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         Recumbent Cycling:     more detail
  1. The Recumbent Bicycle by Gunnar Fehlau, 2004-01
  2. Bicycle Technology: Understanding the Modern Bicycle and its Components (Cycling Resources) by Robert Van der Plas, Stuart Baird, 2010-06-30
  3. Off the Rails: Moscow to Beijing on Recumbent Bikes by Tim Cope, Chris Hatherly, 2004-08-30
  4. The Recumbent and the Upright: A Bicycle Adventure by Two Retired and Unfit Cycle Enthusiasts, That Grew into a Ride Across the Continent by Sheryl Van Fleet, 2008-02-25
  5. Cranking the bent--observations, mysteries, and exercise.(three-wheel recumbent bicycling)(Cover Story): An article from: Palaestra by Arno Horwerth, 2005-01-01

41. RBC Recumbent Information Home Page
The RBC is an active club that encourages all types of cycling. We are involvedin Road cycling, Mountain Biking, Tandem events, and recumbent cycling too.



Welcome to our local Recumbent resource!
The RBC is an active club that encourages all types of cycling. We are involved in Road cycling, Mountain Biking, Tandem events, and Recumbent cycling too. It is our strength that we have such as close knit bicycling community. These resource pages are at your disposal, and you may find that a recumbent bicycle is in your future. You can also check out the OFFICIAL Recumbent web site of RARE (Rochester Area Recumbent Enthusasts) A loosely associated group of RBC'ers

42. Triketrails Canada Recumbent Bikes, Lowracers, Trikes And Mobility Solutions
Adult and child tricycles, quadricycles and Human Powered Vehicles (HPVs). Also carries Optima recumbent Category Sports Cycling Bike Shops North America Canada Ontario...... site Bent Folks 'Round the World HPRA Human Powered Race America Human Powered Vehiclesof Southern Ontario/recumbent cycling Ontario The Recumbenteers WISIL
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March Update Posted: March 8/03
Welcome back to Triketrails and thank you for your continued interest. Triketrails has recumbent lowracers, trikes and commuting bicycles even three-wheeler upright tricycles. At our storefront, we've moved to summer hours and made some changes. All weekday demos require an appointment. But NO appointments are required on Saturdays. We will accept evening and Sunday demo appointments through June 30th.
The HP Velotechnik Speedmachine Streetmachine GT and Spirit bikes have arrived and are available for demo. The , the and M5 CMPCT (folder) have also arrived and are now available for demo. See our amazing M5 20/20 Special Value Deal - a complete package including resin mudguards, rear cargo rack and LED at the incredible low price of $1299.95 US!
NEW!! We now offer the complete Sun Easyracers EZ series . Drop by to demo these economical and feature packed bents: the EZ-1 Super Cruzer , the EZ-1sc Lite and the EZ-Sport . At a low $1399 ($US) the Sun EZ-3 trike remains our best selling recumbent tricycle. Little wonder why many couples find their budget can easily accommodate BOTH an EZ-3 trike purchase plus one of the EZ bikes for the complete Sun Easyracers family cycling experience. We're also pleased to announce the introduction of the

43. Laid Back Cyclist On The Net
My interests include recumbent cycling, Computers, Caravanning, Photography, NaturalHistory and my five grandchildren who live in Nottingham , Greenwich and
Hello....My Name is Dennis Turner and I live in Chester, UK
Take a walk around the historic city walls of the City of Chester
I am a Photographer and former chief test pilot for Aerobikes Limited of Edinburgh who used to design and build recumbent cycles. Although Aerobikes Limited are no longer trading, you can read about the development of the Aerobike on Robert Turner's home page My interests include:- Recumbent Cycling, Computers, Caravanning, Photography, Natural History and my five grandchildren who live in Nottingham Greenwich and Edinburgh My first attempt at a homepage was quite pathetic but hopefully, I learned something which is now being put into practice as the pages are updated. Hopefully, successive editions will carry illustrations and photographs. Although I hadn't owned a bicycle for more than 45 years before I started to ride an Aerobike and am something of a 'born again' cyclist, I have cycled in style for 6000 miles in the first 12 months of riding an Aerobike . This included a ride of more than 1000 miles in 12 days and daily rides of up to 147 miles. At the time of this edition, after more than two and a half years of recumbent cycling, my mileage total is now in excess of 15000 miles. The longest ride in one day is 160 miles when I cycled to Lancaster from Chester UK to visit the Lancaster Cyclefest. My cycling prowess has now extended to racing an Aerobike Sprint at British Human Power Club events. I am including a link in this homepage to a report on a 1000 mile test ride on an

44. Kevin's Recumbent Information Page
WI. The Hostel Shoppe Introduce everyone to the healthy and enjoyable sport ofrecumbent cycling, Stevens Point, WI Email Address - WY.
You are visitor number... since September 29,1996
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Recumbent Manufactures
Aeolos - A vehicle you will not see every day
Aerobikes Home Page
- Recumbent Manufacture in Scotland. - Site may be down.
Animas Quadracycle
- Human Powered Vehicles for the 21st Centrury.
Backsafer Email Address Only
- The Starting Line. E-Mail Address
B.I.E.R. Fahrrad-Studio
- Site in German
BikeE Corporation
- Presenting the next step in the evolutionary cycle...
Bike Friday
- The orignal suitcase travel bicycle.
- Welcome to the age of the Brox. Cambie Cycles Recumboni - The Recumboni is hand crafted by Cambie Cycles Comfort Cycle - Chaise-3 Trike ..Built with your seat in mind Crystal Engineering - The Trice, Speed Ross, Festina and the GEM. Doppler Beamer - Higher performance CLWB Email Address Earth Cycles - Building useful HPVs, including recumbent bicycles, in ways that minimize environmental damage during production. Earth Traveler - Custom Adult Trikes Since 1974 Easy Racers, Inc.

45. Listings Of The World Sports Cycling Human Powered Vehicles
http// Added Nov-27-02; Joel'sRecumbent Page Post Review Site devoted to recumbent cycling.

46. Listings Of The World Shopping Sports Cycling Recumbent
Within this category you will find sites for buying all kinds of items related torecumbent cycling, including bents , recumbent trikes and bikes, and other

47. Cycling Related Pages On WWW - Information, stories of cycling around the world on a recumbent; Benoit'sCycling Page; Nerd World Bicycling; Norm's recumbent cycling Page. O.
Jack's Cycling Information Sites
Cycling Home Add your site

48. Recumbent Website Results :: Linkspider UK
Power On Cycling Specializing in Recumbent and Bicycle components and accessories. Joel'sRecumbent Page - Site devoted to recumbent cycling.
Recumbent Websites from Linkspider UK Keyword: Recumbent Linkspider UK Directory
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  • 49. HPV Länkar
    das Liegedreirad Tripendo Pashley ICE Windcheetah UK recumbent cycling the most relaxingrecumbent cycle built by Ultimate Bikes, recumbent specialists MIC WIC
    HPV-Sveriges länkarkiv
    kompilerat av Ben(g)t Hedbjörk och Jan-Inge Ljungberg
    IHPVA WWW server
    HPV Sverige
    Swedish Cycling Page
    Cykelfrämjandet Malmö
    Svenska Cykelsällskapet (SCS) ...
    Svenska Cykelförbundet
    HPV Club Denmark. Ny från 2003
    Aalborgs liggcykelklubb.
    Dansk Cyklist Forbund - Danish Cyclists' Federation
    NHPV-Home ...
    Nieuwe pagina 1
    WISIL HPVers Human Power Vehicle Homepage - WISIL HPVers recumbent bike riders, builders and racers
    WHIRL's Home Page
    Australien m fl
    HPV Pages
    Tävlingar presents Bill's Cycle Racing Results and News Service
    Giro d'Italia 1999
    Le Tour de France 1999 ...
    World's Fastest Bicycle Invitational
    HPV News - the newsletter of the Human Powered Vehicles Assn
    HUFF Index
    The Electronic Bent Magazine
    E-Bent Recumbent Biking E-zine ...
    Welkom bij Flevobike ligfietsen
    M5 Ligfietsen, Meer Meters Met Minder Moeite
    Challenge Ligfietsen ...
    Vision Recumbents
    Lightning Cycle Dynamics, Inc. - Race-bred Recumbent Bicycles
    RANS Recumbent Bicycles
    Easy Racers ...
    Trailmate, Kee Mowers and Edgers, bikes, trikes, recumbents
    Australien mfl
    Greenspeed web page
    Hotmover recumbent cycles are the high performance hpv trikes chosen by bicycling health and fitness cyclists worldwide
    VeloCity homepage ...
    Välkommen till Cykel City
    Välkommen till

    50. WAHPV Home Page
    Helping to Promote recumbent cycling around the globe. Search. ThisSite. for. Western Australian Human Powered Vehicle Group
    Helping to Promote Recumbent Cycling around the globe. Search This Site The Web for Western Australian Human Powered Vehicle Group - Promoting Cycling for enjoyment and exercice. Recumbent style in particular. Meeting fortnightly and riding most weeks. Join Our Mailing List E-Mail Address:
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    To be included in our general mailing list, enter your details and subscribe.
    To change your email address, enter details and unsubscribe.
    Re-subscribe with amended address. Now please use the WAhpv Forum link to post a message.
    First time users of the forum will be prompted to register
    before being able to post their first message. When a new posting is submitted, those who are currently subscribed to the mailing list and receiving mail now, will receive a message from the forum with the text of the posting and a link to ta ke you to the forum page.

    51. - Stationery Bikes
    The recumbent cycling position will help to increase the circulation duringworkouts, while at the same time increase the comfort level.
    Reebok CYC2i Upright Bike
    Reebok CYC 3i Upright Exercise Bike w/ Heart Rate Monitor
    Reebok CYC6 Recumbent Bike
    Big Savings! Choose the Reebok Recumbent Bike for its versatility. You can mix up your fitness regime with 11 workout programs including aerobic and fat burning options as well as five pulse driven workouts.
    Reebok CYC12 Recumbent Exercise Bike
    Star Trac 4700 Cycling V-Bike
    Star Trac 5400 Recumbent Bike with Polar and Contact Heart Rate Monitor
    Star Trac 4900 Light Institutional Sport Recumbent Bike with Heart Rate Monitor
    Star Trac 4800 Light Institutional Sport Bike with Heart Monitor
    Edge 480P Magnetic Bike
    The Edge 480P magnetic bike by Fitness Quest features motorized tension control, friction-free magnetic resistance, and a fitness computer that allows you to choose from 12 built-in programs. Edge 490PR Recumbent Bike With its 12 built-in programs to choose from, this programmable magnetic stationary cycle will help you get in shape. Its fitness computer tracks your time, speed, distance, pulse and calories burned. Excel 395 Recumbent Bike The 395r recumbent cycle allows you to keep track of your time, speed, distance and approximate calories burned during your workout and its friction free magnetic resistance provides you with a smooth and quiet ride.

    52. Links
    recumbent cycling Ontario Toronto, Ontario. Pedal Power West Liberty, OH. RecumbentBike Rides State College, PA. Schellers Fitness and Cycling Middletown, KY.
    Other Recumbent Clubs Louisville's Relaxed Recumbent Riders Louisville, KY Flyin' Joe's Crawfordsville, IN WolverBents Detroit, MI Recumbenteers Clarence, NY Conneticutt Recumbent Riders Group Hamden, CT Atlanta Recumbent Cyclists Atlanta, GA Chicagoland Recumbent Riders Chicago, IL Oregon Human Powered Vehicles Portland, OR Recumbent Bike Enthusiasts of North Texas MnHPVA Minneapolis, MN Feet First Gainesville, ,FL Easy riders Recumbent Club Portland, OR Recumbent Cycling Ontario Toronto, Ontario Bent riders of Arizona Group Phoenix, AZ Metro Area Recumbents Society NYC, NY Human Powered Race America WHIRL Washington, DC IHPVA Michigan HPVA WISIL Wisconsin Illinois HPA RARE Rochester, NY

    53. Recumbent Bicycles, Bents, Trikes, Hpv!
    On Bents and Chiropractors, Bent or Upright? Bicycle Man's Bent History, Benefits of recumbent cycling, IHPVA Bent FAQ BikeFix Bent FAQ.
    Greenway Movement Santa Cruz NBG Fest National Mayor's Ride Recumbent Bicycles ...
    r More Recumbent Wisdom Why Are People

    Recumbent Bicycles? How the Recumbent
    Got Banned in 1934 More Early History The Recumbent Bicycle

    Find out about specific models and shops. Learn whereto ride, bent culture, tips, events and etc. Interactive!! On uprights
    penile numbness
    HPV Mail List
    HPV Mail List Sign Up On Bents and Chiropractors Bent or Upright? Bicycle Man's Bent History Medical Benefits of Recumbent Cycling IHPVA Bent FAQ BikeFix Bent FAQ

    54. Info@
    CYCLING . CROSSCOUNTRY SKIING. THE LOCAL KOOTENAI / SPOKANE recumbent cycling XC SKI GROUP. See schedule and registration at the bottom of this page.
    CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING See schedule and registration at the bottom of this page CYCLING LESSENS / CLINICS Basic Cycling Course / Clinic Hourly lessons and clinics are taught by our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (Recreational Therapist) about the fundamentals of cycling on our accessible bicycles/tricycles. Students will learn proper cycling technique, physical needs during cycling, nutrition, safety, and disability related issues and other topics. This course will include lecture, demonstration, and on-the road instruction. There may also be the opportunity to try out our hand or foot powered bikes, trikes, and double if incorporated in the course/clinic you sign up for or request. Participants supply their own bicycle unless they have a particular need that requires one of our accessible hand or footcrank cycles. See equipment info The Basic Cycling Course f e e is $50 p e r p e r s o n f or the complete 2-day, 8 hour course at North Idaho College o r o t h e r l o c a t i o n . Class size is limited to 6 students OR a group size of 12 if associated with an agency / organization that supplies supportive staff, etc.

    55. Schwinn Fitness Academy
    Like upright cycling, recumbent cycling is nonweight bearing, but recumbentbikes typically feature wider, more supportive seats than their upright

    56. New Page 2
    Bicycle QueenslandThe umbrella advocacy organization for cycling in Queensland;recumbent cycling Recumbent cycle enthusiasts, affiliated to OzHPV, the
    Links to Sites of Interest
    Cycling in Queensland
    • This is Peter Gordon's site which looks extensively at riding in these areas.
    • Bicycle Queensland The umbrella advocacy organization for cycling in Queensland
    • Recumbent Cycling Recumbent cycle enthusiasts, affiliated to OzHPV, the Australian Human Powered Vehicle Group set-up to assist like minded people and promote HPV's (human powered vehicles) throughout Australia.
    • Southside Rats
    • Sunshine Coast Bicycle Touring Club
    Cycling in Australia
    Cycling Associations
    General Cycling Sites

    57. WebGuest - Open Directory : Sports : Cycling : Human Powered Vehicles
    recumbent cycling Across America While touring America's backroads on a LightningStealth, Charles DiBella is available to speak at schools, churches, civic
    Browse thru 1000's of books about sports:
    WebGuest Bookstore - Sports
    About Us
    Privacy Statement

    Acceptable Use Policy
    ... Contact Us
    the entire directory only in Cycling/Human_Powered_Vehicles Top Sports Cycling : Human Powered Vehicles
    • Bike Design for Engineers - Bike design at CALPOLY San Luis Obispo. Includes background on the first Human powered helicopter, As well as student bicycle designs.
    • BikeCartage - Bike Trailers - Modular BikeCart technology is the fast, cost-effective and environmentally sound solution to modern urban delivery.
    • Bikefix: human power solutions - The centre for human powered vehicles of every description.
    • Dan Speas' Variable Exercise Bicycle - Offers overview and photo gallery of a cable-driven bike with independent pedals and an infinite array of gear ratios. It is useful as a rehabilitation tool. Features videos on the bike and riding.
    • Get Bent - Information on recumbent biking and heathly lifestyles. The site offers a listing of south Florida recumbent biking events and a message board.
    • Human Powered Equipment and Transportation - The discussion of any type of equipment or transportation using human muscles, usually leg muscles with cranks and chains. This includes generators, mills, drills, presses, boats, planes, and land vehicles.

    58. MemeMachineGo!: Comment On Recumbent Cycling
    MemeMachineGo! Comments recumbent cycling Post a commentName Email Address URL Comments Remember info?

    59. Bluegrass Cycling Club - More Kentucky Links
    bike routes. Louisville's Relaxed Recumbent Riders. Check out Louisille'srecumbent cycling scene. Old Kentucky Home Tour. Site for
    More Kentucky Links
    Bicycling In Kentucky Education
    Cycling information from Kentucky Cooperative Extension Services.
    Bike Butler
    Mountain biking races and other activites are held regularly at General Butler State Resort Park in Carrollton, Kentucky.
    Bluegrass Multi-sport Training Club
    The Bluegrass Multi-sport Training Club is a non-profit, fee-free organization based in Lexington, Kentucky, and designed to bring together athletes of all ages and abilities who are interested in multi-sport training and/or competition.
    Commuter Cycling in Lexington
    Information about commuter cycling at the University of Kentucky and in Lexington from a UK faculty member.
    Cycle Waddy
    A personal site devoted to cycling in and around Waddy and the outer Bluegrass.
    A cycling site from Frankfort.
    Kentucky Rails to Trails
    The Kentucky Rails to Trails Council promotes the conversion of abandoned railways to biking and hiking trails.
    Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Multimodal Programs
    Includes state bicycle and pedistrian programs.
    Lexington-Fayette Greenways
    Government Greenways planning information including trails and bike routes.

    60. Untitled
    IN recumbent cycling. by. Summer 1996. The purpose of this study was to assess theeffect of trunk angle (TA) on power output (POT) during recumbent cycling.
    ABSTRACT THE EFFECT OF TRUNK ANGLE ON POWER PRODUCTION IN RECUMBENT CYCLING by Kelli Danielle Fallquist Palmer Master of Arts in Physical Education California State University, Chico Summer 1996 In the recumbent positions, POTmax, HRmax, and E were not affected by TA when the legs were kept in the same position relative to the ground and gravity. These results suggest that within a small range of aerodynamic cycling postures, TA is not an important consideration in the design of a HPV when speed is the primary consideration.
      RF RU RR

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