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         Skimboarding:     more detail

1. Skim Online:  The Largest Skimboarding Source On Earth
The largest skimboarding resource on earth, if its not here, we will get it for you. Welcome to the largest skimboarding source anywhere, Skim Online.

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Welcome to the largest skimboarding source anywhere, Skim Online. Here you will find skimboarding pictures, videos and multimedia as well as information about equipment, how to skimboard, and where to skimboard. I hope you find everything you are looking for, please let me know if you don't. Enjoy...
Skimboarding News
- Paulo Prietto joins Exile
- The
Double video premiere
scheduled for March 6th in Laguna. Check out the preview
Exile Skimboards
adds George Bryan and Mike Stanaland to their team.
- "5 Pounds Lighter" is now available in the Skim Shop
Adrian Prince 1965-2002

- San Diego Skim Fiesta!
Slotstik 2002
write up and photos added. - Bill Bryan wins in Santa Cruz with Miles Grobman earning a well deserved second place. - Dewey contest writeup and results added.

2. Jeremiah's Skimboarding Page
Jeremiah's thoughts on What is skimboarding? How to get started. How to buy a skimboard board. skimboarding techniques. Ways to get involved. Instructions with pictures.
Jeremiah's Skimboarding Page
Intro: What is skimboarding?
People are always asking,"Why is your surfboard so short, and why doesn't it have skags?" The answer is that it is not a surf board, it is a skimboard. Skimboarding is like surfing except that a skimboarding ride begins on the sand. When the wave retreats from the shore, a skimboarder throws their board down on the wet sand and slides along the sand untill reaching the water. Upon reaching the water the skimboarder glides out to the oncomming wave, turns on the face of the wave, and then attempts to ride the wave in much like a surfer would. Because a skimboarder can only catch waves that are near the shore, skimboarders are always looking for an intese and steep shore break. When the waves are pumping, this can make for exciting but dangerous conditions.
Below are a few pictures of my friend Dan and I skimboarding at 9nt street.
Here's dan with a little bit of lip. He really didn't crash (this time). Here's me with a little down the linner set up. Nothing like a liner. (Page 2) Sounds Great, but how do I start?

3. Skimboarding
skimboarding. Watch the incredible shrinking Aaron(40k) as he finds himself entering the barrel.
Watch the incredible shrinking Aaron(40k) as he finds himself entering the barrel. See Chia(44k) as he too enters the barrel, a very clean tube ride.
click here to see Chia catching a clean tube
some various skim spots , thanks to aaron.
skim online
The University of Southern California does not screen or control the content on this website and thus does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, or quality of such content. All content on this website is provided by and is the sole responsibility of the person from which such content originated, and such content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the University administration or the Board of Trustees

4. Skim Online:  Introduction To Skimboarding
Introduction to skimboarding. skimboarding is a sport similar to surfingwhich takes place near the shore. skimboarding has a rich history.

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Introduction to Skimboarding Skimboarding is a sport similar to surfing which takes place near the shore. The skimboarder stands about twenty feet from the ocean with skimboard in hand and waits for a wave. When they see a wave they run towards it with their skimboard still in hand. Upon reaching the wet sand they drop the board and jump onto it as quickly as possible. Once on the board, the skimmer must remain as stable as possible and prepare to make the transition to the ocean. The skimmer then (hopefully) glides out into the ocean toward the oncoming wave, banks off of it, and rides it back into shore. There are many possibilities for riding the waves and this is where skimboarding gets really interesting. See Skimming 101 for a more detailed description of how to get on your board and prepare to ride a wave. Skimboarding has a rich history . What started over 60 years ago on round wood boards has evolved into a highly competitive water sport. Most people know skimboarding as "that thing you do on the sand," and while this is true, skimboarding has become so much more than that. As a trip to the

5. Mandala Skimboards
Offers handcrafted skimboards. In Italian and English.
We moved to WWW.MANDALASKIM.COM . Please update your bookmarks. Thank you!

6. Skimboarding, Skimboards, Sliding, Plywood Skimboards
Information on skimboarding in the UK, where to go in Devon and Cornwall, how to get a skimboard. skimboarding. FAQ's topics on equipment, techniques, places to go etc!
We now average 500-600 visitors per day...
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  • see our skimboard videos There are two types of skimming parallel to the waves on a film of water on a circular board (skimboard or skimdisk) and simply zooming across the water and once you've mastered that, face on to the waves, where you skim into the wave on a film of water, hit the wave, turn and ride back in on the wave We will turn our attention to circular skimming first Although it is better to skim with a skimboard, it is also possible with a flat bodyboard - that is if you don't mind knackering it!! A simple skimdisk can be made from a circular piece of exterior or marine 9mm plywood. Get out that jigsaw!...sand the edges smooth and varnish it thoroughly. A diameter of 58cm - 60cm will produce the right sort of size

    7. Cramik - Skimboarding In SF
    Aaron Peluso Features photos and related links. Goskim - skimboarding news, photos, profiles, videos, and events. Gulf Coast Skim Association - Based in the panhandle of northwest Florida.
    Cramikskim, the #1 leader in Bay Area skim

    8. 1999 Skimboarding Championship Photos From Dewey Beach, Delaware - Surfing On Th
    Delaware, Maryland Surf Photos pictures from the 1999 skimboarding Championships All skimboarding Contest Photos Copyright ©1999 Ed Timmons. 1999 skimboarding Championships
    1999 Skimboarding Championships
    The scene of the contest before the pro finals.
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    Surfing Home
    Daily Surf Report ...

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    9. Live To Surf, Surfing, Skating, Skimboarding, Sales, Rentals
    Tofino's first surfshop. Established in 1984 to provide the best in surfing, skating and skimboarding. Rental and sales.
    frames no frames frames no frames

    10. Goskim2k2 - Welcome To Skimboarding
    skimboarding news, photos, profiles, videos, and events.
    Welcome to skimboarding.

    11. Skim City - A Secure Retail Site Totally Devoted To Skimboarding And The Skimmer
    Online skimboarding shop.
    Hey...Looking to buy a Zap, Slotstik, Vic, or Exile skimboard in a totally secure environment? How about picking up some skim threads, or a travel bag or sock for your stick? Wanna grab a video, snag a skim mag, or just see some sick skim pics? Or maybe you wanna check out how it's breaking down at the beach? Well, all that and more is on the inside... To get there, simply click the pic above. And THANKS for coming by.
    Please click the picture to enter

    Skim City

    Those of you who are Java-challenged (or simply want to get right down to business) click here to shop the shop.

    Skimboard Guernsey is the ultimate in everything to do with skimboarding, includespictures,profiles,tricks,tips,how to build your own board and much more.
    Skimboarding Skimboarding is an extreme water sport that has similar characteristics as surfing, it takes place near the shore. A skimboarder stands some distance from the shore and as a wave approaches they run toward the water, throw their board on the water less than an inch deep and glide out to the waves to perform tricks depending on how capable a boarder they are. Or they bank off the wave and skim back into the shore. Find out what some skimming terms mean on that section of the site.
    Skimboarding has a very cloudy history and no-one really knows who founded the sport. Some people think that skimboarding originated in Hawaii, practiced by the royal family there, you can find out more about this theory at Skim-Hawaii . While other people believe that the sport originated about 60 years ago invented by lifeguards at Laguna Beach in America. Laguna beach is a skimboarding mecca and is highly responsible for the evolution of the sport.
    Skimboarding has evolved into a highly compettive sport and is practiced by many professional riders; riders such as

    13. Skim Now
    Includes information on the basics of skimboarding, tricks and tips, and photographs.
    Welcome to Skim now Click the photo to Enter
    You entered this site on You need Java to see this applet.

    14. Welcome To S K I M B O A R D NS
    skimboarding on the East Coast of Canada. Site includes pictures, movies, links and information on this sport.
    var site="sm4SkimNS"

    15. Dynamic Directory - Sports - Water Sports - Surfing - Skimboarding
    Aaron Peluso Features photos and related links. Goskim - skimboarding news, photos, profiles, videos, and events.

    16. Florida Skimboarding Page
    The Florida skimboarding Web Page skimmers have enjoyed this site. SponsoredBy This page is dedicated to those who love the sport of skimboarding.
    The current Date is:
    This site is best viewed at (designed at) 600x800 res.
    The Florida Skimboarding Web Page
    skimmers have enjoyed this site.
    Sponsored By:
    This page is dedicated to those who love the sport of skimboarding. This page features skimmers from all around Florida and from across the nation. It was designed to illustrate the thrill of skimming to other people. It happens all too often that someone assumes that "skimming" happens only in flat water. Hopefully this page will change some minds. !!!New Streaming Video!!! : Hawaii Brad-Halloween Brad-liner Kai nice tube (75kb)
    click above to Check out Brad Evers' pics!!
    Browse My Picture Pages-> [New Vilano] [Boardwalk] [Cabo] [OldCabo] ... [Jake] Browse My Information Pages-> [Equipment] [Skim Spots] [Sponsors] [Contacts] ... [Links] Go To Vilano Beach Wedges
    Click above to see pics of Mikie Nickerson_Click above to go to CABO 2000 Vilano Local- Kai Hayes gets some buckets Equipment

    Skim Spots
    : Florida, North Carolina, Delaware, etc. Submit spots to:

    17. Skimmin' Vancouver - Gettin' You Wet Since 1999
    Resource for skimboarding in Vancouver. Includes pictures, local information and links.

    18. Bomis: Skimboarding Webring
    Bomis skimboarding Webring. Enjoy! My attempt at creating a comprehensive list ofskimboarding sites. If you have a skimboarding page feel free to submit it.
    Bomis: Skimboarding Webring Build a ring
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    See also...
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    Bomis is a search engine covering all topics. Enjoy! My attempt at creating a comprehensive list of skimboarding sites. If you have a skimboarding page feel free to submit it. Ring sites
    Skim Online
    Skimboarding news, information, tutorials, buyers guide, links, pictures, video clips and much more. Everything you want, and probably more! Easy to use interface, pictures, guides, subscribe to Skim Mag, buy stuff, etc. Exile Skimboards High end skimboard manufacturing company owned by professional riders. Victoria Skimboards The biggest and best skimboard company anywhere. Based out of Laguna Beach CA Zap Skimboards One of the largest skimboard manufacturers. Japanese Skimboarding Page Skimboarding page in Japanese. I dont really know whats on it because I dont speak the language or even have a Japanese plugin...
  • 19. Bomis Search Results: Skimboarding
    Florida's skimboarding source. Here you'll find skimboarding pictures, videosas well as information about events, where and how to skimboard.

    20. In-Depth Instructional Videos For Every Sport
    Rugby. Running. Sailing. Skateboarding. Skiing. skimboarding. Laird Hamilton. AdvancedSkills. Equipment Safety. Fundamentals. Getting on Board. Off the Top. Sky Diving.

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