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         Jump Rope:     more books (100)
  1. Anna Banana: 101 Jump Rope Rhymes by Joanna Cole, 1989-04-18
  2. Jump Rope Training - 2nd Edition by Buddy Lee, 2010-06-04
  3. Over in the Pink House: New Jump-Rope Rhymes by Rebecca Kai Dotlich, 2004-09
  4. Chinese Jump Rope by Sheree S. Marty, 1994-05
  5. Jump Rope Training by Buddy Lee, 2003-04-23
  6. RopeSport: The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout by Martin Winkler, 2007-08-10
  7. Jump Rope Rhymes: A Dictionary (Publications of the American Folklore Society)
  8. Jump Rope (Games Around the World series) by Meachen Rau, Dana, 2005-01-01
  9. Chinese Jump Rope (Klutz)
  10. Jump Rope Magic by Afi Scruggs, 1999-11
  11. The Jump Rope Book & the Jump Rope (Classic Games) by Elizabeth Loredo, 1996-01-04
  12. The Jump Rope Book by Glen Vecchione, 1996-06-30
  13. Jump Rope Rhymes (With a Special 8-Foot No-Twist No-Tangle Rope!)
  14. Red Hot Peppers: The Skookum Book of Jump Rope Games, Rhymes, and Fancy Footwork by Bob Boardman, 1993-02

1. Welcome To USA Jump Rope's Homepage
Information about USA jump rope, how to start a team, board of directors, camps, tournaments, judging, Category Sports Rope Skipping......The entry page to USA jump rope's Web site. Find software,solutions and answers. Support, and jump rope news.
Communicate Purchase Links Member Login ... Forms
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What is USA Jump Rope?
USA Jump Rope is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of jump rope. Our purpose is to inspire, motivate and educate children and adults through the unlimited opportunities that jump rope provides. Our goals include:
  • To promote physical fitness through jump rope as a life-time sport. To foster confidence, discipline, responsibility and leadership. Be an informational and educational network for jump rope activities and materials. Help set standards for terminology and procedures for jump rope competitions. Provide representation for the sport on the international level.
You can find out much more about our organization, benefits of membership, history, and programs.
USA Jump Rope Services
Do you want to become a member of USA Jump Rope? Need to communicate with other jump ropers, or USA Jump Rope? Would you like to purchase jump rope merchandise? Want to find links to other jump rope teams, or other organizations? Then you've come to the right place.

2. ThinkQuest
The Thinkquest crew teaches kids about jumping rope with jump rope skills, quiz, and information on how exercise keeps the heart healthy and bodies fit.
We're sorry. The website you are trying to access is currently unavailable. If you are the owner or creator of this site, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at Thank You.

3. The Jump Rope Store: 10 Minutes Of Jumping Rope Is Equal To 30 Minutes Of Joggin
Custom colored jump ropes in 5 different lengths.

Company name and logo pad printed on the handle. Available to PPAI Distributors
Kids Pack
includes two Double Dutch jump ropes.
Single Jump Ropes
Family Pack
includes two Double Dutch jump ropes.
  • Made in the U.S.A. with a Two Year Guarantee Custom colored jump ropes available in 5 sizes.

Order 12+ jump ropes and receive volume discount pricing for:
teams, schools, camps and parties.
  • Order online for quick delivery. Get kids to play together. Every athlete needs a jump rope.
COACHES Final Four Show Special Price 15 Olympic jump ropes =$ 75 72 Olympic jump ropes =$288 Call 888-456-7802 to order What's My Size? Team Orders About Us The Jump Rope Store PO Box 11507 Portland, OR 97211 Need help with your order-call toll free or email

4. Chants And Taunts, Clapping Games, Jump Rope Rhymes
Collection of American children's folk rhymes for taunting, playing pattycake, and skipping rope.
Uncle Buck

NEENER NEENER NEENER: Taunts, Chants and Poems
In a cabin by the woods
(draw a square in the air with your fingers)
A little old man by the window stood
(make circles, like binoculars, with your hands and put up to your eyes)
Saw a rabbit hopping by
(two fingers in the air, like a V, moving your hand up and down)
Knocking at his door
(knocking motion with one fist) "Help me! Help me! Help!" he cried (fling hands in the air three times) For the hunter shoot me down (thumb up, index finger pointing like a gun with both hands and move up and down) Little rabbit come inside (move one hand in a circlular motion towards yourself as if you're beckoning someone to come to you) Safely you may hide (rock your arms like you're rocking a baby) (The fun thing about his song is that you keep repeating it, but at each line, you just hum the tune and do the hand motions. So the second time you sing it, you don't say "In a cabin by the woods", you just hum it and make the hand gesture. The third time, you leave out both 1st and 2nd lines (humming only) do just the hand gesture, sing the rest.

5. Skiperiors Jump Rope Team
A competition and performance jump rope team located in Woodinville, WA, United States. They compete Category Sports Rope Skipping......
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6. Jump Rope Rhymes
Large collection of folk rhymes that American children chant while skipping rope and playing patty-cake.Category Society Folklore Literature Rhymes...... You can also do Miss Mary Mack, I Had a Little Puppy, and several others as handclappinggames. OK, now here's the jump-rope rhymes A My Name Is Alice.
There are probably as many of these rhymes as there are games! Before I list all the skipping rope rhymes, I've started a new category for hand clapping games, which has been a popular request from you the viewers. A Sailor Went To Sea Say Say Oh Playmate Atchi Katchi Short Legged Sailor ... Coca Cola You can also do Miss Mary Mack I Had a Little Puppy , and several others as hand-clapping games. OK, now here's the jump-rope rhymes: A My Name Is Alice Ice Cream Soda All In Together Girls Jack be Nimble ... HELP Looking for something different? Why not try Tinikling Go Back

7. The Heartbeats Jump Rope Team
A jump rope team based in Ohio, US. Includes list of performances and some competition results.Category Sports Rope Skipping......Welcome to the website of The Heartbeats jump rope Team AAU, National and World jump rope Champions.

8. JUMP ROPE (First Draft)
Article on fitness and jumprope/skipping.Category Sports Rope A guide to jump rope - skipping training for cardiovascular,strength 135 pounds. Working out with the jump rope.
The complete guide to jump-rope
Jake Seal
Why skip? Skipping, jump-rope, whatever you want to call it. When it comes to the crunch it is an excellent exercise that is relatively easy, has a multitude of benefits and a low injury risk factor. According to one source 10 minutes of jumping rope is equal to 30 minutes of running at a 5.7 mph pace. Also most sources quote it as being an efficient calorie burner about 12 calories per minute for a 150-lb person who jumps 120 times in a minute. But more importantly Rope jumping, or skipping is a workout that involves the whole body. It tones the muscles of the upper body (especially the deltoids and to a lesser degree the chest and upper back) as well as the lower body (especially the calves and the hamstrings). Jump rope promotes definition of the abdominal muscles and it reduces cellulite. For athletes it is excellent, as aside from the cardiovascular training benefits it also significantly increases jumping and running potential. Another important factor is convenience: it can be done every day, and anywhere. It doesn’t require any special equipment, or a great deal of space. You don’t need to perform an extensive warm-up and you can do it at any time of the day or night. Jumping rope is an excellent cardiovascular (heart/lung) workout. It's comparable to jogging in its benefits, but there is much less impact and so is easier on the joints than running (particularly running on pavements).

9. Home Page
Offers jump ropes with a patented swivel bearing system; includes rope skipping sport news.
Jump Rope For
21st Century BOOK "Jump Rope Training" by Buddy Lee - Published by Human Kinetics - Release April 22 ! BOOK "Jump Rope Training" by Buddy Lee - Published by Human Kinetics - Release April 22 !
Men's Fitness Magazine Dec '02: "Top 3 Fitness Item Any Man Should Own "
N E W ! P a t e n t e d S w i v e l B e a r i n g S y s t e m F o r S u p e r S p e e d N E W !
U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM OFFICIAL LICENSED JUMP ROPES PO Box 3, Woodbridge, VA 22194, USA., 1 800 953 JUMP - 703 680 9648 Ph - 703 583 9536 Fax

10. Jumping Rope
Instructions on the equipment needed, variations, muscle groups exercised, and basic workout tips for jump rope beginners.
Brought to you by the Department of Kinesiology and Health at Georgia State University Jumping Rope
  • Jump Rope Appropriate footwear
  • Double foot jump - Both feet take off from the ground slightly and land together. Alternate foot jump - The "skipping technique" where feet are alternated up and down while the rope makes it’s revolution.
  • Alternate foot jump - The "skipping technique." (See above description.) Running Step - A slight jog is incorporated while jumping/skipping over the rope. A slightly faster pace with increased intensity. High Step - The moderate run with a high knee lift to increase intensity.
  • Cross Step - While in the air during the jump phase, cross lower legs slightly and land with legs crossed. Side to Side - Alternate landing areas from left to right. Use caution as getting familiar with where the rope might go may take time.
Muscle Groups:
  • Legs - Calves and Thighs Abdomen Chest Shoulders Back Arms
  • Use a floor surface that is even, non abrasive and limits friction.

11. Shasta Skippers Jump Rope Team
Demonstration jump rope team that conducts workshops, performs at community events and participates in competition.

12. Jump Rope Rhymes
Collection of jump rope rhymes.
Jump Rope Rhymes

13. Jumping For Joy
Meet the boys and girls of Santa Clara, CA on the competition and exhibition jump rope team. Features team photos, tournament results, and basic skills for jumping rope.
Our Schedule

Action Photos


Rope Sales

Email the Coach:
Cindy Joy
Steve Rasmussen
Jumping for Joy
Internationally Competitive Jumprope Team Santa Clara, CA Kimi, Veyom, Peter, Monika, Jennifer, Michelle, Kaylee, Kara, Timmy, Angela, Tracy, Sarah, Gary, Jessica, Heather, Lucia, James, Melissa, Kristen, Katie, Michelle, Sarah, Christine, Britteny, Kanae, Tori, and of course, Mrs. Joy!
"Jumping for Joy" is a hard working team of boys and girls who have dedicated themselves to the sport of jumping rope. The team is comprised of approximately 30 children between the ages of 8 and 17. They work hard to create and perform routines filled with combinations of tricks, and demonstrations of power and endurance. They work with single, double dutch, and chinese wheel ropes. Members of the team have performed and taught jump rope throughout the state of California. They have also traveled around the world competing in Sweden, Belgium, Korea, Japan, England, the Netherlands and Spain. Over the past twelve years, "Jumping for Joy" has performed for International, National, and State P.E. Conferences, Reboc P.E. TV, San Jose Sharks and Lazers games, countless performances for college basketball games, and schools. "Jumping for Joy" has also competed at the USA Jump Rope tournaments including regionals, the National Championships (twenty medal winners 1996-1998), and World Invitational Championships in 1995.

14. Sonshine Skippers Jump Rope Team
Located in Orlando, Florida, the American Heart Association's demonstration team for the area, and compete, do clinics, and judge workshops. Includes team history, events, photos, and related links.
Our Coaches Calendar Jump Rope Links Skills Lists ... Photo Albums Jump Rope Team
This page was last updated on: February 8, 2003
The Sonshine Skippers Perform on Sonshine Skippers
U.S.A. 2001-2002 Team Photo Albums Jump Art! Up-Coming Events Skills Lists ... Calendar Welcome to the Sonshine Skippers Jump Rope Team's Website. We are a Performance and Competitive Rope Skipping Team based out of the Orlando, Florida area. Our team promotes the health and fitness of jump rope and promotes the sport of rope skipping by performing at local schools and community functions, including parades, nursing homes, etc. We also compete under both the United States Amateur Jump Rope Federation (U.S.A.J.R.F.) and the Amateur Athletic Union (A.A.U.) on the Regional Level each year. We perform all over the central Florida area and also attend workshops and camps each year. If you would like more information about rope skipping or would like us to perform at your next event or school, please click on the e-mail link below. We hope you enjoy looking through our site and before you leave please do not forget to sign our guest book. Thanks for stopping by!

15. Skiperiors Jump Rope Team
Skiperiors jump rope Team Check out pictures from this years WoodinvilleParade! Sign our guestbook or send us email! Web Site Owner
Skiperiors Jump Rope Team
Check out pictures from this years Woodinville Parade
Sign our guestbook or send us email Web Site Owner : Scott Bullock
Last Updated: 08/10/2002 8:00 AM

16. Jump Ropes
jump ropes from $6.95 including the Everlast line. $2.95 shipping, bxro-25. jump rope. by Everlast. $8.95
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Training Equipment:
jump rope Next
Weighted Leather Jump Rope by: Everlast
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bx-ro-18 Weighted Speed Rope by: Everlast bx-ro-25 Jump Rope by: Everlast bx-ro-26 Weighted Jump Rope by: Everlast bx-ro-30 Economy Skip Rope by: Everlast bx-ro-33 Calorie Counting Jump Rope by: Everlast bx-ro-35 Speed Rope by: Everlast tr-ex-10 Leather Jump Rope by: Century On Sale! bx-ro-10 Leather Jump Rope by: Everlast Matches 1-10 of 11 found. Next Privacy Statement See also Rattan Bo More Info Kubotan More Info Our Price: Medicine Ball Boxing Equipment Wavemaster Swords ... Exercise Mat

17. Jump Rope For Heart
jump rope For Heart is an educational fundraising event. jump rope ForHeart, jump rope For Heart is an educational fund-raising event.

18. The Page You Are Trying To Access Is Deleted.
Employment Opportunities Position Director for jump rope for Heart and Hoops forHeart Location Atlanta State GA Job Code atlgamdirJRFH Job

19. Jump Rope Store, The
Offer custom colored jump ropes made in the United States with a two year guarantee. jump ropes are available in five different sizes for all types of athlete.

20. Info-Skip Canada / Info-Saut Canada" Promoting The Joy Of Rope Skipping Across C
History, upcoming events, results, Canadian records, newsletter. In English and French.Category Sports Rope Skipping......InfoSkip Canada promoting the joy of rope skipping across Canada and the world,Canada's First and only undated ( jump rope ) Rope Skipping Web Site
Bienvenue - Welcome
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