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         Kendo:     more books (101)
  1. The Martial Arts : Swordsmanship Kendo Aikido Judo Karate by Michael Random, 1977
  2. Martial Arts by Regional Origin: List of Martial Arts, Kendo Around the World, Cheonhajangsa Ssireum Championship
  3. Kendo: Shinai, Tsuki, Masahiro Miyazaki, Hasso-No-Kamae, Naoki Eiga, Waki-No-Kamae, Suburi, Domoto Akihiko, Zanshin, Taiatari, Claude Hamot (French Edition)
  4. Kendo: Webster's Facts and Phrases by Icon Group International, 2009-05-05
  5. Kendo: The Way of the Sport Sword by Michael Finn, 1996-03
  6. Kampfkunst (Japan): Budo, Iaido, Kumite, Kyu, Hakama, Judo, Kendo, Mugai Ryu, Deutscher Jiu Jitsu Bund, Bujinkan, Kyudo, Ninjutsu, Kobudo, Jodo (German Edition)
  7. Official Karate September 1986 (Steve Anderson. The Fighting Power of Kendo, Basics are Better)
  8. Kendo: Kumdo, Kendo Around the World, Shoryuhai, Dublin Kendo Kobukai, Budo Senmon Gakko, Musashi No Ken, Muga-Mushin, Kirikaeshi
  9. Kenjutsu: Kihon, Kata, Sparring, Bokken, Shinai, B?gu, Kendo, Niten Ichi- ry?, Kashima Shinden Jikishinkage- ry?, Tatsumi- ry?
  10. Idle Jottings: Zen Reflections from the Tsure-Zure Gusa of Yoshido Kenko by Yoshido Kenko, Yoshida Kendo, et all 1995-12
  11. Anatomische Studien Uber Wichtige Faserpflanzen Japans Mit Besonderer Berucksichtigung Der Bastzellen (1901) (German Edition) by Kendo Saito, 2010-09-10
  13. NBA Basketball Basics by Kendo Nagasaki, 1995-06-30
  14. Nihon kendo no rekishi (Japanese Edition) by Tadayoshi Otsuka, 1995

81. Polish Kendo Federation
Polish kendo Federation oficjalne strony Polskiego Zwiazku kendo - organizacjizrzeszj¹cej kluby i sekcje praktykujace sporty i sztuki walki kendo, iaido
POLSKI ZWI¡ZEK KENDO POLISH KENDO FEDERATION home aktualizacja o zwi±zku wiadomo¶ci komunikaty biuletyn ... turnieje new! gasshuku new! yudansha s³ownik kendo iaido ... Witamy na stronach Polskiego Zwi±zku Kendo. Welcome to the Webpage of the Polish Kendo Federation. Dear Readers! Our Webpage currently has its English language version! (look right for the menu) Na stronach wiadomo¶ci znajdziecie równie¿ informacje o dodanych i uzupe³nionych stronach. Tak by³o na pocz±tku Cezary Bednarski (z lewej) i Andrzej Wyszyñski home last update about us news members history ... ournaments gasshuku yudansha links IKF - ZNKR EKF ... back strony funkcjonuj± dziêki uprzejmo¶ci firmy strony redaguj±: W. Ma³ecki, W . Nowakowski, K. Szczepara, J. Romacki

Das Sortiment umfasst Accessoires, Anz¼ge, B¼cher und Zubeh¶r f¼r Boxen, Judo, Wu Shu, Kung Fu, Karate, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, Ju Jutsu, kendo und Aikido.


North America
South America

Russian Federation
North Africa

Deutschland Schweiz France Italy

83. Romanian Kendo Association
Includes clubs, senseis, competitions, calendars, links and general information.Category Sports Martial Arts kendo Organizations......Romanian kendo Association homepage
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84. Yamato Kendo Iaido Club
Ce site traite du kendo, escrime japonaise, voie du sabre et du Iaido.
LA VALETTE YAMATO KENDO IAIDO CLUB ESCRIME JAPONAISE DU SABRE Entrainements : COSEC Avenue Pablo Picasso La Coupiane La Valette du Var Sous la direction Mr Jean-Claude ALCOUF 5ème Dan et Philippe CONTE 3ème Dan Pour plus de renseignement ou laisser un message Email Kendo : Lundi, Mercredi 20h00 à 21h30 Iaido : Vendredi 20h00 à 21h30

85. Saskatoon Kendo Club
Provide information pertaining to kendo in Saskatoon, Canadian dojo list, links to other sites world-wide.Category Regional North America Saskatoon Recreation and Sports......The web site of the Saskatoon kendo Club has moved to its new home below The new Saskatoon kendo Club web site.
The web site of the Saskatoon Kendo Club
has moved to its new home:
Please update your bookmarks
You will be automatically taken to the new site in a few moments If you are not automatically redirected please click below
The new Saskatoon Kendo Club web site

86. Welcome To Cascade Kendo Kai 2002
A nonprofit dojo listing class times and general information. Seattle, WACategory Sports Martial Arts North America United States......Welcome to Cascade kendo Kai! Headquartered on Mercer Island, we representone of 19 kendo clubs that can be found in the Pacific Northwest.
C ascade K endo K ai Welcome to Cascade Kendo Kai!
Headquartered on Mercer Island, we represent one of 19 kendo clubs that can be found in the Pacific Northwest. Our club members meet Wednesday and Thursday evenings at our Mercer Island dojo, found in the Youth Theater Northwest. We also keiko on Saturday mornings in Seattle's Historic International District at the Nisei Veterans Club, which was built originally to house the Hokubei Butokukai, formed in 1936.
  • Paul Kurose, our school's Head Instructor, is the only active sensei associated with the area's first generation of kendoka. Kurose-sensei is assisted by - Gary Imanishi Grandson of kendo pioneer Umajiro Imanishi Harry Samkange whose kendo roots can be traced to the formidable NYC dojo Aniceto Seto a practitioner of kendo for nearly 30 years

Join us for practice. Our Students range in age from 6 to 60
  • Wednesday 7-9 pm Open Keiko at 8805 SE 40th St., Mercer Island WA Thursday 7-8:30 pm Beginners at 8805 SE 40th St., Mercer Island WA Saturday 9-11 am Open Keiko at 1212 So. King St., Seattle WA

87. UWA Kendo Club - Stuart Allie
UWA kendo CLUB. The UWA kendo club was formed at the beginning of 1994. ContactSusan Bonar 9349 1546; Brian Brestovac 9440 3016. What IS kendo anyway?
The UWA Kendo club was formed at the beginning of 1994. Since then, we have trained kendo players from complete beginner up to 1st Dan or ``black belt''.
TRAINING TIMES - Beginners always welcome!
  • Monday, 7:30 pm to 9 pm, in the Multi-purpose room - Sports Center.
  • Thursday, 6:30 pm to 8 pm, in the Gymnasium - Sports Center.
  • Susan Bonar: 9349 1546
  • Brian Brestovac: 9440 3016
What IS Kendo anyway?
Well, you could take a look at the Japanese Sword Arts FAQ , or you can read on. Kendo is fast, elegant, fun and different to nearly every other sport you have ever seen! Kendo is a sport and a martial art derived from the sword techniques used by Japanese warriors throughout the ages. Kendo bears much the same relationship to fighting with ``real'' Japanese swords as Western Fencing does to the swordplay of European history. That is, Kendo is a sport with martial origins. Females and males train and compete on equal footing in Kendo, although there are (unfortunately) few women at the highest levels in Japan. As with many ``martial arts'', Kendo players can choose to place emphasis on the competitive side of Kendo, or on simply developing their skills in the art. Unlike most other martial arts, there are no visible signs of a persons rank or ``grade'', and, apart from the division into Dan grades and Kyu grades for competitions, all grades train together, once certain basic skills have been learnt.

88. Asociación Kendo Concepcion - Chile
Informaci³n de la pr¡ctica del kendo en la ciudad de Concepci³n Chile.

89. # 1 Kendo Equipment Store - Inc. - Call Toll Free 1-866-DO-KENDO (1-8
Online provider of kendo supplies and sponsor for kendo events.Category Shopping Sports Martial Arts Japanese Sword Arts......NEW VIDEO kendo Principles III ADVANCED (55 Min) This is the 3rd part of a seriesof kendo Instructional Video that Taro Ariga is making with the movie

.custom made bogu

.bogu on sale


.special sale

We also accept
NEW VIDEO: Kendo Principles III - ADVANCED (55 Min)
This is the 3rd part of a series of Kendo Instructional Video that Taro Ariga is making with the movie director Koby Shimada. This video focuses on higher level of advanced Kendo techniques. Many techniques that can be used in everyday practices and tournament are fully explained with camera shots from different angles and slow motions. The demonstration is performed by Taro Ariga Renshi 6 Dan (CEO of Inc.) as the Uchitachi, and Song Yi Choi (2000 11th World Kendo Championships Women Korea National Team) as the Mototachi. Narrated in English. This is an extended version from the originally edited version (total Length 55 minutes). To get more details click Here , or to download a clip click Download Clip (1MB) 12WKC Official Sponsor for the Brazilian National Team Inc is the official sponsor of the Brazilian National Kendo Team for the 12WKC in Glasgow, by provding the team with high quality equipment. staff wish all the best for the participants of the 12WKC. Please come to visit our booth at the WKC. is also the official sponsor for the Canadian National Team
"I am very happy that Inc. is the official sponsor for both Canadian and Brazilian National Team. I started Kendo in Brazil and continued after relocating to Canada. My senseis from Brazil and Canada taught me the basics of Kendo and the foundation of the human character. This is something that I wanted to do for a long time. However, I will be on the Canadian team, so in case Canada meets Brazil at the WKC, I will make sure to win all my matches." Taro Ariga CEO Inc.

90. Tshiku Sei Kan ' Kendo Club Basel
Aktivit¤ten des Dojo mit kurzer Erkl¤rung der Turnierregeln, Trainingzeiten, Forum und G¤stebuch.



Sonntag 09.03.2003 "Cesare Correnti" in Novara
Die ersten Informationen
Freitag 21.02.2003 Trainingsausfall
Alle im Emmental :)
Sonntag 16.02.2003 Neues Design
Pünktlich zum Basilisk Cup
Tshiku Sei Kan ' Kendo Club Basel

91. OUKC Home Page
a member club of the BKACategory Sports Martial Arts Europe United Kingdom...... University kendo Club is based in the historic city of Oxford, England. The clubis particularly keen to attract new members with no experience of kendo.





Oxford University Kendo Club is based in the historic city of Oxford, England. The city is world famous for its University , the oldest in the United Kingdom. Some of the colleges that comprise the university can trace their roots back to the thirteenth century. OUKC was officially founded as a University club in October 1996. Previous to this, several keen kendo players in Oxford had been practising together for several months, and decided to form a club. Current members are mainly students of Oxford University. However, we also warmly welcome members from Oxford Brookes University , the other university in Oxford. In addition, the club welcomes people from the local community (the first ever kendo club in Oxford was a local club, although this is no longer in operation). The club is particularly keen to attract new members with no experience of kendo. When I came to Oxford I had no experience of kendo whatsoever, and can say without bias that the atmosphere is particularly good for novices. OUKC now has a committed membership that encompasses a wide range of skill, experience and age. The diversity and committment of the club's membership are its strongest assets.
Oxford University Kendo Club has two primary aims:
  • To encourage personal physical and mental development, through the practise of kendo.

92. FSKA / Föreningen Stockholms Kendo Allians / Träna Kendo Naginata Och Iaido I
F¶reningsinformation med tr¤ningstider samt information om kendo, iaido, naginata och kyudo.
FSKA , Föreningen Stockholms Kendo Allians, är Sveriges största kendoklubb. Vi utövar även budo-arterna iaido och naginata. Vår verksamhet sträcker sig från vanligt motionsutövande till elitnivå. FSKA har funnits sedan 1989 och medlemsantalet har hela tiden stigit. Just nu består klubben av ca. 100 kendotränande, samt ca. 30 iaido och naginata-utövare. Vi välkomnar nybörjare vid varje terminsstart, och tar väldigt gärna emot gästtränande från andra klubbar eller länder.
Kendo Påminnelse om flyttade tid. Se datum för flyttade tider nedan.
Kendo Göteborg cup inställt! Tyvärr är 2003 års version av Göteborg cup inställd.
Nyheter Värdfamilj åt Mari från Japan som älskar Kendo? I augusti kommer Mari 17 år från Yokohama i Japan för att under ett läsår bo i en svensk värdfamilj.
Bränntejp Bränntejp till salu! Joakim Lidbergius har haft godheten att köpa in ett lager bränntejp till hugade spekulanter med smärtande fötter. :-)
Kendo Kitamotolägret inställt Denna sommar kommer tyvärr inget traditionellt sommarläger i Kitamoto att anordnas.
Kendo Resultat Sugo Cup 2003
Lördagen den 1/2 avgjordes Sugo Cup anno 2003. Det var en enormt stor tävling med 67 deltagare i fyra olika klasser.

93. Welcome To The Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation
Welcome to the Pacific Northwest kendo Federation The Pacific Northwest kendo Federation(PNKF) is the official organization for kendo in the Northwest United
Find out the latest Kendo News from the Kenyu
Preliminary 12th World Kendo Champship Info (Adobe PDF)

12th World Kendo Champship Souvenier Info (Adobe PDF)

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation
The Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) is the official organization for Kendo in the Northwest United States. The PNKF's goal is to promote the practice and study of the martial art of Japanese sword fencing known as Kendo and Japanese swordsmanship known as Iaido.
The PNKF is made up of local Kendo and Iaido clubs throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. The PNKF is an official affiliated member of the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) and International Kendo Federation (IKF).
Do Kendo Today!
Kendo History

About Kendo

About Iaido

Kendo History in the NW
... Related Links

94. Kendo 28-78: Clubs De Montfort L'Amaury, Chartres Et Mainvilliers
Pr©sentation de l'histoire de cet art martial, depuis sa cr©ation au Japon et aujourd'hui dans sa pratique en France. Informations sur les clubs de Chartres, Eureet-Loir (28) et Montfort, Yvelines (78).
Coordination Kendo News Kendo Pratiquer à Equipement ...
Documents CNK
Kendo: >Chartres


>Sophia Antipolis

Chanbara: Chanbara
Acces membres
News 01 juin 2003: 2ème stage Kendo et Chanbara gratuit à Chartres Kendo de 9h30 à 16h30 sous la direction de Ph. LABAYE 6ème dan
Chanbara portes ouvertes de 10h00-11h30 et 14h30-16h00 sous la direction de TRAN G. 5ème dan
Lieu: halle des sports Jean Cochet N10 22 mars 2003: Championnat de france Championnat de france Excellence et Honneur
Lieu: Paris 15 Date: Samedi 22 et dimanche 23 mars 2003 02 mars 2003: Interregions TBO 2003 Lieu : Orleans Date : Dimanche 2er mars Debut des competitions a 9h Individuels et equipes cliquez ici 15 fevrier 2003: 6eme Open de France Lieu: Grande Halle Carpentier - PARIS 13ème Date: 15 - 16 février 2003 Pour plus d'infos et inscriptions: Cliquez ici cliquez ici 07 fevrier 2003: Stage international d'arbitrage Stage international d'arbitrage a Bruxelles du 07 au 09 fevrier 2003 Mr Gerard Tran (Montfort, C.Kendo) a ete retenu pour participer a ce stage. 01 fevrier 2003: Coupe ligue TBO Lieu : Orleans Date : Samedi 1er fevrier et Dimanche 2 février de 9h à 17h Le 1er fevrier, de 9h à 11h: 2ème stage TBO animé par le DTR.

95. UTKA - University Of Texas Kendo Association, Mk IV
Origins of kendo, class times, armor, news, links and general information. Austin, TXCategory Sports Martial Arts North America United States......
Introduction More about Kendo and UTKA News Class Times ... Contact us
The University of Texas Kendo Association
The University of Texas Kendo Association and the Austin Kendo Doshikai were created to teach and study Kendo. As mentioned by the International Kendo Federation, the concept of Kendo is to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana: The purpose of practicing Kendo is; To mold the mind and the body, To cultivate a vigorous spirit, And through correct and rigid training, To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor To associate with others with sincerity, And to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself. Thus will one be able to love his country and society, To contribute to the development of culture And to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples. Kendo originated from Kenjitsu, the actual form of sword fighting used by the samurai until the Meiji period. Over the years, wooden swords replaced real swords to reduce injury during training. By the later half of the 18th century, the samurai class started to disappear and the study of the sword became more of a mental discipline rather than a practical fighting form. It was around this time that modern kendo took form: the use of protective armour and a bamboo sword (the shinai) were introduced to further reduce injury to the participants and standard regulations for matches and practice were established. Click

96. Kendo Nagasaki : The Official Website
Welcome to the Official kendo Nagasaki website - Please click here or the pictureabove to enter Portrait of kendo Nagasaki used by kind permission of Sir
-: Welcome to the Official Kendo Nagasaki website :-
Please click here or the picture above to enter
Portrait of Kendo Nagasaki used by kind permission of Sir Peter Blake
Website online since 25 : 06 : 01
Best viewed via internet explorer 4 or higher / 800 x 600

97. Jack's Martial Arts Cliparts Collection -index-
cliparts van jiujitsu, judo, EboNo kata, Newaza kata, kendo, aikido, iaido, braziliaans jiu-jitsu, japan, kanji, afbeeldingen voor t-shirts, portretten, karate, kids.
Jack's Martial Arts Cliparts Collection alle cliparts voor eigen en niet-commercieel gebruik voeg deze pagina toe aan je jiu-jitsu 1 gif animaties 1 jiu-jitsu 2 Braz.Jiu-Jitsu ... kids = vernieuwd last update:13-Jan-2003 51 nieuwe cliparts toegevoegd totaal: 540 cliparts mail the webmaster

98. Kendo Uniforms And Kendo Equipment From !
kendo, kendo Uniforms, kendo Equipment, kendo armor, hakama,men, do, kote, shinai, straw zori, kendo supplies.

Kendo Uniform

Kendo Armor

Kendo Shinai

Kendo Shinai Case
Kendo Shoes (Zoris)
Click to enlarge Inc. Inc.
10342 Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA. 22030
Phone: 1-866-255-2522 access code 00 Phone outside US.or local 703-691-1699 Fax:703-691-1602 E-mail It shall be the responsibility of the buyer to comply with all Federal, State, Local and County laws governing the sale of any item illustrate in our Weapons section, listed otherwise or sold. Weapons are knives will not be sold to persons under 18 years of age. Agreement of compliance required. User assumes all risks of injury. ALLBLACKBELT.COM makes no express warranties. The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness are excluded and disclaimed. All users must be properly trained, and must use all equipment under proper, continuous supervision of a skilled, experienced instructor. User must read and follow instructions on all equipment. User must not use damaged, modified or improperly fitting equipment. Caution: Severe blows to the head and other protected areas may cause serious injury even if protective gear is used properly. ALLBLACKBELT.COM makes no representation that its products will eliminate all possibility of injury.

99. Alster Dojo E.v. - Homepage
Trainingszeiten f¼r Kyudo, kendo und Iaido, Kontaktadresse, Stadtplan.

100. Willkommen Beim Kendoverein Düsseldorf

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