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         Skipping:     more books (100)
  1. Rope skipping for fun and fitness by Bob Melson, 1986
  2. Skipping Susan: Poems for Young Children
  3. Call Me Graywolf: The Story of Skipping Fawn by Jack Metzler, 1994-09-01
  4. All in together, girls: Skipping songs from Regina, Saskatchewan (Occasional paper / Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina) by Robert C Cosbey, 1980
  5. Rope Skipping by Henner B÷ttcher, 2006
  6. Federal Gift, Estate, and Generation-Skipping Transfer Taxation of Life Insurance (The Insurance Counselor, 3) by Kevin D. Millard, Lawrence Brody, et all 1998-06
  7. Skipping Games Book by Susan Adams, 1978
  8. Skipping Around the World:The Ritual Nature of Folk Rhymes by Francelia Butler, 1990-01-14
  9. Skipping Rhymes (Playtime Library) by Pie Corbett, 1993-11-25
  10. Skipping Without Ropes by Jack Mapanje, Jack Mapanje, 1998-01-01
  11. The Skipping Book (Let's Get Moving) by Orli Zuravicky, 2004-08
  12. Skipping Rope by A. Barto, 1971-06
  13. Skipping Sally by Emma Parker, 2010-02-16
  14. River of Joy (The Story of Skipping Fawn , Vol 2) by Jack Metzler, 1993-12-01

41. Rope Skipping Specialists - Ihre Experten Rund Um Ropeskipping,

42. Mike Boschat's Astronomy Page
Lists the author's discoveries, observations and interests. Listed here because of the astonishing number of astronomical links maintained. It goes from A to Z skipping only the letter X.
Mike Boschat's Astronomy Page
Cooperation in Astronomy between Canada and the U.S.S.R. - 1973 to Hi, I'm Mike Boschat . I use a 15cm (6"), 180cm focal length, f/12 Soviet made Maksutov. My main interests are: Solar, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Aurora, and radio meteor observing. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada I have been studying astronomy for 42 years now ever since reading "Your Book of Astronomy" in 1960 by the British author Sir Patrick Moore. We have been in correspondence since that time and he is one of the best authors in the field of astronomy that I have the privilege of knowing. Here is Patrick Moore's
  • The Sky at Night on the Web from the BBC. My Comet discoveries using the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory ( SOHO ) since February 10, 2000 AD discoveries to date are 33. I am not SOHO comet hunting as much now as I decided it was time to slow down and get back observing the sky with a telescope.
    SOHO comet hunters web pages
  • Sebastian F. Hönig ( Germany )
  • Toni Scarmato ( Italy ) Weather Forecast for Astronomical Purposes from Enviroment Canada -
  • Astronomy Weather Forecast For the rest of Canada and US
  • Clear Sky Clock Homepage ( Canada ) To see Halifax sky clock click here: Halifax Clear Sky Clock
    Important Note
    If you find an outdated link please email me.
  • 43. Skipping Towards Gomorrah By Dan Savage
    The official Web site for the book skipping TOWARDS GOMORRAHby Dan Savage, author of SAVAGE LOVE and THE KID.

    44. The Center For The Study Of Taxation - Home
    The Center for the Study of Taxation ( CST ) was formed in 1992 by a group of families and familyowned enterprises concerned with the impact of estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes ( Death Taxes ). It is dedicated to preserving a healthy economic and tax climate that will be beneficial to all Americans.

    skipping COMMERCIALS IS STEALING ACCORDING TO TURNER CEO Posted 1May 2002 110557 UTC It was inevitable. The broadcast industry

    Championship results, records and rankings. Search by country, event, skipper, or team.Category Sports Rope

    47. Chants And Taunts, Clapping Games, Jump Rope Rhymes
    Collection of American children's folk rhymes for taunting, playing pattycake, and skipping rope.
    Uncle Buck

    NEENER NEENER NEENER: Taunts, Chants and Poems
    In a cabin by the woods
    (draw a square in the air with your fingers)
    A little old man by the window stood
    (make circles, like binoculars, with your hands and put up to your eyes)
    Saw a rabbit hopping by
    (two fingers in the air, like a V, moving your hand up and down)
    Knocking at his door
    (knocking motion with one fist) "Help me! Help me! Help!" he cried (fling hands in the air three times) For the hunter shoot me down (thumb up, index finger pointing like a gun with both hands and move up and down) Little rabbit come inside (move one hand in a circlular motion towards yourself as if you're beckoning someone to come to you) Safely you may hide (rock your arms like you're rocking a baby) (The fun thing about his song is that you keep repeating it, but at each line, you just hum the tune and do the hand motions. So the second time you sing it, you don't say "In a cabin by the woods", you just hum it and make the hand gesture. The third time, you leave out both 1st and 2nd lines (humming only) do just the hand gesture, sing the rest.

    48. Burgenländischer Rope Skipping Verein

    49. Rope

    50. Willkommen Bei Den Bull-Dobsern Aus Sonderbach
    Rope skippingGruppe des TV Sonderbach

    51. Skipping Reels Of Rhyme
    skipping Reels of Rhyme Bob Dylan's Unreleased Tapes. Last update May19, 1999 This is an attempt to document all of the circulating

    52. Willkommen Bei Den Funky Frogs
    Das Ropeskipping-Team vom TV Crumstadt stellt sich und seinen Sport mit Erl¤uterungen zu Was ist Rope skipping? , Bildern und Presseberichten vor. AuŸerdem werden eine Termin¼bersicht, Wettkampfergebnisse, ein Forum sowie Links geboten.
    auf der Homepage der Rope-Skipping-Gruppe "Funky Frogs" vom Turnverein 1903 Crumstadt e.V.!!!

    Er wird deswegen wahrscheinlich auch weder StyleSheets noch einige der verwendeten JavaScript-Befehle interpretieren!
    Schreiben Sie bitte eine eMail an falls Sie beabsichtigen, weiterhin diesen Browser zu verwenden! Bei entsprechender Nachfrage wird dann eine kompatible Version erstellt.

    53. Rope Skipping Info-Page

    54. Rope Skipping Specialists - Ihre Experten Rund Um Ropeskipping, Seilspringen Und
    Neben einem OnlineShop mit Seilen, B¼chern und anderem Material werden einige Tipps und Tricks gegeben und die Geschichte des Rope skipping dargestellt.
    Springen Sie hinein in die Welt des Rope Skippings Rope Skipping , oder auch Ropeskipping, ist zwar die Trendsportart der Jahre 2000/2001, aber ein Trend, der schon seit Jahren in deutschen Schulen und Vereinen gewachsen ist. Shop Wer wir sind? Wir sind die Rope Skipping Specialists
    Da unsere beide Firmen privat sehr eng mit den Rope Skipping Teams und verbunden sind, entschlossen wir uns, berufliche Synergien zu nutzen und dieses Online- Rope-Skipping-Forum auf den Markt zu bringen. Durch unsere Zusammenarbeit mit den und
    Rope Skipping Specialists

    55. Genes Caught Skipping From Bacteria To Beetle
    Genes caught skipping from bacteria to beetle. Tokyo team claims first directevidence of horizontal gene transfer. 27 September 2002 KENDALL POWELL.

    56. TV Crumstadt Homepage
    Der TV Crumstadt bietet Informationen zu den angebotenen Sportarten Boule, FuŸball, Gymnastik, Laufen, Leichtathletik, Rope skipping, Ski, Tennis, Turnen, Volleyball. AuŸerdem sind ein Terminplan, Trainingszeiten¼bersicht und Fotoalben vorhanden.
    letzte Änderung: 22. Mrz 03 Gerhard Home Boule Fußball Leichtathletik ... Impressum
    Willkommen beim
    Turnverein 1903 Crumstadt e.V.
    Wir bieten Boule (bzw. Pétanque) Fußball , Gymnastik, Jazztanz, Laufen, Leichtathletik Rope-Skipping Tennis Turnen ... Ski , Step-Aerobic, Volleyball und Walking. Neues Hier sollte das Neueste vom TVC stehen, aber Ihr Browser kann es nicht anzeigen. Hier klicken für die Liste der Neuigkeiten ... Viel Spaß beim Lesen und Stöbern! Für Fragen und Vorschläge habe ich immer ein offenes Ohr. Email an den Webmaster genügt. gez. Gerhard Hill, Webmaster TV Crumstadt
    Anfragen, Anregungen und sonstige Rückmeldungen bitte an den Webmaster here ."

    57. Rope Skipping / Ropeskipping Demonstration Team Springmäuse

    58. St Joris Turnclub Dendermonde
    Biedt verschillende disciplines aan, zoals jazzdance, trampoline, artistieke gymnastiek, acrobatiek, rope-skipping, kleuterturnen en conditietraining voor de derde leeftijd.

    59. John Grisham The Official Web Site
    John Grisham Official Web Site. skipping Christmas Doubleday 0385-50841-7October 2002 $14.95 Imagine a year without Christmas.

    60. Real Rope Skipping
    Information on the history of rope skipping, links to other informative rope skipping sites, answers to any rope skipping questions, and a large email group.

    Home Need Help? Sport History ...
    Guest Book

    Jump Rope is a growing sport on both national and international levels, yet it is afflicted with the stereotypes of old nursery rhymes so often attributed to it. Whenever I mention to someone that I jump rope they often ask me why or think to themselves, "that girl needs to find a real sport"...well, in reply I just shrug my shoulders and pick up my rope to show them that jumping over a rope can be taken much farther than a rhyme and that rope skipping is a competitive sport and is becoming even more competitive every year. So, when did "Teddy bear, teddy bear turn around..." become a real sport? During the last few decades, a lot of work has gone into making jump rope a sport that will endure and one day everyone involved hopes to have it accepted and competed as an Olympic sport. We're not off to a bad start, but we have lots of work to do in order to inform people that jump rope can be taken farther than a nursery rhyme. See an example in Real Video: Competition Routine:

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