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         Mountain Unicycling:     more detail
  1. Unicycling: Unicycle, Mountain Unicycling, Unicycle Trials, Self-Balancing Unicycle, Ride the Lobster, Street Unicycling, Unicon

1. Welcome To The Idiots On Unicycles Homepage
Welcome to the world of MUni (mountain unicycling). What's it all about
I diots O n U nicycles You are Visitor number to the I.O.U. Homepage Welcome to the IOU homepage, choose your interest Area:
Mountain Unicycling (Muni)
MUni Tech Other Uni stuff Welcome to the world of MUni (Mountain Unicycling). What's it all about ? Its about learning to unicycle, and then making it even harder for yourself by taking across various genders of rough terrain. All you need is a MUni . Now, I'm no expert, but I'll have ago at anything. Here's a selection of outings we took pictures of:... Nov 97 Dec 97 Jan 98 Feb 98 Feb 98 The New Forest Farley Mount Belgium Stockbridge Downs ... Return to the New Forest April 98 April 98 April 98 June 98 Dec 98 Dec 98 Baddesly Uni-Surf Giraffes Polaris ... Xmas May 99 Sept 99 Apr 00 May 00 Nov 00 Fev 01 B-M-W Coker Head B-M-W-2 Auckland,NZ ... SD U.S.A June 01 June 01 Sept 01 RedBull Training Red Bull MUni Tech: Well, having had a unicycle since September 1997, I can tell you I am still no expert, but I know a little more now. Slowly but surely I' learning my crank length from my crank strength... What I can tell you about is my old MUni and my DMATU . I've documented how I built my Ultimate Wheel . And now I've recently converted a 24" Pashley into a 28" SDG Pashley, see my

2. Mountain Unicycling (MUni)
mountain unicycling (MUni). What is MUni? Bruce Bundy at the ConfluenceUphillMUni stands for mountain unicycling. It's also known
Mountain Unicycling (MUni)
  • MUni Home MUni FAQ MUni Links
  • MUni Weekends
  • John Foss Home
    What is MUni?
    MUni stands for Mountain Unicycling. It's also known as Rough Terrain Unicycling, All Terrain Unicycling, or even UMX. Like mountain biking, you don't need a mountain to do it. It's just the act of riding unicycles off road. MUni has been a sort of revolution in the unicycling community, sparking a tremendous effort to build better, stronger unicycles. Some of this new technology will of course spread to other types of unicycles as time goes by. There is just something satisfying about taking a unicycle, an inherently unstable vehicle, and riding it in places nobody thought it could go. These early years of MUni have showed vast strides in the types of terrain that can be successfully ridden by unicycle. Certainly anyplace a bike can go, a unicycle can follow. And we can still turn sharper, and fit through narrower spaces than the bikes! This site is intended as a resource area for MUni, as well as an information point for the
  • 3. Mountain Unicycling Frequently Asked Questions
    Find answers to common questions about the sport, technique, and equipment; includes links to the author's favorites resources.
    Mountain Unicycling Frequently Asked Questions
    Table of Contents:
    1. General
  • What is Mountain Unicycling?
  • Why Mountain Unicycle?
  • Is Mountain Unicycling dangerous?
  • When should I Mountain Unicycle? ...
  • Where can I get more information on unicycling? 2. Technique
  • What skills can I practice to help my MUni technique?
  • How do I ride over rough terrain
  • How do I ride down hill?
  • How do I ride uphill? ...
  • Where should my foot go on the pedal? 3. Equipment
  • The definitive source for Unicycling Equipment: The Unicycle Source
  • Helmet, Knee pads, Gloves
  • Wheel ...
  • Review of Commercial Unicycles
  • I. General
    1. What is Mountain Unicycling?
    Mountain Unicycling(MUni for short this name was coined by Duncan Castling and is a trademark of Pashley Cycles) is the art of riding off- road on uneven terrain such as grass, dirt, rock, ice, snow, etc.
    2. Why Mountain Unicycle?
    Mountain Unicycling is a challenging and rewarding sport. It combines the finesse and precision required to stay on one wheel with the sheer power and endurance required to ride over rough terrain. Mountain Unicycling teaches balance, quick reaction time and concentration. Physically, mountain unicycling is an incredibly challenging sport. Unicycles are direct drive, so it is impossible to coast. That means you are always pedaling, uphill and downhill, which adds up to a good workout. You will certainly get in good shape after a few days of MUniing. Mountain Unicycling is especially attractive if you live far from trails. A unicycle will fit in any trunk, while most bicycles require expensive and annoying racks. You can take a unicycle almost anywhere you go. Most of all, MUniing is fun! It is a good chance to spend some time out doors among nature and have a blast doing it.

    4. Welcome To -- Let's Unicycle!
    Features events calendar, photos and links. mountain unicycling FAQ Find answers to common questions about the sport,
    W e l c o m e t o

    Presented by John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone Mountain Unicycling
    Yes, "MUni" is the coolest form of unicycling yet. Find out just how far off road a unicycle can go! 2002 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend Photo Albums Nearly all of my digital photo "albums" are stored at . Have a look through, or even order yourself some prints! The Wedding
    John and Jacquie were married on July 1, 2000 in a celebration that included a big variety show at the Crest Theatre, with singing, unicycling, and other fun stuff. Garage Page Most people have a home page. This is the Garage Page. Lots of unicycles in here. Good thing I don't have a basement page... Things not to do on a unicycle. We really mean it. You will be amazed at what people have, but shouldn't have, done with unicycles! Roller Coaster Cam
    a wind-in-your-face view of great rides at parks around the world. Lots of front seat shots. John's Winter Photo Gallery . Winter beauty , winter fun , winter unicycling , and winter in Gold Country . Plus 1990 Soviet Union trip pictures.

    5. Mountain Unicycling Santa Cruz 03/20/99
    mountain unicycling, Santa Cruz Ca., 03/20/99. Daniel, Geoffrey, Nathan, John, Bruce,Matt. Along the trail. This is beautiful country for mountain unicycling!
    Mountain Unicycling, Santa Cruz Ca., 03/20/99 Daniel, Geoffrey, Nathan, John, Bruce, Matt Here is a photo of the group of Mountain Unicyclists that gathered in Santa Cruz on March 20th, 1999 to ride some of the local trails in the surrounding mountains. (I'm on the far right, hiding behind a branch). I origianlly met this group through the internet back in 1997; and first met them face to face while attending the "Muni" (mountain unicycle) weedend at Northstar Tahoe. This group meets monthly to ride different trails in different locations in the west. My thanks go out to John Foss for his efforts coordinating and planning the monthly events! This shot was taken at the beginning of the trail. The area we were riding through is mountain lion country as can be seen by the warning sign in the photo. I must confess that out of this group I was the most inexperienced mountain unicyclist of the bunch, and I found myself typically at the back of the pack. There was one point on the trail where I was a few hundred yards behind the group and out of their sight while traveling up up a muddy stretch of road. While I was going along, I noticed large paw prints, clearly from a full grown mountain lion who had passed by just a few moments before our arrival. (Actually I believe the rest of the group was driving him along in front of the group). It was kind of creepy to realize that by being the straggler I must have appeared as the "sickly" straggler of the prey. For a little while, I felt as though I must have had a "free lunch" sign around my neck as far as my position on the food chane is concerned.

    6. Mountain Unicycling, Northstar At Tahoe, 1997
    mountain unicycling. Northstar at Tahoe. Suggest a site. John Foss's UnicyclePage. Critical Mass Photos The San Francisco Rides. Thanks for visiting.
    htmlAdWH('7004980', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002134', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help
    Mountain Unicycling
    Northstar at Tahoe
    Suggest a site John Foss's Unicycle Page Critical Mass Photos - The San Francisco Rides Thanks for visiting. Photos by MattMann

    7. Mountain Unicycling - Wikipedia
    mountain unicycling. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. mountain unicycling(also known as MUni) is a sport which invloves riding unicycles offroad.
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    Mountain unicycling
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mountain unicycling (also known as MUni ) is a sport which invloves riding unicycles off-road. Mountain unicycling usually takes place on mountain unicycles , which are equipped with fat tires and rugged frames for off-road cycling. Regular unicycles are also commonly used in mountain unicycling, since mountain unicycles are relatively rare. Mountain unicycles can be ridden on the same terrain as a mountain bike . Mountain unicycling is a slower-paced sport that mountain bicycling , since unicycles are more difficult to ride than bicycles, and cannot coast.
    Each year, many unicyclists gather for the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend.

    mountain unicycling site with tips and tricks, product reviews, FAQs, links, and news.
    We're in the area takin' care of ya!
    This site created and maintained by Muni riders for those interested in MUni. Check bulletin board forum "Local Rides" for information about weekly MUni rides. email Happy trails! Down Loads: - CNC Handle Installation Guide (50K)
    - Aluminum Fork Setup Guide (65K)

    9. Unicycle - Wikipedia
    championship UNICON. Riding a unicycle in offroad conditions is knownas mountain unicycling, which is similar to mountain biking. In
    Main Page Recent changes Edit this page Older versions Special pages Set my user preferences My watchlist Recently updated pages Upload image files Image list Registered users Site statistics Random article Orphaned articles Orphaned images Popular articles Most wanted articles Short articles Long articles Newly created articles All pages by title Blocked IP addresses Maintenance page External book sources Printable version Talk
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    Other languages: Deutsch Esperanto
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A unicycle is a one-wheeled, human powered vehicle . Unicycles are similar to, but less complex than, bicycles Unicycles are made from a few key parts: the wheel and axle , the frame, the seat, and the cranks and pedals. The wheel is the main part of the unicycle; it is essentially a bicycle wheel with a special hub so that the frame and cranks can attach to the side. The frame is positioned above the wheel, and the seat is located on top of the frame. Unicycles are supposedly descended from the penny-farthing bicycles of the late 19th century. These bicycles had a large wheel in front, to which the pedals were attached, and a much smaller wheel in the back for balance. When these bicycles hit a bump, the rear wheel would come off the ground, forcing the rider to balance on one wheel. Early unicycle photographs show unicycles with very large wheels, which supports this theory. Unicycles are more difficult to ride than bicycles, requiring the rider to maintain balance in two dimensions rather than one, and with their slower speeds their motion does not cause gyroscopic assistance for maintaining stability.

    10. Working Woodland Weekend (Mountain Unicycling)
    Polaris Challenge (mountain unicycling) Do you ride a unicyle? Do you like challenges of the serious physical kind? Does a sports hall/tennis court induce claustrophobia? Has Unihockey lost its sparkle?
    Working Woodland Weekend (Mountain Unicycling)
    • Do you ride a unicyle?
    • Do you like challenges of the serious physical kind?
    • Does a sports hall/tennis court induce claustrophobia?
    • Has Uni-hockey lost its sparkle?
    • Are you bored with one legged/blindfold/backwards/wheel walking?
    • Fancy something new? (ish)
    If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then read on, this may be the solution......
    Sun, Jul. 16, 1995.
    Not known
    Do you want ro ride a unicycle off-road and preferably through mountainous terrain, for anything up to 2 days, 5-7 hours per day. Competing against others who are slightly less gravitationally challenged on Mountain Bikes. Oops, did I mention a dirty word? particularly in our non-competative, caring and sharing environment, just like what uni-hockey is, oh-yeah. So if you fancy a challenge then attend this event, or the MTB PRO Weekend or the Polaris Challenge . Try your hand at Mountain Unicycling whether you want competition or just a bit of fun/sympathy/find out what it's all about. Funday/woodland crafts, Juggling

    11. Webshots Community - Mountain Unicycling 2001
    Community Sports Extreme Sports mountain unicycling 2001 This is a collectionof Mountain Uni/ Uni Trials Pictures taken after January 2001.
    Add danger_uni to My Favorite Members

    danger_uni's albums: Mountain Unicycling 1998-2000 Mountain unicycling 2001 Matthew Sholl photos: Unicycling down Mexican Volcanoes Sean White and Nathan Hoover photos: unicycling in Mexico My unicycle Galen Rowell Story ... Extreme Sports Mountain unicycling 2001
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    12. MUni
    So you've never heard of mountain unicycling? is the title of this group of FAQs provided to beginners.
    So you've never heard of a Mountain Unicycle?
    A little Q and A
    Yes that's right, Mountain Unicycling, and no I'm not kidding. You've probably seen a couple pictures by now, and you probably have a bunch of funky questions. With almost a decade of unicycling and a couple years of mountain unicycling under my belt, I'd like to claim that I've heard them all (but I'm always surprised). So here's a few questions I get a lot along with some answers.
    Q: Does that take a lot of Balance
    A: Yes, otherwise I'd fall off (OK that's the smart mouth answer)
    Q: Are you in the circus?
    A: No, are you? (That's a smart mouth answer too).
    I wouldn't ask a unicyclist this question. To say its a big fat put down is an understatement. You might end up with a unicycle where the sun don't shine. More serious questions:
    Q: How do you stop? (there aren't any brakes on a unicycle)
    A: You just stop pedaling. A unicycle is direct drive. Direct drive means that the pedals are attached directly to the axle no gears, no chain, no brakes, etc (look at this picture ). So to stop, all you have to do is stop pedaling. Its kinda like walking you don't need brakes to stop walking, you just stop stepping and wala, you stop.

    13. Calgary Mountain Unipsychos - Offroad Mountain Unicycling
    Frequently Asked Questions. What is mountain unicycling? Some of the more advancedskills that you need to learn that are essential for mountain unicycling are
    Please Bookmark and Link only to the home page at:
    Main Tips ... Links
    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Mountain Unicycling?
    Mountain Unicycling (known as MUni) is an awesome challenge of mastering the skills to maneuver, balance, and react to allow yourself to ride a unicycle over difficult terrain. Mountain unicycling terrain includes but is not limited to single track, rocky slopes, dirt, mud, sand, snow, ice, creeks, roots, logs, ledges, drops, bridges and even walls. MUni is an incredible workout and a very enjoyable way to enjoy the great outdoors
    Can I learn to Mountain Unicycle?
    Once you learn to ride a unicycle, don't stop learning. To master Mountain Unicycling you need many more skills than just being able to ride, and you should start learning them as soon as can turn that wheel! Your basic balance and steering skills will continue to develop as you learn new skills and its most effective to work on many skills at the same time than slave away learning one thing at a time. Every skill improves your other skills and its important to start learning the more difficult skills early so you can get to the trials and really enjoy the mountain unicycling aspects of the ride. Some of the more advanced skills that you need to learn that are essential for Mountain Unicycling are:
  • riding over rough terrain (thick long grass is great for practicing on)
  • riding up and down slopes
  • dropping off (riding off) higher and higher obstacles (curbs to start)
  • 14. Calgary Mountain Unipsychos - Offroad Mountain Unicycling
    The Calgary Mountain Unipsychos is a mountain unicycling Club which has been startedby some active Calgary riders to help generate more interest in the
    Please Bookmark and Link only to the home page at:
    Main Tips ... Links The Calgary Mountain Unipsychos is a Mountain Unicycling Club which has been started by some active Calgary riders to help generate more interest in the extreme sport of mountain unicycling in and around the Calgary, Alberta area. We have various levels of riders from beginners to advanced and enjoy various kinds of terrain from freestyle street riding to trials and extreme offroad in the Rockies so everyone is welcome!
    We hope this site will be of some use to you whether you live in the Calgary area or not, but if you do please let us know so that we can organize rides and games with you. If you are a beginner, or just considering getting involved in the sport, our FAQ includes recommendations on what unicycle to get . For all riders we have put together a list of recommended rides in the Calgary area, and some of our own tips to help you improve your skills. Of course we have pictures and videos to keep you excited about the sport!

    15. Mountain Unicycling And Gliding
    Fantastic Trails. The China Cycling Association has a training center and competitionfacility for bike racing, offroad motorcycling, and mountain bicycling.
    China Cycling Association
    MUNI AND GLIDING Fantastic Trails The China Cycling Association has a training center and competition facility for bike racing, off-road motorcycling, and mountain bicycling. There are some very difficult trails, some easy. The man in the picture, who attended Unicon IX, is Zhang Shuxiao. He is the Vice Chairman of the China Unicycle Associatio n.
    Here are some pictures of the trails, some of which were quite difficult for me. Other parts of the trail are quite flat and not so difficult. The rider in all the pictures is yours truly.
    There is a road that circles the facility, and it has several hills that are suitable for gliding. The longest I think is about 200 meters. Here is a picture of one of them.
    to Unicycling in Tiananmen!

    16. 4th Annual Moab MUni Fest (Mountain Unicycling Festival) At Slickrock In Utah
    photo MMF2002. What The 4th Annual Moab MUni Fest, short for Moab mountain unicyclingFestival. Why Why not? MUni” is short for mountain unicycling.
    Moab MUni Fest 2003 photo MMF2002 What : The 4th Annual Moab MUni Fest, short for Moab Mountain Unicycling Festival Why : Why not? Its fun. When March 28-30, 2003 How : Anyway you can, just be there. Where : Slickrock Trail at/near Moab in South-Eastern Utah Who : YOU!!! You are invited and will be welcome. Cost: No Cost for the gathering, just meeting as friends with a common interest Tee Shirts are available for $10 or less Step 1: Dust off your Mountain Unicycle, get one, or make one. Step 2: Practice staying upright Step 3: Plan to be there Organizer: Rolf Thompson Email: Announcement See news forum announcement of the 2003 Moab MUni Fest. What is the Moab MUni Fest? Moab —located in Southeastern Utah —is the location of the famous Slickrock trail, a well known bicycling Mecca attracting some 150,000 riders annually. The BLM opened and dedicated the Moab Slickrock Bike Trail on July 22, 1969 ; two days after the first walk on the moon ( click here Slickrock area info). I started riding it annually at the end of March (spring break) about 14 years ago.

    17. Toronto Unicyclists: MUni (Mountain Unicycling) Madness
    MUni (mountain unicycling) Madness MUni in Ontario There are quite a number ofgood mountain bike areas within a 1 2 hour drive from downtown Toronto.
    t oronto u nicyclists ... MUni (Mountain Unicycling) Madness MUni in Ontario
    There are quite a number of good mountain bike areas within a 1 - 2 hour drive from downtown Toronto. We don't have any Mountains in Ontario, but we do have the Niagra Escarpment, which is a cliff face (100 - 150 feet high, not that high by West Coast standards, but hey, it's Ontario, that stretches throughout the Southern sections of the province. Some of the riding on the escarpment can get quite rockey and very technical (even by biking stardards). Compared to the California MUni weekend I'd have to say, the climbs are shorting, the descents are shorter, but still thrilling and on average the riding is slightly more technical than the Saturday ride at Northstar we did (of course it all depends on where one goes. At the NUC we'll have stuff for all levels of riders). Photos of various riding places:
    • Hardwood Hills : Carl's MUni trials photos. More recent shots, not really of the trails, but worth a look
    MUni Venues in Ontario
    Some of the Mountain Bike, turned MUni venues in Ontario (

    18. TechTV | February 23, 2001: Willie Nelson, Mountain Unicycling, I Resign
    Internet Tonight Daily Dose of the Net's Best, February 23, 2001 Willie Nelson,mountain unicycling, I Resign, mountain unicycling Try this at home.,23008,3313481,00.html
    Search: Join TechTV Member Services Site Help Get TechTV You are here: Home TV Shows Internet Tonight Big List February 23, 2001: Willie Nelson,... document.write(nav); Internet Tonight
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    Internet Tonight: Daily Dose of the Net's Best
    February 23, 2001: Willie Nelson, Mountain Unicycling, I Resign
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    19. TechTV | February 23, 2001: Willie Nelson, Mountain Unicycling, I Resign
    February 23, 2001 Willie Nelson, mountain unicycling, I Resign, Originally postedFebruary 23, 2001. Copyright © 2002 TechTV Inc. All rights reserved.,23102,3313481,00.html
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    20. Unicycle On In To, The Unicyclist Community
    Unicycling Links Directory Events mountain unicycling Top Events MountainUnicycling A weekend full of fun mountain unicycling in California.
    Saturday, March 22, 2003
    news auctions chat ...
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