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         Korfball:     more detail
  1. National Korfball Teams: Netherlands National Korfball Team, Belgium National Korfball Team, Chinese Taipei National Korfball Team
  2. Ball Games: Association Football, Netball, Australian Rules Football, Field Hockey, Bandy, Rugby Union, Team Handball, Korfball, Juggling
  3. Korfball: International Korfball Federation, Mitcham Korfball Club, Ikf World Korfball Ranking, Beach Korfball
  4. National Sports Teams of Armenia: Armenia National Ice Hockey Team, Armenia National Korfball Team
  5. Sport de Ballon: Moto-Ball, Calcio Florentin, Ballon de Rugby à Xv, Korfball, Jorkyball, Ballon Au Poing, Goal-Ball, Fistball, Torball (French Edition)
  6. Korfball in Catalonia: Catalonia Korfball Team, Korfbal Club Barcelona, Unió Korfbalera Sant Adrià de Besòs, Club Korfbal Vacarisses
  7. Variations of Basketball: Basketball, Six-on-Six Basketball, High School, Association of College Unions International, Korfball, Netball
  8. Armenian Sports Teams: National Sports Teams of Armenia, Armenia National Ice Hockey Team, Armenia National Korfball Team
  9. World Games 2009: Korfball at the 2009 World Games, Roller Sports Inline Hockey at 2009 World Games, Fistball at the 2009 World Games
  10. Korfball Competitions: 2010 Korfball Europa Cup
  11. Korfball Teams: Trojans Korfball Club, Highbury Korfball Club, Korfbal Club Barcelona, Unió Korfbalera Sant Adrià de Besòs

81. VL Of Sport - Korfball
korfball World the international site about korfball worldwide, with backgroundinformation about this great sport, as well as actual news from various
Korfball National Clubs
General Information
National Sites
  • Korfball Club Index has links to korfball clubs in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, Hungary, and Denmark.

82. Korfball
Translate this page Trainingszeiten Kinder von 6-12 Jahren Donnerstags 1530 – 1700Uhr in der Turnhalle der Weihbachschule Leitung Thorsten Siegert.
Trainingszeiten: Kinder von 6-12 Jahren
Donnerstags 15:30 – 17:00 Uhr in der Turnhalle der Weihbachschule
Leitung Thorsten Siegert Jugendliche bis 18 Jahre
Donnerstags 17:00 – 18:30 Uhr in der Turnhalle der Weihbachschule
Leitung Sascha Olschewski Freizeit/Hobbygruppe
Freitags 20:00 – 22:00 Uhr in der Turnhalle der Weihbachschule
Leitung Thorsten Siegert Die Hobbymannschaft vor einem Freundschaftsspiel in Holland Die aktuelle Mannschaft:
Martina Casimir, Mechthild und Theo Hänser, Karin und Herbert Mertens, Simone und Frank Gräve, Antonius und Mathias Bispinghoff, Franz Rinschede ,Rainer Abdinghoff, Andreas Pilsticker
Trainer ist Thorsten Siegert Die Jugend B/C:
Nicole Leipzig, Sonja Reher, Nadine und Denis Schulte, Stephanie Bispinghoff, Ilhan Nurcan, Christian Bösel, Daniel Maatz, Florian Olschewski, Meik Casimir, Marc Rinschede, Christoph Hänser
Trainer ist Sascha Olschewski ANSPRECHPARTNER Rainer Abdinghoff Schillerstr.1 59368 Werne Tel. 02389 / 53 64 66

83. Korfball
Translate this page Suche Wettkampfresultate / Turnspiele / korfball. Druckansichtkorfball Beimkorfball stehen sich zwei Mannschaften von je acht Spielern gegenüber.
Suche : Wettkampfresultate / Turnspiele / Korfball Turnfest-Panorama Wettkampfresultate DTB-Wahlwettkampf Individualsportarten ... Ringtennis Korfball Ergebnis Indiaca Handball Volleyball ... Medienservice Korfball
Wichtigste Regeln:
Das Laufen und Dribbeln mit dem Ball ist nicht gestattet.
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84. NDKC - About Korfball
About korfball korfball, invented in 1901 by an Amsterdam schoolmaster Nico Broekhuysen,is a game comparable to netball and basketball with one major

About Korfball

Club History


Hotshots !

All contents are (c) NDKC
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Another successful
About Korfball K orfball, invented in 1901 by an Amsterdam schoolmaster Nico Broekhuysen, is a game comparable to netball and basketball with one major exception - the game is designed to be played by mixed teams. It was designed in this way because he wanted a game which could be played by his schoolchildren where both boys and girls were able to compete on an equal footing within the same game. It is the world's only true mixed team sport with the rules laid down so that both men and women have equal opportunities. The game is played by two teams of 8 (4 men, 4 women) on a rectangular pitch 40 m by 20 m (although smaller sizes have to be used in Britain where most Sports Halls tend to be based on Badminton Courts). The pitch is divided into two halves so that each end is square. At either end, at one third of the length of the square measured from the back line, is a goalpost supporting a cylindrical basket open at both ends with the rim of the basket 3.5 m (11.5ft) from the ground, 1.5ft higher than a netball post. There is no backboard. The ball is similar to a soccer ball, although the weights allowed are towards the top end of the weights for a soccer ball. The two zones, defence and attack, are occupied by two men and two women from each team.

85. Cambridgeshire Korfball Association
Cambridgeshire korfball Association
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To view our web site click here:
For more information contact

86. University Of Bristol Union : Korfball
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87. Korfball
Translate this page korfball. calendar, club, links, news. calendar. 0. club. 0. links. BE, berne, turnvereinlorraine breitenrain. BE, kernenried, fach gruppe korbball. BE, madiswil, tv madiswil.
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88. Korfball
home korfball, site map, korfball. Club. Competitions. Photos. Videos. Extras.Links. korfball. What is korfball History. Email Club Webmaster.

89. Stockholm Korfball
stockholm korfball klubb, stockholm korfball club, stockholm korfball klub

90. Korfball An Der Uni München
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91. Korfball
Jelle Kok Sport Results korfball, 291 hits in February 2003. Publications.RoboCup. Teaching. Lyrics. Phanos. Skating. Snooker. Soccer. Tennis. Pictures. korfball.
Jelle Kok Sport Results Korfball 42 hits in March 2003
RoboCup Teaching Lyrics ... Tennis
last update 22 February 2003

92. Korfball Club - Korfball, Europe, Uk, England, Britain, Club, Biography, Player,
korfball Club. The ultimate web resource for korfball clubs in Europe. Team biographiesand information on techniques, Match schedules, Submit Your Site!
Korfball Club The ultimate web resource for Korfball clubs in Europe. Team biographies and information on techniques, Match schedules Submit Your Site! New Web Sites
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Reverse Aging Information
World Wide Web

"Always keep a window in the attic open; not just cracked: open."
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93. Sikopi Korfball Club
Sikopi korfball Club Click to Enter
Sikopi Korfball Club
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Translate this page Promoción del korfbal, buscamos chicas y chicos para jugar

95. Korfball -THE 6TH WORLD GAMES
korfball is a wellknown sport in Holland that Nico Broekhuysen, a schoolteacher living in Amsterdam, invented in 1902, basing it on netball.

About World Games Sports
Site Map
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Nearest Venues Utenayu Bowl World Games Sports Sports Schedules Venues
International Korfball Federation (IKF) Headquarters Netherlands Number of Member Nations (Regions) [Disciplines]
  • Mixed Team
[Schedule/Venue] Aspal Gymnasium Rokugo Town Sat. Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed.
League Final Tournament Final Tournament Here [Tickets] Prices are in Japanese yen. Seat Type In Advanced Ticket One Day Ticket Adult Child Adult Child Unreserved seat Wheelchair accessible seat Korfball is a well-known sport in Holland that Nico Broekhuysen, a school teacher living in Amsterdam, invented in 1902, basing it on netball. Since then, Korfball has become popular and today as many as 100,000 people are enjoying this game. In Japan, this sport was first introduced at the YMCA, Tokyo, in 1991; and now Korfball is played extensively in Akita and Okayama Prefectures.

96. Uniservity: Korfball Homepage
korfball. Winner of Club of the Year 2001 korfball is a popular fast growingsport which is often described as a mixture of basketball and netball.

97. BBC - CBBC - Sport - Get A Sport - Korfball
of a court. korfball is played by two teams of eight players, withfour girls and four boys on each. So no kissing! You move the






22nd March 2003
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BBC Homepage
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  • This is a game where you score points by throwing a ball into a large basket near each end of a court. Korfball is played by two teams of eight players, with four girls and four boys on each. So no kissing! You move the ball around the court by passing it from person to person. You can't run with it though.
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98. Korfball In The UK
korfball in the. UK. This site has been integrated into korfball.comAny information on/for this site should appear there.
K ORFBALL in the U.K. This site has been integrated into
Any information on/for this site should appear there.

99. Korfball Reviews, Ratings, Guide - Advice And Online Shopping From
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only Sporting Equ... Korfball Be the first to rate this item! var ebaylabel_quot = 'Korfball'; var ebaylabel = escape(ebaylabel_quot.replace(/"/g,'')); var ebaylink = ''+ebaylabel+'%26ebaytag1code=3%26ebaytag1ebayctry%26maxRecordsReturned=300%26maxRecordsPerPage=50%26SortProperty=MetaEndSort%26srchdesc=y'; document.write(''); Short Description
Korfball, invented in 1901 by an Amsterdam schoolmaster, Nico Broekhuysen, is a game comparable to netball and basketball with one major exception - the game is designed to be played by mixed teams. overview reviews resources
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100. Dover District Sports Directory - Korfball
korfball National Contact British korfball Association Mr G Crafter Honorary General Secretary PO Box 179 Maidstone ME14 1LU
Select a Service Abandoned Vehicles Air Quality Agendas and Minutes Arts and Events Best Value Burials and Cemeteries Business Rates Cleaning the District Coast Protection Community Development Community Strategy Complaints Concessionary Fares Conservation Council Meetings Council Tax Councillors Crime Reduction Democratic Services Dover District News Dover Museum Economic Development Elections Electronic Government Energy Advice Environmental Health Housing Housing Benefit IEG Statement Inward Investment Job Vacancies Kent Highways Key Decisions Taken Links Local Agenda 21 Local Gov changes Local Plan Maps Mission Statement Non-Domestic Rates Parking Services Photo Gallery Planning Press Releases Private Sector Housing Property Services Publication Scheme Recreation Refuse Collections Scrutiny Site Map Tourism Townhall Dover Water Quality Welcome Whats On White Cliffs Careline
KORFBALL National Contact: British Korfball Association
Mr G Crafter - Honorary General Secretary
PO Box 179
Tel: 01622 813115

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