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         Lawn Bowling:     more books (44)
  1. Lawns And Greens: Their Formation And Management; Garden, Tennis And Croquet Lawns, Bowling And Golf Greens, Cricket Grounds, Grass Paths, Etc. by Thomas W. Sanders, 2010-09-10
  2. Maintenance of the lawn bowling green by Edgar R Haley, 1984
  3. Lawns and Greens. Their Formation and Management. Garden, Tennis and Croquet Lawns, Bowling and Golf Greens, Cricket Grounds, Grass Paths, etc. Third edition. by T W Sanders, 1920-01-01
  4. Les boules. (lawn bowling)(One World, Fun World: Games from the Global Village): An article from: Child Life by Stan Zukowski, 1995-12-01
  5. The "How" of Lawn Bowling and Terms Thereof
  6. Lawn Bowling (Volume 1) by Parker Allen, 1969
  7. Yes, I'm in Love with Lawn Bowling by On-kow Au, 2005-01-01
  9. Lawns And Greens: Their Formation And Management; Garden, Tennis And Croquet Lawns, Bowling And Golf Greens, Cricket Grounds, Grass Paths, Etc. by Thomas W. Sanders, 2010-09-10
  10. The game of lawn bowls as played under the code of rules of the Scottish bowling association, of Glasgow, Scotland by Henry Chadwick 1824-1908 ed Scottish bowling association Glasgow. [from old catalog], 1895-12-31
  11. Bowls;: A manual for self-tuition in the principles and practice of "bowling," by James Kelley, 1933
  12. Lawn Bowling Handbook by Thomas Taylor, 1948
  13. Lawn bowling: An analysis of public operations (Management aids ; bulletin) by Edward A Connell, 1968
  14. Turf;: A book about golf greens, tennis courts, bowling greens and playing pitches, no less than lawns; their making and keeping according to modern practice by Idris Giles Lewis, 1948

1. Oaks North Lawn Bowling Club
Located in Oaks North senior community in Rancho Bernardo. Club news, plus information about the game, Category Regional North America San Diego Recreation and Sports......The Oaks North lawn bowling Club is in Rancho Bernardo, a Community 25 milesnorth of downtown San Diego, California. OAKS NORTH lawn bowling CLUB.
Home Page
Club News
About TheGame Area Map Free Lessons ... World Lawn Bowling News and Links
Visit RBernardo Home Page
Last Updated, January 20, 2003
Our Club is in Oaks North, a senior community in Rancho Bernardo: an area within the City of San Diego, California.
It is located just off Interstate route 15, about 25 miles north of downtown San Diego. Our Oaks North Community Center has supported Lawn Bowling since the early days of the area's development -about 25 years. We are one of three Lawn Bowling Clubs within a two mile radius. The others are Seven Oaks and Joslyn-Lake Hodges. This provides an opportunity for local competitions and special events. We maintain membership in the United States Lawn Bowling Association and its Southwest Divisions. To learn more about us and Lawn Bowling, be sure to sample our other Web pages by clicking on the underlined items in the sidebar.

Promotion for a manual by Edgar R. Haley, MD, regarding the construction and maintenance of lawn Category Sports Bowling lawn bowling......Proper Construction and Maintenance of the Present Day lawn bowling Green, by EdgarR. Haley, MD World's foremost authority of the construction and maintenance
Edgar R. Haley, M.D.

Champion green, Port Alberni, BC, Canada
1 year old. Pencross.
Constructed exactly as per book I was introduced to lawn bowling by my father in 1932 and have been an avid player ever since. We belonged to the Beverly Hills Club for a great many years. We travelled considerably, bowling upon many of the greens of the US and Canada, both east and west. Until the mid 60's, lawn bowling greens the world over were awful, simply awful. The greenskeepers were almost invariably retired labourers without the slightest idea between the difference of a passable green and a totally neglected one, nor did they care even a little. The ideal green must be smooth, level (plinth to plinth), have a hard surface (no thatch) with a deep rooted grass (7 to 14 inches). The key here is a grass which can be cut at 3/16" to 1/4", will stand heavy abuse and recover quickly. Growing grass requires three essentials:
  • Oxygen - which is absorbed through the roots, The roots will not penetrate deeper than they can find sufficient oxygen. This is the key.
  • Moisture - sufficient, but only as the grass desires. Do not drown your turf.

3. A - Z Of Lawn And Indoor Bowls, Crown Green, Short Mat Bowls And Carpet Bowls
Categorized directory of clubs and businesses engaged in the sport.Category Sports Bowling lawn bowling......A Z of Lawn Bowls Allied Games. You can view thesepages using Netscape Navigator 2 or higher,

Microsoft Internet Explorer
This is an important site for Bowlers. . . ADD it to your bookmark list NOW!

4. Stewart Whatmore's Lawn Bowling In The UK
Local bowling links and information.

5. Lawn Bowling In America - United States Lawn Bowls Association-Bowls
The governing body for the game of lawn bowls in the United States. Includes play dates and general Category Sports Bowling lawn bowling Organizations North America......The United States Lawn Bowls Association is the governing body for the game oflawn bowls or lawn bowling in the United States. Last updated 03/14/2003
Last updated 03/20/2003
The Official Site of the
United States Lawn Bowls Association
Yes, the American Lawn Bowls Association and the American Women's Lawn Bowls Association have merged into a single organization.
Important information for best viewing results:
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  • 6. - History - Lawn Bowls
    Lawn bowls, also known as lawn bowling or bowling on the green, is considered a quintessentially English sport.
    Sports History
    Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
    Lawn Bowls
    Lawn bowls, also known as lawn bowling or bowling on the green, is considered a quintessentially English sport. However, it probably originated in France. It may even have been brought over by the conquering Normans in 1066 or shortly thereafter, though there's no documentary evidence that it was. Like Italy's bocce and Provencal's petanque, lawn bowling originated in a game played by Roman soldiers, in which stones were tossed toward a target stone with the object of getting as close to the target as possible. Roman legions introduced the game to countries throughout the empire. Over time, the stones were replaced by balls that were usually rolled, rather than thrown. In France, the sport became known as boules , from the Latin word for ball, and the English world "bowl" came from that French root. The oldest known bowling green, in Southampton, England, dates at least to 1299, although other greens claim to be older than that. Henry VIII, himself a bowler, in 1511 banned the sport among the lower classes and levied a fee of 100 pounds on any private bowling green to ensure that only the wealthy could play. The main reason for the ban, as for similar bans on other sports, was that able-bodied men were supposed to spend their spare time practicing archery. The king's proclamation also noted that arrow-makers and bow-makers weren't being productive enough because of the time they wasted on bowling.

    7. Physics Of LaLaLa....Lawn Bowling!
    lawn bowling is a game where a group of people, in teams or individually, attempt to roll croquetlike balls at a white
    Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Physics of Lawn Bowling Welcome to the best of both worlds: Physics and Lawn Bowling...together at last; a better combination than gum and nuts! Lawn Bowling is a game where a group of people, in teams or individually, attempt to roll croquet-like balls at a white ball in order to see who can get their ball (or bowl) closest to the white ball (or jack). It's a bit of a silly game, but that can be attributed to the funny people who popularized it: Europeans. Enjoy the site (and don't be offended if you're one of those "funny people" listed above.)
    Courtesy For those of you unfamiliar with the great sport of lawn bowling (also referred to as lawn bowls), feel free to learn the history and/or rules of the game: History of Lawn Bowling
    Above is a link to the GSU Lawn Bowling homepage. It is a great resource for history and other aspects of lawn bowling. Rules of Lawn Bowling Here's what you really came to this page for, the wonderful world of physics in lawn bowls:
    The Physics of Lawn Bowling
    Royal Queensland Bowls Association
    An excellent site to become informed on the variety of lawn bowls played in Australia. This site also includes interesting links about greenskeeping, umpiring and Kookabowls. (If you're wondering what "Kookabowls" are, you'll just have to see for yourself)

    8. Leaside Lawn Bowling Club, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Welcomes visitors and new members, and includes the club's history, schedule and events calendar, membership information, pictures and information about the sport.
    Leaside Lawn Bowling Club: 1953 to 2003. Join us on May 10 for our Opening Day Anniversary Celebration beginning at 1:30 p.m. We welcome new members in 2003. Join us at the clubhouse for: Information Night on Monday April from 7 p.m. to 9 30 p .m.* Open House on Friday, May , from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.* Leaside Lawn Bowling Club is located in the community of Leaside in Toronto , Ontario, Canada. We have excellent greens, a comfortable clubhouse and congenial members. Lawn bowling occurs every day of the week from May to September. We bowl in the morning, afternoon and evening, sometimes with set teams and at other times, in casual "tag" games. We hold a variety of tournaments throughout the season. During the winter, we have indoor bowling and card game evenings. We are always interested in welcoming people to the game of bowls and to our club. We would love to have you join us to learn the game and we will provide instruction and coaching to get you started. If you would like to visit us please se e our Membership page.

    9. Home
    Welcome to the Sarasota lawn bowling Club Web Site. Sarasota lawn bowling Club 809 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota, Florida, 34236 Telephone (941) 316 1123 at the clubhouse.

    10. Lawn Bowls Coaching
    Web site and downloadable ebook about lawn bowling and the art of coaching thatsport, which involves accurate rolling of biased bowls along a rink to a jack.
    Download the free E-book on Lawn Bowls Coaching
    Information ...
    ... in the downloadable book now appears in updated form in PDF booklets on the following subjects: Accuracy Aiming Biomechanics Coaching ... Tactics (About 50 images enhanced in Jan-2003)
    Have your say ...
    is a cyber-forum for coaches or keen bowlers to discuss issues of mutual interest . Don't hesitate to launch a topic or to respond to a topic raised by someone else - nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    Delivery Movement Basics Performance Psychology Ebook, Email, FAQs, Links, Search, etc Services Accuracy Aiming Biomechanics Coaching ... Tactics

    11. The Stanley Park Lawn Bowling Club
    A club located near downtown Vancouver, BC., which provides information about the basics of the game Category Sports Bowling lawn bowling Organizations North America......Enjoy lawn bowling in the world's prettiest setting with the world's friendliestpeople. See our online slide show! Memberships and bookings available.

    12. The Resort At The Mountain, Welches (Mt Hood) Oregon, Golf And Ski Resort
    Welches (Mt. Hood), Oregon; USA. 2 fullsized croquet and lawn bowling greens. Hosts The Resort at the Mountain Invitational Croquet Tournament.
    Click here to skip intro. Click here to skip intro.

    13. Dynamic Directory - Sports - Bowling - Lawn Bowling
    A book about the game which is a variation to lawn bowling. Provides a history and description of the game,
    var AdLoaded = false; var bsid = '18707'; var bsads = '6'; var bsloc = ''; var bswx = 468; var bshx = 60; var bsw = '_top'; var bsb = 'FFFFFF'; var bsf = '000000'; var bsalt = 'off';
    Search E-Mail News ... Maps
    Dynamic Directory Top Sports Bowling :Lawn Bowling Description
    • Organizations
    • Shopping
    • Bolf - A book about the game which is a variation to Lawn Bowling. Provides a history and description of the game, handicapping details, and training information.
    • Books on Bowls - Indexed by title and author, plus sources, and contact details.
    • Bowling Around Australia - A travelling bowler's guide to more than 2000 Australian bowls clubs and the towns in which they reside.
    • Bowls - History and general information regarding Bowls and derivative games including curling, Crown Green bowls and Table Bowls.
    • Bowls Clubs Info Worldwide - A directory of lawn bowls clubs and bowls sites around the globe, by country and A-Z.
    • Bowls SA - Information about lawn bowling in South Australia.
    • - A hosting site for enabling web presences for UK clubs, with no need for any computer knowledge. Provides links to over 200 UK lawn bowls web sites.
    • Junior Lawn Bowls - Unofficial site for Junior Lawn Bowls in British Columbia, Canada. Includes results, news, photos, tournament results, and related links.

    Located in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, and provides tournament information, league schedules, Category Sports Bowling lawn bowling Organizations North America......MERRITTON lawn bowling CLUB. Catharines Web Site Pinehurst School Website PinehurstInformation Links To Other lawn bowling Sites. Current Weather For The St.
    Web Site Contents Last Updated
    March 4, 2003

    2003 Tournament Schedule

    2002 Tournament Results


    District 6 Specific Topics

    Club Executive/Contacts

    Tournament Schedule
    Current Weather: var city = 'St_Catharines_ON'; Click Here For The Current Southern Ontario Weather Radar Image Click Here For The Current National Weather Radar Image Click Here

    15. Lawn Bowling Clubs In America And The United States Lawn Bowls Association
    We have endeavored to provide a listing of all of the lawn bowlingclubs of which we are we are aware. Please use the mail box on
    We have endeavored to provide a listing of all of the lawn bowling clubs of which we are we are aware. Please use the mail box on our directory page to report errors, omissions or new information.
    Please select the state you are interested in.
    Ohio ...
    South Dakota
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    16. The Grimsby Lawn Bowling Club Homepage
    . . We've been waiting for you .. GRIMSBY, ONTARIO, CANADA. Come and play the friendliest game in town! . Our season
    We've been waiting for you........ GRIMSBY, ONTARIO, CANADA "Come and play the friendliest game in town!" Our season runs from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving with playing times on most afternoons and several evenings. We have one of the finest-kept greens in the province, and visitors or new bowlers are most welcome
    For more information about our club: click here!

    17. SD Lawn Bowling
    Welcome to the San Diego lawn bowling Club (SDLBC) website. This websiteis dedicated to our past and current members who have supported
    Welcome to the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club (SDLBC) website. This website is dedicated to our past and current members who have supported and who continue to support the game of bowls and our club. SDLBC is for men and women of all ages who meet to compete and to socialize in a friendly atmosphere in beautiful Balboa Park. Club members can use the website for many purposes including checking the club calendar of events, viewing photos of club activities, reading the minutes of the latest board meeting and the current newsletter, posting classified ads, accessing various internet links, viewing tournament results, and more. If you have accessed this website to learn more about the game of lawn bowls and about the San Diego Lawn Bowling Club, please explore the many pages of information available to you. There is a map showing you where the club is located in Balboa Park, detailed information about the game, and instructions on how to request a free lesson, ask questions or make comments. Whether a club member or just looking around, thank you for visiting the website. It is a pleasure to serve you.

    18. Home Page
    Contains a 40 foot man made waterfall, Chinese rock sculptures, and an English lawn bowling green. Offers a picture gallery, history on the gardens and a private tour group schedule. Located in Weatherford, Texas.
    Welcome to Texas' Premier Gardens
    Chandor Gardens captures both the ornate design of ancient Chinese architecture and the elegance of a formal English garden. The 3.5-acre estate leads its visitors on a meandering path of beauty and wonderment. From the 30 ft man-made waterfall to the various soothing fountains, the Garden has something new and exciting to offer at every turn. Conveniently located in Weatherford’s Historic District, Chandor Gardens is approximately 25 miles west of Fort Worth. The picturesque setting of the Garden makes it an ideal location for special events, retreats, conventions, private parties and especially weddings. The majestic 5600-square ft. mansion is perfect to accommodate your indoor meeting space needs. Groups of 10 to 125 will enjoy the ambiance and architecture of the home. To schedule private tours and to make party reservations, please call 817-613-1700. Weekend tours have closed for the season and will resume the first weekend in April 2003.

    19. Index
    An EBA lawn bowling club located in Gordon Road, Ipswich. Site includes club history.
    Richard Risebrow, one of our club members, with HRH on her visit to Ipswich on 17 July 2002
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    Welcome to the Sherwood lawn bowling Club Web Site. lawn bowling. A gamefor ages 7 to 97 come, enjoy a sport that takes skill and practice.
    Welcome to the Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club Web Site.
    Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club Maple Avenue, Charlottetown Po box 20042 Sherwood RPO Prince Edward Island, Canada Telephone: Sherwood Club (902) 894-8493   Please call between the hours of 1:00 PM and 3:30 PM Seniors Play, Tuesday and Thursday during the summer and between 6:00 PM and 8:PM every evening Monday to Thursday or any weekend between 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, or contact us via email anytime. Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club
    In the Heart of Charlottetown
    Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club is situated in an ideal location with one green "8 rinks." Just five minutes from down town Charlottetown, the Cradle of Confederation,   The Club is easily accessible, being only minutes away from downtown The club is located off Maple Avenue behind the Sherwood Sportsplex. 
    Visitors are always welcome
    Bowls Free to use anytime Free lessons from our experienced coaches Flat shoes please Membership Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club membership fee is only $95.00 per year.
    Since 1980
    The year 2000 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Sherwood Lawn Bowling Club, Lawn Bowls began originally at Dalvay By the Sea Inn in 1972.  The Club moved to its present location in 1980 and today the membership totals nearly 100 members.  Many bowlers enjoy the Companionship and Competition involved in this sport.

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