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         Kung Fu:     more books (100)
  1. The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu: The Secrets of Kung Fu for Self-Defense, Health, and Enlightenment (Tuttle Martial Arts) by Wong Kiew Kit, 2002-11-15
  2. Kung Fu Panda: Po's Crash Course (I Can Read Book 2) by Catherine Hapka, 2008-05-01
  3. Kung Fu Book of Caine by Herbie J. Pilato, 1993-05-15
  4. Kung Fu: History, Philosophy, and Technique (Kung-Fu) by David Chow, Richard Spangler, 1980-12
  5. Jingwu: The School that Transformed Kung Fu by Brian Kennedy, Elizabeth Guo, 2010-06-15
  6. The Complete Guide to Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu by Stuart Alve Olson, 2010-01-19
  7. Wing Chun Kung Fu: Traditional Chinese King Fu for Self-Defense and Health by Ip Chun, Michael Tse, 1998-04
  8. The Secrets of Eagle Claw Kung-fu: Ying Jow Pai (Secrets of Series) by Leung Shum, Jeanne Chin, 2001-11-10
  9. Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu = [Shao Lin ChAng Ch"Uan] (Unique Literary Books of the World) by Jwing-Ming Yang, Jwing-Ming Dr. Yang, et all 1981-04
  10. Kung Fu Elements by Shou-Yu Liang, Wen-Ching Wu, 2006-04-01
  11. Kung Fu Book of Wisdom by Herbie Pilato, 1995-03-15
  12. The Tiger/Crane Form of Hung Gar Kung-Fu (Literary Links to the Orient) by Bucksam Kong, Gregory Lee, 1983-05-01
  13. Ubuntu Kung Fu: Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Hacks by Keir Thomas, 2008-09-23
  14. Kung Fu San Soo's Basic 45 Lessons by Master Ronald L. Gatewood, 1998-12-12

1. Welcome: Jeet Kune Do - Dynamic Combat - Wing Chun - Kung Fu
A source for information about the Chinese Martial Arts. Lists features, library, web directory, Category Sports Martial Arts kung fu...... kung fu ONLINE IS CHANGING kung fu Online has seen a number of changes over thelast few years, and is now poised to make the most radical change of all.
Terrorism Will Not Stand

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of the vicious attacks on America, and with the men and women who now take up the task of defending America and the world from the evil of global terrorism. ARE YOU PREPARED?
Investigators found martial arts manuals in the personal belongings of the hijackers, and at least one of the terrorists trained intently at a martial arts school in Florida. They were prepared for unarmed, hand-to-hand combat. What's the focus of your training? KUNG FU ONLINE IS CHANGING
Kung Fu Online
has seen a number of changes over the last few years, and is now poised to make the most radical change of all. To better promote the full spectrum of the Chinese Martial Arts, Kung Fu Online is joining forces with Kung Fu Magazine , who will now be hosting the majority of KFO features and services. At the same time, the KFO server will be outfitted to launch a new site devoted to HARDCORE Kung Fu Training More information...
Kung Fu Online is changing. Thanks for all your support!

2. Shaolin Gung Fu Institute /
This site is devoted to the dissemination of information about Shaolin, including Shaolin martial arts (known as kung fu, gong fu, gung fu, chuan fa, etc.)Buddhist philosophy, the history of the temples, animal styles and now instructional cdroms

3. Main Page - Authentic Kung-Fu
Authentic KungFu. Authentic kung fu, Inc. 817.244.2347
Authentic Kung-Fu Authentic Kung Fu, Inc.
7519 C Chapel Avenue
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

4. Kung Fu San Soo Of The Monterey Peninsula Web Page
Find an introduction to the art, then find out where to learn to practice this style in California. See photos, philosophies and studio hours.

5. Shaolin Home Page
Shaolin Temple kung fu Tai Chi International Federation. Dear Guest . Shaolin kung fu is as vast and complex as the universe.

6. Kung Fu, The Home Page
Information on oldtime learning, description of the styles, school listings, and links.Category Sports Martial Arts kung fu...... The Martial Art of kung fu. A listing and description of many different KungFu Styles ! The teachings of Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin! kung fu Schools.
This site has been chosen the
Notable Quote...
When an old man is able to defeat many attackers, how could it be due to his strength?
-Wang Chung-yueh
The Martial Art of Kung Fu
A listing and description of many different Kung Fu Styles
Learn what it was once like studying Kung Fu
The teachings of Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin!
Kung Fu Schools
A List of Schools
If you have a Kung Fu school you'd like to add, click HERE
The Dragon's List

World White Dragon Kung Fu Society

Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu
Martial Arts Resource Site
An excellent source of information!
Neija Home Page
Also an excellent source of information!
Martial Arts Resource Page

UC Martial Arts Network
Yahoo Listing of Martial Arts Home Pages Century Martial Arts Supply Company Home Page Salt City Martial Arts This site is a Last Updated: August 28, 1998 Number of hits since August 28, 1998
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Join the Blue Ribbon Anti-Censorship Campaign! Site Maintained by: Nathan David Porath. Return to the Top

7. Nederlandse Wing Chun Federatie
Welcome to John Wais Florida kung fu Academys webpage. Our academy specializes in teaching authentic Choy Lay Fut

Dutch WING CHUN Federation


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." - Albert Einstein
Please view with Internet Explorer in 1024 x 768 For our pages you need the use of frames, javascript and Real Player

8. "Kung Fu" Episode Guide
Episode summaries and brief FAQ.
"Kung Fu" Episode Guide
Produced by Warner Brothers Regular Cast
David Carradine
Kwai Chang Caine
Philip Ahn
Master Kan
Keye Luke Master Po
Radames Pera
"Kung Fu" tells the story of Kwai Chang Caine, son of a Chinese woman and an American sailor. Caine, orphaned as a boy, was admitted as a student to the Shaolin temple, in China. Caine learned the ways of the Shaolin and became a Shaolin priest. One day he met his old master, Master Po, in a market. Master Po was shot by the Emperor's nephew, and Caine in turn killed the Emperor's nephew. Forced to flee China, Caine went to America, where he searches for his half-brother, Danny Caine. Kwai Chang Caine is unique among television heroes. For one thing, he actually did do the crime he is accused of. A quiet, peaceful man, he is capable of extreme violence.
The Episodes
Season One
Season Two Season Three
A message from Herbie J. Pilato , author of the book The Kung Fu Book of Caine: The Complete Guide to TV's First Mystical Eastern Western Hello! You may know me as the author of The Kung Fu Book of Caine and The Kung Fu Book of Wisdom, which were first published by Tuttle in the mid-1990s. I am in the process of revising these books into one volume, and I need to convince Tuttle that there is still a strong fan base out there for these books.

Information on Drunken Eight Immortals and Three Genius kung fu Systems. Features history, links, products, photos, downloads, and seminars.
Ying Hung Martial Arts Association This website is designed to be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer

10. Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival - Weixian International Taiji Chu
Informazioni sul Festival Internazionale di Shaolin Wushu tenuto ogni due anni in Cina; stage di shaolin kung fu, tai ji chuan, wudang wushu, agopuntura.
The China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival The China Jiaozuo International Taiji Chuan Festival Henan Province, China English Français Italiano Nederlands Emblem of the Seventh International Shaolin Wushu Festival 2001, Zhengzhou, China Travel in China ? Go with Shaolin Viaggi ! ( in United Kingdom) (In Italia) (En France) (Brazil)

11. Kung Fu Records
Home of The Vandals, kung fu Records and kung fu Europe! kung fu Resources.
Welcome, punker My Shopping Tour Dates News Message Bored Home of The Vandals , Kung Fu Records and Kung Fu Europe Do You Like Music?
Summer Wind...: MP3

Say it if You Mean it: MP3

On and On: MP3

Halfway Decent : MP3
... Samplers
Find Products The Vandals Kung Fu Records The Show Must GO OFF Kung Fu Films ... Law Offices
Kung Fu Resources
Our Favorite Links Vandals F.A.Q. So you want to send us a demo. Do you want our songs for your comp/video? ...
Fear of a Punk Planet

The Television Series Vol 1 , Now on VHS and DVD. Featuring NOFX Bouncing Souls and Sick of it All plus never before seen live footage from each of these bands and The Ataris . Don't miss it!

12. China Kung Fu Shaolin Trainingsreisen
Trainingsaufenthalt von 3 Wochen bis zu einem Jahr. Bildergalerie und Aufenthaltsinformationen.

13. Kung Fu Grippe | Weblog By Merlin Mann
kung fu Grippe home posts blogroll search contact rss Five thingsSaddam must do immediately to show compliance with UN resolutions.

posts blogroll search ... rss
If the Iraquis are smart, none less lack
  • Acting like Saddam may be dead when dealing with far-flung Iraqui units makes for easier conquest (thank God) Acting like Saddam may be alive
  • March 21, 2003 @ 12:23 PM Comments (1) TB (0)
    Some perspectives on the SF protests
    Some intriguing ways to leave
    Disturbing account of getting pepper-sprayed by the Portland police, w/photo [ via PB
    [ via MeFi
    Meta-insincerity Raging Cow
    We Are Not
    All Jerks ... Grant
    has gone 1.0 with WEP encryption and sturdier-feeling connections.
    . Report problems and wonkiness to ( rosie at kungfugrippe dot com )
    The Mirror Project Funding Drive

    this photo
    shows the fountain that had to be fenced-off because people made so much #1 and #2 in it that it would sort of get caught up in the spray. Gross, huh?
    What happens if God blesses Iraq?
    on a nightly basis? I mean, damn , people. someone finally said it: [ via MeFi Handy guide for determining how screwed Blair might be . (Bottom of Page) [ via David Galbraith My Casserole Old-School KFG Lovingly crafted with The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn and Movable Type 2.6

    14. Shizmoo Games
    February 17, 2003 Madhouse added to kung fu Chess! February 2, 2003 Multiballadded to Sumo Volleyball! kung fu Chess, Rules, Guide, Top100.
    Shizmoo presents
    No complicated downloading. You can play them right now for free! Games About Us Contact Us FAQ Forums ... Tournaments
    News Highlights
    March 11, 2003

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    (does not apply to users who already have ratings)
    March 3, 2003
    Billiard boxing begins beta! Subscribe today and get great new features like this awesome new game!
    February 17, 2003
    Madhouse added to Kung Fu Chess! February 2, 2003 Multiball added to Sumo Volleyball! January 28, 2003 Configurable Sumo Volleyball Debuts!!! New game types for subscribers! Play all the great FREE games at!!! Word Ninja Rules Words Fast-paced crossword action like never before! Billiard Boxing Rules Eight Ball action without the wait. Knock 'em in first! Kung Fu Chess Rules Guide Chess mayhem where you never wait your turn! Sumo Volleyball Rules Sumo wrestlers play a fast paced game of beach volleyball!? By accessing this site or playing these games you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions Here is our advertisement

    15. Polskie Stowarzyszenie Shaolin Kung Fu
    Serwis zawiera informacje dotyczące Stowarzyszenia, prowadzonej przezeń działalności, jak r³wnież zrzeszonych szk³Å‚ i organizacji. Ponadto, sprawozdania z seminari³w i zawod³w wzbogacone galeriami zdjęć.

    16. Kung Fu Cult Cinema
    Reviews of many popular Japanese films, with images, synopses and a forum for discussion and critique.Category Arts Movies Cultures and Groups Japanese...... Copyright © kung fu Cult Cinema Ltd. All As you may have noticedalready we have a new sponsor here at kung fu Cult Cinema. We
    This site is in no way affiliated with Kentucky Fried Chicken"...
    Kung Fu Cult Cinema
    Kung Fu Cult Cinema proudly presents the most up-to-date news coverage and the latest reviews of previous and recent films from the world of Asian Cinema. Along with our weekly updates, our extensive collection of reviews combined with our active and energetic forum will immerse everyone with the love and appreciation for this cultural phenomenon. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and to check back often on upcoming features and reports.
    Korean Baseball Hi-Energy action HK Drama Classic Horror Book Review Stephen Chow Comedy Samurai Action Sabu movie Latest Interview Latest Column Latest Festival
    Update Since the situations with EZBoard and Hotmail are taking forever, we have decided to open our old MSG Board again. KFC Cinema MSG Boad We really hope that everything will get back to normal before next monday. Hotmail and EZBaord are a real pain in the ass to deal with, we wish to never have to deal with them again.

    17. Home Page
    Secrets of the Orient martial arts series provides expert instruction though, slow motion, split screen, various camera angles, and a running commentary pointing out the most important points of each of the techniques.
    Prices of all videos:
    any video is
    any videos for
    any videos for All videos are available in International formats! If you require
    PAL, SECAM or any format other than NTSC, please specify
    Welcome to WTN
    WTN Kung Fu Productions proudly presents The Secrets of the Orient instructional martial art video series. The Secrets of the Orient martial art videos provide expert instruction through the use of slow motion, split screen and various camera angles along with a running commentary pointing out the most important points of each of the techniques. These videos have been acclaimed throughout the world as outstanding instructional tapes and are ideal for anyone looking to increase his knowledge of these arts. You may obtain further support and information by telephone at 1-419-891-2125
    representatives are available 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday
    Eastern Standard Time USA
    or contact WTN by
    or by fax 1-419-891-2130
    Ask for the FREE WTN Kung Fu Productions catalog to be mailed to you,
    please provide postal address. The video tapes in WTN's Secrets of the Orient Series have been specifically produced by gifted martial artists to serve as teaching films. Explanation and demonstration of each step of the form is shown so that all techniques can be perfected. WTN Kung Fu Productions is a company started by martial artists for martial artists and pioneered the type of teaching tape that has come to be recognized as the best method of learning these forms.

    18. D R A G O N G Y M
    Teaching Dragon MooDoo which encompasses the hard arts of Tae Kwon Do, Korean Karate and kickboxing and the soft arts of Hapkido, Judo, kung fu, Tai Chi and weapons training and aerobic kickboxing. Lists class and test schedules, instructor profiles, locations and style information.

    19. Kung Fu Nation - Music Merchandise And News (t Shirts, Stickers, Posters, Etc)
    Indie rock Tshirts from bands such as Beck, Blues Explosion, Cibo Matto, Pavement and Sonic Youth.Category Shopping Music Related Merchandise Clothing...... catalog. Guided By Voices, kung fu Baby, Blues Explosion, Mudhoney, JimmyEat World, Tenacious D, and more. time. kung fu Baby is here.
    Music Merchandise and News A book has been released entitled "Spiels of a Minuteman" that includes all lyrics that Mike Watt wrote for the Minutemen from 1980 to 1985. It also includes a tour diary and forwards by Thurston Moore, Richard Meltzer and more. Click here to order this little piece of Mike Watt history. Scary Stories merchandise is now available! Naughty Naughty Kiefer is here with his naughty friends Dig, Ivan, Dig, Yes a Cat Named Marty Cohen, and many more. Visit Scary Stories to learn about these scary friends and click here to start shopping. Now that you'be bought presents for everyone else it's time to buy a little something for yourself. Visit our sale page for some great deals. Lots of new t shirts (and other merchandise) have been added to our catalog. Guided By Voices Kung Fu Baby Blues Explosion Mudhoney ... Tenacious D and more. Flaming Lips merchandise is now available...start shopping

    20. Kung Fu: The Letters Continue
    Home of the fan movement for continuation of the series, with a list of addresses to which to write.
    ENTER HERE! This many Fu Fans have journeyed here: My URL:
    I got it for free at This KFTLC web ring site is owned by Dragonseye Previous 5 Sites Skip Previous Previous ... List Sites

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