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         Rope Skipping:     more books (107)
  1. Schoolyard Rhymes: Kids' Own Rhymes for Rope-Skipping, Hand Clapping, Ball Bouncing, and Just Plain Fun by Judy Sierra, 2005-07-12
  2. Jump Rope Training by Buddy Lee, 2003-04-23
  3. Jump Rope Training - 2nd Edition by Buddy Lee, 2010-06-04
  4. RopeSport: The Ultimate Jump Rope Workout by Martin Winkler, 2007-08-10
  5. Over in the Pink House: New Jump-Rope Rhymes by Rebecca Kai Dotlich, 2004-09
  6. Chinese Jump Rope by Sheree S. Marty, 1994-05
  7. Jump Rope Magic by Afi Scruggs, 1999-11
  8. The Jump Rope Book & the Jump Rope (Classic Games) by Elizabeth Loredo, 1996-01-04
  9. The Jump Rope Book by Glen Vecchione, 1996-06-30
  10. Rope skipping for fun and fitness by Bob Melson, 1986
  11. Rope Skipping by Henner B÷ttcher, 2006
  12. Rope skipping;: Rhythms, routines, rhymes by Paul Smith, 1969
  13. The Skipping-Rope Snake by Carol Ann Duffy, 2005-06
  14. Skipping the Rope for Fun and Fitness by Frank B. Prentup, 1986-10

1. European Rope Skipping Organization
Rulebook, news, country contacts, skills list, materials directory, results, and pictures.Category Sports rope skipping......Everything about this awsome Sport
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2. Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association
Hong Kong rope skipping Association ­»´ä¸õ·Á`· Introduction ¾ú¥v rope skipping, with its long history, has been a popular sport in North America and Europe for years. It only takes some little space and a piece of ropw while players
Hong Kong Rope Skipping Association

Rope skipping, with its long history, has been a popular sport in North America and Europe for years. It only takes some little space and a piece of ropw while players only need to wear light clothes. Rope skipping is also very popular in Asia. We often see lots of skipping-iovers playing this game almost everywhere: in sports ground, at schools or schools or even on the street. It is easy-to-learn and easy-to-play. It is a sports activity suitable for all ages.
In 1995, students from the Sports Science and Physical Education of the Chinese University of Hong Kong were invited by the Regional Council to organize a skipping team for demostrating rope skipping techniques in the "International Challenge Day '95". The demonstrations were highly commented, laying a cornerstone for the establishment of HKRSA with supports from all parties concerned. HKRSA was formally established on September 1st 1997, upon the formation of the Board of Directors and election of the first Executive Committee, the foundation ceremony was held successfully. Moreover, HKRSA is honored to have Mr. Chrung Yan-lung, JP., acting as the Honorary President, making a new milestone in the history of HKRSA.
Aims and Activities
HKRSA aims at promoting rope skipping as a healthy sport through various kinds of activities like organizing seminars, day camps and training courses for school teachers to understand and learn the techniques of rope skipping so that they can teach their students to play the game correctly. HKRSA also plans to publish books and videos on rope skipping and design and make various kinds of rope catering for different techniques and skipping methods. Skipping performance tours will be organized to demonstrate and promote rope skipping in secondary and primary schools and to the community at large with an aim to popularize the game.

3. Real Rope Skipping
in reply I just shrug my shoulders and pick up my rope to show them that jumpingover a rope can be taken much farther than a rhyme and that rope skipping is a

Home Need Help? Sport History ...
Guest Book

Jump Rope is a growing sport on both national and international levels, yet it is afflicted with the stereotypes of old nursery rhymes so often attributed to it. Whenever I mention to someone that I jump rope they often ask me why or think to themselves, "that girl needs to find a real sport"...well, in reply I just shrug my shoulders and pick up my rope to show them that jumping over a rope can be taken much farther than a rhyme and that rope skipping is a competitive sport and is becoming even more competitive every year. So, when did "Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around..." become a real sport? During the last few decades, a lot of work has gone into making jump rope a sport that will endure and one day everyone involved hopes to have it accepted and competed as an Olympic sport. We're not off to a bad start, but we have lots of work to do in order to inform people that jump rope can be taken farther than a nursery rhyme. See an example in Real Video: Competition Routine:

4. Burgenländischer Rope Skipping Verein
Der Verein stellt sich vor. Mit Trainingszeiten, Erkl¤rungen zum Sport und Regelbuch f¼r ¶sterreichische Meisterschaften, sowie Links.'','ptbVGXlzhH1Uk','width=488,height=50'); Sorry, Ihr Browser unterstützt leider keine Frames.
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5. Canadian Rope Skipping Federation
Promotes the sport throughout Canada. Features an events calendar and results, rules and regulations, Category Sports rope skipping...... Come see what is happening in Canada with our sport of. rope skipping .
Fédération de saut à la corde du Canada
Canadian Rope Skipping Federation
Venez voir un nouveau sport au Canada, le
Come see what is happening in Canada with our sport of
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6. Rope Skipping Specialists - Ihre Experten Rund Um Ropeskipping, Seilspringen Und
Neben einem OnlineShop mit Seilen, B¼chern und anderem Material werden einige Tipps und Tricks gegeben und die Geschichte des rope skipping dargestellt.
Springen Sie hinein in die Welt des Rope Skippings Rope Skipping , oder auch Ropeskipping, ist zwar die Trendsportart der Jahre 2000/2001, aber ein Trend, der schon seit Jahren in deutschen Schulen und Vereinen gewachsen ist. Shop Wer wir sind? Wir sind die Rope Skipping Specialists
Da unsere beide Firmen privat sehr eng mit den Rope Skipping Teams und verbunden sind, entschlossen wir uns, berufliche Synergien zu nutzen und dieses Online- Rope-Skipping-Forum auf den Markt zu bringen. Durch unsere Zusammenarbeit mit den und
Rope Skipping Specialists

7. Ropeskipping.BE
Instructors, movies, judges and event information.Category Sports rope skipping......Ropeskipping.BE. The Belgian Jump rope skipping Portal jump,rope,skippingClick here to enter http//
The Belgian Jump Rope Skipping Portal
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Championship results, records and rankings. Search by country, event, skipper, or team.Category Sports rope

9. Rope
Puma und die AOK informieren gemeinsam ¼ber die Geschichte des Seilspringens und den Einfluss auf die Gesundheit. Dazu gibt es Angaben zu Fortbildungen und anderen Workshops. AuŸerdem werden ein Forum und ein Quiz geboten, in dem man sein soeben gelerntes Wissen testen kann. Ben¶tigt Flash

10. Welcome To USA Jump Rope's Homepage
Information about USA Jump Rope, how to start a team, board of directors, camps, tournaments, judging, Category Sports rope skipping...... if % . What is USA Jump Rope? USA Jump Rope is dedicated to the promotionof the sport of jump rope. traveling. USA Jump Rope Services.
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What is USA Jump Rope?
USA Jump Rope is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of jump rope. Our purpose is to inspire, motivate and educate children and adults through the unlimited opportunities that jump rope provides. Our goals include:
  • To promote physical fitness through jump rope as a life-time sport. To foster confidence, discipline, responsibility and leadership. Be an informational and educational network for jump rope activities and materials. Help set standards for terminology and procedures for jump rope competitions. Provide representation for the sport on the international level.
You can find out much more about our organization, benefits of membership, history, and programs.
USA Jump Rope Services
Do you want to become a member of USA Jump Rope? Need to communicate with other jump ropers, or USA Jump Rope? Would you like to purchase jump rope merchandise? Want to find links to other jump rope teams, or other organizations? Then you've come to the right place.

11. Fun & Fitness - Fitness Focus
Short summary of the aims and activities of the association, and an email link for membership enquiries .Category Sports rope skipping...... British rope skipping Association. Judges and coaches training courses Britishrules and standards for rope skipping as well as to promote skipping.
Introduction Skipping is a great way to keep fit and will help improve cardio-respiratory fitness, flexibility and co-ordination. I use skipping in all of my Fitness Classes and the participants always have great fun! Skipping is fun! Until last year, I had problems finding skipping ropes that were of good quality and that would last more than a few classes! A search for 'Skipping Ropes' on Yahoo eventually led me to web site ' ' which in turn led me to Health Promotions Loughborough Ltd, a company which specialises in the supply of skipping ropes... Rachel Cook is Secretary of the British Rope Skipping Association, is also the Managing Director of Health Promotions (Loughborough) Ltd and has provided the following information about the Association and her company.
British Rope Skipping Association The British Rope Skipping Association was formed in March 1997 to provide all aspects of Rope Skipping with an organisation to bring together the many clubs, schools and individuals to develop the sport. The Association aims to provide: Workshops for teachers/instructors...

Information on the benefits of skipping, choosing your rope, plus online store with full catalogue Category Shopping Sports rope skipping...... Whether you call it Skipping, rope skipping, Jump Roping or Rope Jumping it isthe best activity to help fight Heart Disease, Obesity, Type II Diabetes, and
For Kids
JumpFit For Kids

Double Dutch
For Individual Fitness
School/Club/Team Rope Orders
Single Ropes

Double Dutch
Resource Materials
Custom Ropes
Orders and Inquiries
About Jump2bFit
Order Jump2bFit
Whether you call it Skipping, Rope Skipping, Jump Roping or Rope is the best activity to help fight Heart Disease, Obesity, Type II Diabetes, and Osteoporosis while improving strength and fitness. We are the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of high quality beaded and speed style skipping ropes and rope jumping resource materials and programs. Single jump ropes, long ropes, and double dutch ropes are available in a variety of styles and colors for school, club or personal use. All of our products are made in North America. is operated by Atec Marketing Limited (Canada) and Heartbeat Enterprises, Inc. (USA)

13. Willkommen Bei Den Funky Frogs
Das RopeSkipping-Team vom TV Crumstadt stellt sich und seinen Sport mit Erl¤uterungen zu Was ist rope skipping? , Bildern und Presseberichten vor. AuŸerdem werden eine Termin¼bersicht, Wettkampfergebnisse, ein Forum sowie Links geboten.
auf der Homepage der Rope-Skipping-Gruppe "Funky Frogs" vom Turnverein 1903 Crumstadt e.V.!!!

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14. Rope Skipping Info-Page
Stefan Lerch informiert ¼ber rope skipping, dessen Effekte auf den K¶rper und vertreibt ein SpeedTrainings-Set.
Stefan Lerch's Rope Skipping
Jump Rope
Info Page Was ist RS? Was bringt's? Shop Fotos ... Workshop / CH-Meisterschaft Jump
the experts!

15. Aboutwelcome
Welcome to ERSO. Welcome to the European rope skipping Organisation! Indeed, ropeskipping already existed centuries ago as an exercice of physical endurance.
Welcome to ERSO
Welcome to the European Rope Skipping Organisation! You have now entered a world with an old history and very new evolutions. Indeed, rope skipping already existed centuries ago as an exercice of physical endurance. About 15 years ago rope skipping in its actual form flew over from the USA to Europe. Its strong development was due to the American PE teacher Richard Cendali, who tried out various tricks and skills with his students. Through promotion all over the country and also across the borders, a real rope skipping organisation was created, and became in 1993 an European organisation. There are different reasons which make rope skipping so attractive. First of all: everybody, boy or girl, young or old, beginner or expert, can enjoy the sport. And all you need is a rope and a good pair of sportshoes. Rope skipping improves your condition, power, coordination, flexibility and team spirit. But most important of all is creativity! The sport allows you to create your own style, to discover new combinations and to amuse the spectators. Roger Smithies
European Rope Skipping Organisation
April, 2002

16. Rope Skipping In Einer 5. Klasse
Jirco Cesal

Rope Skipping in einer 5. Klasse
  • Thema der Unterrichtseinheit

  • Rope Skipping
  • Thematische Gliederung

  • 2. Stunde: Erlernen des Grundsprunges des Rope Skipping
    2. Desweiteren wird das Seil oft als Mittel zur Sprungkraftschulung und Ausdauerverbesserung genutzt.
    Technik des Grundsprunges:
  • Lernvoraussetzungen
    Sachstruktureller Entwicklungstand Ziele Intentionen
  • motorisch: kognitiv: - Rhythmusschulung mit Musik oder Partner sozial- affektiv: - Umgang mit Frustration
  • Stundenziel Teillernziele
  • TLZ 3 - bekommen ein Einblick in die Vielfalt der Sprungvariationen.
  • Rahmenplanbezug
  • S. 17
  • Auswahl des Unterrichtsgegenstands Reduktion Methodische Grundkonzeption
  • Wenn die Sch nicht alle Bewegungsformen in dieser Phase finden, gibt der L die restlichen Techniken vor.
  • Literatur
  • - Baumann, N.: Rope Skipping eine neue Form des Seilspringens, in: Lehrerbriefe, GUV - Wieser, R.: Rope Skipping - Seilchen springen auf andere Art, in: Leichtathletiktraining 6 (1995), 1/2, 12-16. 8 Verlaufsplanung Zeit / Phasen Geplanter Unterrichtsverlauf Didaktischer Kommentar Einstieg Aktions- und Sozialform: Sitzkreis, Spiel, Lehrerdemonstration, PA, EA

    17. Rope Skipping / Ropeskipping Demonstration Team Springmäuse
    Informationen über rope skipping / Ropeskipping von den Weltrekordhaltern, dem Ropeskipping Demonstration Team Springmäuse rope skipping ist ein neuer, schneller und unheimlich vielseitiger Sport, bei dem zu fetziger Musik und mit
    Was ist Rope Skipping? Geschichte des Rope Skippings Tipps und Tricks
    Rope Skipping
    ist ein neuer, schneller und unheimlich vielseitiger Sport, bei dem zu fetziger Musik und mit Spezialsprungseilen die unglaublichsten Seiltricks gesprungen werden. Dank der neuartigen Seile und des verbesserten Sprungstils erlebt jeder schon nach sehr kurzer Zeit erste Erfolge. Durch Rope Skipping werden Ausdauer Koordination Sprungkraft und Gruppenerleben im Vordergrund steht.
    Denn in der Gruppe zu springen, das bringt die wahre Dimension des Rope Skippings zum Vorschein. Denn nur in der Gruppe kann man die dieses Trendsports ausleben. Mit den Hauptdisziplinen Single Rope (Springen mit einem Seil), Double Dutch (zwei lange Seil im Gegenrhythmus) und Wheel Single Rope Double Dutch Wheel Erfolgserlebnisse haben, aber auch Fortgeschrittenen, die schon jahrelang dabei sind, keine Grenzen Seile und mehr findet ihr bei den

    18. Canadian Rope Skipping Federation
    Canadian rope skipping Federation promoting the joy of jump rope (rope skipping)across Canada. This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.
    This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    19. Dutch Rope Skipping Committee
    News, tricks list, records, reports on national and international events, and archives of published articles. In English and Dutch.

    20. Home Page
    Offers jump ropes with a patented swivel bearing system; includes rope skipping sport news.
    Jump Rope For
    21st Century BOOK "Jump Rope Training" by Buddy Lee - Published by Human Kinetics - Release April 22 ! BOOK "Jump Rope Training" by Buddy Lee - Published by Human Kinetics - Release April 22 !
    Men's Fitness Magazine Dec '02: "Top 3 Fitness Item Any Man Should Own "
    N E W ! P a t e n t e d S w i v e l B e a r i n g S y s t e m F o r S u p e r S p e e d N E W !
    U.S. OLYMPIC TEAM OFFICIAL LICENSED JUMP ROPES PO Box 3, Woodbridge, VA 22194, USA., 1 800 953 JUMP - 703 680 9648 Ph - 703 583 9536 Fax

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