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         Roller Derby:     more books (63)
  1. Down and Derby: The Insider's Guide to Roller Derby by Alex Cohen, Jennifer Barbee, 2010-07-13
  2. Roller Derby: The History and All-Girl Revival of the Greatest Sport on Wheels by Catherine Mabe, 2008-11-01
  3. Knockdown Knits: 30 Projects from the Roller Derby Track by Toni Carr, 2008-08-04
  4. Roller Derby Art: Women, Wheels, and Wicked Fun by Sherrie Cullison Pfouts, 2008-10-28
  5. Five Strides on the Banked Track: The Life and Times of the Roller Derby by Frank Deford, 1971-06
  6. A Very Simple Game; The Story of Roller Derby by Herb Michelson, 1971-01-01
  7. Roller Derby to RollerJam: The Authorized Story of an Unauthorized Sport by Keith Coppage, 1999-07-27
  8. Roller Babes: The Story Of The Roller Derby Queen by D. M. Bordner, 2005-12-14
  9. The Renegade Sportsman: Drunken Runners, Bike Polo Superstars, Roller Derby Rebels, Killer Birds and Other Uncommon Thrills on the Wild Frontier of Sports by Zach Dundas, 2010-06-01
  10. Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, 2007-09-04
  11. Roller Derby Classics...and More! by Jim Fitzpatrick, 2005-10-26
  12. International Roller Derby Yearbook by International Roller Derby League, 1967
  13. Roller Derby Films (Study Guide): Whip It, Blood on the Flat Track, Hell on Wheels, Kansas City Bomber, Unholy Rollers, Derby

1. Roller Derby Games Of The T-Birds
Another legendary roller derby team.Category Sports Skating Roller Skating roller derby......ROLLERGAMES.COM without the LA TBIRDS, it ain't roller derby! E-Mailfrom Vinnie Bartilucci . Raquel Welch Randi Whitman Yoko Sasaki .


"...without the L.A. T-BIRDS, it ain't roller derby!"
E-Mail from Vinnie Bartilucci
Raquel Welch
Randi Whitman Yoko Sasaki
"Kansas City Bomber" Raquel Welch, T-Bird Randi Whitman, and Tokyo's Yoko Sasaki
all strike a familiar ROLLERGAMES pose.

A Big RollerHELLO to our recent visitors from
France, Japan, Australia, Italy, Israel, Poland, Netherlands,
Chile, Canada, Germany, England, Portugal, Maylasia,
Argentina, Norway, Brazil, Greece, Mexico and more!
Yasou...G'Day...Konichiwa! This Website is operated by RAM International Inc., RollerGames International, and the Los Angeles T-Birds. E-Mail: FAX: 818-368-2709

New roller derby school opening in California.

3. Roller Derby Astroworf's Five Strides
A few scatterings of pictures, information and links.
Join me in my obsessionRoller Derby. I grew up with the Derby in the late-60s and early-70s. That will be reflected in these pages but there's lots more. For my regulars, most everything is still here, just with a new look. Explore and enjoy and let me know what you think.

4. Roller Derby Los Angeles Turbos - Inline Aggressive Banked Track League!
.. OWN THIS VIDEO roller derby MANIA! Own this video now fromAmazon! Worldwide Webcam roller derby! Watch the Summer Spectacular Video!
Welcome! You've come to THE place for all the inside information on your favorite team. Los Angeles brings you breaking news. News Flash: A new book is now available. Join the free email newsletter today. Newsletter Mailing List Bay City Bombers Web Cast TV
Los Angeles
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OWN THIS VIDEO: FIREBALL! 1950s movie staring Mickey Rooney. Featured in the new 2003 book "Ad-libs and Assaults".
Rated 5 stars! Own this video now. "The best movie ever made about the Derby," Joan Weston. OWN THIS VIDEO: ROLLER DERBY MANIA! Own this video now from Amazon! Just Click on the picture above. Rated 5 stars! The film shows how Leo Seltzer, in 1937 began with a handful of skaters; to turn the derby into a multimillion dollar industry.
Los Angeles TURBO's franchise turns 13 this year. With super talents from roller games over the years helping to bolster the team in gaining a win over the pennant races. Who can forget the sell out crowd in 1992 where EG Miller and Sally Vega brought their rock'em sock'em spirit to their squads. They brought the house down.

5. History Of Roller Derby
One man's take on the history of roller derbyCategory Sports Skating Roller Skating roller derby......
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7. - Community
The American Inline roller derby featuring the world champion Bay City Bombers. Links, schedules, Category Sports Skating Roller Skating roller, Search Search the Web Yellow Pages. Contact the Station.Sign up for ENews. Bay Area Experts, Employment, Travel, Autos, Yellow
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Community Saturday, March 22, 2003 1:58 PM
Rosy Chu's 'Bay Area People'
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Family 2 Family
KTVU's award-winning Family 2 Family, the recipient of many educational and broadcasting awards, has joined the Sylvan Learning Center to honor the Bay Area's top educators including Robin Pang, of San Carlos Charter Learning Center, who is pictured left. More Details
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8. Roller Derby: Joan Weston, Bombers - The Highest Paid Female In Women's Sports -
Fan letters, photos, and drawings of original roller derby star Joan Weston.
roller derby joan weston roller skates You've asked, now this ebook is also available on a CD! Fan Mail To The Queen Of The Roller Derby
Joanie Weston, the queen of the roller derby, succumbed to a rare form of Mad Cow disease, Creutzfeldt- Jakob in 1997, yet her memory continues to inspire the world:

*In 1998 a new CBS/TNN TV Show RollerJam is created in her spirit.
*In 1999 her life story sold to Goldie Hawn Productions.
*In 2002 writers for Charlie's Angels II utilize her athletic character.
*NOW: a inspirational new eBook you Can own now. Private Fan letters to the queen of the roller derby... a new ebook... This book is a collectors edition. It has stories, photo's, drawings and rare fan letters written to a sports legend. "The Blonde Bomber" is one of the greatest roller derby players in the history of the sport. By the time she completed a 50-year career in 1997, she had performed in thousands of professional matches. She was recognized as the highest paid female athlete of the 1960s and 70s.
Hundreds of fan letters and photo's were unearthed when old league files were discovered. The letters date back years, and document the athletes life through her fans emotion filled writings.

9. ARSD - Roller Derby Action
Official websiteCategory Sports Skating Roller Skating roller derby......Please visit our new, updated site at http//
Please visit our new, updated site at:

10. Derby
A directory with links to roller derby sites on the internet.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated ROLLER DERBY - GENERAL

11. Roller Derby Games E-NEWS
It has, for over 40 years, been the preeminent roller derby event aroundthe world, so we kind of expected something, but not quite like this.
RollerGames E-NEWS February 12, 2001
Tell your friends!
T-Birds on ESPN Classic Every Saturday!
It's "Breakfast in bed" with the L.A. T-Birds! Now you can watch the Roller Super Stars of ROLLERGAMES, every Saturday morning (Experience the excitement!) at 6:00am (Eastern) on ESPN Classic . The T-Birds are pleased to be part of this inspired cable outlet and be a part of its' family of classic sports, stars, and tradition. For a complete schedule that goes through June 2001, please go to our TV Schedule pgae. To get ESPN Classic placed on your cable system, contact ESPN Classic here. Let them know you're there!
RG2K Global: The Countries That Visit!
Worldwide interest in ROLLERGAMES 2000 has continued at a rapid pace. International demand for RG2K has increased tremendously since Bill Griffiths Sr. made his announcement concerning the return of RollerGames. As a follow up to our previous story about RGI's international presence, we have compiled the countries "tuning in" to the continuing story of RG2K's development. Because the list is rather lengthy, the countries are listed alphabetically. We'd like to take this moment to, once again, thank all our visitors and fans worldwide. It's the ultimate testament to the outstanding 40 year legacy of the World Champion L.A. T-Birds

12. Roller Derby Directory
roller derby Top Sites in the worldreviews, links and more. Links, schedules, TV, roller derby, Roller Games and RollerJam Athlete profiles.
Home Search Tips Top Sports : Roller Derby See Also: Roller Derby TopSites (Add your site)

13. Roller Derby - Inline Aggressive Banked Track League - Bombers - The Sport Of Th
Provides a schedule for live events, television schedule, web-cast, and official training news.Category Sports Skating Roller Skating roller derby......roller derby's, bay city bombers bombers - inline agressive banked track skatingsport. Welcome! The official roller derby play book is finally here.
Welcome! You've come to THE place for all the inside information on your favorite team and the wordl's favorite sport. Keep Checkin' for updates as we bring you breaking news on the hottest derby action in the world! Join our free email newsletter. Ask your favorite skater for an autographed color postcard. Newsletter Mailing List Los Angeles Turbos
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Voted the prettiest woman in
all of professional sports... Brian GALLAGHER The most talented man on skates - 'blade' Patsy DELGADO 45-time speed skater champion and supermom is a derby legend Chris MARTINEZ The fastest man on 4 wheeled skates! Roman LACSON Fights for America's freedoms in the Navy National Guard and avenges all evil in the Bombers Liz McCLUSKEY Fame and a husband found her on the banked track Cory ATKINSON 4 generations of derby keep this man on his toes Kelly RYAN Killer Kelly, the epitome of beauty and speed

14. Golden Sports TV
Broadcasts events from the 1950s, 1960s, and early 1970s, including football, college football, baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing, wrestling, roller derby, championship bowling. Subscription information and programming guide available.

15. Stacey Blitsch - The Queen Of The Derby - Bombers
Stacey Blitsch, roller derby's, bay city bombers The 21st century Queen of. The roller derby. Get A free autographed color postcard from Stacey.
The 21st century Queen of
The roller derby Get A free autographed color postcard from Stacey. [Click Here] Include your US mailing address in your email. Free electronic newsletter
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OWN THIS VIDEO: FIREBALL! 1950s movie staring Mickey Rooney. [Click on Picture to Order] Featured in the new 2003 book "Adlibs and Assaults".
Five Star Rated Own this video now. "The best movie ever made about the Derby," Joan Weston. [You will be taken to Amazon to order] Get a copy of the book: FAN LETTERS TO THE QUEEN OF THE ROLLER DERBY, with the Tribute by Stacey Blitsch. Read more about this amazing ebook. [Click Here] The 21st Century Queen of the roller derby is on a Roll! Leaving Iowa, becoming a coach, working in national TV and International Movies; Stacey Blitsch opens doors wherever she is. She's on a roll with her dynamic career and stellar abilities.

16. Offers Rollerskating Information, Rollerskate Links, Pictures,
A quad skating page with extensive photo gallery,an events calendar and maillist. It features roller disco and roller derby pages.
Where to buy rollerskates Where to buy rollerskates

17. Roller Derby Los Angeles Turbos - Inline Aggressive Banked Track
roller derby's, Los Angeles Turbos thunderbirds - sport

18. Inline Skates From The Skate Depot
Inline skates from Bont, Kobra, Riedell, roller derby, and Tour.
Logo design by inline skates
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Shipping ... Scooters Inline Skates This page gives information about the products offered in the category of: inline skates . To find a product, please use the search program. We are very proud to offer a complete range of the the most popular and highest quality brands available anywhere. Inline Skates, Speed Inline Skates, Recreational Bont Roller Derby Riedell Riedell Tour The Best Brands! Inline Skates, Aggressive Razors Other items available for inline skates BSB
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19. Roller Derby Top Ten
TOP TEN WAYS TO REVIVE INTEREST IN THE roller derby. 10 Electrified PenaltyBoxes. ..And the number one way to revive interest in the roller derby
#10...Electrified Penalty Boxes
#9...Real Smuckers Jam in jammers' helmets
#8...Racquel Welch as the Kansas City Bomber
#7...The Wall of Death! (oh, that didn't work)
#6...Alligators on the infield! (oh, that didn't work either)
#5...Barbed-wire railings
#4...Bay City Bombers outBaywatch Babes in
#3...Add a third, transgender squad to each team
#2...Half-time match race: Everybody vs. that wench that divorced Seltzer
...And the number one way to revive interest in the Roller Derby...
Clone Ann Calvello
BACK to Derby Fun RETURN to Astroworf's Five Strides

20. The Brady Bunch Vs. The Partridge Family @ WWWF Grudge Match
What if the Brady Bunch competed for the roller derby championship?
World Wide Web Fights presents
The Setting
Backa-wacka wow, wakka wakka, backa-wacka wow "Hi, this is Bob, along with my esteemed colleague Bob, LIVE from The Forum (tm) in Los Angeles, California for the third and deciding game in the battle for The President's Cup, the highest prize in Roller Derby! So, Bob, what do you make of tonight's match-up?" "Well, Bob, it doesn't get any better than this. Tonight's battle will be a test of endurance, speed, experience, strength, and brute force. And no one in the country has better combinations of those than our two teams meeting here tonight. I just spoke with Reuben, the Partridge Coach, and he says his troops are pumped and ready to go. I haven't been able to talk to Sam, however, as he closed his locker room to the press after that incident last week, but we all know that the Brady's will be fired up. The crowd's going wild; it's gonna be a great one, Bob."
The Brady Bunch
The Partridge Family
The Commentary
STEVE: Well Brian, this match-up was a long time in coming, but it's worth it. And I'm glad it's not one of those sissy "Battle of the Bands" scenarios that seem so prevalent lately. This promises to be a Roller Derby match for the ages.

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