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         Lumberjack:     more books (101)
  1. Bootleggers, Lobstermen & Lumberjacks: Fifty of the Grittiest Moments in the History of Hardscrabble New England by Matthew P. Mayo, 2010-10-05
  2. The Backyard Lumberjack by Frank Philbrick, Stephen Philbrick, 2006-09-15
  3. Lumberjack: Inside an Era in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan : 50th Anniversary Edition by William S. Crowe, Lynn McGlothlin Emerick, et all 2002-08-01
  4. Lumberjack by William Kurelek, 1999-07-01
  5. Lumberjack Sky Pilot by Frank A. Reed, 2007-07-01
  6. Lumberjacks & Logging Coloring Book by Chet Kozlak, 1982-05-15
  7. Voyageurs, Lumberjacks, and Farmers: Pioneers of the Midwest (Shaping America, V. 5) by Kieran Doherty, 2003-09
  8. Paul Bunyan Lumberjack by Nellie McCaslin, 1996-09
  9. Lumberjacks and Legislators: Political Economy of the U.S. Lumber Industry, 1890-1941 (Environmental History Series, number 5) by William G. Robbins, 1982-06
  10. Journey Back to Lumberjack Camp
  11. Lumberjack by Stephen W. Meader, 1964
  12. Holy Old MacKinaw: A Natural History of the American Lumberjack by Stewart Holbrook, 1981-10
  13. The Lumberjack's Lady (Maine Brides, Book 3) (Heartsong Presents #756) by Susan Page Davis, 2007-06-27
  14. The Lumberjack Frontier: The Life of a Logger in the Early Days on the Chippeway by Walker D. Wyman, 1976

1. The Lumberjack Newspaper Online
Humboldt State University's official newspaper supplies campus and community news, editorials, sports coverage, and events. The lumberjack's online content has moved to its new home on the Journalism and Mass Communications department's
Feb. 15, 2003
The Lumberjack's online content has moved to its new home on the Journalism and Mass Communications department's MergeMedia Website.
The MergeMedia project is an effort to combine the Journalism department's print and broadcast laboratory's newspaper, magazine, film, and radio productions into a single, more technologically current Web resource.
One of the goals of the of the MergeMedia venture is to give students an opportunity to train for the newsroom of the future, where a reporter may be called on to write a story that will be adapted for print, radio or TV, as well as for the Web.
Sorry for any inconvenience during the lapse in posting the online version of The 'Jack.
Nathan Rushton,
Former Online Editor

2. Lumberjack Distribution Online Store: New Releases
A large punk, indie and hardcore distribution and mail order outfit.Category Shopping Entertainment Specialty Punk and Hardcore......Items in basket 0 Order total $0.00, Basket Contents.
Items in basket:
Order total: $0.00
7 Angels 7 Plagues - Until The Day MCD

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Acid Ape*exp - Fleshspa CD

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Adventures of Jet - Muscle CD

Code: Price:
In Basket: none Advocate - From Soil Laced With CD Code: Price: In Basket: none American Standard - New American CD Code: Price: In Basket: none Ankles, The - Kill Themselves CD Code: Price: In Basket: none Arab On Radar - Stolen Singles CD Code: Price: In Basket: none Austerity Program - Terra Nova EP CDEP Code: Price: In Basket: none Awkward Thought - Ruin A Good Time CD Code: Price: In Basket: none Benumb - By Means of Upheaval CD Code: Price: In Basket: none Black Cross - Screaming 7-IN Code: Price: In Basket: none Black Hand - War Monger LP Code: Price: In Basket: none Boils - Pride and Persecution CD Code: Price: In Basket: none Boils - Pride and Persecution LP Code: Price: In Basket: none Cataract - Great Days Of Vengeance CD Code: Price: In Basket: none Christian Death - Ashes CD Code: Price: In Basket: none Closer Than Kin - Machineries of Breath CD Code: Price: In Basket: none Coheed And Cambria - Dragonfly PIN Code: Price: In Basket: none Coheed and Cambria - Dragonfly [L] Short Sleeve Shirt Code: Price: In Basket: none Coheed and Cambria - Dragonfly [M] Short Sleeve Shirt Code: Price: In Basket: none

3. Lumber Software / Building Materials Supply Software
Provides software for lumber yards, building materials businesses and millwork shops. The software runs on Windows NT 4 and is Y2k ready. It features full accounting and inventory along with POP and order entry.
Lumberjack Software is a relational database software solution that is designed for lumberyards, building materials companies, home center stores, and prehung door companies. Lumberjack Software addresses the software requirements that employees want, and company owners need, to operate efficiently. Lumberjack Software is the custom software program of choice for companies who need to manage inventory, order entry, and accounting procedures. The Lumberjack Software system delivers information that is used to analyze results, and grow the company to the next level of success Company owners who demand quality, functionality, and industry-specific features choose Lumberjack Software to assist them in reaching those goals. CyberBOS Windows Software is a state-of-the-art Windows program for small hardware stores and lumberyards with a $5,000 price that includes training, and does not require monthly support contracts. For hardware companies, the program includes an electronic data interface to Orgill, TruValue, and other hardware vendors for ordering and receiving. For the lumberyard, CyberBOS offers feature rich inventory management program and full reporting in Crystal Reports format. CyberBOS is one of the fastest, most efficient POS/Order Entry Programs on the market for small hardware stores and lumberyards with limited technology budgets. Company bookkeepers may continue using the accounting program of their choice QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS90, and others because CyberBOS does not contain a general ledger, accounts payable module, or payroll module. Read more about CyberBOS, our newest software product, by clicking on the link at the right of your screen.

4. Lumberjack Online
lumberjack Online, Northern Arizona University
Saturday March 22, 2003 Front Page Editorial and Opinion Exclusive Internet Content Resources ... Archives Search News options Surviving semester burnout Spring Break in Flagstaff The Lumberjack won second place
Sign Up for Fresh. New. Late-breaking News
(enter email address) more info
Final results: Tuition raised $1,000

read more

Foreign athletes advocate peace

Students have come thousands of miles to NAU to play the sports they . . . read more
Janitor tackles the books and the broom

He used to push the books. Now he pushes a broom. With a . . . read more Editorial and Opinion You've got something to say Resources ... Archives

5. Lumberjack - The Java Logging API For JDKs Prior To 1.4
The Java Logging API for JDKs prior to 1.4 The lumberjack project provides an open source (covered by the GNU Lesser Public License) implementation of the logging APIs first introduced in JDK 1.4 that will work for JDK 1.2 and 1.3.
The Java Logging API for JDKs prior to 1.4
The Lumberjack project provides an open source (covered by the GNU Lesser Public License ) implementation of the logging APIs first introduced in JDK 1.4 that will work for JDK 1.2 and 1.3. The goal is for this implementation to work transparently on JDK 1.2 and 1.3 without recompile and with no significant difference in behavior between it and the implementation provided in JDK 1.4 (differences will be ruthlessly eradicated when found :-). More information about the logging API can be found in JSR 47 , the logging page in the documentation for JDK 1.4 , the overview of Logging , and the javadoc for java.util.logging
The intent is to allow developers to gain experience with the logging API sooner so that they can become more familiar with the API before moving to 1.4, and to allow them to write code that will move without change to 1.4. This should speed adoption of the logging APIs and build a collection of custom filters and handlers more quickly.

6. LumberJack - Log Analysis Tool By BitWrench, Incorporated
Provides an overview of the events associated with this annual event in northern Minnesota. lumberjack Days is Stillwater's annual celebration on the beautiful St. Croix River.
A fresh approach to managing the mountains of information that a website can report. Yahoo refers to this type of application as a "log analysis tool". Web servers log information about each visit to a web site. These "logs" are crude and massive. LumberJack automatically transforms the raw data into understandable reports. "LumberJack answers everyone's questions about site usage so I don't have to."
- National Journal Group Inc.'s Director of Technology and New Media Key Features:
  • End user can view reports in nearly every web browser.
  • Automatic generation of yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily reports.
  • Customization of reports.
  • Single layered user interface.
  • Log information requires less than 1% of the normal space.
LumberJack generates static html reports nightly so users do not need to wait for data to be crunched. There is no cumbersome interface to generate specific reports - you just flow through existing reports getting a feel for your traffic.
Download a printable fact sheet (900K PDF Document)

7. Welcome To Lumberjack Days
Held in July on the beautiful St. Croix River.

8. Lumberjack Show Slide One - Olde Time Lumberjack Show
Presenting high quality family entertainment at fairs, festivals, sport shows and various other venues.
Lumberjack and timber sports enthusiast welcome to
The Indian River
Olde Time Lumberjack Show
Award Winning and World Champion Lumberjacks at Their Best
This is the lumberjack show that three times a day, takes a journey into the bygone days of yesteryear. Exhibiting the skills, strength, and courage of the old time lumberjack, in both a humorous and educational format. Your audience will have the home town opportunity to see some of the lumberjack contestants and events they may have seen on E.S.P.N and the Wide World of Sports.
Entertainment for the entire Family
The Indian River Olde Time Lumberjack Show is in it's sixteenth year of presenting high quality family entertainment at fairs, festivals, sport shows and various entities throughout the United States and Canada. The lumberjack show operates out of Croghan and Broadalbin New York both small towns located in the foothills of the Adirondacks Mountains in northern New York State.
Show events
with short summary of each event. Show specifications and requirements. Lumberjack Show pricing information The management Bob Bosco and Rich Slingerland
Good clean old time entertainment for the entire family.

9. The Lumberjack Song
Lyrics to Monty Python's entertaining ode to a crossdressing lumberjack.

10. North American Lumberjack Guide
Information on lumberjack contests, shows, world records and competition equipment.Category Sports lumberjack......lumberjack guide to timber related sports information on lumberjack contests,shows, world records, competition equipment, loggers and woodsmen events.
lumberjack contest and timber sports information brought to you by the north american lumberjack
guide - all you wanted to know about lumberjack competitions and timber related sports WELCOME to the North American Lumberjack Guide to timber related sports the first guide on the Internet devoted to the promotion of lumberjack sports in North America. In the Lumberjack Guide you will find information about lumberjack contest (locations, who to contact, and dates), listings of world records for the various events, where to obtain Lumberjack Sports equipment (competition crosscut saws, axes, and etc.), and where to send for Lumberjack Sports related publications. The Lumberjack Guide is brought to you courtesy of the Indian River Olde Time Lumberjack Show and Slingerland Enterprises . We hope you find it both interesting and informative. Sign The Lumberjack Guest Book View The Guest Book
  • Lumberjack Sports Memorabilia For Sale.
  • New and Used Equipment For Sale.
  • National Lumberjack Sports News Page (Courtesy of the USAA).
  • United States Axemen's Association News Page
  • World Lumberjack Championship Results (Men's and Women's).
  • 11. Aurora Country Festival
    Contains information and photos about the 2nd annual event. Competition results, map, and guest book included.
    Aurora Country Festival Lumberjack Competition This year's show will be October 19th starting at 10:00 a.m. Sponsor for the 2002 Show We would like to thank all of the sponsors for their support! This years show bill. Jonathan Aurora Action Committe Husqvarna, White, Snapper Eggners Ferry Rd. Benton, Ky M Tough Name Tough Equipment Almo, Ky 753-5305 Our Special Thanks!!!! Timers Rick Henry Mickey Hill Teresa Schroader Randy Brandon Tamela Allen Vicky Breece Pam Jones Regina Deering Wood Crew Kelvin Shroader Todd Fuqua Phil Farnum Charles Deering Prentice Duncan T-Shirts, Drinks, Raffle Tickets Courtney Fuqua Kelsey Schroader Carol Farnum Doris Duncan Pictures By Tina Hill Announcer Fly Beane Don't Forget To Sign The Guest Book!!! North American Lumberjack Guide This page has been accessed 4908 times since November 5, 2001

    12. American Lumberjack Association
    A group of sportsmen and women dedicated to furthering, upgrading, and standardizing timbersports.Category Sports lumberjack......American lumberjack Association Winter Meeting March 22, 2003 Albany,Oregon Bring your auction items. Wyatt's Restaurant! 1000 500
    American Lumberjack Association
    Winter Meeting March 22, 2003 Albany, Oregon
    Bring your auction items. Wyatt's Restaurant!
    Pictures from Coos Bay, Oregon

    June 29, 2002

    Pictures from the Estacada Timber Show

    June 22, 2002
    more pictures here
    WINNER OF THE INTERMEDIATE SAW!!!! JEFF SKIRVIN The American Lumberjack Association is an Association rich in tradition and history. The American Lumberjack Association, herein referred to as the A.L.A., is a group of sportsmen and women dedicated to furthering, upgrading and standardizing lumberjack sports. The Association is a sanctioning body which sets up rules governing sanctioned shows and competitors; maintains equipment; keeps records; mails regular newsletters to membership and holds two annual meetings. The A.L.A. board consists of four officers and four board members. Each sanctioned show has its own management and is run to suit the locality in which it is held. The A.L.A. provides the rules which accounts for consistency and uniformity for both competitors and sanctioned shows. The rules raise the standards of lumberjack sports so they will rank among the foremost of American sports, provide guidelines to maintain cooperation between management and competitors of all sanctioned shows and also protect members. The A.L.A. currently has over 250 members! We have several categories of membership from an associate member who receives mailings only, to an annual member who is included in points, rankings, votes at annual meetings, receives a copy of the NAAN, a rulebook and much, much, more. For information about how you can become a

    13. Rob Scheer's Lumberjack Shows International
    The most widely televised lumberjack productions, Rob Scheer's Ironjack Shows have been featured on Category Sports lumberjack......The most widely televised lumberjack shows, Rob Scheer's Ironjack Shows have beenfeatured on ABC's Wide World of Sports, TNN, ESPN, Discovery Channel's The
    Welcome to the World's Web Site for Lumberjack Sports! Our Sponsors:
    STIHL, ESPN's Great Outdoor Games,
    Outdoor Life Network, ITEN Chevrolet, FISKARS,
    P.O. Box 23343 - Ketchikan, AK 99901
    PHONE: 888-320-9049 - FAX: 907-247-9050

    14. Lumberjack's Home
    A building materials and lumber distributor with locations in Akron and Columbus. Cataloging and ordering are available online.
    W elcome to Lumberjack's New Virtual Showroom. Lumberjack's Creative Building Centre is a building material distribution company located in Akron and Columbus, Ohio specializing in kitchen and bath cabinetry, windows and interior and exterior doors. Our specialized service includes complete turnkey solutions through our in-house installation department servicing both building professionals and the retail consumer. At Lumberjack's, we realize there are many important decisions in selecting your new kitchen or bath and our highly trained staff is here to guide you through the process. Our sales and support team will help you select the products and designs which reflect the personality and functionality you desire in your new kitchen or bath. Ask them about our newest addition, Cardell Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry. 723 E. Tallmadge Ave. Akron, OH 999 Goodale Blvd. Columbus, OH

    15. Lumberjack Portal
    Bilder und Gedanken aus der Spelunke.

    16. NYS Woodsmen's Field Days Lumberjack Contest
    NYS Woodsmen's Field Days
    Managed Forests Provide Forever
    Welcome to the NYS Woodsmen's Field Days, located in Boonville , New York. A small picturesque town located in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in central northern New York State. The Woodsmen's Field Days, a nonprofit organization, was founded by the Rev. Frank Reed in 1948. Due to the support of its many volunteers, (nearly 400) the Field Days have evolved into one of the predominant lumberjack contests in the United States today. Contestants come from as far away as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to compete in the lumberjack festivities, which are held the third weekend in August. In addition to the Woodsmen's contest on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, there are displays of various forestry related equipment, covering a wide variety of interests from the professional logger to the occasional firewood cutter. The primary goals of the Woodsmen's Field Days are promotion of the forest industry in general, and in keeping with the intent of Rev. Reed, the lumberjack in particular, a vanishing breed of men. With these goals in mind we felt what better way to do so than establish a forum on the Information Super Highway (the World Wide Web in particular), there by making related information available to anyone, any time, any place. To make use of the information on these pages read through the following list, when you find an item you're interested in click on the underlined highlighted words related to your item of interest.

    17. Lumberjack World Championships
    The lumberjack World Championships is an annual event in Hayward, WI. It includes some spectacular Category Sports lumberjack......lumberjack World Championships is an annual lumberjack contest held in beautifulHayward, WI. Yo hoooo!! Welcome spectators and lumberjack enthusiasts!
    The Lumberjack World Championships is right around the corner, and tickets are going fast! Come join in the fun! Order your tickets today!! Call : 715-634-2484
    Click here l Spectators
    l Competitors l Sponsors l Vendors l Other Info l
    Yo hoooo!! Welcome spectators and lumberjack enthusiasts! If you haven't purchased your tickets yet, be sure to get them soon. More than 12,000 spectators attend the Lumberjack World Championships, which will see around 200 of the top lumberjacks and lumberjills in the world. The competitors will be vying for more than $50,000 in prize money, the largest payback of any lumberjack contest in the world.

    Are you all practiced up for another year of exciting, gut wrenching competition? This year promises to be better than ever, with a total payout even greater than last year's. Also, if you haven't already, be sure to fill out your competitor bio so it may be used in the show and program.
    Ever thought about sponsoring the Lumberjack World Championships? We are one of the premier lumberjack contests in the country, and have much to offer. Including: advertising space on our web site, ad space in the program, and banner space at Lumberjack Bowl. Would you like your name in front of thousands of spectators?

    18. Orofino, Idaho Lumberjack Days, Parade, Logging Competition
    Orofino, Idaho, Clearwater County fair and lumberjack Days celebration.Category Sports lumberjack......Orofino, Idaho, Clearwater County fair and lumberjack Days celebration,come join us in the fun, lumberjack competition, Fair.
    Orofino Clearwater County Fair
    Lumberjack Days
    September 11-14, 2003 Come one, come all, to one of the greatest county fair celebrations around! parades, burling , horse pulling, hot saw, speed pole climb, single buck, axe throwing, vertical chopping, tug of war, Jack-Jill sawing. Its all here at the Orofino Clearwater County Fair and Lumberjack Days. Schedule of Events Thursday: Fair Activities Friday: Children's parade Fair Exhibits Saturday: Big OCI parade Livestock Auction Log Show preliminaries Sunday: Horse Pulling Free Log Show Join us in Orofino, in September. "There's something for Everyone".
    Download our Free Community Guide in PDF format
    March Special Events
    Home History Statistics ...
    Lewis and Clark
    Visit Kamiah, Idaho Chamber site
    Visit Kooskia, Idaho Chamber Site
    Visit Riggins, Idaho Chamber Site
    Visit Grangeville, Idaho Chamber Site
    Idaho's Official State Travel Guide

    Other Chamber Sites
    North Central Idaho Travel Association Orofino Chamber of Commerce
    PO Box 2346 Orofino, ID 83544

    19. Lumberjack Distribution Online Store
    If you encounter any technical difficulties with the ordering system, please emaila detailed message to us at so that we may
    Items in basket:
    Order total: $0.00
    If you encounter any technical difficulties with the ordering system, please e-mail a detailed message to
    us at so that we may address the issue.
    If you have questions about an order you've placed (or want to place) please e-mail a detailed message to

    Thank you for shopping Lumberjack.

    20. Lake George Entertainment, Lake George Entertainment
    18 hole course set in a rustic natural stone and waterfall setting. Professional putting green.
    Lake George entertainment at its best - fun for the kids and the adults.
    Lumberjack Pass Miniature Golf in Lake George, NY, features 18 challenging championship holes!
    We have a professional putting green, with a hole average of 46 feet. The course includes a practice green and features beautiful natural stone waterfalls and fountains. 40,000 gallons of water continuously runs through this challenging course. The landscaping is spectacular. Our Lake George miniature golf course is a great way to introduce children to golfing. We offer special clubs for young beginners. We also offer senior citizen discount, all day, every day. And, our delicious soft serve ice cream is a refreshing treat on a sunny afternoon. Browse our online photo gallery and then visit us! We are open daily, 10 am until midnight. SAVE MONEY on your next visit! Click here to print out an online coupon! We are conveniently located near the Lake George Outlet Malls.
    Miniature Golf Course Photos
    Discount Coupon Miniature Golf Course Map
    - 10 AM until MIDNIGHT -
    Route 9, Lake George, NY 12845

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