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         Outrigger Canoeing:     more books (17)
  1. Ka'nu Culture Outrigger Canoeing by Steve West, 1996
  2. KA`NU CULTURE Outrigger Canoeing Volume 2 by Steve West, 1996
  3. The Outrigger Canoe Club of Honolulu, Hawaii by Harold H Yost, 1971
  4. Ka'nu Culture-Outrigger Canoeing-Volume 2, 1996
  5. The outrigger canoes of the Tongan Archipelago by James Hornell, 1930
  6. No ka heihei wa'a: Some thoughts and ideas about Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing by Peter Apo, 1981
  7. Outrigger-attachments in the Society Islands by James Hornell, 1930
  8. Was the double-outrigger known in Polynesia and Micronesia by James Hornell, 1932
  9. Canoe outrigger-attachments in Tahiti and New Zealand by Peter Henry Buck, 1929
  10. Moloka'i-O'ahu Through the Years: A History of the Moloka'i Outrigger Canoe Race by Peter Caldwell, 2006-11-30
  11. Outrigger Canoes of Bali and Madura, Indonesia (Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum Special Publication) by Adrian Horridge, 1987-12
  12. How To Build A Detachable Outrigger System For Your Canoe by John M. Wansor, 2008-07-17
  13. An ancient outrigger float from a Te Horo swamp, western Wellington (Dominion Museum records in ethnology) by G. L Adkin, 1962
  14. A Melanesian outrigger by Richard LeBaron Bowen, 1963

1. Outrigger Canoeing - Frequently Asked Questions
outrigger canoeing KANUculture FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions Createdby KANUculture International outrigger canoeing Publications.
Outrigger Canoeing KANU culture FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Created by KANUculture International Outrigger Canoeing Publications
Revision date: August 2002 - Subject to updates and additions.
The following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) manual is produced by Kanu Culture,
as primarily a source for those who do not currently paddle outrigger canoes or who have only recently
taken up the sport. It is not intended as definitive, merely an overview of specific questions,
answered in a basic context to provide an understanding of the sport.
provided it is done so in full and that its content is attributed to Batini Books and to the author Steve West.
Reproduction in whole or part for the purposes of monetary gain via commercial publications
KANUculture Books INDEX 1.0 Definition of an outrigger canoe
2.0 Origins of the outrigger and how they work

3.0 Parts of an outrigger canoe
4.0 Outrigger canoe racing - origins to the present ... 14.0 Canoe sailing 1.0 DEFINITION OF AN OUTRIGGER CANOE Index KANUculture An outrigger canoe is defined by having the inclusion of a rig known as an outrigger which acts as a counterpoise or balance, rigged out from the side of the canoe. A number of spars (iako), usually 2 but up to as many as 10 depending on the canoe's origin and purpose, are lashed across and to the canoe gunwales, extending outwards for a given distance and truncating with the attachment of a flotation device (ama).

2. Outrigger Canoeing, Books, Accessories, Clothing, Kanu Culture, Information
International publication with online sales of current and recent volumes. Includes FAQs, related Category Sports Water Sports Canoe and Kayaking Outrigger...... Kauai USD$20,000 OC1/OC2 World Challenge New event! April 26th 2003outrigger canoeing INFORMATION Links outrigger canoeing FAQ.
CATALOG - PART 1 - 528k PDF File download

Paddling shirts, vests, padded shorts, unpadded shorts,
unitards, crop tops and more.
CATALOG - PART 2- 288k PDF File download

Long/short sleeved Tees, walk shorts, polo shirts,
aloha style shirts, paddle bags, blade covers,
waterproof gear bags and more.
CATALOG - PART 3 268k PDF File download

Ordering information, procedures, colors etc
SIZING CHART - PART 3 120k PDF File download
Sizing chart, measurements. PADDLING GEAR Padded Boardshorts Boardshorts ACCESSORIES Paddle Bags/ Blade Covers 25Lt Dry/Wet Bags 30Lt Dry/Wet Bags KANU culture Clothing/Uniforms/Products PO Box 506 Maroochydore. Australia Q 4558 Telephone # 61 7 5477 7149 Fax # 61 7 5477 7149 KANUculture BOOKS and Information KANUculture Books Publishing Information Advertising Information International Dealers PHOTO GALLERY Jaws OC1 Session RACE INFORMATION AUSTRALIA Gold Coast Cup 2003 Dates/Information.2002 Race Review

3. Canadian Outrigger Racing Association
Promotes outrigger canoe racing through teaching, training, and exposing Canadians to the craft and history of outrigger canoeing. Represents 10 clubs, primarily in Western Canada.

4. South China Sea Outrigger
outrigger canoeing for people who are keen on racing, or just want to get away from urban Hong Kong.
south china sea outrigger What's an outrigger? When's the paddle? Where's the boat? Eat my wake ... One stroke beyond...

5. Black Rhino Photography: Adventure Travel Photography By Deborah Dennis - Galler
outrigger canoeing INDEX. Fishing in Alaska outrigger canoeing 2 SurfKayaking outrigger canoeing, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Deborah Dennis.
Outrigger Canoeing 2

Surf Kayaking

Outrigger Canoeing
Clients Services Portfolio ... Bio

6. Outrigger Canoeing - FAQ
World's Leading outrigger canoeing Publication Specialists outrigger canoeing FAQ Waka Ama Va'a Hoe -Wa'a
World's Leading Outrigger Canoeing Publication Specialists Outrigger Canoeing FAQ Waka Ama -Va'a Hoe -Wa'a

7. Black Rhino Photography: Adventure Travel Photography By Deborah Dennis - Galler
outrigger canoeing 2 INDEX. Alaskan Fishing outrigger canoeing 2 SurfKayaking outrigger canoeing, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Deborah Dennis.
Outrigger Canoeing 2
Surf Kayaking

Outrigger Canoeing

Clients ... Bio

8. South China Sea Outrigger
Provides a history of outrigger canoeing, information on club expeditions, and membership information.
south china sea outrigger club What's an outrigger? When's the paddle? Where's the boat? Eat my wake Got waves? Gear-heads Backwash First contact Lunch money One stroke beyond...

9. Outdoor Travel Adventures | Tour Details
Sorry there are no tours available for outrigger canoeing. 1877-OTA-LIFE / 1-877-682-5433
Sorry there are no tours available for Outrigger Canoeing 1-877-OTA-LIFE / 1-877-682-5433
For additional information contact
Outdoor Travel, Inc.
CST 2053640-40

10. Hong Kong Island Paddle Club Outrigger Canoeing
Outrigger training and racing has now become an important facet of our Club. .From July to January, our Club is fully geared up for canoeing.
Outrigger The Paddle Club brought the first outrigger canoes to Hong Kong in the form of two Malias from Vancouver, Canada. The intention was to provide some off-season recreational paddling for our more avid dragon boat paddlers. In the smoldering after glow of the dragon boat race season, however, it did not take long for the desire to race canoes competitively both locally and overseas to grow. Outrigger training and racing has now become an important facet of our Club.
From July to January, our Club is fully geared up for canoeing. Many of our local events involve marathon excursions to outer islands and exhibition races - while our annual overseas race itinerary includes the major races in Hawaii, LA and now Micronesia. This summer our club crossed international waters by paddling from Hong Kong to Macau. Our club expanded our flotilla with the arrival of Tai Nui and Quee Queg - our Advantage OC-6's - in 1999, and a mixture of club and member owned OC1’s and OC-2's. It is the birth of OC paddling in South East Asia and we are excited to be a part of it. While Hong Kong’s paddling culture is very much rooted in dragon boating, our success as an outrigger club relies on our interest and respect for local paddling traditions. Club Profile Dragon Boating Outrigger Canoeing
Training Manual

11. Outrigger Canoeing - Kanu Culture
Welcome to KANUculture World's Leading outrigger canoeing Publication Specialists Books, Clothing Accessories Stories, Features, Photographs, FAQ, Links Secure On-Line Ordering
Welcome to KANUculture
World's Leading Outrigger Canoeing Publication Specialists
Secure On-Line Ordering

12. Micronesia Outrigger Cup 2000
just a great looking bunch of paddlers in a great looking bunch of shirts we provedourselves to be a team to contend with in the outrigger canoeing community
HONG KONG ISLAND PADDLE CLUB 2nd Micronesia Cup Race Report Saipan, October 2000 Article by Laurel McMillan (my first contributor.... yay) Overall Results
500m Sprint Results WOMEN
Guam OCC 311:97
Famala'on (Saipan) 3:20:11
Saipan OCC 3:23:50 MEN
Hong Kong 2:36:28
Napu (Saipan) 2:41:31
Team Palau 2:43:38 1000m Sprint Results WOMEN
Guam 6:40:00
Team Palau 6:49:00
Hong Kong 6:51:00 MEN Hong Kong 5:52:00 Napu (Saipan) 5:56:00 Team Palau 5:58:00 7 Mile Race Results 10 Mile Race Results WOMENS Hong Kong 1:11:48 Guam 1:13:23 Saipan 1:18:23 MEN Hong Kong 1:34:13 Napu (Saipan) 1:36:32 Imanyayas (Guam) 1:41:49 Check out Steve West's article and photos on this excellent race weekend at Watching the HKIPC men's and women's outrigger teams collect their awards to the tune of "Can't say enough about these guys [and gals]..." at the Micronesian Outigger Cup in Saipan struck a few chords beneath my purple skin. Having come earlier to Saipan to prime the sand, sun and waters for the team's arrival, I was able to have a relatively less blurry-eyed view of the build up to the races, and what seemed like moments later, the races themselves. Our team wasn't built in a day, but foundations were laid, brick by brick, until a representation such as we had in Saipan developed. And through all our hard work, we had quite the representation! Not to be distracted by the beautiful blue waters (Hey! That's not a plastic bay, its Marine life!) or by the collective jet-lag, both the men's and women's teams (four in all) kept their focus and technique in check as they paddled their way to standings of 3 Firsts for the men (a sweep of all

13. RMYC Port Hacking Australia
Motor Yacht Club, Port Hacking, Australia, yacht club, RMYC, sailing, power cruising,golf, fishing, deep sea fishing, outrigger canoeing, waterskiing, weather
Royal Motor Yacht Club Home Club Info Newsletter Services ... Deep Sea Fishing Outrigger Canoeing Waterskiing Weather Tides Links ... Advertising
Outrigger Canoeing Division
Under Construction
Information on the Outrigger Canoeing Division. Home Info Newsletter Services ... Deep Sea Fishing Outrigger Canoeing Waterskiing
Tides Links ...
Email us
Site designed by

14. RMYC Port Hacking Australia
Club cover practically all areas of boating and leisure activities ie yachting,cruising, fishing, (both deep sea and game) outrigger canoeing, waterskiing
Home Club Info Newsletter Services Power Cruising ... Advertising
Welcome to the RMYC Port Hacking website
for the information of Members and their guests
Email Us History: Services: The Club provides a full range of services and activities to members and their guests. Visiting boats and their crews are certainly most welcome. The local area provides excellent shopping, fine dining facilities and fast, convenient transport to and from the Olympic City. With the Club's strong links in the local community, our club management team and staff are able to provide considerable assistance to visitors on how and where to go. The local area is also blessed with some of the best beaches in Sydney, and Cronulla Beach which is only a hop, skip and a jump away, is arguably the Olympic City's best southern beach. Our Club's services extend to a full a la carte restaurant, a lounge bar and of course, the traditional "Aussie BBQ" where patrons may cook their own, or sit back, relax and let some-one else do the job for them!! We have on-shore crew facilities, a 70 berth boat marina with a slip-way, launching ramp and maintenance facilities for boats up to approximately 60 ft.

15. SportsNet - Outrigger Canoeing
outrigger canoeing. outrigger canoeing offers recreational and competitiveopportunities for individuals with physical disabilities.
Outrigger Canoeing Outrigger canoeing offers recreational and competitive opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities.
Adapted canoes are used that have specific seats modified for individuals with physical disabilities. The seats are lower and have backs to give extra support. The canoes have two stabilizing flotation devices called "ama" which provide greater balance and stability. A mechanical lift is on the dock for individuals who need assistance transferring from a wheelchair. Experienced steerpersons navigate the canoes.
Team opportunities are available to compete in outrigger canoeing sprints.
About SportsNet
Activities Adapted Golf Aquatics Outrigger Canoeing Road Racing and Cycling Sailing Sled Hockey Tai Chi ... Fee Schedule
designed by

16. SportsNet - Activities Calendar 2001
August. 8/09/02. Professional Seminaroutrigger canoeing, New Hampshire. 9/14/02,Water Sit-Ski Picnic, outrigger canoeing- Conesus Lake with NSCIA.
Sports Calendar January 2003 Aquability - various times - Rochester Rehab, Door #6 1st Rockets Jr. Wheelchair Basketball Invitational - Monroe Community College, Bldg 10, Gym, 12:00-5:00 p.m. Fridays thru 4/18/03 Chair Exercise Class 12:30-1:30 p.m., Rochester Rehab, Door #6 February 2003 Saturday 2/1/03 Tai Chi Clinic , 11:00a.m.-12:00p.m. Rochester Rehab, Door 5 1/2 (blue awning) Saturdays 2/2-3/23/03 Tai Chi - 11:00a.m.-12:00p.m. Rochester Rehab, Door 5 1/2 (blue awning) Saturday 2/8/03 Power Wheelchair Soccer , 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., Al Sigl Center Gym, Door #1, Varied Class Times Ai Chi - 8 week session, meets twice a week, Al Sigl Center Pool, Door #1 Date to be determined Sled Hockey Clinic March 2003 Aquability - various times - Rochester Rehab, Door #6 Friday 3/28/03 SportsNet All-Star Challenge - Foru person teams compete in adaptive sports to raise funds for SportsNet, 6:00-9:00 p.m., Perinton Community Center, Turk Hill Rd. Dates to be determined begin April 2003 Tai Chi - 11:00a.m.-12:00p.m. Rochester Rehab, Door 5 1/2 (blue awning)

17. Outrigger Canoeing In Palau
in the Republic of Palau, the girls of Girl Scout Troop 2 are learning a sport thatis steeped in the rich traditions of the islands— outrigger canoe paddling


Find a Council


Girl Scouts USA
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outrigger canoe paddling. At one

Palau Girl Scouts Outrigger Canoe Paddling team time, canoes were the primary means of transportation throughout Palau, not only to visit neighboring islands, but to venture out on the sea for fishing and to reach the far-flung coves and tidal flats in search of clams and other marine food animals.
Palau Girl Scouts check out their new paddles. More About Palau
Read about the rich culture and wonderful environment of Palau at Welcome to Palau at http://www.visit-
Visit Palau: Paradise of the Pacific at edens/palau Why is Girl Scouts of the USA in Palau? When a representative of GSUSA visited us last year, we were told that once we got our troop organized we could participate in the GirlSports program. We received a grant from GSUSA for $250.00 and decided to use the money to have a set of outrigger canoe paddles made for the troop. One of our good friends, Tino Faauuala from American Samoa, is an expert carver. He and our leader, Debbie, went to the forest and found a tree called

18. Adventurous > Sports > Outrigger Canoeing
Skills you'll improve • history of outrigger paddling • basic equipment knowledge• proper outrigger canoe paddling technique • timing, endurance

Sports Calendar My Order ... co-ed program
Just imagine - you,our coaches, you, a 45-foot canoe, a wooden paddle, the spray of the salty bay water on your face. Close your eyes and we'll bring Hawaii to you! Price includes use of paddle, canoe, and PFD.
Learn to Paddle
You'll receive instruction from our top Wahine (women) coaches, and experience what has now turned into a breathtaking, up-and-coming Olympic sport! Skills you'll improve:
1 - Day Clinics:
Peninsula: Redwood City Day:
9:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Dates: May 18
Location: San Francisco: Pier 38 Day:
Sundays 9:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Dates: Apr 12 May 3 back to top Want to find your info the quick and dirty way? Enter your sport or other text here. Lisa Bie Inline Horseback Riding

19. Welcome To The United States Canoe And Kayak Federation Website
///FEATURE STORY. outrigger canoeing 'When you get in there, the disability goesaway'. by Dan Washburn Sports Writer for The Times in Gainesville, Ga.
///FEATURE STORY Outrigger Canoeing: 'When you get in there, the disability goes away'
The Times

Outrigger canoeing, practiced for generations in the South Pacific, is fast becoming a popular therapy tool for people with disabilities. The wheelchair could have belonged to anyone. It sat alone and empty on a dock, and shifted slightly each time Lake Lanier swelled beneath the platform's wooden planks. In the background, was the finish tower from the paddling and rowing events of the 1996 Olympic Games. On the water, was the wheelchair's owner, one of six people paddling an outrigger canoe. Some of the bodies in the canoe were abled. Some were disabled. It was impossible to tell which was which.

20. Outrigger Canoeing In Palau, Micronesia, With Snorkeling, Village Visits, Hiking
outrigger canoeing in Palau, Micronesia, with snorkeling, villagevisits, hiking and more. outrigger canoeing Micronesia. Explore
Sea Kayaking


List of Destinations
Adventure Tours

Scuba Diving

Family Travel
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Outrigger Canoeing Micronesia Explore Palau's 350 islands on Fish n' Fins' wonderful outrigger canoe excursions. Discover the magical beauty of the surroundings and the calm and warm waters. Fish n' Fins is an ecosensitive tour operator who will show you the best of Palau without disturbing the natural or cultural environment of the islands. Custom-made tours of any length can be arranged. © Fish n' Fins In past, the outrigger canoes were built from a single tree trunk. Today, in order to save the remaining rainforest, these quiet and fast vessels are built from durable fiberglass and equipped with comfortable seating, rudders, stabilizers and dry compartments for cameras and other gear. The 9-meter canoes are replicas of Palauan traditional war canoes. The paddling does not require special experience or skills! On the water you can get close to local wildlife such as the non-aggressive saltwater crocodile, the boa tree snake (there are no venomous snakes in Palau!) and the giant 5-feet long monitor lizard. Gliding through the Rock Islands' mangroves and marine lakes, you will able to spot wild orchids and cicadas, and many birds such as biib, cockatoos, and red and green parrots. Among the plentiful marine life you might have a rare glimpse of the almost extinct dugong, now protected by law.

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