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         Sambo:     more books (106)
  1. From Sambo to Superspade: The Black Experience in Motion Pictures by Daniel J. Leab, 1976-10
  2. Story of Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman, 2007-11-01
  3. The Story of Little Black Sambo by John R. Neil, 2009-11-25
  4. Vital Leglocks: 65 leglocks for jujitsu, judo, sambo and mixed martial arts by Steve Scott, 2007-09-19
  5. The Story of Little Black Sambo, and The Story of Little Black Mingo by Helen Bannerman, 2010-03-06
  6. LITTLE BLACK SAMBO AND THE BABY ELEPHANT by Frank Ver Beck, 1935-01-01
  7. Little Black Sambo and Other Stories by Watty Piper, 1927
  8. Histoire Du Petit Negre Sambo by Helen Bannerman, 1921
  9. Mastering Sambo forMixed Martial Arts by Scott Sonnon, 2008-10-01
  10. The Story of Little Black Mingo And The Story of Little Black Sambo by Helen Bannerman, 2010-02-26
  11. White Sambo: A Novel in Stories by Robert Burdette Sweet, 1993-04
  12. Forces Spéciales: Systema, Sambo, Special Air Service, Liste Des Unités de Forces Spéciales, Commandos Britanniques, Special Forces (French Edition)
  13. Little Black Sambo and the Tiger Kitten by Frank Ver Beck, 1935
  14. The Story of Sambo and the Twins by Helen Bannerman, 1960-12

21. The Story Of Little Black Sambo
The Story of Little Black sambo. Page is very slow to load. But please wait. Searchon sambo . The Story of Little Black sambo. BY HELLEN BANNERMAN.
The Story of Little Black Sambo Page is very slow to load.
But please wait. It's worth it! The Story of Little Kettle-head by Helen Bannerman
Pat and the Spider by Helen Bannerman

The Story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Little White Squibba versus Little Black Sambo both by Helen Bannerman
... Messageboard Book available from Amazon in the UK. Click image left to preview. Book available from Amazon in the USA. Click image right to preview Other Helen Bannerman books available from Amazon USA:
Little Black Mingo

Little Black Quasha

Little Black Quibbba
You can also find dozens of secondhand Sambo and Bannerman books at ebay. Ebay auctions for Little Black Sambo You will need to REGISTER with ebay before you can bid. Search on "sambo" The Story of Little Black Sambo BY HELLEN BANNERMAN
Once upon a time there was a little black boy, and his name was Little Black Sambo.

22. Sambo - Viktor Chenkevitch
Located at Sakhlin Island, Russia.Category Sports Martial Arts Russian Schools and Instruction......You are visitor since February 17, 1999 sambo Club. Viktor Iosefovitch Chenkevitch.The merited coach VI Chenkevitch runs the sambo and Judo School at Holmsk.
You are visitor # since February 17, 1999 SAMBO Club City of Holmsk
Sakhlin Island, Russia Viktor Iosefovitch Chenkevitch The merited coach V. I. Chenkevitch runs the Sambo and Judo School at Holmsk. He also teaches self-defense. He has been teaching sambo and judo for 27 years. Mr. Chenkevitch is available to conduct seminars worldwide to sambo clubs or martial arts clubs that are intersted in the sambo techniques and russian self-defense. V. I. Chenkevitch is also a chiropractor and hypnotherapist. This web site is still under construction. For more information or to contact Viktor I. Chenkevitch sen eamil to
Michael Chernyh is one of V. I. Chenkevitch's former students and is presently one of the Sambo Coaches at UBC and assistent Judo Coach at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC, Canada. Sakhalin Island, Russia webmaster:

23. The Ultimate Sambo
Description of style, advantages and general information including class times.Category Sports Martial Arts Russian Schools and Instruction......Ultimate sambo. Instructor Koulikov, was the 1989 Moscow Regional sambo Championand both a Gold and Silver Medalist in USSR National sambo Championships.
Ultimate Sambo
Contact by Phone: 845-988-0186
or by email at

1. sambo. Entstehungsgeschichte I1I I2I I3I IQuellenverzeichnisI
Aktuelles Home Map F.A.Q.s ... Kontakt Shop Links Humor Forum SAMBO Copiright © 1999-2002 by Andreas Weitzel RMA-Akademie Augsburg

25. - Learn About Street Sambo, Systema, Combat Wrestling, And Mor
Featuring Street sambo optimizing your grappling for selfdefense and Sport sambo making champions on the mat.
March 22, 2003



About Us
Welcome to!
Featuring Street Sambo optimizing your grappling for self-defense and Sport Sambo making champions on the mat. Become a member of the American Sambo Academy. Read how!
Members Products ... About Us

26. Martial Arts: Judo & Sambo - Sambo History
sambo wrestling is a composite style of jacket wrestling originally developed inRussia to serve as a common form of sport wrestling for the fifteen different
home judo sambo books ... Combat Sambo Note! Buy Sambo videos here.
Sambo wrestling is a composite style of jacket wrestling originally developed in Russia to serve as a common form of sport wrestling for the fifteen different republics of the former Soviet Union, each of which had one or more of its own distinct styles of folk wrestling, with widely varying rules. It was also used as a form of hand-to-hand combat preparation and training by Soviet military for use in unarmed combat. Sambo today is practiced in two flavors: Sport Sambo, the third style of international wrestling and a globally popular form of submission grappling; and Combat Sambo, a method of self-defense training. The term SAMBO is an acronym for the Russian phrase "SAM ozashchita B ez O ruzhiya " or in English language, " Self-defense Without Weapons ." Until the official adoption of the term "SAMBO" the sport had also been referred to as SAM, and then later SAMOZ. The correct, official Internationally recognized English transliterated spelling is SAMBO. Sambo originated in the former Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.). It is considered to have been born on November 16, 1938, the date it was officially accepted as a sport by the National Committee of Physical Culture of the USSR. The roots of Sambo go back to ancient times, however, with techniques drawn from the many folk styles of wrestling that existed in the fifteen republics of the former Soviet Union. Sambo was further developed by the Soviet military and extensively taught as a form of hand to hand combat for soldiers.

27. Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu Club - Sambo With Oleg Taktarov
sambo with UFC Champion Oleg Taktarov and Mikhail Kozitskity.
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Sambo with UFC Champion Oleg Taktarov and Mikhail Kozitskity Sambo (also called Sombo, Somba or Cambo), which originated in Russia as a form of hand-to-hand combat for soldiers, is an acronym for the Russian phrase " self-defense without weapons " (Som-oborona Bes Orusyia). It is a self-defense oriented style of wrestling which incorporates techniques from Judo and freestyle/Greco-Roman wrestling. Sambo is most famous, however, for its crippling leg locks Oleg Taktarov is available for seminars and private classes only. Private Class Prices # of Classes Bas Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu Club
912 1/2 S. Robertson
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone: (310) 854-7664
FAX: (310) 854-3041
1999 Beverly Hills Jiu-Jitsu Club

28. Sambo: The Russian's Judo
An archived article from Black Belt Magazine by Igor G. Kozak.Category Sports Martial Arts Russian News and Media......sambo The Russian's Judo. This Moscovite method is just one of a score of stylesemployed in sambo, and it is again said to go far back in Russian history.
Sambo: The Russian's Judo
By Igor G. Kozak
Whenever we hear of mambo, rhumba, sambo, or limbo we usually associate these with a vivacious swirl, a fiery senorita in one's arms, and the rousing sounds of a latin band. No so with the Russians! When the Russian Ivan says "sambo"—better be on your guard!—he doesn't intend to step out on the dance floor but will rather display his virtuosity on a mat or possibly even on the city street.
Sambo, a compound word for samo-oborona bez oruzhia, meaning "self-defense without a weapon" is claimed to be one of the most popular fledgling sports in the U.S.S.R. Although sambo bears striking similarities to the sport of judo, the Soviets disclaim any plagiaristic tendencies, what more, laud it as superior to judo, and prevaricate sambo's long history. They seem to trace it back to the XI century's Lavrentian Chronicles, which depict the struggle between the Slavs and the Pechengs. Merely because Ilya Murometz, the valiant knight of the Russian epic, had certain methods by which to overcome his opponents in a wrestling match, the Soviet "sport historians" lay the foundation for sambo to this early period.
It is an old Russian method, it seems, to kick with the tip of your right foot the left foot of your opponent, knocking him thus to the ground. This "Moscovite method" is just one of a score of styles employed in sambo, and it is again said to go far back in Russian history. Indeed, even recently, if one had the misfortune to tour Moscow by night one could easily observe this ingenious kick from a great many a hooligan and stilyaga who line the not-so-safe-after-dark avenue of Arbat.

29. UFRS United Federation Of Russian Sambo
sambo wrestling is a composite style of jacket wrestling originally developedin Russia to Combat sambo Technique Igor Yakimov, UFRS President.
Sambo wrestling is a composite style of jacket wrestling originally developed in Russia to...
Now available authentic Russian Sambo uniforms imported directly from Russia. Also available, Combat Sambo video tapes, these extremely rare videotapes outline techniques against armed opponents, mutliple opponents, as well as fighting with a variety of improvized weapons Igor Yakimov
  • 2001 World Masters Sambo Champion
  • 2001 World Combat Sambo Championship medalist
  • 1999 World Masters Judo Champion
  • 1999 Pan American Absolute class Sambo Champion
  • 1999 Pan American Sambo Champion
  • 1998 Pan American Sambo Champion
  • 1990 Medalist Soviet Sambo Championship
  • 1988 Russian National Sambo Champion
  • 1985 Russian National Sambo Champion
Combat Sambo Technique
Igor Yakimov, UFRS President In the first image in the sequence Igor has been attacked with a high roundhouse kick to his head. Igor crouches to avoid the kick connecting ... Sambo Canada is the National Governing Body of Sambo in Canada as recognized by FIAS United Federation of Russian Sambo InstructorTraining Program This course is unique in the Sambo world, it allows you to train one-on-one with a fully certified FIAS International level Sambo coach, Igor Yakimov. Candidates for this program will recieve hands on training in:

Helen Bannerman.

General information and links. Located in the Ukraine.Category Sports Martial Arts Russian Schools and Instruction......Last update January 19, 2000. sambo CLUB SPRINT . sambo Links sambo UBC LinkPage. Watch for the Russian Version soon to come and a Guest Book too!
Last update
January 19, 2000 SAMBO CLUB "SPRINT" EMAIL

Ukraine Flag SK "SPRINT"
St. B. Kramatorsky, 1
t. Kramatorsk
Donetsk region
The trident (tryzub) is an ancient symbol of the Ukraine. Links on the Ukraine
By Linda Hodges

Welcome to the Ukraine
Homeland Page Embassy Wash.DC Sambo Links Sambo UBC Link Page Watch for the Russian Version soon to come ... and a Guest Book too! Click on the map for a full view. Club President: Vladimir K. Bantush Trainers: Igor V. Matsay Dmitry E. Bredun Zoy G. Bredun Uriy V. Maksimushkin Some information about the club. Our club is young, but it is popular and successful. About 300 people are training in our club (boys and girls.) In 1998 our club member, Michael BAKIN became champion of the world. Larisa GARAGULYA obtained the silver medal of the European Championship. Igor MATSAY is an international class master, referee of international class, and obtained third place in the 1998 FIAS World Championships in the city of Kaliningrad.

Classical sambo. History of sambo and pictures of its founders can be found atthe articles Russian martial arts and Creation of sambo . Combat sambo.
Classical SAMBO
History of sambo and pictures of its founders can be found at the articles "Russian martial arts" and "Creation of sambo" According to A.A.Kharlampiev, all techniques of sambo wrestling can be divided to standup-fighting techniques, ground-fighting techniques, shifting from standup-fighting to ground-fighting, and shifting from ground-fighting to standup-fighting.
Standup-fighting methods
Standup-fighting methods include:
  • Stances, distances, preparing to catch, catches, moving, false movements. Preparing the throws, initial positions for throws, beginnig of throws.
  • Breaking through the defend catches.
  • Standing-by and selfstanding-by.
  • Throws.
  • Combinations of throws.
  • Defence against throws.
  • Reply throws.
SAMBO has five kinds of distance:
  • Non-catching distance - sambists don't touch each other and are moving and making false movements without catching the opponent.
  • Long distance - wrestlers catch the sleeves by one or both hands.
  • Middle distance - sambists cathch each other's cloth on the front of the body, or cathch the sleeve by one hand and the cloth by another.
  • Close distance - wrestlers catch by one hand the sleeve or the front of the cloth, and the leg, the collar or the back of the cloth by another one.
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    The House of Fighting Martial Arts Forums
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    34. NEW SAMBO BIG BAND La Banda Spettacolo Di San Bonifacio (Verona), New Sambo Big
    San Bonifacio, VR Banda spettacolo che si presenta con storia, foto, repertorio proposto, calendario degli eventi e delle attivit  didattiche.
    New Sambo Big Band - Banda Spettacolo di San Bonifacio (VR) -

    35. SAMBO SOMBO UBC Vancouver BC Canada - Russian Wrestling Style And Martial Art -

    Information in Russian Information in Spanish Information in French

    36. Page D'accueil
    Le site officiel de la f©d©ration mon©gasque de sambo (d©fense personnelle). Toutes les informations sur la pratique de ce sport   Monaco.
    FEDERATION MONEGASQUE DE SAMBO (DEFENSE PERSONNELLE) Site E.mail ( Site Officiel) Bienvenue ! Jumelée avec l' Académie d' Arts Martiaux de Cap d' Ail Contact Présentation du sambo Informations Administratives ... Liens Oeuvre picturale de M. Thierry Mordant ( Galerie Pictural -

    37. PUC - Sambo Club De Paris
    Pr©sentation du sambo et statuts du club.

    38. Sombo-70 Internet Page
    The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

    39. SuperPages.Com - Requested Page Not Found
    Describes financial analysis, business development assistance and international services with an emphasis on the African market.

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    40. SAMBO Lessons
    sambo LESSONS on the Internet. Dear visitor, You now have a unique chanceto receive sambo lessons by the World Champion Igor Kurinnoy.
    SAMBO LESSONS on the Internet
    Dear visitor, You now have a unique chance to receive Sambo lessons by the World Champion Igor Kurinnoy. Each week we will present a new throw or other techniques. You can email your questions to the Master of Sport. The lessons presented on this site are reduced and simplified versions of those on the multimedia CD-ROM "Sambo for Professionals," which contains video clips, graphics, and more information. You can order this CD-ROM. Email us to inquire on how to order it by mail. We are planning to organize individualized lessons that you could order in he future. The Site Coordinators
    © Design by MultiSoft

    The author expresses his sincere gratitude to Luc C. Claes (Vancouver, Canada) for providing the English translations of the lessons and for his valuable advice.
    We strongly recommend the sambo-wrestling amateur to visit the presently most complete Sambo web site (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

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