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         Ice Skating:     more books (100)
  1. Fine Art of Ice Skating: An Illustrated History and Portfolio of Stars by Julia Whedon, 1988-10
  2. Skating Day by Mercer Mayer, 2004-01-05
  3. Laura Stamm's Power Skating 3rd Edition by Laura Stamm, 2001-08-28
  4. Artistry on Ice: Figure Skating Skills and Style by Nancy Kerrigan, Mary Spencer, 2002-12-09
  5. Murder on Ice (Figure Skating Mystery) by Alina Adams, 2003-11-04
  6. Skating Dreams #5: The Winning Edge: Skating Dreams: The Winning Edge - Book #5: Michelle Kwan Presents (Michelle Kwan Presents Skating Dreams) by Nola Thacker, 2001-02-28
  7. Figure Skating (Sticker Stories)
  8. Figure Skating: A HISTORY by James R. Hines, 2006-02-20
  9. Joannie Rochette: Canadian Ice Princess (Skate Stars) by Christine Dzidrums, Leah Rendon, 2010-10-23
  10. The Ice-Skating Phantom of Hickory Creek by Charles A Gregory, 2002-11-25
  12. Skating Dreams #2: Staying Balanced: Skating Dreams: Staying Balanced - Book #2: Michelle Kwan Presents (Michelle Kwan Paperback Series, 2) by Nola Thacker, 2000-08-01
  13. Olympic figure skating by Ice Skating Institute of America, 1979
  14. Speed on Skates: A Complete Technique, Training and Racing Guide for In-Line and Ice Skaters by Barry Publow, 1998-12-14

41. Home
Local ice skaters, both recreational and competitive, regardless of age or ability. The club offers the chance for members to meet and practise together, and organises competitions, galas and other events throughout the year.
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42. Ice Speed Skating Home-page
Basic but complete; events, history, skaters and links.Category Sports Skating ice skating Speed Personal Pages......(since december 1993) Ice Speed Skating Homepage. This Winter 2002-2003All events. Big events. Calender by ISU. ice skating Pages in the world.
since december 1993)
Ice Speed Skating Home-page
This Winter 2002-2003:
Last Winter 2001-2002:
  • Championships
  • Salt Lake City (2002) US mountain Amsterdam Competition nr.1 nr.2 nr.3 sa 9 12-3:30 za 9 20-23:30 Men 5000 Uytdehaage (NL) [World Rec] Parra (US) Boden (DE) su 10 1-3:30 zo 10 20-23:30 Women 3000 Pechstein (DE) [World Rec] Groenewold (NL) Klassen (CA) mo 11 1-2:30 ma 11 21-22:30 Men 500 tu 12 1-2:30 di 12 21-22:30 Men 500 FitzRandolph (US) Shimizu (JP) Carpenter (US) we 13 5-6:30 do 14 1-2:30 Women 500 th 14 5-6:30 vr 15 1-2:30 Women 500 LeMay(CA) Garbrecht(DE) Volker(DE) sa 16 1-3 za 16 19-22 Men 1000 van Velde (NL) [World Rec] Bos (NL) Cheek(US) su 17 5:15-7:15 ma 18 1:15-3:15 Women 1000 Witty (US) [World Rec] Volker (DE) Rodriguez (US) tu 19 1-3:30 di 19 19-21:30 Men 1500 Parra (US) [World Rec] Uytdehaage (NL) Sondral (NO) we 20 1-3 wo 20 19-21 Women 1500 Friesinger (DE) [World Rec] Volker (DE) Rodriguez (US) fr 22 12-3:15 vr 22 20-23:15 Men 10000 Uytdehaage (NL) [World Rec] Romme (NL) Saetre (NO) sa 23 1-2:45 za 23 21-22:45 Women 5000 Pechstein (DE) [World Rec] Smit (NL) Hughes (US)
  • Prediction of Olympic results on base of best times (all time and this season)
  • Prediction Contest
Results Winter 2000-2001:
  • link-list of Caro-line
  • Hit in 2001: World Championship Allround in Budapest
  • Results of today on page of NOS Teletext
  • Dutch news:
  • 43. MKISC (Milton Keynes Ice Skating Club)
    This site is a resource for MKISC members and ice skaters generally, and promotes both recreational Category Sports Skating ice skating Skating Clubs and Rinks......Milton Keynes ice skating Club, MKISC brings together local iceskaters, both recreational and competitive, regardless of age or ability.
    var TlxPgNm='index'; Milton Keynes Ice Skating Club MKISC brings together local ice skaters, both recreational and competitive, regardless of age or ability. The club offers members the chance to meet and practice together, and organises competitions, galas and other events throughout the year. More ... Tell a friend about us - click below
    Visitors since 1st December 2000: sw="none";sd="none";ref=""+escape(document.referrer); About MKISC Guestbook Newsletters Discussion ... SkateMK
    Club Noticeboard (last updated 16th March) MK Opens 2003
    (9th - 11th June) - enter now! The Milton Keynes Accredited Open Competitions and British Qualifying Competitions for Singles and Pairs, 2003; click here for rules, classes and a downloadable entry form. Spin, Spiral, Jump Competition (4th April) and Sponsored Skate (16th May) - enter now! Both open to non-members; ask your coach or club representative for further details; for details of other events, see the Events calendar below. Save the Rink! for the latest news on plans to re-develop the Leisure Plaza, see the SkateMK website MKISC on-line community Join our new on-line community - chat in real time, join in email discussions, receive newsletters by email, and more!

    44. Ice Skating Online Game - Candystand On Ice
    Play the ice skating online game, Candystand On Ice. Free figure skating computergame, sports, arcade, card, and multiplayer games. ice skating Online Game,
    Vote now and you could win a BMW Z4 roadster 2.5i!
    High Scores How To Play Candy ... Home

    45. Scottish Ice Skating Association
    Official association for ice skating in Scotland. Provides membership details and benefits, competition details and their latest news.
    Sorry, you don't appear to have frame support. Go here instead.

    46. Home Page
    pened to the public in the Fall of 1995, this stateof-the-art, world-classice skating facility features both NHL and Olympic size rinks.
    pened to the public in the Fall of 1995, this state-of-the-art, world-class ice skating facility features both NHL and Olympic size rinks. At the Pro Shop, you'll find a complete line of the finest hockey and skating gear available in Southern California.
    For family fun that's really cool, skate into
    Disney ICE
    Disney ICE offers a variety of programs for skaters of all ages and skill levels. 300 W. Lincoln Ave
    Anaheim, CA 92805 Public Skating Ice Skating Programs Ice Hockey Programs
    Special Events
    ... Contact Us Locate us on MapQuest!

    47. Learn How To Ice Skate Using This Instructional Ice Skating Video: The Eazee Ska
    Instructional ice skating video by Donna AshtonGood, teaches the basics for beginners.
    Learn How to Ice Skate!
    Auditory Learning , or learning through listening . Both the skating coach and the narrator verbally describe the steps involved in performing the various practice drills. By listening, you will learn how to ice skate.
    Learn How to Ice Skate!
    Visual Learning , or learning through watching. The instructor demonstrates the techniques involved, and then the students copy. By watching others learn, you see how the progression evolves and know what to expect when you get out on-to the ice! By looking, you wil learn how to ice skate.
    Learn How to Ice Skate!
    Textual Learning , or learning through reading and memorization. Panels appear with the names of the drills and the sequential steps... all written down in an easy to follow and remember way. By reading, you will learn how to ice skate.
    Learn How to Ice Skate!
    Kinesthetic Learning , or learning through moving the body. This is where you come in! Get off the couch, put on your mittens, pack the hot chocolate and get to the rink to try out these basic moves! By doing, you will learn how to ice skate.
    Learn How to Ice Skate!

    48. Oxnard Ice Skating Center
    Tired of the usual dinner and a movie? Well here's an idea why not take theentire family out for a fun filled spin at the Oxnard ice skating Center!
    Olympic Training Starts Here!
    The coolest place
    Ventura County
    Welcome to OISC!
    Tired of the usual dinner and a movie? Well here's an idea...why not take the entire family out for a fun filled spin at the Oxnard Ice Skating Center!
    830 Wagon Wheel Road
    Oxnard, California 93036
    (805) 988-9209 Fax
    Open Everyday! Including Holidays! Home

    Contact Us

    General Information
    Public Sessions Hockey Sessions Freestyle Sessions Adults Only Learn to Skate Hockey Figure Skating Special Activities Birthday Parties Broomball Field Trips Private Ice / Room ... USFSA Other Information Pro Shop Skate Sharpening / Repair Sister Rinks Job Opportunities ... Associated Links (c) 2002 Oxnard Ice Skating Center All Rights Reserved Last Update: 03/20/03 Managed by VSC Sports, Inc. Coming May 2 and 3, 2003... The Channel Islands Figure Skating Club Present: With special guest skaters: Scott Hamilton and Richard Dwyer Coming again in July 2003: It's Your Move!

    Portable rink equipment for rent or for sale; turnkey production of seasonal public ice skating events.

    50. Fitness And SpeedSkating Times Online
    Online version of print inline and ice skating magazine. News, articles, results and subscription information.
    Winter 2003 - Vol. 12 No. 6 Current Cover

    Ask The Expert


    Contact Us

    Search the FaSST Site for:
    • Get a Free Inline Skate Lesson is now LIVE "The Chad" on "The Ice" SUPER BOWL SUNDAY 10K ... Kathie Fry
      Kathie Fry tells you all about inline skating marathons from all over the world. Her extensive coverage includes links to marathons everywhere from Argentina to Austria and Spain to Switzerland. Read some interesting facts about marathons from all over the globe!
      Ask The Expert
      - Barry Publow
      Barry answers, "where are all the clap frames?" along with questions on fast- or slow-twitch muscle fibers, cross-country skiing as cross-training, strength training with weights, developing calf muscles, and whether or not you should use two pair of socks in your skates. More... NEW - Kathie Fry's Newsletter Visit our newsgroup links page and find out how to receive a speedskating newsletter subscription. Take Me There! Find out how to subscribe to the Premiere International Journal of Ice, Inline, Fitness and Speed Skating. Take Me There!

    51. The Ice Skating Suppliers FAQ
    Skating Suppliers. Many people have asked for a listing of Suppliers forice skating. Keats UK ice skating Wear seems to specialise in padding!
    Skating Suppliers
    Many people have asked for a listing of Suppliers for Ice Skating. The original maintainer of the Recreational Skating FAQ has resisted incorporating such a list in the main FAQ, as is might be taken as an endorsement of certain suppliers. Thus I have jumped into the breach The purpose of this document is to enable skaters to locate dealers and manufacturers of needed supplies. The intent is to list resources no matter where they may be located in the physical world. The author would like to receive suggestions for new listings. If the document becomes too large, it can be broken up into sections. The author would also like to be informed of changes in phone numbers, and other contact information of suppliers of skating products. If a suppler does not wish to be listed, they should contact me. I would also appreciate being informed if you are unable to connect to a listed site, or if the URL has been switched to point at an site containing unrelated material. It has happened that domains that have gone out of business have been purchased for unrelated sites. If you have tried to connect to a site, and after a couple of days it still is out, please let me know so that I can make inquiries. I would be interested in hearing about European and Asian addresses. For example do Asian skaters use British and American Blades, or do they have local brands to use.

    52. Roseville Skating Center - 651-415-2160
    A combination ice arena and speedskating oval. Site includes information on arena and oval rentals, Category Regional North America Roseville Recreation and Sports...... to 300 people. ice skating at the John Rose OVAL is now open! PublicSkating times differ daily, please check out our schedule!
    JOHN ROSE MN OVAL ~ Roseville Ice Arena ~ Banquet facilities
    Ice to Inline ~ We Stride to Serve You! The Roseville Skating Center is a sporting and recreational facility, which offers the excitement of Ice and In-line amateur sports with the comforts and luxuries of banquet and meeting room facilities. The Skating Center incorporates an outdoor-refrigerated OVAL , NHL regulation indoor ice arena, seven team rooms, four family restrooms, fitness room, seasonal outdoor aggressive skate park, game room and three conference/banquet rooms with capacities of up to 300 people. nd To contact us: 2661 Civic Center Drive Roseville MN 24 hour Phone Line 651-415-2170 Business Phone: 651-415-2160 ~ Fax: 651-415-2171 Email: oval Webmaster

    53. Recreational Figure Skating FAQ
    A good starting point for those new to figure skating.Category Sports Skating ice skating...... This archive contains responses to frequently asked questions about ice skating,and contains outstanding contributions to the news group which have appeared
    Recreational Figure Skating FAQ
    This archive was originally written and maintained by Karen Bryden. Subsequent updates and additions to the original document are done with her permission. Some portions of this archive are used with permission from their originators. This archive or any part thereof may not be sold for profit nor incorporated in other documents without the Owner's permission. This archive resides at , and is mirrored at . It may NOT reside at any other website (use links, please) without the permission of the Owner. Inquiries and comments should be e-mailed to Ana Gonzalez This archive was last modified on January 26, 2003.
    Table of Contents
    1. Questions and answers
    2. Basic Skating

    54. Custom Team Gymnastics Apparel For Girls & Boys
    Offers brand name gymnastics leotards, ice skating dresses, and twirling costumes.


    New York State

    You are visitor #

    55. Portland Ice Skating Society
    New Zealand fan club site, with history of the Tonya/Nancy scandal, photos, and ongoing commentary.Category Sports Skating ice skating Skaters Harding, Tonya...... The Great Skating Swindle how you can help stop it and get Tonya backon the ice. Skating Achievements. 2003 Portland ice skating Society.
    Welcome to the
    New Zealand's own Tonya Harding fan club
    Home of "The Portlandian" , the Net's premiere source of Tonya news
    Why this site exists
    A Brief History of Tonya - a story
    of sex, violence and ladies figure skating The Name Is Eckardt, Shawn Eckardt - the
    plot to cripple Nancy Kerrigan - Lillehammer
    The Case for the Defense
    - a critical examination
    of the evidence - why people
    REALLY hate Tonya Harding The Great Skating Swindle - how you can help
    stop it and get Tonya back on the ice Skating Achievements "The Skater" - a sample issue of this early
    Tonya fanzine "The Portlandian" - the Internet's premier source
    of HARDing copy Tonya-related books, tapes, articles, etc Tonya FAQ - everything you ever wanted
    to know about Tonya Exclusive PortIce Tonya T-shirt Offer No, we don't have the Wedding Night Video - and
    why not
    UPDATED for Salt Lake City - Olympic Corruption Scandal Coverage
    The Secret Life of Juan Antonio Samaranch - his Fascist past exposed! UPDATED! The Olympic Hall Of Shame - your handy guide to IOC skullduggery
    Also - an exclusive "Portlandian" special investigation
    The Strange Case of "Roy Edwards"
    the murky past of the the man who ran the official Tonya web site
    read our public messages about Tonya
    Email us!

    56. Aberdeen Linx Skating Club
    Aiming to promote ice skating to all ages and standards. Lists general information, constitution, associated links and contact details.
    Welcome to the Aberdeen Linx Skating Club Official Web Site Please click on the above to enter

    57. Ice Skating Addicts Web Page
    Dedicated to Italian ice skatersCategory Sports Skating ice skating......Web Page created by ice skating Addicts, All images and clips found on thissite have been taken by ice skating Addicts unless otherwise noted.
    Web Page created by Ice Skating Addicts People visited this site FIGURE SKATING ANGELS
    A fan page devoted to figure skating. The site features the latest news, pictures, clips and informations about this amazing sport. This site is dedicated to all the people who enjoy the sport, especially the athletes who have been the voice of figure skating through the years. Contact: Ice Skating Addicts Go to Italian Version All images and clips found on this site have been taken by Ice Skating Addicts unless otherwise noted. No text, graphics, or photos may be used on any other sites.
    In this site you'll find... Photo Gallery: pictures you won't see anywhere else!
    Multimedia: clips and stills from competitions and practices

    Fresh News: everything you haven't heard yet!
    Events and Results nna, and Czech Skate.
    te listing among other information, the music selections of

    58. Forward Page
    Official Australian figure skating association.Category Sports Skating ice skating Associations and skating Australia has moved. Please update your links and bookmarks.Click on the link below to go to the new website. CLICK HERE.
    Ice Skating Australia has moved. Please update your links and bookmarks. Click on the link below to go to the new website. CLICK HERE

    59. Ice Skating Blades Supplied By Skating World
    Ice skates, blades, overboot tights and clothing for the figure skater and ice dancer. Located in the UK.Category Shopping Sports Skating ice skating......Skating World Suppliers of quality ice skating equipmentincluding blades, ice skates and dresses.

    Tights Apparel Sale Items ... UK Competitions '02
    Welcome to
    the premier on-line figure skating and ice-dance store offering a full range of ice skating blades, tights, apparel and skates and much, much more. FREE Delivery to Japan and the United States.... Using our new Blade Runner service, our customers in Japan and the United States can now receive our most popular ice skating blades by courier free of delivery costs. When you need a new pair of blades you are looking for a fast, efficient service with a minimum of fuss and we are confident that our new service will make shopping with Skating World even easier. Great News on Blades....
    In addition to our existing John Wilson and MK ranges of figure skating and ice-dance blades we are now delighted to announce the introduction of the exciting new range of free skating blades from John Watts . At Skating World we are constantly striving to give our customers, throughout the world, an ever increasing choice and we are confident that John Watts' new blades will soon become as popular as the well established Wilson and MK brand.
    News and Views Want to add some information to our News and Views pages, just email

    60. This Web-site Is The Idea Fred And Joan Dean From The World
    Intended to help people understand the history of figure skating, with memorable moments from Ice Category Sports Skating ice skating Magazines......The Early Years History of ice skating by Fred and Joan Dean From the WorldFamous Ice Roller Skate Magazine of England. ice skating Collection.
    This Web-site is the idea
    Fred and Joan Dean From the World Famous
    This is put together from their vast
    Ice Skating Collection.
    Fred and Joan Dean, On a Ice rink is where they met and eventually competed in the British Championships in Ice Dancing, they also helped originate the International regulations by demonstrating the Ice Dance schedules in Switzerland to the authorities at the time. They went on to Produce the World-wide ‘’Ice Skate Magazine’’ for over 10 years... Retiring from his profession of Print origination and Lithographic Platemaker in his own business at 60 years of age.
    Fred and Joan Dean
    Great News
    Last update by PAUL DEAN (2nd Sept 2002)

    or 3 Bullfinch Road Selsdon Vale Surrey England England (44) 0208 651 1991 Chapter 1 Origins of Skating Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Skaters and Championships ... HAINES THE HISTORY OF ICE SKATING Page 1 The Development of Skating The Early years to 1914 Chapter 6 Between The Wars CLICK ON SUBJECT ..BELOW.. We are also looking for ideas what people would like from this web-site. Chapter 7 Onwards Chapter 8 The BBC Book of Skating by Sandra Stevenson.

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