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         Landsailing:     more detail
  1. Landsailing: From Rc Models to the Big Ones, by George C. Siposs, 1973-01
  2. Land-sailing: From RC Models to the Big Ones by George G Siposs, 1973-09
  3. Landsailing (Action Sports) by Scott Robert Hays, 1992-11

1. NALSA's Landsailing Home On The Web.
Information on upcoming sanctioned events, club information and landsailing in general.Category Recreation Outdoors landsailing...... you will find information on the North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA),upcoming sanctioned events, US club information and landsailing in general.
About NALSA Events Clubs Images Links ... NALSA Forum Sail Number
Frequently asked

Read this
Welcome to NALSA's web site
Here you will find information on the North American Land Sailing Association (NALSA), upcoming sanctioned events, US club information and landsailing in general. See the Upcoming Events page for information on the 2003 Americas' Cup and other events. Recaps from recent events 2002 Fisly/NALSA 8th Worlds Championship results and photos
A daily update can be found here speed trial results are now available. Get the results from the 2001 Holy Gale here. 2001 28th annual Americas Land Sailing Cup Regatta

. Dennis Bassano has written an excellent review of the event
. Read a racers comments .... or look at some photos See for other U.S. happenings not covered on this site as well as excellent coverage of what is going on in the rest of the world (from a Kiwi and British perspective). Archive of past events Pacrim 2000 Final scores and images News from the Nov 2000 speed trials.

2. Wind Wheels Title Page
Includes photos and related links.
Sponsored by Seven Ravens METALWORKS
Custom Welding, Polishing, Fabrication AND Sculpture in STAINLESS STEEL
Featured studio in the summer 1998 edition of Artnet 2000 Wind Wheels
Online Landsailing Journal
Bringing the sport of landsailing to the WWW since 1996
Landsailing! - photo page
Log on with Clyde
- links to manufactures, plans, websites
Wind Wheels - The Text Version
- download landsailing information text file

Link to the classic original
Wind Wheels home page New Java!
LANDSAIL - a Java landyacht velocity prediction program is ready for testing! Run the applet View Java source code LANDSAIL is a Java port of the Matlab script ' landsail.m ' by Kristopher Seluga - PERFORMANCE RC LANDSAILERS X-Yachts Featuring experimental landyachts fresh off the drawing board Other things... Galaxy Collision Screensaver for Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT An enhanced version of XWindows Xlockmore spinning galaxies module Java Preview java galaxies screensaver page Download - self extracting zip file galaxies.exe The Terrible eye, a freeware Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT cursor utility -

3. Southwest Landsailing
Provides information for enthusiasts in the American Southwest. Features newsletter, events, photos, links to clubs and related resources.
AMERICAS CUP Update: AS OF 3/19/03 (Wednesday) 10:10pm MST.
The Ivanpah Playa was under water Monday (complete with whitecaps) but I just got some great news. The strong winds yesterday evaporated the standing water on the racing area, and today the situation improved further. The forcast if for sunny and breezy weather so the lake should dry completely. They will check the lake again tomorrow morning. They have said The Cup will go as previously scheduled. Stay tuned. latest updates Contact: NALSA LANSAILING EVENTS:


Fourth of July at
The Holy Gale  
Speed Trials at Ivanpah on Thanksgiving weekend LANDSAILING E-MAIL
OLD BUT STILL IMPRESSIVE NEWS FLASH: IRON DUCK SETS NEW LANDSAILING SPEED RECORD! OVER 116.8 mph! Congratulations Bob Dill and Bob Schumacher!    Off the wall at Walls Lake near Estancia New Mexico Wally Hall: Iceflyer Blake Learmonth Fed 5 AMERICAN 5 SQUARE METER CLUB PAGE Manta Newsletter Danish Landsailer sited at Playas New Mexico    Email Southwest Landsailing Thanks for being perso

4. Landsailing, Iceboating, Kites, And Kite Buggies.
Information about landsailing and iceboating in the Colorado area. Includes plans for a small landsailer, photos and related links.
The Colorado home of Landsailing, Iceboating, and Kite Flying.



... Forum March 8, 2002 Welcome to my site. Have a look around, feel free to email if you have any questions or comments. I would like to invite all of you to a great weekend of sailing and fantastic people at Playas, New Mexico . This is a low-key, sail what you bring event. The dates for this year are April 17-20. You won't find a nicer bunch of folks to spend time with. Take a look at some pictures , or email me if you need more information. Looking forward to having a blast this April! I added pictures of two more buggies built from the plans, take a look at them here Wahu, our favorite sailing spot in Wyoming always offers a great time , take a look ! Looking forward to more trips this year. Check out the new skate sailing page , and the new kite buggy page Send in your favorite sailing/camping recipes , I'll post them on a new page I added a new page , showing some ideas for ways to transport your rig to your favorite sailing spot.

5. Landsailing Chile .... Adrenalina Pura, Landsailing Chile .... Adrenalina Pura
Carrovelerismo en el pa­s, lo necesario para practicar este deporte.
2002 Todos los derechos reservados
Desarrollado por Naro Soft

Laytown's Alan Watson sends in regular reports and updates on landsailing events and gatherings in Ireland.

7. Landsailing, Land Yachting, Saunton Sands, Mountain Board, Devon, Extremesport
surfwax - pictures, photos, information on beaches and beach sport in Devon and Cornwall. We can't mention landsailing without taking a look at the Kiwi's invention, the blokart.
We now average 500-600 visitors per day...
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  • There are many different types of land sailing - on surf-wax we aim to show you the sailing which happens on beaches. But given that you need a pretty big beach without to many pedestrians, it is not going to be a main stream sport. And you need to have some level of skill before you can take to the beach for fear of colliding with rocks, dogs, people and any other obstacles which appear from nowhere to challenge you. Most people who landsail tend to use a windsurfing type sail and then fashion some kind of board to stand on, or a buggy to sit in. The picture below (we think) shows a board built on the lines of a speedsail it has 2 pairs of wheels, the front set of wheels are on a narrower axle to the back set of wheels, the board is steered by transfering bodyweight.

    8. Landsailing In America
    Excerpted by permission of the author from the May 12 1998 issue of the AMERICANlandsailing FEDERATION newsletter. landsailing in America. By Nord Embroden.
    Excerpted by permission of the author from the May 12 1998 issue of the
    Landsailing in America By Nord Embroden I remember a non-successful attempt at landsailing in 1956 with a bed sheet for a square sail and a push car. A puff of wind came and my whole rig went over the front. 1958 I installed a dingy sail on a Soap Box Derby car. This car would sail with two kids at dangerous boardwalk speeds. I remember that the torque of the mast would lock up the steering bar during gusts adding more excitement. Nord and his friends were the terrors of the peninsula in Long Beach.
    My father taught rendering and structure classes at the Art Center School in Pasadena. Don Rypinski was a student of my dads
    and was experimenting with landyacht design. Don and I became friends and worked on many landsailing projects together. Over the years Don designed several beautiful yachts that were very unique. A very early yacht was constructed of tubing and cloth. The yacht could be folded in to a small package and placed in the trunk of the car. His Windbuggy competition was a lightweight space frame of tubing with and extruded aluminum mast and sulky spoked wheels. Later Don designed and built several Windbuggy Juniors, the first yachts designed specifically for children.
    Scorpion was a later and almost identical copy of the Chubasco. Scorpion tried to break into the market at a less expensive price but was already working with an outdated design.

    9. Landsailing
    "The Search for the Holy Gale " landsailing regatta, July 4th 1995 on the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. (c)1995 Jonathan Neher
    More Landsailing "The Search for the Holy Gale," landsailing regatta, July 4th 1995 on the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. (c)1995 Jonathan Neher "Jumpin" Jon Neher

    10. Blakeindex
    Doesn't Live Here Any More! go to http//
    Doesn't Live Here Any More! go to

    11. Dynamic Directory - Recreation - Outdoors - Landsailing
    from the beginner to the advanced sailor. Colorado landsailing and Iceboating Colorado landsailing and Iceboating

    12. Landsailing, Iceboating, Kites, And Kite Buggies.
    Information about landsailing, Iceboating, Kite Buggies. Plans for buildinga small landsailer pictures, and links to related sites. landsailing.



    Landsailing in Colorado is somewhat of a challenge. We do most of our sailing on parking lots, as there are no large dry lake beds around. The local high school has a huge parking lot, a great place to sail; no trees or buildings to block the wind. Click the links below for more specific information. Plans for Small Landsailor Frequently Asked Questions **NEW** Places to Go Landsailing Picture Galleries: Wahu, Wyoming Sept 2002 *NEW* Skate Sailing using a sail on a skateboard **NEW** Gallery of pics from visitors like you
    Picture Gallery from Playas NM, April 2001
    Landsailers from the Northwest
    Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

    13. Model Land Yachts, Unlimited Home Page - Home Of The Stiletto RC Landsailer!
    landsailing in a parking lot, scale model dirtboats and kits.
    Model LandYachts, Unlimited
    Robert Weber, Proprietor
    Big Bear City, CA
    Landsailing... Think sailboat...or better yet, high-performance glider, on edge and on along the playa (ground) at three to five times the speed of the wind... just a few inches off the sound but the wind whistling past your helmet. Starting to get the picture? This is a sport with a solid base of dedicated enthusiasts ( IRCSSA ) and racers who appreciate landsailing because it is easy to learn and challenging to master. It is an inexpensive sport whether you're just beginning or a seasoned racer. Races involve groups ranging from local clubs to international competitors. It's also environmentally friendly! In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has rewarded racers and enthusiasts with special access to dry lakes for competitions. It's an increasingly popular sport that is enjoyed by a diverse range of people. About the designer.... Robert Weber has been sailing "dirtboats" since the early 1980's, and is a three-time America's Cup landsailing champion. He has competed in international events around the globe. Now, he has combined his international winning experience in the full-size boats, and a lifelong passion for model-making to bring you the finest radio-controlled model landsailers available today: the 1/4 scale

    14. Landsailing
    landsailing! More landsailing photos. Wind Wheels Online landsailingJournal and Clyde Copyright © 1996 Wind Wheels, Yachats OR, USA.
    Sponsored by Seven Ravens METALWORKS Custom Welding, Polishing, Fabrication AND Sculpture in STAINLESS STEEL
    Featured studio in the summer 1998 edition of Artnet 2000 Main page Log on with Clyde Download windinfo.txt NOW!
    An environment-friendly recreation while
    vacationing at the beach or desert...
    Landsailing! More landsailing photos

    15. Carros A Vela - Chile
    Informaci³n general sobre landsailing en el pa­s y gente que practica este deporte.

    16. Katalog - Wirtualna Polska
    Serwis Katalog w Wirtualna Polska S.A. pierwszy portal w Polsce.
    Poczta Czat SMS Pomoc -Katalog -Polskie www -¦wiatowe www -Wirtualna Polska -FTP/Pliki -Grupy dyskusyjne -Encyklopedia -Produkty Katalog Katalog ¦wiatowy DMOZ ... Recreation > Outdoors Fakty o Katalogu Pomoc Regulamin Serwis szukaj ... Ostatnio dodane
    NAWIGACJA Fakty o katalogu


    Serwis Szukaj

    Dodaj stronê
    Katalog WP

    Polskie Strony WWW

    Oferta dla firm

    ... Ostatnio dodane ANKIETA Czy jeste¶ zadowolony z serwisu Katalog? Tak Nie Trudno powiedzieæ Zarezerwuj ulubiony adres, korzystaj z megapojemno¶ci, ciesz siê bli¿szymi kontaktami. ... Wirtualna Polska

    17. Colorado Landsailing And Iceboating
    Colorado landsailing and Iceboating

    18. Landsailing Links
    landsailing LINKS. HOME. USA EVENTS. INTERNATIONAL EVENTS. CLUBS. EMAIL. http// landsailing and iceboating + plans for small landsailer).
    EVENTS CLUBS EMAIL / with links to British clubs and manufactures The main page for Ohope Sandsailors. pac rim 2000 info Seagul, a French landsailer manufacture, which sells plans and parts MANTA NEWSLETTER From the US manta association LANDSAILING CHAT ROOM
    Vítejte na èeské WWW stránce vìnované (Czech) (Colorado landsailing and iceboating + plans for small landsailer) (Iceflyer) Colorado Manufacture of Ice and dirt "boats" Flemish Landsailing Federation: S.A.L.Y.S A great international site

    19. Landsailing Chile
    Translate this page Nota completa. landsailing Chile Nace en Chile el portal electrónico de velerismoterrestre que cobijará a todos los amantes de este Deporte . Nota completa.
    open('popupclinica.htm', 'Sizewindow', 'width=490,height=250,scrollbars=no,toolbar=no')
    Nota completa

    Nota completa

    Te invitamos a pasar a la Galería de imágenes captadas en este nuevo evento de "Landsailing Chile"
    denominada " Surcando el Desierto ...por el camino del Salitre " realizado entre los días 1, 2 y 3 de Febrero de 2003.
    " Navegando a 4500 metros sobre el nivel del mar ".
    Averigua pormenores de
    este segundo evento.
    Nota completa

    "SURCANDO EL DESIERTO……POR EL CAMINO DEL SALITRE". Nota completa Landsailing Chile está reuniendo a todos los adeptos de este apasionante deporte, si quieres ser parte de él sólo pincha en "hazte socio" ( en el menú de servicios ) y completa el formulario que allí encontrarás.
    Si quieres practicar Landsailing no olvides consultar por los elementos que necesitas en esta web.

    20. Landsailing
    landsailing. More landsailing. The Search for the Holy Gale, landsailingregatta, July 4th 1995 on the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada.
    More Landsailing "The Search for the Holy Gale," landsailing regatta, July 4th 1995 on the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada. (c)1995 Jonathan Neher "Jumpin" Jon Neher

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