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         Ice Climbing:     more books (100)
  1. Climbing Ice by Yvon Chouinard, 1982-06-12
  2. How to Climb: How to Ice Climb! by Craig Luebben, 1998-12-01
  3. Ice & Mixed Climbing: Modern Technique (Mountaineers Outdoor Expert) by Will Gadd, Roger Chayer, 2009-11-05
  4. Colorado Ice Climber's Guide (Regional Rock Climbing Series) by Cameron M. Burns, 1998-10-28
  5. Ice World: Techniques and Experiences of Modern Ice Climbing by Jeff Lowe, 1996-01
  6. Washington Ice: A Climbing Guide by Jason D. Martin, Alex Krawarik, 2003-10
  7. Colorado Ice by Jack Roberts, 2006-01-15
  8. Winter Dance: Select Ice Climbs in Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming by Joe Josephson, 2004-10-30
  9. Extreme Rock & Ice: 25 of the World's Great Climbs by Garth Hattingh, 2001-06
  10. Climbing Rock and Ice: Learning the Vertical Dance by Jerry Cinnamon, 1993-11-01
  11. Climb: Stories of Survival from Rock, Snow and Ice
  12. Yankee Rock & Ice: A History of Climbing in the Northeastern United States by Laura Waterman, Guy Waterman, et all 2002-01-01
  13. Climbing in the Adirondacks: A Guide to Rock and Ice Routes in the Adirondack Park by Don Mellor, 1996-02
  14. Climbing: The Complete Reference to Rock, Ice and Indoor Climbing

1. The Valdez Ice Climbing Festival - Valdez Alaska
Festival schedule and results. Photos. Discussion forum.Category Recreation Climbing ice climbing......19th annual Valdez ice climbing Festival March 7 9, 2003. Climbinginformation Come to the Ice Fest, ice climbing Message Board.
19th annual Valdez Ice Climbing Festival
March 7- 9, 2003 Climbing information:
Ice Climbing Message Board
Travel and Lodging information: The Valdez Convention and Visitor's Bureau
FAX (907) 835-4854
TEL (907) 835-4636
Past Ice Festivals - This page was built with a Macintosh . Website comments?

2. Ice Climbing In The Western Alps The Home Page

3. Ice Climbing
Photos and links.
Ice Climbing
LOST ICE TOOL - REWARD On October 1, my partner dropped (!) his ice tool when we were just below the chockstone on the North (Moynier) Couloir of Mt. Thompson in the Sierra Nevada. He's sentimentally attached to it.
The axe is FKW Stubai, with tubular adze. The adze is taped up with climbers tape to deaden the sound. It is purple in color, 50 cm about 15 years old with SIMOND (?) "TRACK UP" sling. The pick is Stubai FKW 150 (he believes) which is precursor to present day banana picks. He will pay $40 as a reward if found. It is my belief that it is about sixty feet above the bergschrund on the right side, resting on a minor debris ledge in the snow/ice. This is only a guess based on what I saw from a distance as we descended. We could not consider the time and energy to recover it.
Please contact me if found. THANKS for your help.
Best Regards,
Gordie's Ramblings in the High Sierra
"Yellow Pages for the Sierra - If it's not here, it doesn't exist "
Current conditions at Lee Vinning, Donner Summit and other Ice parks:

4. Iowa Ice Climbing
Photos and brief descriptions of various ice climbing areas. (Iowa)
Iowa Ice Pictures
Pictures of Iowa's frozen Waterfalls A Crack, IC, IA
Behind the Gates, Clayton, IA
Coming Soon: A guidebook for Palisades-Kepler State Park.
Clayton, IA IC Quarry, IA CR Quarries ...
var site="sm1Climbing"

5. Ice Climbing In The Alps
Icehome has a new and better house! Please, use the new url and modify your link!
Icehome has a new and better house!
Please, use the new url and modify your link!

6. Utah Ice Climbing Guide
Route information. Photos. (Utah, US)Category Recreation Climbing ice climbing...... Last year both Rock and Ice and Climbing did short write ups of the newroutes that went up in Santaquin Canyon this winter. Unfortunately
Northern Utah
High Uinta Region
Salt Lake Area ...
Great Basin Region
The Favorites
Stairway to Heaven
Stewart Falls
Current Ice Conditions
Utah Weather

Utah Rock Guides
Other Information ...
Clark's Climbing Page
This guide comes out of a desire to let people know where the climbing in Utah is. Most people only know the location of a few of the climbs in Utah. This makes it difficult to find places to push their abilities or find a little more variety. Please send me corrections and additions so I can make this guide a useful addition to the tools Utah climbers have at their disposal. These pages are really me trying to help locals and people out of state find the nice climbs and keep the crowds at the main places down. The way I figure it, if we can spread out the people climbing, there is more climbing for everyone. There will hopefully be a large update of this site this month, as soon as the ice forms and I can get some photos. Right now conditions are horrible. After about two weeks of moderate conditions it warmed up dramatically and has been raining rather consistently. (1/18/00)

7. Devils Tower Rock Climbing Ouray Colorado Ice Climbing
Rock and ice climbing instruction and guiding in Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, and Utah. (Devil's Category Recreation Climbing North America United States......Devils Tower Ouray's Local Premier AMGA Certified TOWER GUIDES ~ Mountaineering,Rock Climbing, and ice climbing Guiding and Instruction at Devils Tower
Featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine in April 2002. Climbing in the Best of Both Worlds! Call Today ~ Toll Free @ 888-345-9061 As featured on the National Geographic Channel February 2001. W ith over Y ears E xperience to D evils T ower, W yoming; M oab, U tah; O uray, C S outh D akota N eedles, T ower G uides is the R ocky M ountain's, C olorado P lateau's, and B lack H ill's F inest G uide S C limbing S chool. * AMGA - American Mountain Guides Association Sat - Mar 22nd, 2003 HOME ABOUT US LOCATIONS RATES ADDITIONAL INFO? ... TRIP DEPOSIT Castleton Tower Endangered!! San Juan Mt. Guides Lawsuit
Endorsed Rock Guide

> HOME ABOUT US LOCATIONS RATES ADDITIONAL INFO? ... EMAIL US POB 1073; 450 Main ST; Ouray, CO 81427 157 HWY 24; Devils Tower, WY 82714 Phone: 888.345.9061 Fax: 888.345.9062
All or part of this Fully Insured Operation is conducted under Special Permit on Public Lands by the U.S. Department of the
Last Modified: 06:55:41 AM EST; 02/2/02
Last Changed: 07:12:37 AM EST; 08/22/02

8. Tradgirl Climbing FAQ - Ice Climbing
Answers to frequently asked questions about ice climbing.Category Recreation Climbing ice climbing...... Is ice climbing for me? / How do I get started? back to top FAQ contents.From Arnaud. From Pedro Espina. To find out if ice climbing is for you,.
Tradgirl Climbing FAQ
Climbing Areas

Climbing FAQ
For Beginners Buying Gear ... Mountaineering Ice Climbing Aid Climbing Advanced Topics Rec.Climbing Miscellaneous ...
About Tradgirl
Ice Climbing
Trusting your life to something you read on the internet is just plain stupid. Get corroboration from a more reliable source, use your common sense, don't get yourself killed, and don't come crying to us if you do. Is ice climbing for me? / How do I get started?
How do I sharpen my tools and crampons?

How do I make a home ice wall?

What are current ice climbing conditions at [place]?
What gloves should I wear while ice climbing?

See also: Mountaineering FAQ Is ice climbing for me? / How do I get started?
back to top FAQ contents From: Arnaud it just looks like climbing up a wall of jugs. whack kick pull up whack etc etc. Whack kick ice shatters blade pops out rewhack pull up kick hold position put in icescrew clip phew crampons ripping out whack hard ice colapse die. From: Pete Atkinson Why ice climb? well apart from the fact that i get a huge buz out of being scared shitless most of the time, its because its so so beautiful. The most blistful day i have ever had was on smiths route belaying in the cave, with a fringe of icicles, drowning me in a rainbow of light. Its nature at its rawest, a route is never the same route, it changes in character everytime it is climbed. What worked on the lead, may not be their for the second. It is total commitment. And the fun dont stop there either! Oh that long slide back down No4 gully!!!! I have never met more sane a group of climbers than ice climbers!!!

9. Ice Climbing
Conditions, pictures, local waterfall guide and information regarding competitions.Category Recreation Climbing ice climbing...... Results and schedules of ice climbing competitions in Slovenija and around the World.Links. Links about ice climbing. Slovenian ice climbing Competition.
Welcome all ice men and ice women!
Here you will find actual ice conditions. Results and schedules of ice climbing competitions in Slovenija and around the World Links about ice climbing Slovenian Ice climbing competitions History of ice climbing. Guide to Slovenian waterfalls.

10. North East Ice Home Page
Offers articles, condition reports and events for ice climbing in New England.Category Recreation Climbing ice Your on-line connection for ice climbing in the North East. North EastIce is the only link you need for ice climbing in the North East and beyond.
Condition Reports Post a Report Weather Ice Festivals
When you use this link you help support NEice Enhance you're viewing pleasure This site is best viewed at 800*600 with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or above and Flash If If you use NEice or become a M ember.
It helps us pay the bills Welcome to document.write(doClock("M0","%20","D1",",%20%20","Y0","%20%20")); North East Ice Your ice climbing connection for the Northeast and beyond.. Conrad Yager on "Hobbit Couloir" Frankenstein Cliff, Crawford Notch NH. 03/09/03 Photo: Jay Briscoe News
  • Thank You Update Ban on fixed anchors in the Adirondacks ( Giant/Dix area). More on this from Dave Furman. Festiglace 2003. Over 2500 climbers and spectators assembled in Pont Rouge Quebec for the 6th annual Festiglace of Quebec. Stephane Husson won the men's competition and Anna Torreta won the women's despite the near blizzard conditions on Sunday. More...

11. Tradgirl - Climbing FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions including sections on buying and maintaining gear, toproping, leading, ice climbing, aid climbing, home gyms, health and training, and safety.
Tradgirl Climbing FAQ
Climbing Areas
Climbing FAQ For Beginners Buying Gear Gear Reviews Gear Maintenence ...
About Tradgirl
Table of Contents DYNO
For Beginners Buying Gear Gear Maintenance Locations/Partners ... Miscellaneous
Trusting your life to something you read on the internet is just plain stupid. Get corroboration from a more reliable source, use your common sense, don't get yourself killed, and don't come crying to us if you do. For non-climbers or beginners
I just read Into Thin Air . What should I read next? ...
What is slacklining and how do I do it?
Most of the information in this FAQ was originally posted on rec.climbing. If you would prefer to have something attributed to you removed from this FAQ, please contact us. Home Contact Webmaster Donate

12. North American Ice-climbing Project Main Page
Crag information for ice climbing areas around the US. Links to weather stations. Discussion forum .Category Recreation Climbing ice climbing...... Ice climbs have already formed up this 2002/2003 season! I hope these pages provideenough data to get you on a great road trip, or up to more local ice.
"Momentum is more important than finesse."
Larry McMurty The (synonymous with ) website offers information on iceclimbs and iceclimbing in North American regions. Ice climbs have already formed up this 2002/2003 season! Get on it! There are a lot of ice festivals this season which offer slide-shows, gear and technique demonstrations, and the chance to mingle with like-minded folks. Want a free bumper sticker Why?
I gathered the information found on this website for my own selfish reasons: I wanted to roadtrip and climb more ice. Getting that information wasn't easy. So I decided to put it on the web to make it easier for others. In the last several years, literally tens of thousands of climbers have visited the site. Use the imagemap in the upper left hand corner to find information on climbs in the region that interests you. I hope these pages provide enough data to get you on a great road trip, or up to more local ice. In addition to the guide pages, the climate data page has links to temperature and precipitation graphs, and the bulletin board offers climbers the chance to share information of their own. As always, your comments and questions are welcome.
best regards

13. Ice Climbing In The Western Alps The Home Page
ice climbing in the Alps the Home Page. Welcome to the Icehome. Here it comesa guide to selected ice climbing locations in the French and Italian Alps.

14. / The Official Website Of Ice Climbing Worldcup And Ice Climbin
Information on the ice climbing World Cup competitions, including results, videos, and photos. News.Category Recreation Climbing ice climbing...... Alexei Tomilov (Russia) and Ines Papert (Germany) win IWC2003 imVal Daone (I) ! watch the icetime report incl. videos here
IWC contact newsletter guestbook ... links IWC 2003 !! Pitztal (A)
10th-11th Jan 03
Val Daone (I)
16th-19th Jan 03
23rd-25th Jan 03
IWCS 2003 !! Kirov (RU)
06th-11th Mar 03

x ALL rankings of IWC2003 here... IWC 2002
review here...

08th - 10th March 2003 Ines Papert - Germany and Evgeny Krivosheitsev - Ukraine are
the old and new World Champions in Difficulty! Aleksander Matveev and Natalia Koulikova are World Champions in Speed! Matveev also the 2nd time and same as in Pitztal last year, Evgeny Krivosheitsev wins 2nd place in Speed!
DIRECT REPORT here ALL RESULTS and STARTINGLISTS here... IWC2003 Saas-Fee / Switzerland
23rd -25th Jan 2003 Ines Papert (Germany) and Hari Berger (Austria) win the Difficulties of Saas-Fee and both also win the Difficulty Worldcup!

15. Welcome To The IME And IMCS Web Site
ice climbing, rock climbing, and mountaineering instruction and guiding. Operates internationally. (North Conway, New Hampshire)

10th Annual Women's Rock Day

Classic Everest

Basecamp Trek
North Conway, New Hampshire INTERNATIONAL
2733 Main Street
North Conway, New Hampshire
IMCS for over 28 years we have offered the most comprehensive climbing programs in the Eastern United States dedicated exclusively to mountaineering, rock and ice climbing, international treks and expeditions. IM E has all your rock and ice climbing, backpacking and expedition outfitting needs. Visit IME's Retail Store We thank you for making us a part of your High Ambitions and look forward to helping you make the most of your time in the mountains. Whether you are an old friend or newcomer to IME and IMCS browse through our website; we think you will find something that will open new and exciting doors for you. Our goal is to run a friendly, personal retail store and guide service that climbers will return to year after year. It Is Time to Climb!

16. North East Ice Home - Your On-line Connection For Ice Climbing In
German agency organizes iceclimbing competitions, guided expeditions, and provides news updates on the climbing scene.

17. W A T E R T O N I C E P H O T O G U I D E
Photos of ice climbs in Waterton, Alberta, Canada.Category Recreation Climbing ice climbing...... This is designed primarily as a picture gallery of Waterton ice routes. Consulta guide book such as “Waterfall Ice” by Josephson for approaches.
W A T E R T O N I C E P H O T O G U I D E This is designed primarily as a picture gallery of Waterton ice routes. Consult a guide book such as “Waterfall Ice” by Josephson for approaches. Please feel free to send me copies of any pictures you may have in order to complete this resource. RED ROCK
  • Ruby Falls Left (Leaky Lucy) Ruby Falls Right (Drip Dry) Hip Wader Gully Fernie Pillar Red Rock Canyon (Below Bridge) Red Rock Canyon (Above Bridge)
  • Waist Transfer Foucault’s Flat Edge
  • Right Gully
  • 2 pitches (30m, 30m)
  • Center Gully
  • 2 pitches (30m, 30m
  • Left Gully
  • 5 pitches (15m, 10m, 15m, 20m 35m)
  • Compound Succor Civil Serpent The Slab
  • QUICK AND DIRTY (Bridal veil)
  • French Kiss Pilier des Putains Pearl Necklace
  • Midnight Curfew Unamed next to Midnight Curfew

  • Left side Center Right Side Swipe City Fat Lout Mrs. Brown Chooses the Dagger Buffalo with an Aqualung
  • Trap Line Unclimbed Lines
  • Linheman Left Just Nous Deux Linheman Right Unamed slab left of falls Unamed climb right of falls
  • 2 pitches
  • Burnt Rock Falls Burnt Rock Curtain Crypt Falls Left (C1) Crypt Falls Middle Left (C2) ... New Routes
  • Sullivan’s Falls
  • 2 sections (230m)
  • Blue Rodeo Racing with Shadows
  • VIMY
  • Irish Dreams New Routes
  • Unamed Unamed
  • The Gasser Obliteration Rainbow Peace Caravan Treading Water
  • H O M E Send any comments or corrections to

    18. VERTICAL JONES ------- HOME
    Gear reviews for rock and ice climbing gear. Photos. Online archive of some articles. Table of contents for the current print issue. Subscription information.
    (updated: 2-17-03) sponsors
    Vertical Jones #12

    new issue in the works Vertical Jones #11
    Now Available!

    The Eternal Roadtrip

    (read installment #8 of VJ's serial saga)

    (photo page)
    Selected article archives Buy VJ mag and merchandise What is JONES'N? feature article ... Links
    editorial office:
    4512 Williston Road; Minnetonka, MN 55345
    marketing and sales: Thomas Greider 37984 N. Metropolitan Ave.; Beach Park, IL 60087 847/249-1007, 847/249-8907 (fax),

    19. Ouray Ice Park, Ouray, Colorado
    It's an uphill battle against the elements for winter climbers. By Ben Weil Your muscles ache. With the wind chill, it's 20 degrees below zero. Your fingers and toes are way past feeling anything. Make a mistake and you just might buy the farm. But

    20. Ice-Climbing Conditions Report
    Forum for sharing condition information in the United States and Canada.Category Recreation Climbing ice climbing...... California Washingotn IceClimbing Conditions, 9, 1/21/03 65955 pmby robman, Climb Rock and Ice. jump to Ice-Climbing Conditions Report,
    "); else document.write(""); // >
    Climb Rock and Ice
    > Ice-Climbing Conditions Report
    Invite Friends! Login Register Your Free Account Search Help ... Need help logging in? This site is provided by Rock and Ice to keep ice climbers updated on local conditions. But it only works if you keep it updated! Please take a minute to report the ice conditions you've seen recently. Spam, vulgarity, or off-topic noise will result in the permanent closure of this site, so please be respectful. Thanks for your participation! The Editors
    Page Topic Replies Last Comment Started By Lee Vining? 3/21/03 10:28:39 am Dan Sarich Aspen area: Crystal Fork - Redstone - Marble 3/17/03 10:48:34 am
    by: ReeseMartin ReeseMartin January's Departure 3/9/03 10:15:27 am colorado ice? 3/7/03 7:28:00 pm
    by: ReeseMartin yetiboy Alaska Ice 3/3/03 11:18:42 pm
    by: cwraabe MSki Lee Vinning as of 3-01/3-2-03 3/3/03 9:40:09 am robman Nipigon Icefest, western Ontario 2/26/03 3:47:06 pm Where in new england would you go? 2/26/03 2:49:55 pm
    by: st2eelpot HIGH ALT FESTIVAL IN ALASKA!!!

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