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  1. Drachensport: Kitesurfen, Buggykiting, Drachen, Snowkiting, Kitebuggy, Kitelandboarding, Kitesailing, Kitewing, Windfenster (German Edition)

21. Omniseek: Sports: /Sports /Kitesailing /
site! Sports /kitesailing /. Australia ! Kitesurf Travel too. (http// School in Switzerland Eins . . .{514}
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Sports /Kitesailing / Kitesurfing School
This site is dedicated to beginners learning how to kitesurf and intermediate to advance kitesurfers who are interested in kitesurfing in light wind (4 to 15 knots).
( Axel'Air The site of Laurent Ness, the french specialist in Kitesurfing, Flysurfing. You can find lessons, material or even good tips in the FAQ. ( Caboverde flysurfing contest The site of the March 99 Caboverde flysurfing contest - Pictures of the event. ( Flash Air Austin - Life as a Kite Surfer Homepage of professional kitesurfer Flash Austin, info about him, photos by Erik Aeder, Sylvain Cazenave and Jono Knight, and links to other kitesurfing sites. (

22. SuperEva - Guide
Translate this page Fotografia aerea con gli aquiloni (2). Home page aquilonisti (19). kitesailing(1). Kitesurfing (17). kitesailing (1). Ordinati Per data Dalla A alla Z.
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Kitesailing Ordinati: Per data Dalla A alla Z Kitesailing School
[03/12/2001] Corsi di Kiteski a Vetan in Valle d'Aosta per la stagione sciistica 2000/2001 organizzati da Francesco Ponti e da Fabio Madera.
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23. Kitesailing/surfen
Schnäppchen. Bestellen. Bildergalerie. AGB. Gästebuch. Zu den Aktionspreisen.
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24. KiteSailing TC. s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

25. Kitesailing 2002
Translate this page kitesailing Euro 2002. alle infos unter viele Bilder.
Kitesailing Euro 2002 alle infos unter viele Bilder Stand 02.03.02 Final Results Ski Rang StartNr. Name Vorname Nation Tripier Mondancin Fabrice FRA Ingrosso Fabio SUI Joubert Pascal FRA Schwarz Armin GER Dons Christopher NOR Gaudard Christoph SUI Greni Torstein NOR Castberg Paul NOR Refsnes Amulf NOR Joubert Cedric FRA Norland Geir NOR Rogge Christian GER Schmidt Dirk GER Rieth Jörg GER Zagon Alexander GER Pittin Claudio SUI Kaspar Michi SUI Buchter Florian GER Greber Torsten SUI Final Results Board Rang StartNr. Name Vorname Nation Depee Arnaud FRA Koller Patrick SUI Pattou Damien FRA Refsness Armulf NOR Dons Christopher NOR Harich Armin GER Rogge Christian GER Denoth Nic SUI Betschart Dominique SUI Hang - Time Rank Nr. Sex Name Vorname Land Result M Schwarz Armin GER M Ingrosso Fabio SUI M Schmidt Dirk GER M Greni Torstein NOR M Koller Patrick SUI M Rieth Jörg GER M Joubert Pascal FRA M Rogge Christian GER M Dons Christopher NOR M Joubert Cedric FRA M Petersen Jens Andreas NOR M Wolfinger Daniel SUI M Refsness Arnulf NOR M Harich Armin GER M Depee Arnaud FRA M Zagon Alexander GER M Norland Geir NOR M Gaudard Christoph SUI M Tripier Mondancin Fabrice FRA M Betschart Dominique SUI Am 01.03.02 konnte je ein Lauf im Race der Snowboarder und der Skifahrer durchgeführt werden. Dadurch können die Piloten schon ein Streichresultat aus der Wertung nehmen. Als zusätzlichen Wettbewerb gab es ein "Hang-Time-Competition. Hier gewinnt der Pilot, der nach einem Sprung am längsten in der Luft bleiben kann. Gewonnen hat der Deutsche

kitesailing. Do you have a site about kitesailing and would you like the reciprocallink here ? Write to us Filters ? ICQ, Off. Female, Off.

27. Kitesailing
Web Directory. Top / Sports / kitesailing Equipment. KITESKI Wind,Kite, Water, Ski, Speed - Fun! KITESKI - Check out this cool
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... Thesaurus Web Directory
Web Directory
Top Sports / Kitesailing Equipment
KITESKI - Wind, Kite, Water, Ski, Speed - Fun!
KITESKI - Check out this cool new extreme sport combining waterskiing and kiteflying in a uinque new way. Also video clips on both KITESKI and flysurf/kitesurf with WIPIKA.
Dave Culp Speedsailing
Sailcraft research and development. High speed sailing development, kite powered sailcraft, links to the Amateur Yacht Research Society.
Radicool Page
Home Page of French kitesurfer
CRO Kitesurf Extreme
Kitesurf pages from Zagreb, Croatia. - Windsurfing, Kiting, Boating and Wind Home Page
Windriders - Windsurfing, Kiting, Sailing
Extreme Kiting
German page on kiteskiing in water and on snow (Language: German)
KiteSki Bermuda
KiteSki Bermuda is one of a select handful of operations worldwide to offer this exciting 21st-century sport. Introductory lessons are conducted daily in the beautiful protected waters of Harrington Sound.
Kite Surf Mail list
Mail List for Kitesurfers Flysurfers and Kiteskiiers Who is on it? How to get on it? Where to find Kitesurf Links?
Kitesurf Central
A work in progress- a repository of kitesurfing info collected from friends - new home page for the kitesurf mail list, photos of prototypes of boards and acessories, safety tips, action photos, 1998 worlds, splicing lines, etc.

28. Kitesailing
kitesailing in the sun at Daymer Bay. Board Black Salamander KB7.0.Kite CQuad 6.3. Beach Daymer Bay. Local shop. Back to Gallery. Photo.7.html
Kitesailing in the sun at Daymer Bay. Board : Black Salamander KB7.0. Kite : C-Quad 6.3. Beach : Daymer Bay. Local shop Back to Gallery

29. Kitesailing On A Lake
kitesailing on a lake. Board Black Salamander KB7.0. Kite Wipika FreeAir11m. ( First kitesurf experence.Very well done Sean ! ). Back to Gallery.
Kitesailing on a lake. Board : Black Salamander KB7.0. Kite : Wipika Free-Air 11m. ( First kitesurf experence.Very well done Sean ! ) Back to Gallery

30. Kitesailing Summer '89
kitesailing INTERNATIONAL, SUMMER, 1989. JUST WHO IS DAVE CULP SPEEDSAILING?photo by Jonathan Winters. My kitesailing SAFETY. kitesailing
SUMMER, 1989
photo by Jonathan Winters My wife and I arrived at Heathrow airport on Friday, October 9, 1987 with just three days available to rent a van, travel across England to pick up and assemble my 16' kite powered speedsailboat, meet and organize the four man international crew (with their wives), practice launch procedures and be ready to sail flat out Tuesday morning in the 16th Annual Johnnie Walker International Speedsailing Event at Portland Harbor, Dorset, on the south coast of England. No sweat. Except that the boat didn't clear customs on time. This meant 300+ extra miles of driving (no freeways) to pick it up on Saturday. Nobody in England works on Saturday. We had to unload and assemble the boat on Sunday. Of course, the crew with their strong backs and tools arrived Sunday evening; the boat had to come off the van and be put together Sunday day. Monday practice sailing was a bust, there was no wind at all. The crew understood their jobs well enough as each had done it many times, but only two had ever worked together. No sweat. This is just business as usual, in international speedsailing competition Speedsailing, no holds barred, timed racing over a 500 meter measured course, has been my avocation, some say vice, for ten years. Wind direction, wind speed, boat configuration, even boat type, all are optional. The entrants must only be powered by the wind, be man-carrying (no models), and be capable of accelerating from rest.

31. Kitesailing International 10/88
kitesailing International Newsletter. Kite powered land and sailcraft,high speed sailing. kitesailing INTERNATIONAL, OCTOBER, 1988.
For the first time in history, a kite powered water skier will be an official entry among the world's fastest sailors and sailcraft at the Johnnie Walker International Speed Sailing Trials at Portland Harbor, Dorset, England this year. Cory Roeseler, 18 year old expert division competition water skier and student from Kirkland, Washington State, USA, only began kiteskiing little over a year ago under the tutelage of his father, aerospace engineer Bill Roeseler, also of Kirkland. However, the father-son team have worked for a number of years both conceptually and experimentally in the field of kitesailing. For his speedsailing efforts at Portland, Roeseler will eschew specialized custom gear in favor of proven, off-the-shelf components. His kites will be Flexifoils®, either stock Super Tens or special order 12'6" kites, flying with lightweight carbon fiber Skyrods® spars. His flying lines will be 500 pound woven Spectra® fiber leading to a 6' aluminum control bar. Cory hooks into this bar using standard boardsailing harness lines and a waist hook. His skis are Jobe® competition jumping skis with high-wrap water ski bindings. Roeseler chose double skis over single skis for their superior recovery ability under extreme conditions, their easy planing, and superior windward ability. Roeseler brings impressive credentials to Portland Harbor. He finished second at Washington State's Green Lake Open waterskiing competition this summer, and while kiteskiing placed 47th of 187 top boardsailors at the 20 mile Gorge Cities Blowout in Oregon, USA. This grueling one and a half hour event is a severe test of both ability and endurance.

32. Speedsailing
Translate this page Auf diesen Seiten finden Sie weitere Infos zum Thema kitesailing. kitesailing – eine kleine Beschreibung.


Roland Gaebler

Race Kalender

Ocean Yachting

Auf diesen Seiten finden Sie weitere Infos zum Thema Kitesailing.

33. Bienvenue Sur Le Site De X3D The Kitesailing Anthology
Translate this page Stage de flysurf,kitesurf,snowkite Offrez vous un veritable stage avec un moniteur agree FFVL

34. Camper Club La Granda - Zona Giovani - Kitesailing
di Alessio Tassone
Il parapendio non vi soddisfa? Nessuno sport è abbastanza emozionante per voi? Avete già provato di tutto, ma niente sembra vi si addica? Allora siete proprio esigenti e non vi resta che lanciarvi in un nuovo sport, avvincente quanto basta. Sto parlando del Kitesailing, Kite per gli "amici". Il fenomeno kite si sta diffondendo e la vostra incolumità è sempre più a rischio. Scherzi a parte, è giunto il momento di conoscere qualcosa di stravagante e tanto, tanto emozionante. Indispensabili per divertirsi (e non farsi male) spazi aperti e vento. Anche questo sport vanta i suoi pionieri: un certo Andrea Kun, ad esempio, in Svizzera riusciva ad andare in wind surf con un parapendio al posto della "consueta" vela. Le montagne erano imbiancate dalla neve o, in estate, i prati verdeggianti straboccavano di "milka" in carne ed ossa e lui, l’antesignano di questo sport, si divertiva a scorrazzare, facendo lo slalom trainato da aquiloni variopinti: un’emozione fantastica, oltre che una rara, ma eccezionale, occasione per scattare splendide fotografie. I Kites sono piccoli parapendio con i quali è possibile spostarsi in qualsiasi direzione.

35. Sports >> Kitesailing :: Web Directory
sports kitesailing web directory, allows to browse allthe listings. sports kitesailing web directory.
Search Web Directory [ Meta Search ] sports >> Kitesailing :: web directory India Web Directory Our Other Services Recruiters
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Web Hosting

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  • Access Sailing Information.....Sailing Sailboats Boating :: The Sailing Information Access Web Site serves as a gathering place for sailors and those want to learn about the sport. The site includes an Ask the Sailmaker Forum where you can
  • How To Kite Buggy - The Power Kite Site :: This article is aimed at people who have had a few minutes on a kite buggy. Either way you should have made a choice as to what equipment you need to buy or borrow. This article is aimed at giving you a few more advanced techniques to try out. If you wa
  • Kite Surfing * World Windsu :: Index of Kite Surfing web sites from around the world.
  • 36. Nautica On Line - Kitesailing: A Vela Con Gli Aquiloni
    Translate this page kitesailing A VELA CON GLI AQUILONI. Articolo di Silvio Dell'Accio. ALI NELVENTO. Recentemente, trattando problemi. LA STORIA DEL kitesailing. Peter
    CANALI BOATSHOW Annuario della nautica Superyacht Prove di navigazione Borsa dell'usato Piccoli annunci Catalogo EYB ACCESSORI Elenco categorie Ricerca distributori Ricerca aziende Shopping online BROGLIACCIO Avvisi ai diportisti Taccuino nautico Portolano Scuole e patenti Rubriche mensili Articoli e documenti Tecnica Astronomia Manutenzione Restauro Motore e impianti Elettronica Strumenti Comunicazioni Sicurezza in mare Meteorologia Vento e vele Sport Cultura Musei marittimi Barche d'epoca Letteratura Ambiente CHARTER E VIAGGI Destinazioni Ricerca agenzie Articoli tematici Crociere e viaggi METEO Bollettino Meteomar Previsioni Meteosat Webcam Climatologia Pilot chart NORMATIVA Guida del diportista Leggi e decreti Scadenzario SERVIZI Nautica.NET Forum Ultime notizie Archivio newsletter Gestione newsletter I nostri links Indirizzi utili Segnalaci un sito Registro dei visitatori CyberBrochure Scrivici RIVISTA Sommario Editoriale Indici annuali Abbonamenti Arretrati AMERICA'S CUP Ultime notizie Sindacati Calendario Risultati Classifica Campo di regata Imbarcazioni Albo d'oro Barche storiche SCUBAWEB Mondosub Immersioni Relitti famosi Guida ai fondali Biologia marina Diving center Tour operator Attrezzature Fotosub Annunci gratuiti Links PESCAWEB Prede Tecniche Attrezzature Normativa Annunci gratuiti Pesca un link SHOPPING Accessori Pubblicazioni Simulatori di vela Antiquariato marinaro Gadget Abbigliamento I NOSTRI SITI Nautica On Line America's Cup Nautica Shopping

    37. X3D Kitesailing 2002
    Translate this page http// Webcam sur les pistes http// qu'est-ce que c'est cette X3D the kitesailing anthology
    RETOUR la liste des participants Webcam sur les pistes :

    Mais qu'est-ce que c'est cette X3D KITESAILING ANTHOLOGY ?

    Ski Nombre de points - Joubert Pascal - Joubert Cédric - Boulanger Louis - Henry Guillaume - Shaeffer Albert - Arnaud Wareck
    - Boulanger Jean
    - Ferreri Jérome
    - Gerecke Pascal
    - Richard Phillippe
    - Valet Jeff - Boudier Benoit - Baumel Mathieu Classement provisoire Snowboard Nombre de points - Fabretti Romain - Chastagnol Guillaume - Cottan Gilles - Depée Arnaud - Didouet Christophe - Grenot Alain - Gresselin Jean-christophe - Lamblin Jérémie - Pastor Brice - Richard Damien Nombre de points E x aequo - Belle Sylvie - Lamblet Estelle Les photos "off" du week end à Super-Besse !!

    38. Sports >> Kitesailing :: Directory provides you sports kitesailing Directorysites listing. sports kitesailing Directory.
    Search Media Computers Shareware Usenet Health Politics Employment Sports Kids Education Business Sciences Entertainment The Web for sports >> kitesailing :: Directory Directory var engage = ''; //number of hours to count max number of popups in var time = 24; //maximum number of popups to see in time var max = 3; //number of page views between popups var interval = 1; //type of ad var adtype = 'interCELEB'; sports >> kitesailing
      0 sites existing
      Sorry..No sites existing for sports >> kitesailing category
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    39. Boot Portal -- Kitesailing In Der Sahara
    Translate this page kitesailing in der Sahara. Nachdem er schon bei dem ersten internationalenkitesailing Race auf der Insel Römö über Ostern den 13.,lang,1/ticket,g_u_e_s
    Home Kontakt Suche Login ... Kitesurfing Kitesailing in der Sahara
    Segel-Olympiasieger Roland Gaebler berichtet vom Rausch in der Wüste Die Landschaft ist geprägt von hohen Dünen und endlos flachen Passagen. Die Sonne brennt direkt von oben und irgendwo am Horizont sind Palmen zu sehen. Kann man in der Sahara segeln? Roland Gaebler ist seit vielen Jahren als Profi auf dem Wasser unterwegs. Nachdem der Olympiamedaillen-Gewinner im Tornado das nasse Element ausgiebig erforscht hat, stellte er sich jetzt dem Wüstensand als Gegner. „Ich habe mich immer gefragt, ob man in der Wüste auch segeln kann“, erzählt der blonde Sportler. „Schon seit Jahren begeistert mich die Rallye Paris-Dakar und als ich einmal live dabei war, kam mir die Idee mit dem Wüstenwind zu segeln. Das ist für mich die wahre Herausforderung!“. Für eine im Herbst geplante „Kitesailing-Sahara-Expedition“ fuhr der 37 Jahre alten Segler daher jetzt zu Testzwecken nach Tunesien. Ausgangspunkt der staubigen Testfahrt war die Ferienanlage von Gaeblers Sponsor Aldiana auf der südtunesischen Insel Djerba. Von dort ging es in einer Tagesfahrt mit dem vollbepackten Leihwagen nach Duez, dem Tor zur endlosen Wüste. „Bei wenig Wind und mit dem größten Drachen konnte ich am nächsten Morgen erste Fahrversuche mit dem Kitebuggy unternehmen“, berichtet Gaebler. „Der Wind war sehr unkonstant und ließ keinen schnellen Manöver zu. Trotzdem schaffte ich es locker, auf die höchste, etwa 50 Meter hohe Düne zu segeln – ein tolles Gefühl!“ Dann ging es ins Wüstenmeer, in die endlose Weite der Sahara. Mit vorsichtigen Manövern wagte sich der Profisegler immer weiter in die Dünen und kehrte erst mit dem allerletzten Windhauch wieder nach Duez zurück.

    40. Kitesailing Gästebuch
    Translate this page Hallo Zusammen, unser Gästebuch soll Euch eine Möglichkeit bietenFeedback zu geben, Lob und Kritik los zu werden. Viel Spass
    Hallo Zusammen,
    unser Gästebuch soll
    Euch eine Möglichkeit bieten
    Feedback zu geben,
    Lob und Kritik los zu werden.
    Viel Spass damit, Euer Stefan
    Es gibt folgende Möglichkeiten:
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    Bisherige Einträge ansehen

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