martial Arts Association
Promoting traditional Budo/Bujutsu within its divisions of Judo, Karatedo, Aikido, Jujutsu, and iaido. Membership details, ranking system, articles, publications and photographs. Richmond, CA
P.O. Box 5447
Richmond, CA 94805
USA E-mail: What is the SMAA? The Shudokan Martial Arts Association (SMAA) is a membership organization dedicated to promoting traditional Japanese budo and bujutsu. The SMAA is headed by an elite group of high-ranking instructors whose backgrounds encompass many decades of studying and teaching the traditional martial arts and ways of Japan. Who can join? The SMAA invites all individuals who are interested in traditional Japanese budo and bujutsu to apply for membership. There are two levels of membership in the SMAA: full members are eligible to apply for rank and teaching titles; associate members receive all the other benefits of membership, but do not receive rank or titles. For more information, see the Membership page What's new?

31. Iaido In NRW -Index-

Willkommen auf der Homepage des
Anschrift: NRWIV e.V. c/o Michael Moritz, Sedanstr. 27, 52068 Aachen
Was ist Iaido ?
Mit einem Artikel von

Nick Dollhausen
mehr... ...
E-Mail an den Webmaster/Vorstand Sitemap

32. Home
Info´s zu Aikido und iaido. Vorstellung der Gruppe im TVWolbeck.
Aikido Abteilung im TV-Wolbeck von 1962 e.V. D-48167 Münster Quick Menü Link auswählen erste Info´s > was ist Aikido ? > was ist Iaido ? > Unterschiede über uns / Kontakt > Trainingsort / -zeit > die Lehrer > Photos Link Liste Mitgliederbereich log-in Schön, daß Sie sich für Aikido, Iaido und uns interessieren !
  • Sie suchen die zu Ihnen passende Budosportart und wollen sich erst einmal grundsätzlich informieren? Dann finden Sie hier erste Informationen über Aikido und Iaido.
  • Sie suchen die zu Ihnen passende Gruppe? Dann können Sie sich hier einen ersten Eindruck von uns machen und finden praktische Informationen zum Training.
Vielleicht bis bald beim persönlichen Kennenlernen auf der Matte... Wir freuen uns auf Sie ! Die Site des TV-Wolbeck erreichen Sie unter Ansicht optimiert für Auflösung 1024 x 768 Pixel. Webpräsenz seit 2002 / Aktualisierungen : Site zuletzt überarbeitet in 03/03; Mitgliederbereich aktualisiert am Rechtliche Hinweise : Für die Inhalte von hier durch Links erreichbarer externer Site´s sind ausschließlich deren Betreiber verantwortlich und haftbar !

33. Iaido Shinbukan
Pr©sentation du iaido, art martial du sabre japonais. Les 12 katas traditionnels, liens, ©quipement.

34. Iaido

35. Training In The Japanese Martial Arts Of Judo, Iaido, Kendo, And Jodo, Based In
Specialising in the Japanese martial arts of Judo, iaido, Kendo, and Jodo. Features calendar, news, forum and contact. Somerset, UK
Training in the Japanese martial arts of Judo, Iaido, Kendo, and Jodo, based in West Somerset
judo training,iaido training,kendo training,jodo training,martial arts ,classes,kendo classes,iaido classes,jodo classes,judo classes,childrens judo,judo for kids
Tsunami Dojo's is a club based in West Somerset, which specialises in the Japanese martial arts of Judo, Iaido, Kendo, and Jodo.
Tsunami Dojo's actively welcomes any one, regardless of age or ability, who wishes to study and practice Jodo, Iaido, Kendo and Judo. 
Tsunami Dojo's offer a relaxed and informal environment, where instruction, guidance, and help from black belt grades is on hand to students. 
Tsunami Dojo's  is registered with national organisations which are recognised and endorsed in Japan. The Dojo has access to high grade instruction, and national grading panels, and is host to two national seminar and gradings each year.
Iaido is the Japanese martial way of drawing, utilizing and returning the long sword, or Katana, to its scabbard or saya.
The roots of Iaido are derived from the original techniques of lai-jitsu, laido, however is concerned with the perfection of the from using the mind, spirit and etiquette, as well as the effectiveness of the technique, and as such, is a Zen art. Practice includes both new and Koryu kata techniques, (individual and paired) to draw and cut correctly, and put the sword away, Attention is paid to perfecting posture, correct attitude and awareness.

36. Iaido
Muso Shinden Ryu homepage in Uppsala, Sweden.Category Sports Martial Arts iaido Styles Muso Shinden Ryu......

37. Wwwaikikan
s of the martial arts, related links and practice schedules.......
click here for japanese
click here for hebrew

ISRAEL aikido Sunday Monday Wednesday Thursday 20:30-22:00
Monday 19:45 Friday 16:00 Aikikan Dojo - 5 Marshov St. Rehovot ISRAEL
Mail address: 13 Shahar St. Rehovot (76450) ISRAEL
Tel / Fax 08-9454771 - Ze'ev Erlich About Aikikan Dojo
What is Aikido ?

What is Iaido ?

- Aikido for the handicapped Nanso meditation About Ze'ev Erlich Aikido Magazine in Hebrew Kyoto Aikikai ... Iaido in Hebrew (new) Aikido book in Hebrew (new)

38. Iaido - Japanese Traditional Budo
English language web page with information about the history of iaido , the ZNKR sei tei gata, and Category Sports Martial Arts iaido Personal Pages......iaido is one of the Japanese traditional Budo concerned with drawing the blade andcutting in the same motion. iaido Japanese Traditional Budo. What is iaido?

39. Yamato Kendo Iaido Club
Ce site traite du Kendo, escrime japonaise, voie du sabre et du iaido.
LA VALETTE YAMATO KENDO IAIDO CLUB ESCRIME JAPONAISE DU SABRE Entrainements : COSEC Avenue Pablo Picasso La Coupiane La Valette du Var Sous la direction Mr Jean-Claude ALCOUF 5ème Dan et Philippe CONTE 3ème Dan Pour plus de renseignement ou laisser un message Email Kendo : Lundi, Mercredi 20h00 à 21h30 Iaido : Vendredi 20h00 à 21h30

40. IAIDO Dojo BA
iaido dojo Bratislava. Tréningy Pondelok 20.00 21.30 hod. Naša nováweb stránka je v prevádzke na http// english.
IAIDO dojo Bratislava Tréningy:
Pondelok: 20.00 - 21.30 hod.
Štvrtok: 20.30 - 21.30 hod. Miesto:
Gymnázium Ladislava Sáru, vchod z Molecovej ulice, Bratislava Naša nová web stránka je v prevádzke na:
english"", 'Adverising', 'toolbar=0,location=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0, fullscreen=0,resizable=0,width=468,height=60,top=5000,left=330');

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