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         Kendo:     more books (101)
  1. Kendo the Essential Guide To Mastering T by BroderickJeff, 2004
  2. Year of the Baboon - A Crazy Dutch Kendo Student Reporting from The Land of the Rising Fun by Stefan Korpel, 2009-10-20
  3. Purification Sword; Learn Modern Kendo by Ara Niseki, 1994
  5. Kendo: Bokuto, Shinai, Kendo-Weltmeisterschaft, Kendo-Weltmeisterschaft 2006, Kendo-Wettkampf, Kirikaeshi, Fukuro Shinai, Bogu (German Edition)
  6. The Kendo Name in History by, 2007-06-29
  7. Shinto Muso-Ryu: Shinto Muso-Ryu, History of Shinto Muso-Ryu, Muso Gonnosuke, Shinto Muso-Ryu Jo Kata, Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei Jodo
  8. Kendo, la voie du sabre ou La Révolution du savoir être - Le Kendo à Rudrâ, l'école de danse de Maurice Béjart by Pierre Delorme, 2003-06-16
  9. This is Kendo: The Art of Japanese Fencing
  10. Kendo Organizations: International Kendo Federation, European Kendo Federation, British Kendo Association, All Japan Kendo Federation
  11. Das ist Kendo. by Gordon Warner, 2002-01-31
  12. Illustrated Guide to the Art of Oriental Self-Defense : Kendo, Kung Fu, Judo, Karate & Aikido by Jim Wilson, 1975
  13. The Pictorial Guide to The Martial Arts: Kung Fu, Judo, Karate, Kendo, Aikido by Jim Wilson, 1976-01-01
  14. Taipeh: Nationale Chiang-Kai-Shek-Gedächtnishalle, Legislativ-Yuan, Mrt, Flughafen Taiwan Taoyuan, Kendo-Weltmeisterschaft 2006 (German Edition)

41. Training In The Japanese Martial Arts Of Judo, Iaido, Kendo, And Jodo, Based In
Specialising in the Japanese martial arts of Judo, Iaido, kendo, and Jodo. Features calendar, news, forum and contact. Somerset, UK
Training in the Japanese martial arts of Judo, Iaido, Kendo, and Jodo, based in West Somerset
judo training,iaido training,kendo training,jodo training,martial arts ,classes,kendo classes,iaido classes,jodo classes,judo classes,childrens judo,judo for kids
Tsunami Dojo's is a club based in West Somerset, which specialises in the Japanese martial arts of Judo, Iaido, Kendo, and Jodo.
Tsunami Dojo's actively welcomes any one, regardless of age or ability, who wishes to study and practice Jodo, Iaido, Kendo and Judo. 
Tsunami Dojo's offer a relaxed and informal environment, where instruction, guidance, and help from black belt grades is on hand to students. 
Tsunami Dojo's  is registered with national organisations which are recognised and endorsed in Japan. The Dojo has access to high grade instruction, and national grading panels, and is host to two national seminar and gradings each year.
Iaido is the Japanese martial way of drawing, utilizing and returning the long sword, or Katana, to its scabbard or saya.
The roots of Iaido are derived from the original techniques of lai-jitsu, laido, however is concerned with the perfection of the from using the mind, spirit and etiquette, as well as the effectiveness of the technique, and as such, is a Zen art. Practice includes both new and Koryu kata techniques, (individual and paired) to draw and cut correctly, and put the sword away, Attention is paid to perfecting posture, correct attitude and awareness.

42. All Japan Kendo Federation All US Kendo Federation All East US
Style information, location, calendar, schedule and links. Brookline, MACategory Sports Martial Arts North America United States......What is kendo? kendo, the Way of the Sword, is the Art of JapaneseFencing. Short walk to the church. About Boston kendo Kyokai.

All Japan Kendo Federation

All U.S. Kendo Federation

All East US Kendo Federation
What is Kendo? ...
Bo Ken Kyo E-mail Service

Boston Kendo Kyokai kendo about location calendar ...
What is Kendo?
Kendo, the Way of the Sword, is the Art of Japanese Fencing. Kendo is one of the oldest of the Japanese martial arts and is held in high regard in Japan. Kendo has transcended its bloody origins in Japan's feudal past to become a modern martial discipline that instills courtesy, humility, self-control and fighting spirit through intense and rigorous training.
Interested? Drop by the dojo to watch a practice. Beginners are welcome
Practice is held Monday and Wednesday evenings from until at St. Paul's Church, St. Paul Street, Brookline , Massachusetts. Take the T to St. Paul on the Green Line C - Cleveland Circle branch or Brookline Village station on the Green Line D - Riverside branch. Short walk to the church. About Boston Kendo Kyokai Boston Kendo Kyokai, founded in 1980, is commited to promoting kendo in Eastern Massachusetts by conducting regular kendo practice, holding demonstrations and exhibitions, sponsoring seminars and joint practices, participating in regional and national tournaments, and publicizing kendo on-line and through other media. Boston Kendo Kyokai is a member of the All United States Kendo Federation and the All Eastern United States Kendo Federation. Contact Dave Harrison here by e-mail , or by phone (617) 327-3104.

43. Kokushikan Kendo Brasil *Welcome*
kokushikan kendo brasil, links, noticias,conceitos.

44. British Kendo Association
The web site of the British kendo Association has moved to its new The new British kendo Association web site.
The web site of the British Kendo Association
has moved to its new home:
Please update your bookmarks
You will be automatically taken to the new site in a few moments If you are not automatically redirected pleaseclick below
The new British Kendo Association web site

45. AkihitoAbe's Kendo Page
Akihito Abe's Kendo Page

46. Untitled Document
Online kendo equipment shop with delivery from Korea

47. SCKF Home Page
Member dojos, fees, calendar, references, links and general information.Category Sports Martial Arts kendo Organizations......Southern California kendo Federation. 12th World kendo Championships July 46 2003,Glasgow Scotland (see info including travel tours and Team USA practices).
Southern California
Kendo Federation
About the SCKF

Member Dojo

Email Announcements

Upcoming deadlines:
3/30/03 North-South Taikai applications due
4/05/03 SC Championships applications due
Upcoming Events
America Zone Referee Seminar
Sat March 15, 9am-4pm, Santa Clara Sun March 16, 9am-12pm, San Jose (see info Keiko with Katsura, Mayumi Sat April 12, 6pm, Tustin Dojo Please spread the word to your women kenshi! 2003 Southern California Kendo Championships June 22 2003, Wilson Park, Torrance (see info 12th World Kendo Championships July 4-6 2003, Glasgow Scotland (see info including travel tours and Team USA practices) Recent Events Steveston Tournament Feb 8 2003, Steveston, Canada See results Mori Hai Taikai January 26 2003, Wilson Park, Torrance See results SCKF New Year's Party Sunday January 19, 2003, 11am Prince Seafood Restaurant, 11828 South St, Cerritos Happy Holidays! See keiko schedule Shinkyu Shinsa October 20 2002, Wilson Park, Torrance See information Fall Team Tournament September 22 2002, Wilson Park, Torrance (see results and thanks AUSKF 12WKC Final Eliminations September 1 2002, OSULA

48. KENDO Deportes De Montaña
Deportes de monta±a, fotograf­as de los lugares m¡s bellos del pirineo, monta±ismo, esqu­ y bicicleta de monta±a.
Bienvenidos al Web de Kendo Última actualización Diciembre 2002 SKI : Pico CanalRoya Esta sección está dedicada al mundo de la bicicleta de montaña, encontrarás información de rutas, fotografías y archivos GPS por los caminos que nos proporcionan los Pirineos aragoneses. Descubre aquí ascensiones a bellos lugares del Pirineo, respira la sensación de la naturaleza y además visita alguno de los más conocidos barrancos de la zona. Las Montañas de K endo Bienvenido a mi página Web sobre los Deportes de Montaña, existen tres secciones principales, dentro de las cuales podrás encontrar impresionantes imágenes con comentarios de los lugares donde fueron tomadas. Nueva sección con temas de interés, galería de imágenes temática, fondos de pantalla montañeros y lo que se te ocurra. Utiliza los tracks y waypoints para guiarte con un GPS. Visita la sección internacional, expediciones a las montañas más significativas del globo. P articipa Entra en el Foro y deja tus dudas, comentarios, preguntas... y si quieres organizar una excursión y quieres gente que se apunte contigo visita el Diario de excursiones.

49. Welcome To The All Belgium Kendo Federation
Official website of the Belgian federation for kendo, iaido, and jodo.
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

50. H R K C   O N L I N E
News, club history, pictures, kendo origins, resources, equipment and related information.Category Sports Martial Arts North America United States...... PICTURES SHORYUHAI. K E N D O ABOUT MODERN kendo HISTORY OF kendoA BEGINNER'S VOCABULARY EQUIPMENT GUIDE ADDITIONAL RESOURCES, P
T H E H A R V A R D - R A D C L I F F E K E N D O C L U B
h t t p : / / w w w . h c s . h a r v a r d . e d u / ~ k e n d o / T H E H R K C ::




K E N D O ::


EQUIPMENT GUIDE ... ADDITIONAL RESOURCES P E O P L E :: MEMBERS ALUMNI SPONSORS OTHER KENDO CLUBS ... k e n d o @ h c s . h a r v a r d . e d u H a r v a r d U n i v e r s i t y :: F i r s t F l o o r , U n i v e r s i t y H a l l C a m b r i d g e : : M a s s a c h u s e t t s 2 1 3 8 P R A C T I C E S C H E D U L E :: FRI . 18:30 :: 20:30 . MAC MEZZANINE SAT . 13:00 :: 15:00 . MAC MEZZANINE

51. KENDO America Federation Moved Page
Directory of clubs with contact information.
Dedicated to the promotion of Kendo in the United States Looking for the AUSKF? They've moved. Click here About Kendo Kendo in the
United States
... Kendo Links
Find Kendo around
the World Newsletter and Bulletin Kendo World
An exciting new
magazine in english. Calendar Seminars Kendo Rank and
Promotional Examination
... Tournament Results
The AUSKF listing for Greater Northeastern U.S. Kendo Federation page has moved.
Click here For up to date state by state listings by KENDO America click here

52. Hawaii Kendo Federation
Independent kendo organization based in Hawaii.Category Sports Martial Arts kendo Organizations......Hawaii kendo Federation, Copyright 2003 All rights reserved, reproductionis unlawful without permission from the Hawaii kendo Federation. .
Hawaii Kendo Federation
Honolulu, Hawaii
HKF History Kendo/Iai-do Events Calendar, Dojo Practice Schedule Hawaii Kendo Kenkyukai Kendo Links ... Lessons in Iai-do (Updated 11/11/02)
Legacy of the Senior Senseis Hawaii

HKF Standard Protocols

Kendo KenKyuKai Essays

Iai-bu Dec 23, 2001
7th Annual Kenshikan Kendo Tournament
The 17th Annual Leeward Oahu
(*NEW 8-18-02)
A Celebration of Friendship
(*NEW 9-10-02)
The Aiea Taiheiji Kendo Tournament (*NEW 02-22-03) (last updated 2/22/2003)
Have something of interest to say or a comment? Post it here on our Forum Board Mahalo Please address all questions or correspondence to our e-mail address This page by Shogun's Enterprises s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

53. Rembuden Kendo Club
Information on club location,training times, shiai and grading results and brief history of kendo.
This is the homepage of the Rembuden Kendo Club, Wellington's premier Kendo Club. We hope you enjoy the site, and come to train with us sometime. What's new - recently added items
Links to kendo websites and resources

Rembuden Kendo Taikai

Calendar of events

54. YU Kendo
Dobro dosli na zvanicnu prezentaciju kendo SAVEZA JUGOSLAVIJE, PREZENTACIJAU REKONSTRUKCIJI Copyright © 19992000 YU kendo Club.
HOME E-MAIL Dobro dosli na zvanicnu prezentaciju


55. Basingstoke Kendo Club
An established kendo club that meets every Friday at the Richard Aldworth School.
Basingstoke Kendo Club
Basingstoke is an established Kendo club that meets every Friday. We try our best to make visitors feel welcome and answer any questions you may have. Beginners should come and watch a class or join in special beginners courses throughout the year. Kendo can be practised safely by young and mature students and provides many benefits to those who practice it, so please either e-mail us for more information or come along to the club and talk to us. It`s never too late to begin Kendo.
Basingstoke is lucky to have three very senior UK Kendoka. Who have all represented their country in International Kendo matches and are now International referees. Peter Wells (Renshi, 6th Dan) is the senior grade and was captain of the UK team for many years. John O'Sullivan (6th Dan) lived and practiced in Japan. Geoff Salmon (Renshi, 6th Dan) is currently coach of the national team, has lived and practiced in Japan for several years and is fluent in Japanese. All instructors are insured to teach Kendo.

56. Australian Kendo Renmei - WELCOME
Affiliate body of the IKF. Directory of dojos, calendar, links, gradings and photographs.Category Sports Martial Arts kendo Organizations......Information about kendo, Iaido and Jodo in Australia.

57. DKF - Dansk Kendo Forbund
dansk english dansk english

58. Budoshop-Online Kampfsportversand
Artikel f¼r alle Kampfsportarten. Angeboten werden Anz¼ge, Waffen, Trainingsger¤te, B¼cher und Videos sowie Accessoires und Geschenkideen f¼r Karate, Judo, Aikido, kendo, Taekwondo, Kungfu, JuJutsu und Kickboxen.
Zum Shop
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  • Bereits mehrfach ausgezeichnet Email:
    Ihr Kampfsportartikel-Versand im Internet
    Budoshop-Online - Ihr Kampfsportversand im Internet
    kompetent - erfahren - preiswert
    Kampfsportausstattung - Waffen - Messer - Survival - Mittelalter Shop Index Kontakt Hilfe
    Freizeit Geschenke Mein Kampfsport Training Videos Asiatische Waffen
    Produktlinks finden Sie hier
    Budoshop-Online Bushido Lubwart Bad Liebenwerda e.V.
    Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Besuchen Sie unseren Kampfsport - Shop im Internet:
    Budoshop-Online - Ihr Kampfsportversand im Internet
  • 59. Obukan Kendo Club
    PNKF/AUSKF dojo in Tigard, OregonCategory Sports Martial Arts North America United States......Obukan kendo Club Group Shot AUSKF Iaido Camp Group Shot Click images for largerpicture. Club Tenugui Order the Obukan kendo Club Ren Ma Tenugui headtowel.
    Click images for larger picture Please attend weekly keiko (practice) at these times: Sunday 3-4:30pm
    Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm
    Wednesday 7:30-8:30pm
    Friday 7-9pm at
    Greenburg Jazzercise
    10855 SW Cascade
    Tigard, Oregon Richmond School Club only
    Tuesday 3:00-4:00pm Thursday 7:15-8:30pm at
    Richmond Elementary School
    2276 SE 41st
    Portland, Oregon 97214 Sept 19 - June 12, 2003 Holiday Closures Memorial Day: May 23 - 25 4th of July: July 4 - 6 Labor Day: Aug 29 - 31 Direct any questions to Robert Stroud Upcoming Stuff Below... Events 2003 Summer Camp Details to be posted soon. Next Beginner Classes April 11 - June 6, 2003 Fridays, 6:30-7:30 pm June 20 - August 22, 2003 Fridays, 6:30-7:30 pm at Greenburg Jazzercise Honbu Dojo. $20 for 8 week class, plus student must purchase their own shinai (bamboo) sword. Order the Obukan Kendo Club "Ren Ma" Tenugui headtowel.

    60. Comité De Judo Jujitsu Kendo De Haute Savoie
    Pr©sentation du comit©. Les clubs, les commissions sportives, l'arbitrage, l'enseignement, les ceintures noires, les manifestations et leurs r©sultats. Thonon, HauteSavoie (74).

    Passez l'intro

    Passez l'intro

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