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         Street Luge:     more detail
  1. Street Luge Survival Guide by Darren Lott, 1998-06
  2. Street Luge (Extreme Sports) by John Nichols, 2001-09
  3. Street Luge in the X Games (Kid's Guide to the X Games) by Christopher Blomquist, 2003-07
  4. Street Luge and Dirtboarding by Suzanne J. Murdico, 2003
  5. Street Luge Racing (Extreme Sports) by Ryan, Pam M., 1997-09-01
  6. Hit the Dirt (Look-Look) by Craig Robert Carey, 2000-06-15
  7. Tobogganing on Parnassus by Franklin P. Adams, 2009-04-26

1. Under Construction
Information about road luge, land luge or street luge racing. Classified listing, links, tips, and Category Sports Extreme Sports Land, is coming soon! Welcome to yournew Internet domain! Our Web Site will be online soon. Thank you is coming soon!
Welcome to your new Internet domain! Our Web Site will be online soon. Thank you for your patience while we build our site. Please visit us again.

2. Streetluge Street Luge Roadluge Landluge
Home of Road Racers Association for International Luge and profession streetluge racing. Includes Category Sports Extreme Sports Land Luge......streetluge street luge roadluge landluge WELCOME TO THEHOME OF PROFESSIONAL STREETLUGE RACING Message Board.
streetluge street luge roadluge landluge WELCOME TO THE HOME OF PROFESSIONAL STREETLUGE RACING
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2001 Racing Season
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... Search Page Get on The Mailing List Seattle Skid Road Photo's HOME OF THE RAIL WEB SITE PICTURE OF THE MONTH How do I get to the "X" Games? Who Has Qualified for the "X" Games? Want to find someone that rides in your area? Look in the riders pages for someone that is close to you. Rider Pages

3. Ontario Street Luge Organization
Includes street luge description, construction guide, information about the team and their equipment, and technique tips.
Stefan burning up one of our local hills.

4. Streetluge
Amber's paper on street luge titled "What it is and how it's done" including credits.Category Sports Extreme Sports Land Luge......street luge What it is and how it's done Imagine yourself flying downhillon a country road through twists and turns at speeds reaching 70 mph.
Street Luge: What it is and how it's done
I became interested in this sport an few weeks ago at Bridge Day in Fayetteville, WV. One of the competitors had a booth along with a newspaper to promote a race being held the next day. My friend and I stayed a second night and went to the second annual Fire on the Mountain Street Luge Competition about 10 miles away in Anstead, West Virginia. We walked up the course which was being ran on Gualey Mountain Fire Tower Road during a break between practice runs. Once at the top we saw some of the competitors including Michael Shannon and Bama. This being our first time attending a street luge competition we had several questions about the sport. Bama answered many of these questions and offered some information on how to get involved in the sport. He also let us try a practice run down the last branch of the course through the last curve.
Works Cited

More information on Street Luge

5. Extreme Subway®: Street Luge.
Photos and descriptions of the sport are included in this guide to the street luge. Read what some of the competitors have to say about it. uphill for explosive sport. of Luge Road Racing. the The Know A professional Luge Sled consists of 6061 T6 easygoing yet intensity-driven Road Luge pioneer Bob Pereyra on
"It's a different life
a half-inch from
the ground..." -1995 ESPN Extreme Games
Dual Luge Champion
Bob Pereyra half-inch heaven Bob Pereyra leads charge
uphill for explosive sport
of Luge Road Racing

the In The Know: A professional Luge Sled consists of 6061 T6 aluminum chassis, custom seat, foot pegs, hand holds, lean activated steering ("trucks"), and custom urethane wheels... luge pilot safety equipment consists of DOT or Snell approved full-face helmet, full-body professional racing leathers, gloves and high top, rubber-soled athletic shoes.
Talking to easy-going yet intensity-driven Road Luge pioneer Bob Pereyra on the telephone was the easiest part of our work day. Until we mentioned the fatal word "grandfather," when asking if he was truly the founder of this explosive form of near-death teasing. After all, that's what we had heard. "The most amusing part of the '95 Extreme Games was when I'd be at the bottom of the hill and all these people would yell out, 'Hey, Grandpa!' or 'It's the Godfather!' after seeing a special on one of the local stations the night before where they touted me as such." You could hear him shaking his head and smirking. "I'm more of a student-teacher. I'm still learning myself. In fact, one of my closest competitors beat me last year in a big race using the technique I taught him. If I don't make an effort to help the sport progress on an all-around basis, it won't go anywhere." It was a deal. No more "old-guy" comments.
the 2nd In The Know : Luge Road Racing is a hybrid, non-motorized sport combining motor sport racing engineering and technology with ice luge racing technique.

6. - The Ultimate Guide For Extreme, Core And Action Sports your source for extreme and action sports such as Beach Volleyball, BMX, Freestyle Motocross, In-line Skating, Skateboarding, Skysurfing, Snowboarding, Surfing, street luge, Wakeboarding. Here everything you need for street luge is just a click away.

7. - Street Luge - Home
street luge page of X Games medalist Dave Auld. Includes message board, FAQs, photos, links, event Category Sports Extreme Sports Land Luge...... Arizona Outlaw Race Photos. 3.14.03. SLED street luge Classes resume. 2.24.03. GSIRace in Washington DC Announced. 9.04.02. street luge hits the Big Screen again.

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I have been participating in the sport of Street Luge since early 1993. It was introduced to me by my friend and teammate Darren Lott During my traveling days with Nabisco, I would spend a fair amount of time in Southern California (I'm from New Jersey). One day Darren approached me all excited. "You've got to try this" he said. Apparently, a French film crew was doing a story on Extreme sports and they heard about Street Luge and Darren at the Drop Zone (something else Darren got me to try). Darren had spent all weekend building a board based on his Street Luge days in the late 1970's and then he got his room mate to ride with him for the French film crew. Darren then approached me on my next business trip. He plopped me on the old "carpet board" while he rode his new board. I was hooked. I started competing soon after with FIGR (Federation of International Gravity Racing) and then EDI (Extreme Downhill International) and the X Games . The X Games was governed by the IGSA (International Gravity Sports Association). I've raced on the east coast of the US with the NSLA (National Street Luge Association - photo pages

8. Awesome Street Luge - Just Inches Off The Pavement!
Comprehensive guide to the actual hardware associated with the sport of street luge. Includes diagrams of the street luge itself. Crowds gather at these events. Now street luge pilots are celebrities.
Street Luge 1999 "Sick..!"
A new sport - assumed to have been founded by a tired Skateboarder who laid down on his board and took a horizontal ride down hill.... all Photos ©1999 Jason Sleczkowski
Thanks jason - Very Kewl!
T he only brakes are your feet and you can really get caught into some major speed real fast!
T he course in Providence was a 2500 foot winding street with 5 hairpin turns and one full 90 degree ! Only inches above the ripping pavement... this is some scary shit!
T he Gravity heats were set on 4 and 6 man runs - meaning that besides not flipping over - the racers had to watch out for each other!
F irst man across the finish line wins!
"Best race I've ever had in my life!!" claimed Sean Mallard of Fullerton, CA when he won the Gold. Mallard had a lucky day! He wasn't even in the running until John Rogers was disqualified for a lane violation in the Semi's which bumped Mallard into third and into the finals.
Biker Sherlock , San Diego, CA took the Silver for $10,000, which when added to his other 3 metals, brought his take home prize money up to $35,000!!! George Orton , 39, from Juntington Beach, CA took the Bronze.

9. Side Street Luge - Sidestreet Luge - Side Streetluge
Gravity Sports International is looking forward to it's first full yearof both racing and providing an East Coast street luge school.
...Because we all began on a Sidestreet What's New? Interested in Street Luge? Search for Streetluge Info Almanac ...
Gravity Sports International
is looking forward to it's first full year of both racing and providing an East Coast street luge school. Visit the GSI site today to see this coming season's schedule of events. See you in New Hampshire! Wild Fro Racing LLC for full details or call him at 866-584-3888. New Pages added to the Directory as of 6/19/02
**Coming Soon** Welcome to the new! We're still working out all the bugs so be patient!
The Almanac is now as updated as I can do on my own, now I need your help! Email me with results that you have! is looking for local riders in both Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Let us know if you're local!

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Learn everything you need to know about street luge, land luge, roadluge, streetluge. This includes making your own streetluge, building your own streetluge. You can also make your own street luge, or build your own street luge. Learn how to make or build a buttboard as well. Find links to your favorite street luge people on the search page.

10. Research Gravity Sport:Longskate Longboards And Street Luge
Canadian manufacturer of a pro model street luge. Includes product specifications, photos and price. Also provides videos, forum, pictures and current company information.
t Source: Research Gravity The Red Bull Streets of San Francisco was for the 4th year an absolute amazing event. 32 street lugers from around the Globe traveled to DeHaro St. to take on the "Cheese Grater" and launch off the craziest ramp I've ever seen. Thanks again Red Bull, Tom Mason, JA Productions and all the great residence of DeHaro Street for an awesome day. Click here for event pictures
Source: Research Gravity The latest movie to feature Street luge hit the theaters last Friday. A remake of the 1975 movie "Roller Ball". The flick features Biker Sherlock and Todd Lehr ripping up the streets of San Francisco. Reviews: Yahoo Movies Rotten Tomatoes Website: Behind the Scenes: Filming photo's and stories
Source: Research Gravity Tyler Seitz feels there's nothing better than a good game of golf to prepare for the luge season. Seitz, the veteran of the Canadian squad and headed to his second Olympics, feels a day on the greens can help develop his mental strength.
"Mental toughness is something that is hard to develop," said Seitz. "I feel golf is the best way. You're out there playing 18 holes and one shot can screw up a whole game. You have to have the ability to rebound in golf and put that last shot behind you. It's the same in luge. If you lose concentration or there's a minor screw-up of any sort you have to be able to forget that in a split second and re-focus.

11. Luge
A directory with links to street luge sites on the internet. street luge. Downhill Luge. road luge, land luge, street luge, Roadluge, Landluge, Streetluge, extreme, xtreme, xtreme
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated GENERAL

12. - Redirection Service Provided By Easyspace
Includes information on UK and international racing, the Street Sled Sport Racers International which governs UK luge competition, what is street luge and how to build your own luge, and street luge photos and links.
Easyspace redirection for Your browser doesn't appear to support frames - please click here to view the site.

13. Message Board
Messages (Click on a message to display). Post new message IGSA GravityBike Races (0 replies); Unlimited street luge Only? 3 Days Left.
Messages: (Click on a message to display) Post new message

14. 333 | Beaverload Crew | 333
Includes information on building your own luge, photos, links, luge technique, and Xgame rules and results.

15. HAE Webquarters Featuring Games, Gravity Sporting And Adventures.
Independent game designers offering a range of board games. Also design and market skate luge and street luge downhill gravity products.
WELCOME TO HAE! Bringing you tomorrow, later! Right now its time for some fun...
MORE THAN A COMPANY... its a way of life. New toys to play with. More games to compete with. A lifetime of fun to be had. Tired of the same old stuff? Hang around HAE 'cuz you know we're on the look out for cool, new stuff to do! WE INVENT THINGS... HAE provides the world with the cool products you probably really want RIGHT NOW! We are the creators of the Skateluge , gravity powered Thrills! We also came up with Flink Thax Mountain Climb and a dice game called Blisters. We love Streetluging , too! HAE will continue to bring the cool stuff to you through our Fun Lab, online store
The SKATELUGE is ready to ship. This exciting gravity craft was built to thrill. You can get one NOW at HAE's Fun Lab
has expanded our BLISTERS website! Go to: and learn all about the game, the Appalachian Trail and the adventure that inspired the game.
Experience HAE's original Skateluge fitted with BRAKEBOARD's brake system BRAKEBOARD , is an ingenious enclosed brake mechanism that will work with nearly any skate wheel over 70mm.

16. - Picture Gallery - Photos, Pics, Pixs, Pictures
Features BMX, motocross, inline skating, skateboarding, skysurfing, snowboarding, surfing, street luge and wakeboarding photos.
For the best and coolest
action and extreme sports
companies and gear click here. Check Email Interact Contact Us ... Help
Title: Kratka Ridge National Mountainboard Competition
Picture Description:
Dave Stiefvater - Arvada, CO Kratka Ridge National Mountainboard Competition Southern California
To find out more about this radical click here
To find the latest Extreme and Action Sports gear click here
Tight Weak
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17. Dave's Street Luge - Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I learn to street luge? There are several ways to learn theart of riding a street luge. You can hook up with experienced
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I learn to street luge? How do I get or ... with my street luge?
  • 1. How do I learn to street luge
    There are several ways to learn the art of riding a street luge. You can hook up with experienced street luge riders and learn from them or you can start by reading the StreetLuge Survival Guide by X Games medalist Darren Lott . You can find out how to contact riders in the How do I contact other street luge riders? section of this FAQ and you can find out how to order the Street Luge Survival Guide by checking out the link provided. Ultimately you will gain the most knowledge and skill by riding with others.
    Another cool book out there is called simply " Street Luge ". It's meant for younger readers but gives a nice introduction to the sport.
    There are three active organizations in the US that teach new riders how to street luge. On the east coast is Gravity Sports International (GSI) and on the west coast is Wild Fro Racing LLC and SLED (Street Luge Education and Development). They all teach new riders the fundamentals of riding, safety and racing.
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    2. How do I get or build a street luge board

    18. IGSA - The Official Gravity Sports Web Site
    Founded to support downhill inline skating, street luge, buttboarding, downhill skateboarding, and gravity biking. Includes news, rules, events, rider interviews, and links to related sites.
    IF YOUR COUNTRY FLAG IS NOT ON THIS PAGE, PLEASE LET US KNOW CLICK HERE If you do not see the IGSA logo below you will need to load Flash!
    Best viewed at 800x600 Resolution

    19. Lush Longboards : Online UK Longboard Store
    Sells longboard completes, decks, wheels, trucks, tools, parts, accessories, and logo clothing. Also carries mountainboards, street luge, and slaloms. Includes articles, related links, reviews, forum, and riding locations. : Longskate, Longboard and Longboarding e-zine born and bred in the UK.
    Also with other boardriding and extreme sports - surfing, skating, snowboarding, photos, message board. trucks, decks, wheels, longboards, skateboards, reef girls, downhill, carving, slalom, street skate, style, clothing, hoodies, t-shirts, links, reviews, music, build your own and more! Brands: sector9, independent, lush longboards, flowlab, santa cruz, randall trucks, pivot trucks and other cool sk8 stuff. o You are reading this because our site uses frames, which your browser doesn't support. Go get a new browser; you'll need to upgrade soon anyway. :) ride on.

    20. ABSOLUTE Speed
    Manufactures skate related products including bearings, lube, tools and micro hub wheels for skateboarding, roller hockey, speed skating, aggressive skating, and street luge.
    Absolute Speed is the sole U.S. import-distributor of NiNjA Performance Skate Products. NiNjA Simply the world's best skate bearings. Nothing beats a NiNjA! RETAIL DEALERS Are you interested in becoming an ABSOLUTE / NiNjA retail dealer? Absolute Speed 6053 Weathered Oak Ct. Westerville, OH 43082
    local: (614) 882-4265 fax: (614) 890-1778 e-mail:

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