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         Snowbike:     more detail

1. Brenter Original Snowbike
Main information page for Brenter snowbikes.

2. Untitled

3. Snowbike Is A Sport For The Devils
Here is a little history of skibobs written by someone from the Swiss snowbike Team.
Snowbike is a sport for the devils.
The snowbike is like a bike, but without the wheels. There are skis under the bike. On the feet, we have little skis too. In front and at the back are the shock absorbers. The saddle are longer than the saddle on a Mountainbike. We drive the bike on the same courses as the snowboarders or the skiers. Snowbiking is not more dangerous than skiing. Because we have the shock absorbers, we have no problems with the back.
Racing drivers
Then, in December, we begin the worls cup season. We have about sixteen world cup races in eight destinations. Then, once a year, we have the world championchip for one week. We have the same races as the skiers: slalom, giant-slalom, super-G, downhill-race and parallel-slalom. In the downhill-race we have the speed up to 100 km/h.
The birthday of the skibob goes back to the 19 th century. In 1892 an American, Stevens, was registered a patent for a “one lane sled with handlebars”. Development was never finished. In 1911 “the velogemel” was patented in Grindelwald (CH). Since 1950, the skibob continued to be developed.

4. Skibob-Snowbike-Schule In Oberstdorf / Allgaeu - Hans Buehler
Skibob snowbike - Wintersport - Winterspass. Flitzen im Sitzen - gesunde Pistenfreude ohne Risiko. Kurse-Vermietung-Verkauf. Eine echte Alternative zum Skifahren. Skibobfahren kann jeder. Skibobfahren ist gesund.
skibobschule snowbikes transport historie skibobschule snowbikes transport historie ... oberstdorf

5. Snowbike Scandinavia
Search for a Destination in. snowbike's Page. SUN FUN SPORT

"Röster från media"

"Röster från media"

6. Swiss Snow Bike
Here is there home page. lots of information of the Swiss team and plus a link to the snowbike Verkauf.

7. Pirineo Pirineo Pirineos InfoPirineo - Información Turistica Del Pirineo Aragon
En Soldeu el Tarter en Andorra se celebra un Campeonato de snowbike. snowbike
EMPRESA EMPRESA PUBLICIDAD Registro Dominios Espacio WEB ... Clientes Central de Reservas RESERVAS ON LINE Navarra Huesca Lleida ... Ofertas de viajes TIENDA PIRINEO Productos Ofertas Novedades Articulos Categorias:
Noticias Pirineo

Pueblos y Valles

Cultura, tradiciones y patrimonio

Rutas, Excursiones y Barrancos
Actividades, Deportes y Empresas de aventura


Artesanía y Productos Típicos

Cultura y Patrimonio
Añade un Link
El Tiempo Previsión España Huesca Navarra Lleida ... Girona Mapas del Pirineo Mapa Pirineo Partes de Nieve España Andorra y Francia Novedades Suscripcion Revista El Mundo de Los Pirineos (1 Año)
Deportes de Nieve
Arriba Deportes y Actividades de Aventura Autor: InfoPirineo Fecha de Publicación: 20.07.2001 16:57 SNOWBIKE En qué consiste Snowbike Es bajar por la nieve a gran velocidad (hasta 100 km/hora) montado en una bicicleta de montaña. Es una prueba espectacular y aunque se desciende a velocidades rapidísimas, las caídas suelen ser mas suaves que en tierra, con lo que el riesgo de sufrir lesiones es bastante menor. Precauciones Es necesario proteger las zonas más expuestas a los golpes, codos, rodillas, tobillos, espalda, hombros..., además de llevar un casco homologado, el mismo que para mountain bike. Datos útiles Del equipo, lo más importante son las ruedas, que pueden comprarse en cualquier tienda de mountain bike: para nieve blanda neumáticos para barro y si el firme está más duro, ruedas con clavos para el hielo. La única forma de entrenarse es en caminos de montaña nevados. En Soldeu el Tarter en Andorra se celebra un Campeonato de Snowbike.

8. Brenter Snowbike C4
Translate this page V. Brenter Original snowbike. snowbike® C4. Das leichteste snowbike® der Welt. Prospektgleich anfordern anfrage. Brenter Original snowbike - Arnsdorferstr.
Snowbike® C4 Das leichteste Snowbike® der Welt. Unser Snowbike® C4 vereint außergewöhnliche Fahreigenschaften mit Stabilität und Sportlichkeit in einem System.
  • ultra light nur ca. 7 kg (16 lbs) ALU Leichtbaukomponenten Bequemer Sattel einfache Zusammenlegbarkeit In 5 verschiedenen Größen verfügbar: Junior, Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge
Prospekt gleich anfordern: anfrage Brenter Original Snowbike - Arnsdorferstr. 19-23 - A-5110 Oberndorf - Austria
Tel: ++43-6272-7777 Fax:++43-6272-7777-22 Email:
Snowbike is a registered Trademark of Brenter Austria

Snow bike ¨ adatta per percorsi preparati, in neve ben battuta, su strade di montagna transitabili con catene. Descrizione del prodotto, contatti.
Via Paolo VI, 2
25080 Nuvolento
Tel/Fax 0365-31534 Per ordinazioni o per richidere maggiori informazioni riempire le caselle seguenti. Nome: Cognome: e-mail: Telefono: Fax: Pagine realizzate da Italbusiness.

10. (Skibobs)
A directory with links to snowbike sites on the internet.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated SNOWBIKES (SKIBOBS) - GENERAL

11. Romuald Bonvin Speed Skiing - SkiBob, Extreme Snow Sport, Ski De Vitesse, Speeds
Romuald Bonvin sets the world record for skibobs/snowbike.
Fastest Non-Motorized Sport ON Earth The new World Record holder of skibob was broken in May 1999 at Les Arcs, France, by Romuald Bonvin! The old world record of 166 km/h was established in 1964, and it has never been broken until now.
Now it is 173 Km/H ! Romuald is a member of the Swiss Federation of KL. If you want more details send email to me Romuald Bonvin

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12. Index
This is my home page, where I will have posted pictures of other skibobbers and stuff. To find out where you can ride snowbikes please click on resorts. Near the top of this page.
Skibobs Snowbikes
Skibikes Hi my name is Ron Mickelberry, I am setting up this page because I am an avid "skibobber," and have been riding bobs for over 25 years. As some of you know, thanks to the Brenter skibobs they are making a slow comeback. I have 11 bobs myself, which most were state of the art in 1972. (g) I even have a Fritzmeyer from 1968 and a Apollo skibob both with wooden skies and no they ain't for sale. (g)
This site will always be under construction and I hope to post pictures from other bobbers and list my links at a different web site. I am a volunteer editor for the open directories project which has a massive list of different web pages for just about anythng. I will be listing the links there. Also you will fine there is a list of all the ski resorts in North America that allow skiobobs.
I have an old skibober list and we are looking for Alf Tieza, Art Korngiebal, John Russell, Gerry McDonald or Lee McDonald. If you know there where abouts please let me know. If you know of any ski resort that allows skibobs please let me know. I would like to post them on the web.
If you are interested in trying skibobs for the first time. I highly recommend you take a lesson. Once mastered you will be able to fly down the hill with me. One of the hardest things to learn at first is to go up the hill on the lifts.

13. Katalog - Wirtualna Polska
Serwis Katalog w Wirtualna Polska S.A. pierwszy portal w Polsce.
Poczta Czat SMS Pomoc -Katalog -Polskie www -¦wiatowe www -Wirtualna Polska -FTP/Pliki -Grupy dyskusyjne -Encyklopedia -Produkty Katalog Katalog ¦wiatowy DMOZ ... Recreation > Outdoors Fakty o Katalogu Pomoc Regulamin Serwis szukaj ... Ostatnio dodane
NAWIGACJA Fakty o katalogu


Serwis Szukaj

Dodaj stronê
Katalog WP

Polskie Strony WWW

Oferta dla firm

... Ostatnio dodane ANKIETA Czy jeste¶ zadowolony z serwisu Katalog? Tak Nie Trudno powiedzieæ Zarezerwuj ulubiony adres, korzystaj z megapojemno¶ci, ciesz siê bli¿szymi kontaktami. ... Wirtualna Polska

14. Skibob-Snowbike-Schule In Oberstdorf / Allgaeu - Hans Buehler
Translate this page Skibob - snowbike - Wintersport - Winterspass. Brenter ist mehr als derführende snowbike-Hersteller mit über 50-jähriger Erfahrung
skibobschule snowbikes transport historie fotos tarife
Brenter ist mehr als der führende
Snowbike-Hersteller mit über
50-jähriger Erfahrung ...
• Brenter ist das Original • Als Erfinder ist Brenter führend
in Know-How und Qualität.
Zahlreiche Patente sichern
den technischen Vorsprung. Das Ziel heißt minimales Gewicht bei maximaler Funktion. Ein
modernes Snowbike ist extrem leicht und zusammenklappbar.

15. Hibryd Sno*bikes Home Page
Here is a new snowbike that has yet to come out for retail. Thought everyone might like to look at it. They is no ski resort that allows the Hybrid snowbike yet.

Translate this page

17. Nostalgie
Here are some pictures taken in 1969 from the Swiss skibob team.
Nostalgie: Skibob
zurück Emil Walter, Grächen Erster Skibobfahrer in Grächen Egon Walter, Grächen Sohn des Emil Walter
Januar 1969 Skibob-Club Grächen Stehend v.l.n.r.: Vitus Williner +, Egon Walter, Monika Brigger, Karl Fux, René Truffer. Vorne v.l.n.r.: Erich Amstutz, Pius Walter, Markus Amstutz, Ruedi Juon. Wer kennt diese Frau?
Hier melden

Racing Skibob-Club Bern
Clubrennen 1975 Engstligenalp
v.l.n.r.: Heinz Aemmer (2.Rg. Herren), Maria Breitenmoser (1.Rg. Damen), André Tellenbach (1.Rg. Herren), Mike Flachsmann (3.Rg. Herren) Felix Breitenmoser, SBC Ober-Ybrig,
als Junior 1977 in Moléson FR zurück

18. Nakiska - Groomed To Perfection
Specifically designed to host the alpine events of the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, the Nakiska Ski Resort continues to attract skiers from around the world. You have to bring your own skibob/snowbike. They don't rent any snowbikes.


Click Here to Launch

About Nakiska
At only 83 km from Calgary, Nakiska is the closest mountain resort to Calgary. The ride is just a short 49 minutes, so just head west... [more details]
CSIA LEVEL 1 Course [more details]
Pre-Season Training Racers? Coaches? Nakiska offers pre-season race training. Get a great start on the upcoming season! [more details]
Clubs Nakiska plays host to several clubs and groups including:
Kananaskis Alpine Ski Club

Team Nakiska Snowboard
Looking for a new way to motivate your staff or reward client loyalty? Tired of the same old... [more details...]
Nakiska and the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies
are committed to a program of environmental sustainability.

19. Snowbike Scandinavia
Snowbiking är redan ett etablerat begrepp i Europas och USA's alpina värld,ty en snowbike® öppnar upp pisterna för alla som kan cykla !!!
NOTISER 2003-01-01
Vi önskar alla vintersportsentusiaster

Vi hoppas på en säsong med förnyelse - med nya utförsåkare i våra utmärkta skidbackar!

Det är en negativa trenden på världsmarkna-den för slalom- och snowboard-åkning (upp emot minus 10% ). Samtidigt har det gjorts och görs stora investeringar i liftanläggningarnas kapacitet och kvalitet. Marknaden behöver förnyelse - och den är på gång.
"Snowbiking" är redan ett etablerat begrepp i Europas och USA's alpina värld, ty en Snowbike® öppnar upp pisterna för "alla som kan cykla"!!! Norge och Finland uppmärksammar detta och förhoppningsvis kommer Sverige snart efter.
Enligt en enkät som Salzburger Nachrichten gjorde den 15 april är slalom och snowboard den sport, av alla uppräknade, som man först och främst kommer att lägga av med!?
Nya vintersporter som t. ex. snowbiking är helt klart önskvärda och eftersökta.

Alla som kan cykla - kan snabbt lära sig åka snowbike® i slalombackarna
Den i USA utvecklade lärometoden "Golden Nuggets" gör det möjligt för Snowbike®-nybörjare, att utföra slalomsvängar efter endast 2 övningar. På en eftermiddag erövrar Snowbikern varje bergstopp och kan redan efter 2 timmar försjunka i djupsnö-åkningens förtrollning.
Ja, det är mycket lätt att lära sig behärska en snowbike® - i alla slalombackar och på vilket snöunderlag som helst. Men för att undvika onödiga "tavlor" i liftsystemen och för att få in den rätta tekniken från början, vill vi att nybör-jaren går en introduktionskurs hos

20. Ski Big Mountain Resort - Skiing In Whitefish Montana Summer And Winter Recreati
Ski Resort in Whitefish, Montana that allows skibobs/snowbikes but call to let them know you are coming. Plus they rent skibobs starting this year.
The World is in Whitefish
13 countries came together on Friday for the opening ceremonies of the 2003 Telemark World Championships E-mail Shot of the Day to a Friend
Archived Images of the Past
FULL SNOW REPORT 3/22/03 at 9:00 am Summit Base Snow Depth: New Snow: Temp: Visibility: 100 Yards Fair
Enter your email address here to receive the latest information on what's happening at Big Mountain.
This will only be used to send you current news. We will not use your address for any other purpose. e-mail:
PO Box 1400, Whitefish, MT 59937 Big Mountain Resort CenturyTel Web Solutions LLC

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