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         Kickboxing:     more books (99)
  1. Martials Arts Professional March 2005: Fitness Kickboxing
  2. Kickboxing Fitness by unknwn, 2000
  3. Martial Arts Events: Kickboxing Events, Martial Arts Competitions, Mixed Martial Arts Events, Shoot Boxing Events, List of Ufc Events
  4. Kickboxing / Kikboxing by V. N. Kleshchev, 2006
  5. Shape Magazine November 2008 Kelly Ripa, Gina Carano's 20 Minute Kickboxing Workout, Be Happier & More Comfident TODAY!, Slim Down Secret by Shape Magazine, 2008
  6. Weight Classes: Boxing Weight Classes, Kickboxing Weight Classes, Mixed Martial Arts Weight Classes, Wrestling Weight Classes, Cruiserweight
  7. Kickboxing -- 2004 publication by Sievert, 2004
  8. Kickboxing in New Zealand: K-1 New Zealand 2003, K-1 New Zealand 2002, Kings of Oceania 2004, K-1 Oceania Max 2004, K-1 New Zealand 2000
  9. Kickboxing Training Handbook by Guillermo Gomez, 2007-01-01
  10. Kickboxing Basics 1998 publication by ArtMichaels, 1998-01-01
  11. Fitness Kickboxing
  12. II: El emocionante arte de pelear antes de bailar: no son trifulcas de patanes sino encuentros profesionales de kick-boxing, muay thai y valetodo, disciplinas ... discos de moda.: An article from: Contenido by Daniel Romero Rivera, 2003-09-01
  13. Kickboxing Films (Study Guide): Never Back Down, Bloodfist Iii: Forced to Fight, Kickboxer, Kickboxer 2, Left for Dead
  14. Preparacion fisica para deportes de contacto/ Fitness for Full-Contact Fighters: Entrenamiento para Muay Thai, Karate, Kickboxing y Taekwondo/ Training ... and Taekwondo) (Spanish Edition) by Christoph Delp, 2008-04

kickboxing instruction and supplies in Sierra Madre. Instructor profile, class fees, schedule, training, Category Sports Martial Arts United States California......LEARN ABOUT kickboxing AND OTHER MARTIAL ARTS. WATCH FREE VIDEOS. ONLINE STORE. THE PRACTICAL MARTIAL ART . Welcome to The American kickboxing Website.
90 N. Baldwin Ave. #6 Sierra Madre, CA 91024 ON-LINE STORE "THE PRACTICAL MARTIAL ART" Welcome to The American Kickboxing Website **Go to Street Survival to learn tips on surviving a real encounter Once students have developed good skills, they are allowed to enter competitions. Go to the Competitions link to see a schedule of up-comming kickboxing competitions, or go to the Tournament link to see a schedule of martial arts tournaments. Competing can be fun for a well-trained student. Competing is totally voluntary. Many classes are available at American Kickboxing for students interested in training. Go to the Class Schedule link to see a schedule of classes. Students can schedule appointments as their schedule permits. Eighty percent of the students are girls, many of them teenagers. Guys and girls classes are separated. Students are welcome to try a free class to experience the power of Kickboxing. This Website will describe various styles of Martial Arts. You will also be able to order Martial Arts Supplies. There are photos and videos of students and competitions. Enjoy this Website, and feel free to e-mail the instructor if you have any questions. Thanks

82. Greco Martial Arts And Fitness
Teaching Karate and Karatecise aerobic workouts as well as kickboxing, body sculpting and general fitness programs. Gallery, news letter and general information on the school. Nepean, Ontario

83. Jack's Kickboxing Gym In Newark, Delaware Offering Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai
Teaching kickboxing, boxing, Muay Thai and San Shoo. Features schedule, directions and links. Located Category Sports Martial Arts kickboxing......Jack's kickboxing Gym in Newark, Delaware offering kickboxing, boxing, muaythai, san shoo, and body works classes. Enter Jack's kickboxing Gym. Photo Gallery Contact us Call 302-731-3775 106 Albe Drive, Old Baltimore Pike, Newark, DE 19702 USA
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84. Academy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Offers instruction Brazilian JiuJitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, vale tudo, and judo in Lewisville TX.

85. Welcome To Finney's Championship Kickboxing
Information on kickboxing, boxing, ground fighting and women's self defense. Includes fighters, events, Category Sports Martial Arts kickboxing......

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86. Kickboxing - Championsrace, Kickboxen Im Semikontakt Und Leichtkontakt
Informationen ¼ber das Preisgeldturnier im Semikontakt und Leichtkontakt Kickboxen.
kickboxen, kickboxing, semikontakt, leichtkontakt, altoagentur, championsrace, kickboxing-championsrace, turnier, geld, karate, taekwondo, kungfu, pointfighting, boxen, kicken, kick, thaiboxen, preisgeldturnier, ring, semicontact, lightcontact, prämie, kampf, kämpfen, kampffläche Preisgeldturnier im Semikontakt und Leichtkontakt Kickboxen. Es dürfen alle Stilrichtungen teilnehmen wie z.B.: Karate, Kungfu, Taekwondo, Wushu, etc. Hohe Gewinne zu erzielen. Kontaktformular.
kickboxing - championsrace, kickboxen im semikontakt und leichtkontakt
kickboxen, kickboxing, semikontakt, leichtkontakt, altoagentur, championsrace, kickboxing-championsrace, turnier, geld, karate, taekwondo, kungfu, pointfighting, boxen, kicken, kick, thaiboxen, preisgeldturnier, ring, semicontact, lightcontact, prämie, kampf, kämpfen, kampffläche preisgeldturnier im semikontakt und leichtkontakt kickboxen. es dürfen alle stilrichtungen teilnehmen wie z. b.: karate, kungfu, taekwondo, wushu, etc. kickboxing

87. Kickboxing
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TERE TULEMAST KICKBOXINGU KODULEHEKÜLGELE! 3 juunil 2002.a. käivitasime uue web'i varianti.Kodulehe ehitamisel,meie eesmargiks oli ja on, anda rohkem Teid huvitava informatsiooni kickboxingu kohta ning sellega, populjariseerima kickboxingu Eestis.Teil on ka võimalik võtta selles projektis osa, jättes oma kommentaari,ettepanekud,arvamused jne.. Ettepanekute lisamiseks,palume Teid kasutada meie e-maili . Lähimal tulevikul paneme üles ka venekeelse varianti. Kontakt x Webmaster

88. Boxing Gloves Kickboxing Gloves And Training Gear
Offering equipment for boxing, kickboxing and karate. Includes sparring equipment, protective gear, a related products.
No Boundaries...
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Valid Through 1/27 Secure Shopping Guarantee
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Balazs Century Discipline Everlast Pinetree Proforce Macho Masterline Strength TopTen Turtle Shells Wipss Gloves Headgear Protection Wraps Training Uniforms Apparel Shoes Signup for Sales News Enter Email:
Century Leather Wrap Glove

Constructed of Durable top grain leather with a wrap design for maximum wrist support.
Proforce Speed Bag Glove
Economical and durable weighted speed bag glove has a substantial weighted grip. Easy pull on and off
Balazs Combination Glove
This is an excellent glove for kickboxing, sparring, and heavy bag work. The fit is great. This glove it is fully padded, but not bulky. It has a grip bar and locked thumbs

89. Welcome To Ax Kickboxing Website
Discussion forum.Category Sports Martial Arts kickboxing Muay Thai Chats and Forums......Welcome to! Please choose the sectionyou would like to visit using the menu bar above.
Welcome to!
Please choose the section you would like to visit using the menu bar above.

90. Olathe Karate Academy
Teaching Okinawan Kenpo, Jujitsu, kickboxing and weapons. Class schedule and general information.
//Popup box II (By Brian Gosselin at //Modified slightly By Dynamic Drive //For full source, visit HOME w CONTACT OLATHE KARATE w MEMBERS w SCHEDULE w ON-LINE SPECIAL w FAQ
A fun, friendly, family organization
Welcome to the Olathe Karate Academy ... a traditional, Okinawan Kenpo school. We sincerely believe that each individual is personally responsible for his or her own self-defense and safety, and the safety of his or her family. Our system is strongly grounded in the traditional forms (kata) and fundamentals of Okinawan Kenpo AND we emphasize techniques that work in the real world. That flying, spinning, double dragon kick that knocks away the machine guns from 2 different bank robbers looks great in the movies ... but what the average person needs are techniques that will actually work. Olathe Karate Academy will teach you those practical, real world techniques. The beauty of training in the martial arts is that not only does it provide a means of self defense, but it also improves the student's:
  • Self-Discipline Self-Esteem Respect Physical Condition Confidence Self-Control Character
These are especially valuable benefits for our children and teenagers as they struggle with the modern pressures of our society.

91. IAKSA International, Kickboxing, Kickboxen,
IAKSA Kickboxing,
Homepage of the International Amateur Kickboxing Sport Association.
update 13.3.2003

92. Fighthouse
Teaching Ng Mui fighting system, Muay Thai, Russian combat Sambo and Systema and aerobic kickboxing.

Complete List of all Classes

Martial Arts

Supply Store
Ng Mui Kung Fu ...

The Martial Arts World is usually male dominated where everyone is proud and boasts about their skills and their style. This is not the case with the Masters in Fighthouse ,where they come from different backgrounds. It is rare to fined a place where different systems and Masters all teach in the same area and operate in harmony.
Coming soon!
Russian Martial Art
"SYSTEMA" seminar
June 28-29, 2003
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93. Sport Karate, Inc. - Cardio Kickboxing Video - Instructor's Program - Kickboxing
Sport Karate, Inc., the leader in uniting the fitness and martial arts industries,offers instructor certification and the Cardio kickboxing workout video.

is...what it says it is... It's kickboxing. It's kickboxing for fitness. It's kickboxing for fitness in a circuit training format. It's kickboxing for fitness in a circuit training format using equipment. It's kickboxing for fitness in a circuit training format using equipment for every-body
Kickboxing without equipment is like playing basketball without a hoop. You can PRETEND to make every shot, but does the ball REALLY go in the basket? Likewise, you can

Teaching grappling, self defense, kick robotics, cardio kickboxing and kick wrestling. Lists events, tournaments, class schedule and general information. Located in Miami.
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Martial Arts Forum (Events listing/Discussions)


95. The Dragon Within
Teaching American Kenpo Karate and American kickboxing in Pleasantville, NY. Includes photos and realated school information.
The Dragon Within Everyone has a dragon within, come find yours! This non-traditional school offers classes in Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate and Joe Lewis' American Kickboxing, with some influences from Kali and grappling arts. Private 1/2 hour sessions available!
Learn self-defense, get in great shape, and have fun at the same time! Perfect for everyone in the family!
Located: 39 Washington Ave. Pleasantville, NY 10570
Phone: 914-497-3887, call me, David Schloat, for info, or shoot me an e-mail.
Photo gallery

cool kenpo web page!

Schedule and Prices!

American Kenpo Karate is a system that was developed by Mr. Ed Parker in the 1950's. This system was developed as a science and art one of the most devastating martial arts in the world today! One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Kenpo is that you adapt the system to YOU. You don't need to be super-flexible, or able to lift a small truck. Work to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Kickboxing is a sport much like boxing. There are only a few tools that are used (basically 4 punches and 4 kicks). Therefore, one becomes very proficient in those moves. Kickboxing will develop your power, speed and endurance. Great Workout!

96. New York Boxing Gym
Offers information on the facilities and the programmes available at the recreational boxing and kickboxing gym.
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97. - -|| H O   W A N   K U N G   F U   A C A D E M Y || -
Teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu, kickboxing, women's self defense and Ho Wan. Information on weapons training and fitness workouts. Class times and general information. Ipswich, Suffolk, England
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98. Dawei Cardio Kickboxing Workout Video
Advanced cardio kickboxing workout video for aerobic exercise, muscle toning, weight loss, women's Category Sports Martial Arts Cardio kickboxing......Advanced cardio kickboxing workout video. For aerobic exercise, muscle DaweiCardio kickboxing Video. The acclaimed Dawei method





Dewey Yung
Dewey Yung

Dawei Master

John Souza CPT ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Medford, OR Chip Wright Stunt Double for "Walker Texas Ranger" UFAF Fighting Grand Champion for 14 years Black Belt Hall of Fame Master Norman Lin San Francisco Tae Kwon Do Center Wendi Cooper-Maronati Fitness and Nutrition Specialist
Dawei Cardio Kickboxing Video
The acclaimed Dawei method for achieving cardiovascular fitness is now available on video tape. A complete in-home cardio kickboxing workout encompassing cardiovascular and muscle toning techniques.
Dawei for women's fitness and aerobics
Whether your interest is in exercise and women's fitness or aerobics, this home workout video offers a no nonsense approach to intermediate and advanced kickboxing technique…an aerobics workout that's challenging, fun and refreshing!
Dawei for cardiovascular workout
A new exercise and workout method for weight loss, body and muscle toning, or just getting healthy. This cardiovascular workout video will help you to get fit and firm, burn calories and tone muscles. An acclaimed kickboxing course from the Dawei Master - Dewey Yung.

99. Modesto Chinese Boxing Academy
Modesto, CA Offering traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Escrima, and Muay Thai kickboxing in the Modesto area. Traditional authentic comprehensive combat styles.

100. Site Builder
Teaching Hapkido, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu and Taekwondo. Lists style information and links. Located in Detroit.
Institute of Martial Arts-Cooper's Gym
Home Page
Kickboxing/Muay Thai Karate Traditional Hapkido ... Equipment
Welcome To The Institute of Martial Arts web page.
Our club has different classes and programs that are designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. Therefore, if you are a beginner just looking to have some fun or a competitor looking for an upcoming event, we have different programs to assist you in meeting your goals.
Serving Michigan since 1979.
We offer separate kickboxing classes for beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Unlike many clubs, we are not areobic instructors nor martial artist trying to teach kickboxing. Our kickboxing instructors, coaches, and trainers are internationally licensed kickboxers who were (retired) or currently are national and international kickboxing champions. Therefore, each student learns safe and proper techniques right from the start.
Michigans only licensed and internationally certified kickboxing and muay thai gym. Muay Thai history
Our Karate program will increase your child's self-esteem, while building self-discipline. Each class has several Black Belt instructors, therefore you son/daughter will received the professional attention that they deserve.

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