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         Roller Skating:     more books (100)
  1. Zoe The Skating Fairy (Sports Fairies) by Daisy Meadows, 2010-04-01
  2. The Complete Book of Roller Skating by Ann-Victoria Phillips, 1981-03
  3. Roller Skating for Gold by David H. Lewis, 1997-01-09
  4. Roller-Skating As a Spiritual Discipline: Meditations by Christopher Buice, 2001-11
  5. Down and Derby: The Insider's Guide to Roller Derby by Alex Cohen, Jennifer Barbee, 2010-07-13
  6. The Roller Skating Book by Lavada Weir, 1980-03
  7. Roller Skating: Fundamentals and Techniques by Sharon Kay Stoll, 1983-04
  8. Roller-Skating by Jack Trap, 1980-04-24
  9. Better Roller Skating: The Key to Improved Performance by Richard Arnold, 1977-05
  10. Roller Derby: The History and All-Girl Revival of the Greatest Sport on Wheels by Catherine Mabe, 2008-11-01
  11. Get Rolling, the Beginner's Guide to In-line Skating, Third Edition by Liz Miller, 2003-03-03
  12. Winning Roller Skating: Figure and Freestyle by Randy Dayney, 1977-02
  13. The History of Roller Skating by James Turner, Micheal Zaidman, 1997-06
  14. Roller Skates! (level 2) (Hello Reader) by Stephanie Calmenson, 1992-10-01

1. Home - NMRS
Images and articles about the history of roller skating, along with a store.

2002 Nationals Alumni Reunion
Welcome to the National Museum of Roller Skating! Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, the museum captures the colorful history and the promising future of one of America’s favorite sports.
Mission Statement
Roller skating is the shared experience of many through recreation, sport and business. The National Museum of Roller Skating is committed to enriching people’s lives by increasing their understanding and enjoyment of roller skating’s past.
About the Museum
The museum exists as an autonomous entity to acquire, preserve, research and interpret the history of roller skating through its collection of artifacts, photographs, archival materials and other skating memorabilia. Its purpose is to sponsor and carry on activities and exhibits in order to educate both the general public and those associated with roller skating as a sport, business and recreation. It strives to document roller skating’s historical progression, current status and its future development, in context of the associated people and

Site officiel de la Fédération Française de roller skating

3. Roller Skating Resources
Flanders Inline Skating Indoor 2003. Envoyé par RollerSkating le 24/02/2003 à 0823
Roller Skating Resources
This page provides access to text versions of the following Roller Skating documents, which are maintained by George Robbins, and to some other Roller Skating resources out on the web.
Please mail comments, questions or contributions to
Conventional Roller Skating FAQ's
Thinking about Opening a Rink? I'm a skater, not an operator - so please click here...
Roller Skating Rink Directory
You are most heartily encouraged to submit additional entries or comments for the Roller Skating Rink Directory, please see the

4. British Artistic Roller Skating
Provides reviews of gear, profiles of male and female professional and amateur skaters, message boards, news, and links to timely skating resources.

This site has information on artistic roller skating: where you can do it, who governs it, what tests you can do, championship results, calendar of events, club and rink directory and lots more besides. If you have any questions please email
Nick Mallinson on

This site uses frames, unfortunately your browser does not support them. In order to see the British Artistic Roller Skating site you must use either Microsoft's Internet Explorer v3 or 4, or you must user v2, 3 or 4

5. Home
roller skating clipart, pictures and animated images. Includes speed skating, artistic skating, animals skating, cartoon characters, and other images with a skating theme.
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ROLLER SKATING PICS AND ANIMATIONS Home Page Favorite Links Page Welcome To My Roller Skating Picture Page
I have put together a collection of roller skating pictures, clipart and animations for the avid skating fan. They can be used for web pages, cards or just about anything.
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!tzalist Free Stuff Directory
ROLLERSKATERS RING Join Now Ring Hub Random Rcolors = new Array("#FF9473","#FFCE9C","#FFFF9C","#EFF8AD","#C6EF8C","#A5DE94","#94D6CE","#94D6E7","#949CCE","#9C7BBD","#CE84C6","#E78CC6");Ccnt = Rcolors.length;document.write (''); !tzalist - CLIPARTS and GRAPHICS RING document.write (''); Join Now Ring Hub Random < Prev ... Next >> 100% CLIPART ONLINE A-Z Join Now Ring Hub Random Free Graphics Ring Join Now Ring Hub Random < Prev ... Next >> CHECK OUT THE INDEX PAGE BELOW... KYLIES ROLLERSKATING PICS CHECK OUT Westies On Wheels , An Awesome Site !! This is a fabulous site that uses a little of my clipart and animations so check it out ! .

6. Sainte Geneviève Sports - RolleR SkatinG
Artistique, danse, course (calendrier des comp©titions fran§aises) et randonn©es diverses. R©sultats, forum, liens.
Pour entrer sur le site de l'Artistique et de la Danse...... Pour entrer sur le site de la Course et de la Randonnée....... Pour entrer sur le site de l'Artistique et de la Danse...... Pour entrer sur le site de la Course et de la Randonnée.......

7. Roller Skating Rinks
roller skating rinks around the world for recreational skating, artistic skating and roller hockey. roller skating Rinks. Australia. Canada. Mexico. United Kingdom
zfp=-1 About Sports Inline Skating Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Inline Skating
with Kathie Fry
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS 250 Skating Articles Big Skating Adventures Skate Buying Guide ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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Roller Skating Rinks Australia


United Kingdom
... Other Rink Directories
More roller skating rink directories. Resources for Rink Operators Trade organizations, legal issues, and more. Where to Skate - Main Menu Main menu for all of the "places to skate" information on this Web site. Information is organized by location. Artistic Skating - Main Menu Main menu for all of the artistic skating information on this Web site. Roller Hockey - Main Menu Main menu for all of the roller hockey information on this Web site. Top 10 News Calendar Articles ... Home Subscribe to the Inline Skating Newsletter Name Email Recent Discussions Inline Skating Join these forum conversations Ricky Pelletier Memorial Skate Jam 04/05 Any PLaces to skate in Honolulu Hawaii Marathon Tips Start a chat now!

A brief history of roller skating from the US Olympic Committee site.Category Sports Skating roller skating...... He envisioned roller skating as a pastime for the rich alone, but soon after hispatents expired, cheaper imitations flooded the market and skating became
N o one is really sure when the first roller skates were used. It is likely that the first roller skates were an adaptation of ice skates and were used for transportation rather than sport. The first recognized inventor of roller skates was a Belgian manufacturer named Joseph Merlin. He produced the first roller skates with metal wheels in 1760. He presented his invention in London at a formal ball and rolled across the floor playing an expensive violin. The story is told that because his skates were unable to be turned or stopped, he glided gracefully into a huge mirror and suffered serious injuries. The first time roller skates were "successfully" seen in public was in 1849, when Frenchman Louis Legrange used roller skates to simulate ice skating in the play Le Prophete. He created his skates by mounting tiny rollers down the center of ice skates. In the mid 1800s, a number of other inventors took up the call and many different types of skates were produced. All, however, suffered the same problems Merlin's skates had: the inability to be effectively controlled or stopped. New Yorker James Plimpton solved the problem of controlling skates in 1863. Plimpton's skates used a rubber cushion to anchor the axles. This cushion would compress when the body was leaned, enabling the wheels of the skate to turn slightly when the skater shifted his or her weight. Plimpton's design is considered the basis for the modern roller skate.

9. Roller Skating Association International, The Voice Of The Rollerskating Industr
A trade organization for rink owners. Includes a "rink locator" directory.Category Sports Skating roller skating Organizations......The RSA roller skating rink operators industry business news and informationsite. 2003 Convention. roller skating Business Magazine. RSA Classifieds.
Welcome to Roller Skating Association International, the voice of the roller skating industry. New Tickets
for Low Prices!
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(Adobe Acrobat File) Especially for Kids,
Adults and Skaters of All Ages
Rink Locator
Roller Roo's Skating Safety Skate Parties ...
2003 Convention Coming Up!
Don't forget to renew your
RSA Membership!
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for a listing of
great benefits that come with RSA membership. USA Roller Sports Announces First Annual Congress and Expo click for info
Especially for Skating Centers
Skating Center Suppliers
2003 Convention Roller Skating Business Magazine RSA Classifieds ... Virtual Tradeshow NEW Pepsi Program for Members Especially for Those Interested in Membership or Rink Ownership About RSA Member Benefits Thinking About Starting a Rink? Especially for Roller Skating Assn. Members Members Only area includes: RSA News RSA Products RSA Assistance Action Figures Award Winners Baby Toys Dolls Great Deals Puzzles Barbie Kids' Books Kids' Videos Kids' Music DOWNLOAD: Artistic Skating Study Guide AND 2001 Update to Study Guide Please visit our friends at Need to get in touch with us?

10. Association Sportive Toutes Aides Roller Skating
vers le nouveau site de l'ASTA

11. The History Of Roller Skating And The Roller Skate
Evolution of roller skating. Rolling Through the Years These days business.Where To Find More Historical roller skating Facts. The
Evolution of Roller Skating Rolling Through the Years These days, you simply go to the skating center, put wheels on your feet and you're ready for fun, food, music, games and skating. Two centuries ago, it wasn't quite so easy. A Belgian inventor named Joseph Merlin introduced the first recorded roller skate in 1760. And, what an introduction he made! He wore his new skates to a party in London, where he crashed into an expensive mirror. He wasn't very interested in skating after this experience. However, other inventors produced some roller skate models, most with in-line wheels to imitate an ice skating blade. The first patent ever taken out on a roller skate was for an in-line skate in 1819. The patent went to Monsieur Petitbled, who claimed that people using his skates could do the same tricks as ice skaters. However, skating turns and curves with Petitbled's skate proved to be a major difficulty, if not impossible. In 1863, James Plimpton, a businessman from Massachusetts, invented a roller skate that could turn. It was called a "rocking" skate the first one that really let people skate curves and turn. Plimpton opened a skating club in New York where gentlemen enjoyed showing off for the ladies by doing fancy figures, steps and turns. Within 20 years, roller skating had become a popular pastime for men and women. Wealthy men in Newport, R.I., played "roller polo," a hockey game. Others held contests in dance and figure skating. Outdoors, men and women were racing in speed contests. The more the public saw of skating, the more they wanted to try it themselves. The roller skating industry started to prosper.

12. RollAir Skating Center & Skate Sales
roller skating information, hours, history of rollair, birthday information and skate sales.
Visit My Message Board
SCHOOLS OUT, SCHOOLS OUT SPRING BREAK HOURS (SCHOOL'S OUT NEXT ALL DAY SKATE ON WEDS MAR 19 8-5) (ALL DAY $10.00 1/2 DAY $5.00 2 HOURS ($2.50) (FRI) 7-10/7-12 (SAT) 130-430/7-10 (SUN) 130-430 Welcome to the internet home of RollAir Skating Center and Skate sales! Click here or on the link to the left to see our Online Catalog of Quad Skates, Inline Skates, wheels and accessories. You can order online and have the skates shipped to you. Roll-Air Skating Center is located in historic Mt. Dora, FL. It was built in
1961. It is the only roller skating center in the state of Florida with both

13. FISS - Federation Of Inline Speedskating
Affiliated to (Federation of International roller skating), CERS(Confederation of European roller skating) and the CEC

14. Roller Skating Links
roller skating Links. This page is basically a snapshot of the RollerSkating related sections of my webbrowser bookmarks . As
Roller Skating Links
This page is basically a snapshot of the Roller Skating related sections of my web-browser "bookmarks". As such it attempts to provide links to interesting things related to Roller Skating, but doesn't really pretend to be all that comprehensive or well organized.
If there's something you think that I should know about, drop me a note, but I don't promise to maintain these links on an item by item basis.
Any mention of "Skating" not otherwise qualified should be assumed to refer to Roller Skating!
Skating the Infobahn is the premier In-line Skating link site, but also includes some Roller and Ice Skating stuff. Sandra's Skate Web is similar, but Ice Skating oriented. The others entries are the various skating related FAQ's.
Skating the Infobahn
Yahoo! - Roller Skating
Sandra Loosemore's Skate Web (ice)
Welcome to* FAQ ...
Roller Soccer Info
Skating Rinks
These are Roller Rink Directories and web pages that have substantial information about a particular rink
Note that commercial/developed in-line and hockey rinks are included, but not ad-hoc rinks or rink-less hockey leagues!!!

15. Embassy Roller Skating Center
Information on roller skating, public skating schedule, USA roller hockey, weekends dance club, Delaware Valley USA roller hockey tournaments, and the Embassy speed skating team.
2229 East Buck Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073
Phone:(215) 679-3800, (215) 679-4800, (215) 679-2735, (215) 679-2672 Fax:(215) 679-2744
Welcome to the Embassy Skating Center and Weekends Dance Clubs Web Page. From here you can find information on Roller Skating, Embassy Public Skating Sessions Embassy Day Camp USA Roller Hockey Weekends Dance Club , and Delaware Valley USA Roller Hockey Tournaments Hockey Links: Click here for our Winter Skating Schedule. Photos from our Valentines Party Click Here Click here for our Easter sessions Visit the Roller Skating Associations web site click here Official State site for the RS Web . Visit the PA State site home page.
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Promotes Speed Skating around the worldCategory Sports Skating roller skating Speed Skating......Copyright 19972003 Dave Festa (RS Web) Lastupdated - 502 AM 3/10/2003 Spamboom.
Last updated - 5:02 AM 3/10/2003 Spamboom

17. Embassy Roller Skating Center
Rink in Pennsburg, PACategory Sports Skating roller skating Venues...... From here you can find information on roller skating, Embassy Public Skating Sessions,Embassy Day Camp, USA Roller Hockey, Weekends Dance Club, and Delaware
2229 East Buck Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073
Phone:(215) 679-3800, (215) 679-4800, (215) 679-2735, (215) 679-2672 Fax:(215) 679-2744
Welcome to the Embassy Skating Center and Weekends Dance Clubs Web Page. From here you can find information on Roller Skating, Embassy Public Skating Sessions Embassy Day Camp USA Roller Hockey Weekends Dance Club , and Delaware Valley USA Roller Hockey Tournaments Hockey Links: Click here for our Winter Skating Schedule. Photos from our Valentines Party Click Here Click here for our Easter sessions Visit the Roller Skating Associations web site click here Official State site for the RS Web . Visit the PA State site home page.
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18. Roll'x Inline Skate Wheels
Inline skate wheels manufacturing and distribution for aggressive, fitness and race roller skating.
Bienvenue sur le site ROLL'X
Roues Roulements
et Micro-roulements
pour le Hockey , le patinage d' Entrainement et de Vitesse
Roues et Roulements pour trotinettes
Roues et Roulements pour roller-skis
: Notre toute nouvelle gamme de roller-skis. Visitez notre revendeur en Allemagne : Passer sur le site en Anglais . Switch to the English website. Tel: 04 50 56 94 97 Fax: 04 50 56 95 17 Email:

19. British Roller Skating Home Page
Click here for the roller skating Web. News. FARS You can now find the officialweb site of the Federation of Artistic roller skating at.
Today's date:
Saturday, 22nd, March 2003
Roller Skating Boots Many years of experience and a tradition of success, have developed skating boots that are a breath of fresh air in the market, which has not seen innovations for long time. Championship results
This Seasons Results are all

on the FARS web site

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Guest book
Dance Music Orchestral and Organ DANCE music CDs David Lowe Organ Music Internet Solutions for Business Roller Skating Classified ad's Place your FREE! See What's On in our Calendar of Events or Add YOUR own event News New Skating Web Site Skating Friends, the new web site that went live on 26 January 2003 can be found at

20. Florham Park Roller Skating Rink
Rink in Florham Park, NJ, USA.Category Sports Skating roller skating Venues......Click to Enter Our thoughts and prayers go outto the victims in the attack on America
Click to Enter
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims in the attack on America

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