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         Shootfighting:     more detail
  1. Shootfighting: The Ultimate Fighting System by Bart Vale, 2001-05-01
  2. Shootfighting, Basic to Intermediate, Shootfighting Against Wrestlers, Against Boxers, Against Kickboxers, Shootfighting Entries (Closing the Gap), Shootfighting Takedowns (Set of 5 VHS Tapes with about 4 Hours of Playing Time, In Color) by Black Belt Magazine Video, 2000

81. Submission Fighting UK,vale Tudo,grappling,MMA,BJJ,SFUK Forum
fighter interviews submission,fighting,UK,SFUK,vale tudo,grappling,BJJ,MMA,UFC,brazilianjiujitsu,jujitsu,brazilian jujutsu,shootfighting,pancrase,shooto
submission fighting UK,vale tudo,grappling,MMA,BJJ,SFUK forum
submission fighting,vale tudo,grappling,BJJ,mixed martial art cross training news,interviews,mma forum,ultimate fighting,submission grappling info,MMA books,sfuk vision no holds barred photo gallery,submission fighter interviews
submission,fighting,UK,SFUK,vale tudo,grappling,BJJ,MMA,UFC,brazilian jiujitsu,jujitsu,brazilian jujutsu,shootfighting,pancrase,shooto,pankration,pride,rings,sambo,sombo,judo,wrestling,luta livre,mixed martial arts,total fighting
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82. Shootfighting Information
shootfighting. The origin of current shootstyle wrestling can arguablybe traced back to April 10, 1984, when a group of professional
Shootfighting For more information go here

83. - Shootfighting: The Ultimate Fighting System
. What is shootfighting? It's a......shootfighting The Ultimate Fighting System. Author Vale, Bart WithJacobs, Mark. 25x10.75.

84. USADOJO.COM: About The Martial Art Style Of Tukong Moosul
ABOUT shootfighting. SHOOTO History. Shooto represents the martial arts inJapan. The History of shootfighting from
ABOUT SHOOTFIGHTING SHOOTO History Shooto represents the martial arts in Japan. The three separate powers found in the world of Shooto are:
*taken from Manabu Takashima, ADCC Japan (some basic proofreading and grammatical corrections down by the NSC Media webmaster) The History of Shootfighting
from Shootfighting might be the most all round martial art the world has ever seen. The best styles of the world have contributed with their specialties. Stand up fight from muay thai, clinch and take downs from judo and Wrestling and from sambo and ju-jutsu the ground fight. Stand up fight and ground fight is equally emphasized. There is always something new to learn as a result of the versatility. Since you can specialize on the training that suits you, it never becomes boring. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, among other styles, has during the recent years showed the importance of well working skills in grappling. However, the stand up fight can not be left in the background. Shootfighting is the style that combines stand up fight, clinch and ground fight the best. It has become a success. Fighters who train according to the shootfighting concept dominates within the NHB. Here you can find fighters as Bas Rutten, Frank Shamrock, Randy Couture, Maurice Smith and others. Shootfighting was created when a German wrestler, Karl Gotch, was teaching "real Wrestling" or "shooting" to a group of Japanese elite fighters. Two of the fighters, Masami Soronaka (karate, judo and sumo) and Yoshiaki Fujiwara (muay thai/kickboxing and judo) created what was called UWF or "hard style" in Japan. Fights have been arranged during more than 10 years.

85. Shootfighting® Båstad

86. Shootfighting® Båstad - Stääv Design

87. BB Extreme-Shootfighting
BB Extremeshootfighting. shootfighting - Vol. 1 shootfighting AgainstWrestlers, shootfighting - Vol. 1 shootfighting Against Wrestlers
BB Extreme-Shootfighting ShootFighting - Vol. 1: Shootfighting Against Wrestlers ShootFighting - Vol. 1: Shootfighting Against Wrestlers, by Bart Vale Your Cost:
ShootFighting - Vol. 2: Shootfighting Against Boxers
ShootFighting - Vol. 2: Shootfighting Against Boxers, by Bart Vale Your Cost:
ShootFighting - Vol. 3: Shootfighting Against Kickboxers
ShootFighting - Vol. 3: Shootfighting Against Kickboxers, by Bart Vale Your Cost:
ShootFighting - Vol. 4: Shootfighting Entries - Closing the Gap
ShootFighting - Vol. 4: Shootfighting Entries - Closing the Gap, by Bart Vale Your Cost:
ShootFighting - Vol. 5: Shootfighting Takedowns
ShootFighting - Vol. 5: Shootfighting Takedowns, by Bart Vale Your Cost:
Shootfighting - Full Video Set Vols. 1-5
Shootfighting - Full Video Set Vols. 1-5, by Bart Vale Your Cost:
Advanced Shootfighting - Vol. 2: Counters For Punches
Advanced Shootfighting - Vol. 2: Counters For Punches, by Bart Vale Your Cost:
Advanced Shootfighting - Vol.3: Counters For Grapplers
Advanced Shootfighting - Vol.3: Counters For Grapplers Your Cost:
Advanced Shootfighting - Vol. 4: Counters For Takedowns

88. AncientWarriorVideos.Com - Bruce Lee Videos And Books
Purchase Policy (Click here!). All these shootfighting videos bt Bart Valeare available in VHS NTSC ONLY (PAL not available). shootfighting - VOL.

Purchase Policy

(Click here!)
All these "Shootfighting" videos bt Bart Vale are available in VHS - NTSC ONLY (PAL not available). Click the individual titles for more details and to purchase.

89. Http://
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90. - Skandinaviens Största Portal För Kampsport
Ämne Författare Svar Visningar Senaste inlägget shootfighting, västerländskt?ben, 2, 135, shootfighting på Extreme 2, Sanshou Warrior, 10, 378,

91. London Shootfighters : The UK's Top Vale Tudo, Shootfighting & Submission Wrestl
london shootfighters logo. Welcome to London Shootfighters please bookmarkthis page. london shootfighters. Paul Alexis are available
Welcome to London Shootfighters please bookmark this page please email for details The Instructors The Fighters Profiles of the pros Training Merchandise T shirts Interviews Gallery Photos Contact Get in touch Links MMA on the net Credits web design Sponsors
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London Shootfighters seminar
*NEW* they are on the brink of places in the British Commonwealth Freestyle Wrestling Team - if you would like to sponsor them please contact . You can also sponsor them by buying a T Shirt "'And sprawl." Alexis Demetriades barks instructions from inside a circle of bull-necked men. They hit the deck with astonishing speed and a synchronised thud. A split second later, they're back on their feet. "And sprawl." They drop again. And again...."

92. Order Information At Shootfighting
If you have ANY questions about anything on this page, please contact usvia email PRIOR to placing an order.



ORDER INFORMATION Please read all the information below carefully especially if this is your first time visiting our site or if you are new to mail order. PRICES
Here is a chart which outlines our pricing policy on ALL tapes:
1 Tape 2 Tapes 3 Tapes 4 Tapes EACH tape over 4 $15.00 per
  • There is a $2.00 charge on ALL orders.
  • If you are in the US and are ordering MORE THAN one(1) tape you have the option of buying delivery confirmation on your order for $1.00. ALL orders of 6 or more tapes have FREE delivery

All of our orders are shipping in plain brown bubble envelopes. Large orders (more than 12 tapes) are shipped in boxes with packaging peanuts. We will ship anywhere in the world inclduing PO Boxes. Shipping outside the US carries an additional charge. Orders placed in Canada are charged $3.00 PER TAPE. All other orders sent to countries outside the US or Canada are charged $7.00 PER TAPE. US residents who have paid for delivery confirmation or received it free for ordering 6 or more tapes can track that shipment after logging into the system (provided they have opted to have their information recorded). VIDEO FORMAT (for orders outside the US) All of are tapes are in the NTSC format (not to be confused with VHS - all tapes [NTSC, PAL, SECAM] are in the VHS format - we do not offer an BETA type tapes). We are not able to offer PAL or SECAM format tapes. If you are not sure which video standard your country is on, please use the selection option below. Also, many countries offer multi-standard VCRs so please check with your manufacturer.

93. Smackgirls Tapes At Shootfighting



Smackgirls TAPES
Best Of Smackgirl

Smack Girls #1 - Starting Over

Smack Girls #2 - Fighting Chance

Smack Girls #3 - Indeed
... Smackgirls #4 - Burning Night

94. Sacramento Kenpo - NCKK Greg Gram Shootfighting Self Defense Boxing Private Inst
Grappling, Personal trainer, Martial arts, Self defense family, Tracys system ofkenpo, Mixed martial arts, Self defense videos, shootfighting, Self defense
New Century System Teaching Procedure Contact Bio ... [Continue to Main Site] Sacramento Self-defense videos manuals home study family adult Self defense women Self defense youth Self defense handicapped Self defense senior citizen corporate rate Kenpo karate Jujitsu Grappling Personal trainer Martial arts Tracys system of kenpo Mixed martial arts Shootfighting Ultimate fighting Ground fighting Kickboxing Thai boxing Full contact Full time school Morning classes Private instruction Group classes Kenpo kung fu Kenpo philosophy

95. - Norrköping Shootfighting-klubb
international. Ta er en titt här. shootfighting shootfighting, administrerasi de nordiska länderna (m.fl. länder) av Shooters.

96. ShootFighting

97. Shootfighting
UFC III*. Emmanuel Yarbrough vs Keith Hackney; Ken Shamrock vs ChristopheLenninger; Ronald Payne vs Harold Howard; Roycie Gracie vs
  • Emmanuel Yarbrough vs Keith Hackney Ken Shamrock vs Christophe Lenninger Ronald Payne vs Harold Howard Roycie Gracie vs Kimo Felix Mitchell vs Ken Shamrock Harold Howard vs Roycie Gracie Steve Jennum vs Harold Howard
U-Japan Kimo vs Bigelow
  • Paul Varlens - Shinji Katase Bexky Levi - Yoko Takashi Dave Beneteau - Patrick Smith Wallid Ismael - Katsumi Usada Don Frye - Mark Hall Sean Alvares - Yoji Anjo Dan Severn - Maitsuhiro Matsunaga Kimo - Bam Bam Bigelow
Vale Tudo Japan '97
  • Jutaro Nakao(JPN) - Steve Nelson(USA) Marcelo Aguiar(BRA) - Hayato Sakurai(JPN) Jan Lomulder(HOL) - Kenji Kawaguchi(JPN) Joad Roque(BRA) - Uchu Tatsumi(JPN) Carlos Newton(CAN) - Erik Paulson(USA) Ev De Kraijf(HOL) - Tom Erikson(USA) John Lewis(USA) - Rumina Sato(JPN) 93kg Final: Enson Inoue(JPN) - Frank Shamrock(USA)
K1 Grand Prix 97, 9/11/97
  • Lista meczów wkrótce
Pride 10
  • Vanderlei Silva vs. Guy Mezger Giant Ochiai vs. Ricco Rodriguez Gilbert Yvel vs. Gary Goodridge Mark Kerr vs. Borisov Igor Igor Vovchanchyn vs. Enson Inoue Masaaki Satake vs. Kazunari Murakami Ken Wayne Shamrock vs. Kazuyuki Fujita

98. Listings Of The World Sports Martial Arts Grappling
http// Added Nov-27-02; International shootfighting AssociationPost Review Style combining Thai kickboxing and submission grappling.

99. Shootfighting - System

100. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Shootfighting - Total Travel Guide
Flight Centre, Home Australia VIC Bays Peninsulas Greater Geelong brazilianjiu jitsu shootfighting, contact details. Phone, 0352233666.

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