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         Korfball:     more detail
  1. National Korfball Teams: Netherlands National Korfball Team, Belgium National Korfball Team, Chinese Taipei National Korfball Team
  2. Ball Games: Association Football, Netball, Australian Rules Football, Field Hockey, Bandy, Rugby Union, Team Handball, Korfball, Juggling
  3. Korfball: International Korfball Federation, Mitcham Korfball Club, Ikf World Korfball Ranking, Beach Korfball
  4. National Sports Teams of Armenia: Armenia National Ice Hockey Team, Armenia National Korfball Team
  5. Sport de Ballon: Moto-Ball, Calcio Florentin, Ballon de Rugby à Xv, Korfball, Jorkyball, Ballon Au Poing, Goal-Ball, Fistball, Torball (French Edition)
  6. Korfball in Catalonia: Catalonia Korfball Team, Korfbal Club Barcelona, Unió Korfbalera Sant Adrià de Besòs, Club Korfbal Vacarisses
  7. Variations of Basketball: Basketball, Six-on-Six Basketball, High School, Association of College Unions International, Korfball, Netball
  8. Armenian Sports Teams: National Sports Teams of Armenia, Armenia National Ice Hockey Team, Armenia National Korfball Team
  9. World Games 2009: Korfball at the 2009 World Games, Roller Sports Inline Hockey at 2009 World Games, Fistball at the 2009 World Games
  10. Korfball Competitions: 2010 Korfball Europa Cup
  11. Korfball Teams: Trojans Korfball Club, Highbury Korfball Club, Korfbal Club Barcelona, Unió Korfbalera Sant Adrià de Besòs

Korfbal v Česk½ch Budějovic­ch; v½sledky, tabulky a odkazy.
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42. St. Andrews Korfball Club
Features news, fixtures, results, photos, and general information about the sport.Category Sports korfball Clubs......Welcome to the St Andrews korfball Club website. Recent News. 1st/2nd March 10thin the Student Nationals. 25th/26th January 12th in Edinburgh Tournament.
Welcome to the St Andrews Korfball Club website
Recent News
  • 1st/2nd March : 10th in the Student Nationals. 25th/26th January : 12th in Edinburgh Tournament. Quite an impressive performance in parts considering we havent played since early december! 30th November : 8th in Lancaster Tournament. Photos ready, report to follow.
    Lancaster Beginners photos are now online! 18th November : Edinburgh (2) St Andrews!!! 19th October : 4th in Lancaster beginners!! 27th/28th April : Every year ESKV Attila hold an international student tournament and a group of us from St. Andrews entered a team. Click here for more information.
The University of St. Andrews Last updated 3/3/03

43. Norwich City Korfball Club
News items, upcoming events, contact information, a newsletter and related links.

44. Stingers Korfball Club -
Upcoming events, league information, a picture gallery, news items and training details.
This website should hopefully show you everything you ever wanted to know about Stingers Korfball Club. It has been split into sections to help you find your way around - these are accessed using the buttons on the left. If you ever want to return to this page, click on the bee.
5th May 2002
The eighth annual Stingers Tournament will take place at Blyth Jex sports centre.
9th January 2002 - The Korfball section has been updated with a few pages to introduce korfball.
17th October 2001 - Fixtures for the 2001/2002 indoor league are available in the league section.
16th September 2001 - The East Anglian Shield is underway, with us recording a win for our first game.
Last modified: Sun Apr 21 21:18:54 2002

45. Re-directing To The New NDKC Site...
Located in Surrey with recruiting information, history of the team, description of the sport and news items.
Just one moment please ...
You will be redirected to the new NDKC site in a few moments or you can click here to continue

46. British Korfball Association
The British korfball Association, governing body of korfball in Great Britain

47. Korfball Beim KV Korbjäger Lünen E.V.
korfball beim korfballverein Korbj¤ger L¼nen e.V. Meisterschaftsergebnisse, Turnierergebnisse, Fotos, Infos zu korfball, Infos zum Verein

48. Cambridge Kites Korfball Club: Korfball FAQ
korfball FAQ. The material on this page is not unique to this site ;). historyof korfball. 1903 Foundation of Dutch korfball Association.
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Korfball FAQ
The material on this page is not unique to this site ;-) what is korfball? how do you play? history of korfball
what is it?
  • Korfball was invented in the early 20th Century by Nick Broekhysen, a Dutch schoolmaster, to encourage co-operation amongst his schoolchildren.
    It's the only sport officially played by mixed teams of eight - four men and four women.
    It's a fast moving, tactical game involving agility, quick thinking and teamwork.
    In appearance, it looks like a hybrid of basketball and netball (indeed, successful korfballers have crossed over from both these sports!), with the aim being to score as many goals as possible by shooting a ball into the opposition's basket. The basket (or "korf") is on a free standing post 3.5 metres high, positioned one third of the way inside the court at each end, and without a backboard.
    Games are played indoors or outdoors.
how do you play?
(see also korfball rules
  • You can't run with the ball or dribble it, or take the ball out of the hands of another player. Using teamwork, you pass the ball around the court moving tactically to set up scoring opportunities.
    You can only shoot when you're not being defended - when in attack, you try and lose your defender by moving around the court using changes in speed and direction in order to get free and take a shot.

49. The University Of Birmingham Korfball Club
Includes news, events, photos, message board, club information, player profiles, and related links.
Please click here to be taken to the Birmingham University korfball Site

50. Die Elbelche - Korfballmannschaft Der TU-Dresden
Vorstellung der StudentenMannschaft Elbelche mit der Mannschaftsgeschichte, Trainingszeiten und ausblicken in die Zukunft
Die Elbelche Dresden
Korfball an der TU-Dresden Elbelche Das sind wir Geschichte Training ... intern
bei der studentischen EM in Hradec Kralove 2001
weitere Infos
Am 25. April fahren wir nach Eindhoven zum Attilla-Turnier. Unser Webauftritt wurde aktualisiert. hier (Espenstrasse 3) In der Espenstrasse gibt es eine Schule, hinter der sich zwei Sporthallen befinden. Die linke von beiden nutzen wir. Wir hoffen, dass möglichst viele Elbelche und SSV-ler daran teilnehmen.
Beginn ist 18:30 - versucht bitte pünktlich zu sein. Informationen zur Flutkatastrophe in Deutschland SSV Fortschritt Dresden e.V. Im November findet der 7. Dresdner Korfball-Cup statt. Einige Informationen findet Ihr hier
And here are some english information about our tournament. Alle Turniereinladungen findet Ihr im internen Bereich (nur mit Passwort)! Ich habe mal unsere Korfball-Praesentation an das allgemeine Seitenlayout angepaßt (Robert).
Bei Problemen mail an

51. UEA Korfball
Info about the club, committee and korfball.Category Sports korfball Clubs......

52. Main
Information on the club and the sport in general. Includes fixtures, results and some photos.

53. What Is Korfball
Kwiek korfball Club. More about korfball Brief History of the Game. korfballspread very quickly throughout its country of origin.
Kwiek Korfball Club CONTENTS

Latest News

Training ...

SECTION Kent Rules


Kent Cup
More about Korfball Brief History of the Game Korfball was invented by a Dutch Schoolteacher in circa 1903 to enable his mixed class to compete together in the same game. Korfball spread very quickly throughout its country of origin. Since 1945 this growth has continued on an international scale with the game now being played in countries as diverse as Armenia, America, Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, India, Japan, Northern Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Scotland and Taiwan, to name a few. Korfball was devised to promote the twin principles of co-operation and co-education. Kent lining up a shot - Antwerp 1999 Korfball can be compared to Netball and basketball but features the tough running demands of Football. Indoors it is played in two zones with eight players per team, four males and four females. Two men and two women play in the attack zone, whilst two men and two women play defence. After every two goals, the attackers and defenders change roles with the attackers becoming the defenders and vice-versa. The main rule allowing both sexes to compete together equally is that players are only allowed to mark opponents of the same sex. Co-operation is provided by the rule which prevents players from moving with the ball. They can neither dribble the ball nor run with it. Therefore, attackers must move off the ball to break free of their personal defender to create a goal scoring opportunity.

54. Website Has Been Discontinued
Includes description of korfball, regions, tournament, news, message board, contact information, and related links.
Thank you very much for finding us. Unfortunately the South African Korfball Federation has decided to discontinue the website. For more information please contact Chris Theyse of the
South African Korfball Federation (

55. Oxford University Korfball Club
Oxford University korfball Club, Quick Guide to korfball. We will also be sending ateam to the International Student korfball Tournament in Groningen in March.
Oxford University Korfball Club Home Korfball? Committee Training ... Links
Quick Guide to Korfball
Korfball was invented by Dutch schoolteacher Nico Broekhuysen in at the beginning of the twentieth century, its name being derived from the Dutch for basket. It is the only true mixed team sport in the world: teams must consist of four men and four women. Each team is split into two divisions of four players (with men and women divided evenly between the divisions). Although one division begins the game in attack, with the other in defense, all players will both attack and defend during the course of the game. The game is strictly non-contact, and moving with the ball is not permitted. The object of the game is to get the ball into the Korf, a wickerwork basket stuck on top of a 3.5 m (11.5 ft) pole. Do so more often than your opponents, and you win! Sounds simple, doesn't it? The catch is that attackers are not permitted to shoot if they are being actively marked by a defender. This leads to a flowing, fast-moving game, where the emphasis is on working together as a team to unlock a tight defence, and shooting quickly (and accurately) when an opportunity arises. Korfball in the UK is mainly based around London and the Southeast, but there are now local leagues in Cambridge, Norfolk, The Midlands, Bristol, Scotland, and Oxford. There are also a number of community and University clubs spread around the rest of the country.

56. University Korfball Message Boards
Free message boards for all of the University korfball Clubs in the UK.
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LANCASTER UNIVERSITY korfball CLUB. SO WHAT IS korfball? korfball wins.History of korfball. korfball Terminology. Official Rules of korfball.
LANCASTER UNIVERSITY KORFBALL CLUB SO WHAT IS KORFBALL? Korfball is the fastest growing sport in Europe and originates from Holland where it is the national sport. The word 'Korfball' means basketball in Dutch, however the game is more commonly described as a cross between basketball and netball, with its own rules thrown in. It is the only mixed team sport so yes that means both lads and girls play along side each other on court!! How To Play: On each team there are 4 lads and 4 girls. The court is divided into 2 halves with 2 of each sex at each end. One half of the team will attack whilst the other half defends, until 2 goals have been scored by either team. Then everyone swaps ends and positions (ie. attackers become defenders and vice versa). Goals are scored by shooting the ball into a korf, but you must be free from your defender in order to shoot. A korf looks just like a netball post except its higher, and the game is played on a full sized court, like in basketball. In proper matches the game lasts an hour in total, but in general a game lasts 15 minutes. The team with the most goals at the end of this period wins. History of Korfball Korfball Terminology Official Rules of Korfball Korfball?

58. Korfball An Der Uni München

59. Pelham Korfball Club Index
Club info, fixtures, results, related links and contact details.

60. Bec Korfball Club
Located in London with news items, training information, travel details and a competition schedule.

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