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         Sled Dog Racing:     more books (100)
  1. Attla Training and Racing Sled Dogs by George Attla, Bella Levorsen, 1974-06
  2. The Speed Mushing Manual: How to Train Racing Sled Dogs by Jim Welch, 1989-10
  3. Everything I Know About Training and Racing Sled Dogs by George Attla, Bella Levorsen, 1972
  4. Racing Sled Dogs by Michael L. Cooper, 1988-10
  5. Rivers: Diary of a Blind Alaska Racing Sled Dog by Mike Dillingham, 2001-11-01
  6. Dog-Sled Dreams.(Oregon girl trains sled dogs for racing): An article from: Jack & Jill by Susann Keys, Eric Hansen, 1999-12-01
  7. Racing Alaskan Sled Dogs
  8. The sport of "mush." (sled dog racing): An article from: Children's Digest by Sherry Shahan, 1996-12-01
  9. The Alaska Champion Dog Musher 1953 Souvenir Annual:The Alaska Sled Dog & Racing Association
  10. Iditabusiness: the Iditarod is not only the last great race, it's also big business. (sled dog racing): An article from: Alaska Business Monthly by Sean Reid, 1993-03-01
  11. Novice sled dog training: [a guide for the beginning dog driver, including equipment, basic obedience, lead dog training, handling problem dogs, sled racing] by Mel Fishback, 1961
  12. Racing Sled Dogs - 1988 publication by Mchal Coopr, 1988
  13. The Speed Mushing Manual, How to Train Racing Sled Dogs - 1989 publication by Jm Wlch, 1989-01-01
  14. Sled dog racing: History, rules and regulations by Raymond Thompson, 1973

1. ISDRA Sled Dog Racing
Official site of the International sled dog racing AssociationCategory Sports Winter Sports Sledding sled dog racing......
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2. Jason Nickle Sled Dog Racing
Ranked in the Top 10 in the World, Jason Nickle has racing dogs and puppies for sale. He also makes fast, quality sleds.

Take a Ride or You Can Drive Your Own Team!

Racing to make your dreams come true!
Owned and Operated by Jason Nickle World Class Professional Sled Dog Musher P.O. Box 54 ... Doyle, California 96106
Quick Step Racing also offers Harnesses Gang-lines Drop chains Racing dog boxes ... Lead and team dog training
New from Quick Step Mushing camps Mushing lessons Sled racks Box mats ... Misters
Would you like to learn to ride your sled better with more confidence? Or would you like to learn how to run your dogs better, or get some tips on how to run your dogs? Quick Step can help you. Starting in September, Quick Step will offer private lessons from how to harness the dog, to how to ride the sled better. The lessons will be customized to what experience the student has. Quick Step can provide reliable dogs, or you can bring your own.
Quick Step Racing Harnesses Our harnesses were designed and tested by Quick Step racing team. Our newest feature is what we call the “walking strap”. It is a strap that goes from the neck of the harness to the x on the harness and makes it easier to walk the dogs , because you are

3. Iditarod
Official site for the world's foremost sled race, the Iditarod Great Sled Race, with regular updates Category Sports Winter Sports Sledding sled dog racing Iditarod...... met earlier today and voted unanimously on the recommendation of its staff to movethe restart of the 31 st running of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race to
Sign up now for Iditarod’s E-mail Newsletter. 2003 Champion Tee (front) Robert Sorlie shows off the Golden Harness
the award given to his lead dog "Tip". (back) 2003 Winner’s
Tee Shirt
Eyes to the Future
Front Design
Previous Winners List
on Back
Sm.-3 XL Black only
Available online
Clay Pollock (L) of Chevron awards the Most Inspirational Award to Dee Dee Jonrowe. This years' award was given to 2 mushers, including Charlie Boulding. Unfortunately Charlie scratched from the race and was not available in Nome. Mail Order
IDITAROD Today and get a 10% discount on your order Nome Nugget Web Cam
Past Iditarod musher Jerry Austin (L) presents the Rookie of The Year award to 20-year old, Jessica Hendricks. Iditarod Video Clips Most Improved Musher Clinton Warnke receives his award check from John Handeland. A Complete List of the Special Awards can be found in the General Information Section.

4. Beginning Sled Dog Racing
With two or three Samoyeds, it is easy to start dreaming about zipping silently through the snow on the runners of a sled, the dogs navigating deftly through windswept trails. Perhaps you are an aspiring Iditarod distance racer. The differences between a team of long distance Alaskan Husky athletes and a Samoyed sprint racing team are considerable, however.
Samoyed Heritage
Before you begin building your "dream team", consider the heritage of the Samoyed. The Samoyed breed has a versatile history in herding, sledding and weight pulling, yet it is not considered a top performer in any one area. Depending on your fondness for the breed, the Samoyed is either a "renaissance dog", or a "jack of all trades and master of none". Many other mushers point out that the typical Samoyed racing performance is slower than other breeds specifically bred for running (Siberian Husky). Most experienced Samoyed team drivers acknowledge the breed’s limitations for racing, especially compared to cross-breeds developed specifically for racing, such as the Alaskan Husky. However, in sprint racing over shorter distances, many Samoyeds make up in attitude what they may lack in ideal racing conformation. Furthermore, our breed often performs relatively well in races where conditions are less than ideal because of the Samoyed’s superior intelligence and perserverence.
Building the Team
It takes several elements to build a successful racing team. Set your goals in keeping with your own athletic ability, your dog’s abilities and aptitude, your ability to train, and your access to key resources (dogs, training partners, equipment, training trails, races).

5. Mikrotime Sport Systems - Husky Rally Events 1996 To 2003
Results for British sled dog events since 1991.

Sled Dog Racing and
Husky Dog Event Results 1991/2003
SHCGB Events 1994/2003 The Siberian Husky Club of Great Britain
BSHRA Championship Events 1996/2000
The British Siberian Husky Racing Association
British Sled-Dog Racing Champs 1998/1999
Sled-Dog 2000 Events
BSDRA Championship Events 1995/1996
The British Sled Dog Racing Association
Hurtwood Events 1992/1995
Affiliated British Sled Dog Activities
Additions from our Archive:
The Longleat Quest 1991
Eskimo Sled Dog Rally
Brandon-Thetford Husky Rally 1990

Labatt's Sled-Dog Championships 1993
The British Sled Dog Racing Association Phone: +44 1895 625838 FAX: +44 1895 625848 Last revised: 16th November 2002

6. Racing Siberian And Alaskan Husky Kennel Amaroc Of Too-Cha-Tes
sled dog racing in middle Europe and Scandinavia and offers Siberian Husky and Alaskan Husky breeding. Site is in English and German.

Information and links for mushing, skijoring, sleddog races, and rescue work. With links to winter Category Sports Winter Sports Sledding sled dog racing...... SIBERIAN HUSKIES*. MUSHING DOG SLED RACING INFORMATION SIBERIAN HUSKY,HUSKIES ANDSLEDDOGS. SCROLL DOWN MORE HUSKY INFO BELOW Photo of Huskies by Paul Souder
support our siberian huskies
Photo of Huskies by Paul Souder
Siberian Huskies and Husky resources for help-information
Mushing and Sled dogs
YUKON QUEST Mushing Boot Camp John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon ... Comprehensive Kennel Management Breeder Software

Main Allegro Siberians Page Main Photo Gallery Photo Gallery # 2 Husky Picture Gallery # 3 Husky Mug Shots New Litter Updates Our Puppy Sales Policies Photo of the Month Past-Present Husky Pictures of Month Winter Wonderland Huskies Photos Winter Wonders 2 Photos Sled-Dogs Mushing Information Free Siberian Husky Screen Savers About Arctic Northern Dogs and Huskies Siberian Husky Facts History of Siberians Alpha Training Rules Understanding your Dog Leash Training Dog Training 2 Links Rescue Sites About Designer Dog Foods Whats in your Dogs food Really?

8. Polestep Sleddog Racing Team
Stories and photos of the team as well as information on the sport in Europe. Site is in Dutch and English.
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Image © 1998 Brian T. Hitney.
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wave effect by M. Duisters
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9. ISDRA Sled Dog Racing
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10. - All The Adventure, None Of The Frostbite
An Alaska based company focused on the coverage of dog sledding events such as the Iditarod, skijouring, Category Sports Winter Sports Sledding sled dog racing...... claiming 2nd place. Follow all the mushers as they complete theirjourney along the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. We will report daily
We welcome you
to fly with us! Visit our site
DudeDog Check out some great dog mushing cartoons created by our friend Theresa Daily! Click Here! Hosting provided
by GCI Top Stories
Ground Storms
on the trail
Listen to APRN
Daily Updates Mar 3rd Mar 4th Mar 5th Mar 6th ... Mar 14th
2003 Iditarod Champion
Iditarod Start
4th Avenue Take a walk down 4th avenue and feel the excitement and energy on Iditarod race day! Play video can find in the crowd Interactive Iditarod Trail Map Be sure to visit Anchorage Daily New's great interactive trail map of the 2003 Iditarod. View the map Iditarod Re-Start Reporter David Straub Interviews Aliy Zirkle Play audio Fairbanks on Ice Artist display life size ice sculpture of dog team for Iditarod re-start.

11. ESDRA Index
WELCOME to the websites of the European sled dog racing us! If You want to be informed on updates automatically
to the websites of the
European Sled Dog Racing Association e-mail us! If You want to be informed on updates automatically
send an email subject:
"subscribe <your email address>"
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since March 23 rd Mush with P.R.I.D.E. Board of Directors Member Federations Driver ID: A-C D-F G-I J-L ... W-Z News page - Highlights from the Board Event Calendar 2000 / 2001 EUROPA Cup 2001 - the races the most complete Race Calendar we could do for you ***** Take a look at the Europa Cup classes for 2001 ***** Provided by -WVNET GmbH

12. Sled Dog Racing
South Island Siberian Husky Club Huskies In The Show Ring sled dog racing Members Photo Page Links to Other Sites. sled dog racing. Race Results

13. Sled Dog Racing Directory
sled dog racing Top Sites in the worldreviews, links and more. Malamute Sled Dog Information about sports, training equipment, and sled dog racing. Available in English, Polish,

14. New Jersey Sled Dog Club
Information on the sport of sled dog racing, club events schedule, and links to other sled dog pages.
Click the logo to enter!
Last updated 1/19/03

The Highpoint Race was a terrific success. The trails were very fast but no complaints. Results posted. See the picture section for race coverage. Come back soon for some online video as well.

15. Stephen R. Lee's Home Page
A multitude of information and links, ranging from Lee's own experiences sledding in New Mexico to Category Sports Winter Sports Sledding sled dog racing......Stephen Lee's Home page, a resource for mushers worldwide.
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16. About Sled Dogs And Sled Dog Racing
About Sled Dogs and sled dog racing Stephen R. Lee. sled dog racing beganas a formal sport with the first AllAlaska Sweepstakes race in 1908.
About Sled Dogs and Sled Dog Racing Stephen R. Lee
This is a section from one of the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Lists for rec.pets.dogs. This section, on sled dogs, was authored by Stephen R. Lee. Any modifications, comments, or questions should be sent to him.
Dog Types
Mushing Terms
Mushing Equipment ...
Where to Order Equipment
1. History
2. Types of Sled Dogs
Naturally, most northern breeds were used as sled dogs. Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Eskimo Dogs, Greenlands, Samoyeds, Norrbottenspets, and Hokkaidokens are all sled dogs. However, lots of different breeds of dogs have been and are used to drive sleds and carts. People use Irish Setters, Dalmations, Golden Retrievers, etc., to enjoy mushing sports. In fact, most modern day speed and endurance mushers use mixed breeds (often Siberian crossed with Greyhound). So, if you do not have a "sled dog," but still want to enjoy the sport, fear not, for most any type of dog can be used. Mushing is fun, both to take part in and simply to watch.
3. Mushing Terms

17. Epicenter Press Inc. Links
Directory of links dealing with Alaska and books about the North. Publisher specializes in sled dog racing.
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Publisher's Choice Links
Sled dog racing links:

Websites focusing on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and other sled dog races.
Copper Basin 300
- As its name implies, this is a 300-mile race run each January in Alaska's Copper River Basin. The event is a warm-up for the Iditarod and attracts many big-name mushers and rookies looking to qualify.
- All of the adventure with none of the frostbite! Excellent stories about all the top mushing events and cool audio clips. This a truly exceptional site.
Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
- Official site of the grandfather of them all, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. It has a little bit of everything including pre-race reports, race updates, educational resources, and an online store. John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon - This site is packed with information about the Minnesota event named after a famous Chippewa Indian that is hands down the best-known sled dog race in the Lower 48.

18. Get Along Little Doggies! Sled Dog Racing - History
sled dog racing Before sled dog racing became a formal sport, sled dogs werebred and used by native people of the polar regions of the world.
Please Visit our Advertisers Animals/Pets Sled Dog Racing Before sled dog racing became a formal sport, sled dogs were bred and used by native people of the polar regions of the world. They were used in their everyday lives for survival in harsh climates, particularly for transportation and work. Sled dog racing began as a formal sport with the first All-Alaska Sweepstakes race in 1908. Rules for the races were established, and they provided a good diversion to the difficult living conditions of the area. In the 1920's, airplanes began to replace sled dog teams for transportation, freight hauling, and mail delivery. In 1925, sled dogs proved that they were invaluable during the "Great Race of Mercy to Nome." Nome, Alaska was experiencing an outbreak of diphtheria that threatened to become a fatal epidemic. The antitoxin serum needed to be relayed from Nenana, Alaska to Nome, Alaska. Twenty drivers and more than 100 dogs were recruited for a sled dog run to deliver the serum. Planes could not be used due to extreme cold and fearing if the plane crashed, the serum would be lost. The sled dog drive was a success, the serum was delivered and lives were saved. The drive covered 674 miles in less than five and a half days.

19. Malamover Home Page
Kelly and Charles Wannop have an AlaskanMalamute-powered sled dog racing team based in Australia.
Welcome to the Malamovers home page
Closed for Renovations
Yes it's true... a Malamute ate my web site! Normal services will be resumed As Soon As Possible
Thanks for dropping by Charles, Kelly and family

20. Sled Dog Racing - The Dogs
Kids Turn, More Topics. sled dog racing The Dogs Two dogs Some peoplequestion the use of dogs in sled dog racing. The relationship
Please Visit our Advertisers More Topics Sled Dog Racing - The Dogs Two dogs commonly used in sledding are Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies. These two breeds had quite different origins and uses. Alaskan Malamutes originated with a group of Eskimo people known as the Mahlemiut. The dogs of that time were very large freighting dogs, capable of pulling very heavy weights. The Mahlemiut people lived in the upper part of the Anvik River in Alaska, and were spread out over a large area. They used the dogs for hauling food back to the villages. The gold rush in 1896 created a high demand for these dogs. Siberian Huskies originated with the Chuckchi people of northeastern Siberia. With a Stone Age culture, the Chuckchi people used their dogs for tasks like herding reindeer and pulling loads. These dogs were smaller and faster than their Mahlemiut counterparts. These dogs were exported to Alaska around the time of the gold rush. These two breeds play a very important role in the development of our modern day sled dog breeds. Today, most northern breeds used as sled dogs. Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, Eskimo Dogs, Greenlands, Samoyeds, Norrbottenspets, and Hokkaidokens are all sled dogs.

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