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         Kitesurfing:     more books (21)
  1. Kitesurfing in the Waves: The Complete Guide by Kristin Boese, Christian Spreckels, 2009-10-19
  2. Kitesurfing: The Complete Guide by Kristin Boese, Christian Spreckels, 2008-06-03
  3. Kitesurfing (Extreme Sports (Fitway Publishing)) by Marc Bory, 2005-05-25
  4. Kitesurfing by Ian Currer, 2007-07-26
  5. Water Sports: Human Swimming, Surfing, Rowing, Waterskiing, Water Polo, Parasailing, Caving, Kayaking, Kitesurfing, Punt, Lifeguard
  6. The extreme sport of kitesurfing, parachuting and skydiving by Pierre Du Plessis, 2010-03-26
  7. Flight of fancy: kitesurfing is about to land in your waterfront area. Will you be ready to catch the wave?(safety measures): An article from: Parks & Recreation by Douglas Wuttke, 2005-08-01
  8. Kitesurfing: Kazakhs
  9. Kitesurfing: Webster's Timeline History, 2000 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-04-16
  10. Kitesurfing Grade 2: Rigby Sails Fluent, Leveled Reader 6pk by Various, 2001-04
  11. Kitesurfing: Leveled Reader (Sails) by Various, 2001-03
  12. The Kite and Windsurfing Guide Europe: The First Comprehensive Spotguide for Kitesurfing and Windsurfing in Europe
  13. Parachuting: Parachuting. BASE jumping, Parachute, Paratrooper, Tandem skydiving, Wingsuit flying, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing
  14. The World Kite and Windsurfing Guide by Udo Hoelker, 2010

41. XtremeBigAir KiteSurfing
Central California dealer of kite surfing kites and boards provides lessons and information resources.Category Shopping Sports Water Sports kitesurfing......Big Air International ParaGliding Society World First Paragliding Web Server since June 1994!
Welcome to Kinsley Wong's XtremeBigAir
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Xtreme Big Air is exclusively designed for FRAME web browsers only.
Please upgrade your web browser and visit Xtreme Big Air again!
There are so much information waiting for you...
If you have other comments, please feel free to contact Kinsley Wong Visit us also at:

42. Club Mistral, Barbados: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Watersports
Watersports operator. Offers windsurfing, kitesurfing and a variety of other watersports, includes location and contact information.
Welcome to Club Mistral, Barbados
Barbados - for a fantasic surfing vacation!
Are you looking for something special, for the real Caribbean feeling, wind and waves, white beaches, turquoise water, pulsating night-life, fun-loving locals, reggae music – in other words, for a fantastic windsurfing holiday? Then let this dream come true and take a trip to Barbados – that’s where the action is! Barbados is one of the English-speaking Caribbean islands and caters for all taste from luxury hotels with golf courses to small bars with lots of locals and a genuine Caribbean atmosphere. Club Mistral is the base for windsurfing in Barbados, operating two centres on the south coast of the island.
Club Mistral Centres Our Equipment Kitesurfing ... Other Club Mistral Destinations
Club Mistral, Maxwell Main Road, Christ Church Barbados
Tel: (246) 428-7277 Fax: (246) 420-8291 E-mail:

43. Skyline Wings - Providers Of Kites, Water Kites, Traction Kites, Paragliders, An
North American distributor for traction kites, buggies and kitesurfing equipment from Jojo Wing and Libre Powersails.
Skylinewings Website version 4.0 coming soon! Check out the new stallion in the skyline Stable
The JoJo Acro Contact Skylinewings

44. Kitesurfers -
Informations du kitesurfing en France et dans le monde.
Free Web site hosting -
Bienvenu dans l'univers du

45. Kitesurfing Veluwemeer
Translate this page kitesurfing Veluwemeer. Kitesurfschulung mit Jörn Kappenstein und WernerBuschmann am Veluwemeer. Sicher Kitesurfen lernen in Europas
Die Kiteboarding Schule am Veluwemeer
Kitesurfen einfach lernen. Die VDWS Kitesurfschule

46. Drachenstore
Verkauf von Artikeln f¼r Kitesailing und kitesurfing. Mit Schn¤ppchenEcke, Informationen zum Versand und zu den beiden Gesch¤ften.

47. Kitesurfing; The Flying Dutchman
kitesurfing,News,Media.This site will keep you informed about the latestdevelopments. V3 forwarding. kitesurfing; The Flying Dutchman. : domain names, personal emails, url forwarding
Kitesurfing; The Flying Dutchman
KITESURFING,News,Media.This site will keep you informed about the latest developments
Click here to continue

48. LONASPORT - Der Onlineshop Für Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Wellenreiten, Wassersk
Ein OnlineShop f¼r Windsurfing, Wakeboarding, kitesurfing und Wasserski. Mit Zubeh¶r, Sportger¤ten und Bekleidung f¼r alle Wassersportarten sowie Fitness.
Willkommen bei LONASPORT
Dem Onlineshop für Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Wellenreiten, Wasserski und Wakeboarding
Bitte wähle Deine bevorzugte Sprache
Welcome to LONASPORT
Onlineshop for windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, water skiing and wakeboarding
Please select your favourite language
Bienvenue à LONASPORT
Boutique en ligne de windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, ski-nautique, et wakeboarding
Choisir votre langue préférée
Benvenuto da LONASPORT
l'onlineshop per windsurf, kitesurf, sci acquatico e wakeboard scegli una lingua a piacere

49. Welcome To Cape Sports Center- Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Windsurfing Surf South A
Naish importers, distributors and retailers for South Africa. Sells used boards, kites, and accessories. Includes information on South Africa accommodations and local kitesurfing news. Located on the Langebaan lagoon.

Welcome to South Africa's premier Extreme Watersports center. Situated on the safe shores of Langebaan Lagoon, Cape Sports Center offers a unique service for the water-bound sports junky! A retail shop, the Southern Hemisphere's largest rental station and 1st class accommodation is only an hour away from Cape Town! Check out the site and discover something different!
RESERVATIONS :: PO Box 208, Langebaan, 7357, Cape Province, South Africa
Tel : +27 22 772 1114, Fax : +27 22 772 1115 CONTACT US NOW:

50. United States Kitesurfing Association
Dedicated to promoting safe and responsible kitesurfing and protecting the access of kitesurfers to Category Sports Water Sports kitesurfing Associations......UNITED STATES kitesurfing ASSOCIATION, promoting Safe and Responsible kitesurfingand protecting the Access of Kitesurfers to Public Beaches and Waters.
The "US Kitesurfing Association" website was created
"To promote safe and responsible kitesurfng and protect the access of kitesurfers to public beaches and waters."

Click here for News and Headlines Click here for the USKA, Online Join Form. Download and Print the Safe Kiteboarding Guidelines
(Microsoft Word 98).
(Please do not alter the guidelines in any way.) Click here for the For background information on the sport of Kitesurfing go to the Kiteboarding Info Page.
Airspace within five miles of an international airport is controlled by the Federal Aviation Regulations. All kitesurfers should get a copy of Federal Aviation Regulation 101. a printout of the regulation can be obtained from the FAA website: . Kitesurfers intending to kitesurf within these areas will have to comply with FAR 101 at all times. In particular FAR regulation 101.1 paragraph 2 which states that no-one may operate a kite weighing more than 5 pounds and FAR 101.7 which states that you may not fly your kite in a manner which is hazardous to persons or property.
Maintain a 200 ft clear zone around all divers.

51. Cabarete - Dominican Republic - By Active Cabarete
Tourist information about the town. Includes hotels, villas, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, excursions, restaurants, weather information, maps and a message board.
Tourist guide for Cabarete, Dominican Republic!
Time: Sat, 22 Mar 2003; 04:33 PM
Welcome to Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Photo of Cabarete's Kitebeach by Mike Scribner of
All the Info about Cabarete you'll ever need!
General Info Overview Maps

Aerial View Getting here

Flights from

Arriving in.
Puerto Plata

Punta Cana

Santo Domingo
Transport Weather
Current Weather Wind and Wave Report Wind Forecast ... Overview Sports Kiteboarding Windsurfing Wave Surfing Wakeboarding ... Links Partner web-sites: Everything about kiteboarding in Cabarete, Dominican Republic Everything about windsurfing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic Adventure travel in the Dominican Republic Search Search Search Search WWW Home Contact Us

52. KITESURFING INFORMATION, (aka Kite-Sailing, Kite-boarding).
kitesurfing INFORMATION WHAT IS kitesurfing kitesurfing is the natural evoloutionof extreme windpowered watersports. Safe kitesurfing, John Dave.
Kitesurfing is the natural evoloution of extreme windpowered watersports. Combining traits of windsurf and wakeboard, the powerful air-foils and lightweight boards give the kiteboarder higher performance capabilities than ever before. In its short but exciting history kitesurfing has brought together the most exciting components of other extreme sports. The simplicity of the kite-board concept allows every rider the ability to create their own ride styles that reflect their creative imagination and personal expression. With every new move the definitions are changed and the sport continues to expand in posibility. Nobody knows what kiteboarding will look like in the future. But already at the present time kiteboarding has expanded into snow-kiteboarding and has taken new directions into foil-boarding and land-boarding.
"World champion kitesurfer, Flash Austin, flies forty feet in the air above huge bone crunching waves in Hawaii's famous surf. He approaches the wave at blistering speed and launches himself from the crest of the oncoming wave. He leaps high into the air where he hangs effortlessly suspended from his wing and dances as gracefully as a bird, soaring and looping, he defies gravity until he softly descends, and challenges the next wave. Returning to shore he rides the wave with the agility of a surfer.
This aerial ballet is the manifestation of the new water sport of Kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is like a cross between windsurfing, wake boarding and paragliding, kitesurfers control a wing of lightweight fabric, which pulls them across the water or above it. The sport is fast becoming the center of attention on the world water sports stage as pre-conceived limitations are regularly being shattered."

53. Windsurf Magazine Online - Home
The online version of a UK magazine, based in Wootton. Includes information on the printed issues, beach guide, images, videos, kitesurfing and contact details.

Click here for more information
In the March 2003 edition of Windsurf... Class Act! - The Pritchard Brothers Tell All Mega Test 2003:
- 9 Small Freeride Boards
- 14 6.5m Freeride Sails Insane Wave Action... in the UK! Super-X - A New Era PWA Bonaire Round-up Kimmeridge and Branksome Guide Learn To:
- Resolve common problems with Peter Hart
- Crank upwind with Guy Cribb A ll this and more... IN NEWSAGENTS NOW Click here for more information

54. Kitesurfing - SailRiders
Don't Be an Idiot! kitesurfing has the potential of being very dangerous!Take him for example Kiteboarders fingers! The Basics of kitesurfing.
Don't Be an Idiot! Kitesurfing has the potential of being very dangerous! Take him for example... Kiteboarders: keep away from windsurfers, powerlines, and trees. Trust me, it only takes one dumb accident to ban kitesurfing on your favourite spot. Windsurfers always stay far from the kitelines, they are razor sharp and can cut your fingers!
The Basics of Kitesurfing Learn the basics of flying a two-line kite: Introduction
The gear

The components

Getting Air

These clips are provided by Studio 66
The Power Zone Twintip 's The Power Zone will throw you off your chair! Big thanks to our friends at for offering web space! Choose from the following movie clips: The Power Zone Intro Sand Slider Just Jump It Rad Style ... Helico The latest version of RealPlayer is required to visualise movies. Our preferred link:
Intro to Kiteboarding

More clips from Sailriders The Caribbean Adventure ] Mixed by SailRiders Windsurfing Clips ] RIP and Hookipa Chronicles Snowboarding Clips ] SailRiders in Austria

55. H2air Kiteboarding
Provides information about US kitesurfing events on the East Coast and news.

56. Hawaiian Wind, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing Extreme Photos
Hawaiian wind, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfingextreme photography from the Hawaiian islands.
X-treme Kitesurfing Photography windsurfing kitesurfing surfing ... mail
itesurfing is the natural evolution of windsurfing with lighter equipment and higher performance capabilities than conventional equipment. As we head towards the new millennium kitesurfing will bring together many skills from other extreme sports and generate a new level of excitement beyond the scope and influence of any one traditional watersport
F or the latest weather information please visit my
NEW Wallpaper to download Learn how to Kitesurf on Oahu with
Located in Kailua, right @ the beach, fly the Kite the first time you try.
Kayaking and Windsurfing also available. Become a member With The Hawaii Kiteboarding Association
All photos taken by Fabian Frick
WARNING: Kitesurfing is an extreme sport (See Above) that requires a high degree of water confidence and a good understanding of kite flying skills. The lightweight foils are extremely powerful and often overwhelm the novice and may place them in dangerous situations that can also endanger onlookers and innocent bystanders. A responsible attitude and Kitesurfing Training is essential for a safe entry into this sport. Text by: David Dorn

57. Kitesurfing In Greece
kitesurfing, is site that will enable kiters to communicateand at the same time inform other people about kitesurf. is site that will enable kiters to communicate and at the same time inform other people about kitesurf.

58. Grab High Kitesurfing
Offers personalized private and group kiteboarding instruction at many US locations. Provides list Category Sports Water Sports kitesurfing Schools......This website is no longer in service.
This website is no longer in service.

59. AKSA Australian Kitesurfing Association
Includes membership information, issues, news, events, FAQs, safety guidelines, media information, Category Sports Water Sports kitesurfing Associations...... association. kitesurfing Reports/News Show Location All. 2003. kitesurfinggear stolen from garage in St.
Important News/Updates
Click here
for the details of the event
Please read the
Waterways Rules for safe kiteboarding
View pdf Doc

Currently we have:
Reports Links Events and Comps ... FAQ's
Download the latest newsletter April 2002 Click here
To see all the images Click Here
Who are the AKSA?
The AKSA is a registered association formed in 2000. Its aim is to support the Kite Surfing community by providing a nationally recognised insurance policy, and a focal point for the discussion of kite surfing issues. The association encourages all Australian states and territories to form their own state associations under the umbrella of the national body to allow each association to better address the issues within their respective areas. Who runs the AKSA?

60. Index.html
Custom shaper of windsurfing, surfing, and kitesurfing boards.

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