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         Kendo:     more books (101)
  1. Kendo: La voie du sabre (French Edition) by Pierre Delorme, 1980
  2. Ishii Kendo: Shominha ensaikuropedisuto no shoden (Shirizu minkan Nihon gakusha) (Japanese Edition) by Tsuneo Yamashita, 1986
  3. Edo hyoryuki soshu: Ishii Kendo korekushon (Japanese Edition)
  4. Nihon kendo no shiso (Japanese Edition) by Tadayoshi Otsuka, 1995
  5. Kendo sekiwa: Kono fushigi ni fukai bunka isan (Japanese Edition) by Shosaku Oya, 1984
  6. Kendo jiten: Gijutsu to bunka no rekishi (Japanese Edition) by Tamio Nakamura,
  7. Zotei Tanba shi nenpyo (Japanese Edition) by Kendo Matsui,
  8. Tanba jinbutsushi (Japanese Edition) by Kendo Matsui,
  9. Tomita Keisen: Kyoto gadan no isai (Japanese Edition) by Kendo Uratsuji, 1985
  10. Kyoikushi yozai (Nihon kyoikushi kihon bunken, shiryo sosho) (Japanese Edition) by Kendo Yokoyama, 1992
  11. Hakata Sengai (Japanese Edition) by Kendo Uratsuji,
  12. Nishikie no aratamein no kosho, ichimei, Nishikie no hakko nendai suiteiho (Japanese Edition) by Kendo Ishii,
  13. Kendo World, Vol2#1: The Winning Edge

101. Tenkai Shin Do
Study of Budo including Judo, Aikido, kendo, Iai, Jodo, JuJitsu and Atemi. Information on club, calender and links. Baldock, Herts

102. 12th World Kendo Championships
12th World kendo Championships 2003 in Glasgow, Scotland.

103. S-magazine

104. Purdue Kendo Club
kendo training in West Lafayette, IN. Club information, schedule, and links are available.Category Sports Martial Arts North America United States......Last updated 9 September 2000. Site created and designed by StanleyAdrianus Site maintained and updated by Kyle Jarboe

105. Reading Kendo Club
A member club in the BKA providing kendo training, includes videos and pictures of club activities.

106. Choyokan Kendo Dojo Chicago - Des
A nonprofit organization. Includes general information, links, pictures and movies. Chicago, ILCategory Sports Martial Arts North America United States......Choyokan kendo Dojo has two locations in the Chicagoland area. Choyokan kendoDojo Information Images Movies Links Tournament Home Contact. TC.

107. Deutscher Kendobund EV - DKenB [ Home ]

108. Shidokan Kendo Club
a virtual dojo in Montreal, Canada. Tha actual dojo ceased operation in 1997 but the web site has been kept in operation to provide kendo information and links.


110. Federación Chilena De Kendo
Sitio oficial de la Federaci³n Chilena de kendo y su pr¡ctica en Chile.

111. Kendo Kenkyukai Fulda E.V.
Geschichte, Kleidung, Waffe, Trainingszeiten und eine Begriffserkl¤rung.

112. Saskatoon Kendo Club
The web site of About kendo has moved to its new home update click below The new About kendo web site.

113. Svärdets Väg
Information av Thomas Kolb om sj¤lva sporten och dess utrustning samt kort om f¶reningen G¶tha kendo.

114. Charente Kendo
Pr©sentation des activit©s de ce club, informations sur cet art martial, histoire du kendo en France des ann©es 1950   1990.Angoulªme, Charente (16).

115. Halifax Kendo Club - Home
kendo and Iaido Club in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.Category Sports Martial Arts North America Canada......Halifax kendo Club, and 'color quality' highest (32 bit). Enjoy! Clickto subscribe to kendoCanada. Privacy Policy/Terms of Service.

116. River City Iaido And Kendo Kyokai
The River City Iaido kendo Kyokai is a study group for the practice of Zen Ken Renmei Iaido and kendo in San Antonio, Texas. Member dojo of USAKF.

117. WEB
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

International agent for Nosyu Iaido, a maker of fine Japanese swords and supplies for kendo, iaido, and koryu. Secure online ordering is available.

119. Welcome To BC Kendo
Promoting kendo in British Columbia in association with the CKF and ZNKRCategory Sports Martial Arts kendo Organizations......The home site of the British Columbia kendo Federation (BCKF), the governing bodyfor kendo in BC. British Columbia kendo Federation Welcome to BC kendo.

120. RKV Fu Metsu Rotterdam
School in Rotterdam waar wordt getraind in kendo, Iaido and Jodo. Uitleg over deze vechtkunsten, lestijden en trainingslocatie.

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